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Dolphins lose to Colts, 27-23 (bummer)

The Dolphins plowed the Indianapolis defense, solved their turnover issues, and generally fought hard.

It still wasn't good enough.

The Colts beat Miami, 27-23.

The interesting thing is the Dolphins got the game they wanted. They pounded the football. They had a possession advantage, holding the ball 45:07 to Indy's 14:53. They kept Peyton Manning and his offense on the sidelines.

And they still lost!

Fact is the Colts had the ball less than any winning team since the time of possession stats began to be recorded in the 1970s.


Ronnie Brown was dominant in gaining 136 yards on 24 carries. Can I tell you something? Do it again next week. Give him the ball 24 more times.

Ricky Williams added 69 yards on 19 carries. Excellent complementary work.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have very little in the way of passing offense. Ted Ginn Jr. did have 11 catches for 108 yards. But he allowed a potential game-winning TD pass to slip through his grasp. Ginn wasn't alone.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also had a potential TD grab squirt through his hands in the first half. It would have been a spectacular catch, I grant you. But it's nothing I haven't seen in the NFL. Unfortunately didn't see it from the Dolphins tonight.

The Miami defense looked eerily like the Dave Wannstedt-Jimmy Johnson era D. They seemed to play well ... until the game or season was on the line. And then they'd fold.

Well, leading 23-20 with 6:16 to play, the Miami defense didn't exactly present itself a concrete wall. Manning completed a 15-yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Then a 17-yard pass to Dallas Clark. Then a 48-yard pass to Pierre Garcon.

It was more of a red carpet treatement than J-Lo got before the game.

Even after the Colts took a 27-23 lead, the Dolphins had the ball at their 18 yard line with 3:18 to play. And although they moved the ball, it was not exactly organized. Actually it was a clock management collapse.

The Dolphins used a time out one play into the drive at 2:26. Terrible. "We had to use a time out that I didn't really want to use," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "but we had to do it."

The problem originated on the sidelines. And although head coach Tony Sparano is not necessarily responsible for getting the right personnel on the field, he fell on the grenade because the buck stops at him.

"What happened there, I have to take responsibility for that," Sparano said. "We had the wrong personnel grouping in. So we needed to take the time out at that point."

Finally, I leave you with this statistic as the Dolphins prepare to travel to San Diego Friday for Sunday's game against the Chargers: Since 1990, only three teams that have started the season 0-3 made the playoffs.

The 1992 Chargers, 1995 Lions and 1998 Buffalo Bills all qualified for the playoffs as wild-card entrants.


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Can the defense & offense please show up on game day together, intead of one or the other? Finally our O gets it done & the D takes the night off.

Ok get off the Ginn bashing. He played very well and was consistantly open all night. Those 2 passes in the endzone would have all world and number one sportcenters top ten if he would have made those. We need to get off his back. He is good receiver and they need to keep consistantly going to him week after week, instead of feeding him the ball and waiting a couple of more weeks to the ball back to him. It is not his fault we lose this game. He should be credited that we were still in the game with as many catches as he made on third down and when we really needed them the most. Also the corner was pulling on his arms with the last pass into the endzone in the 4th quarter. He doesn't fall down or look for the sidelines to avoid the hit. He has to because the ball does not hit him in stride he has to make big adjustments which slows him down. Several passes were underthrown and he had to dive for those catches from noodlearm. Give him Henne and you will see the true number one Ginn. He did not lose the game for us. It was everyone else. It was the defense or lack there of, the missed field goal from Dan Carpenter which would have made it a one point game and we could have won with a field goal, the horrible two minute drill, and Pennington throwing short anytime he had an open receiver down field which was almost every play. Name on receiver that came to play other than Ginn, even though he was getting double teamed he got open meaning other receivers were one on one and yet they hardly contributed at all. Get off Ginn. I suggest you study how the game is supposed to be played before making comments like those previously posted.

There are no playmakers in the team, offensively or defensively, that can change a game and win it.

Ted Ginn missed catching TWO touchdown passes. Fasano missed ONE catchable touchdown as he has the size and athleticism to catch the ball thrown to him. Coaches have not enforced proper tackling in the defense. Gibril Wilson was a lousy tackler through the game and accountable for at least one Colts touchdown. Pat White, again for the second game, did nothing to justify his draft pick status. The defense did not show up when it mattered. There was no quality in Clock Management when it was sorely needed.

With all the time of possesion they had, the Phins should not have lost.

Ronnie Brown, Ricky and the offensive line did their job splendidly. Special teams played as they should and did not give much. Pennington did the best he could with his arm liabilities.

If things don't change fast, I am afraid we are in for a loooong season.

"The Saints and Cardinals' #4 receivers can be potential #1's in Miami."

I agree. Go get Breaston, he's a beast. Then, Henne at QB. Ginn back on kick off returns. He is terrible. No hands at all when needed.

Have faith people, we are close. And, stop beating up Sparano. He did wonders last year and is still learning in his first Head Coaching job. He is always fired up and we need that.

Tony thanks for the autograph and handshake at training camp in August. Keep on these guys and let's go get some wins. Let's emulate last year. We have a long season ahead. It can be successful.

Pass D and coaching caused this loss. I will be at the Chargers game for the first win on the season. I give the coaching staff credit for being able to correct misakes and the reason the Fins lost to Indy was all correctable mistakes.

I did notice that Penny failed to read the open guys down field but I think it may be because of an overreaction to last weeks turnovers and the emphasis that was put on turnovers since the week 1 loss.

Gotta love Fasano. #80. Giving the Jersey boy some props here from a fellow jersey paisano, Now let's go kick some Azz Tony!!!! We need your hands b/c Ginn belongs playing pop warner football again. He can't take a good pop. I hope Crowder rocks him in practice and teaches him how to take a hit. Message to Crowder: Jack up Ted Ginn and make a man out of him.


Ginn should have made both catches he missed. He needs to be back doing punt returns, go and get a veteran WR now before it is too late! You look at the replay a million times there was really no reason why he could not catch it, he could have been a little more aggressive in trying to bring the ball in and make the game winning catch.

no game breakers on this roster and until we get one we will be nothing but mediocre. Gibril Wilson has been awful in the first 2 games....can see why the lowly raiders cut him after paying him all that money.

Anyone else notice how Ginn flinches and closes his eyes before he ever gets hit? He's afraid of contact. Thx Cam Cameron.

This is a message to Mr. Ted Ginn:

Ted, can you please answer why you seem to fall to the ground immediately after every catch?

Ted, can you please answer why you shy away from contact and don't fight for that extra yard or two?

Ted, can you please answer why you don't attempt to make a spectacular catch in the endzone when the ball is clearly catchable?

Ted, when the ball hits you in both hands and you don't make the catch, why don't you hang your head in shame and admit that you need to make that play?

Ted, why is it that at Ohio State, you knew how to get YAC and you made all the tough catches, but in the NFL, you forgot all that??

Look, I know its not all Ted's fault. The Miami defense has to shoulder a lot of the blame. Now I know why the Giants & Raiders didn't have a problem with Gibril Wilson leaving...the guy can't tackle. Gibril, you HAVE TO BRING DALLAS CLARK DOWN ON THAT FIRST PLAY!! Why are we letting the Colt WRs get out of bounds right before the half?

Message to ESPN announcers. Time of possession doesn't mean SQUAT...what matters is the SCORE!!!! From the way they were talking, you would have thought Miami was blowing them out.....the score folks...the score is what counts.

Rant over...and I'm sorry if I repeated what other posters may have already mentioned....I just needed to VENT.

Hope we can stop Sproles next week.

Pat White needs to stay on the side line. He is not ready and he totally ruined the flow of the game when he was in.

Hey! Don't be mad at Ginn! Lol
If he wasn't drafted Cameron might still be the coach, and parcells could be in Atlanta. He's our savior

There is only 1 reason to bring Pat White into the wildcat and that reason is if you plan to throw the ball. If White is not going to throw from the wildcat then Ronnie can run it better than White so whats the point in putting White in?


Tommya , what the hell does gibril wilson missing tackles have to do with the help he was giving snith over the top . NOTHING !

Week 1: The Offense blew the game for Miami.
Week 2: The Defense blew the game for Miami.

This is what happens to bad teams! Good teams find ways to win both of those games! It's time to start Henne! Look at Sanchez, Ryan, & Flacco; there's no reason Henne cannot win ballgames for Miami!


Posted by: MiamiThunder


"They don't deserve to have me as a fan"? Are you some kind of elite fan that the Dolphins should be proud of having? Do you bleed aqua? Is your presence the equivalent of not only a 12th but also a 13th man?

If noy, STFU and go back to supporting the Jets. We don't need fans like you. Yes, I'm mad at Ginn for the drops but it was still a heck of a performance from the Fins and if we can rush like that this year we'll win more than we lose. Do you even remember 2007 you gimp? So-called fans like you make me sick!!!!

Said the same thing last year after the PO loss. Pennington is not the answer - never was and never will be. Is Henne? Probably not but worth giving him a shot because with Henne, we can at least evaluate if Ginn can be better used. I am sicki and tired of 5 yard dump-off's and 10-yard timing route. Who says we owned the clock last night? The fact of the matter is THAT was the only way for us to score (not a TD, but a FG). It takes THAT long for us to score anything without having any field-stretchers or HR hitters. It was a sad scene to see Indy take 3 minutes to score all three TD's while it takes the entire 3 QTRS for us to score 2 FG's. Sickening!! Give the ball to Henne NOW and grow him for the next season. Miss the PO and draft a stud WR please. I've waited the last 10 years and another year won't kill me.

With the 1st selection #10 overall miami selects S ERIC BERRY ( or s taylor mays )

How funny was it to see Pennington being showcased on MNF as the active QB with the best pass ratings (66%)?? Warner and Peyton following him at 2 and 3rd? Shoot, Peyton's ratings will be close to 100% if all he ever had to do was to dump the rock to his RB's and TE's all his life. I couldn't believe we are still seeing the same Pennington play in the NFL who took the Jets to the PO in 2002!!!! That is so freaking 7 years ago!! And even back then, he was a mediocre QB at best. Are we that desperate?? Chad looks/is at his best when he's holding onto the clipboard with his cap on on the sidelines. Send him back where he belongs.

My observations and conclusions:

1) We are not going to the playoffs this year.
2) Our defense can't cover TE's and now we face Antonio Gates who is arguably the best TE in the league.
3) Ginn is going to be merely a possession type of receiver which means he is no more than a solid #3.
4) They might as well use him as a kick returner as that is where he really excelled for Ohio State.
5) We desperately need a #1 receiver and an upgrade at the TE position.
6) We need to see if Hartline can show us anything in the regular season. He made some nice plays in preseason when he was given the opportunity. And at this point the Dolphins are not being realistic with what they have at this point.
7) I realize Manning is an awesome QB, but still...Defense-"WTF????"

Rickyz is 100 percent correct, yes I'm disappointed we lost but we stepped it up a notch and we saw a big improvement from game one...you can't go out and fix every problem and mistake the past four coaches and front offices created for this team oner the past decade in a short time like everybody wants...my only critisicm of last nites game with the last 3:18 minutes...I question the two running plays to start the series, the wasted timeout and the use of the run fake on every play...I would have liked to see Penny back in the shotgun since the Indy defense was coming and knew we had to throw...I would like to know the strategy used there...great game otherwise

Have you ever seen a nut driving like an idiot and think to yourself, if only I was a cop right now? Well right now I wish I was a reporter, so when the team gives its press conference today I could ask all the questions that never seem to get asked. I don't know if its out of respect, the fear of burning bridges or what but those questions never get posted here or anywhere with their answers, either because they never get asked or they never get answered. I would have no fear of losing my job, pissing off the coaches or players, I would ask everyone one of the questions that fans want to know the answer to, direct, blunt, to the point. Not football advice, lets face it, we are fans, they are the professionals. The questions I would ask are more like... Why does Chad Pennington seem to continue to miss open receivers down field? Does he not see them? And if not why isn't he seeing them? If he seeing them, why does he continue to pass up the opportunities to hit them, instead electing to use his check down options? Or, why does Ted Ginn not at least attempt to gain a few YAC after catching a ball? Why does he elect to dive for the ground or make a beeline for the sidelines after every catch? Why after 3 years has a player or coach not confronted him on this, and correct it? Things like this, you know the things that we are all thinking.

Speaking of Ted Ginn and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger Ted Ginn is a "girlie man". It reminds me of the classic movie "Full Metal Jacket". There is a scene in the movie where a group of recruits in a attempt to toughen up a fellow recruit (Pvt Pyle) in order to help inspire him to want to be a better marine, preform a blanket party. A blanket party is where a group of individuals place bars of soap in pillow cases while 2 or more people hold a person down by spreading a blanket across their body and pulling down tight to keep the person immobile. The group then proceed to take one shot at a time with their bars of soap filled pillow cases on the person being held down. Just a thought.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE – we dominated on the ground. The wildcat worked and it worked consistently. We lost this very winnable game because there wasn’t a sense of urgency in the last 3:18 seconds of the game. The offensive line was walking and or slowly jogging to get set. If we would have had better control of the clock in the last drive, we could have continued to push the ball the necessary 80 yards with control and not so desperately, as to feel that we needed to make a 30 yard pass to Ted Jr. in order to get the ball in the end zone because the clock was running out. I recorded last night’s game and reviewed the last drive this morning as I was getting dressed for work. In my estimation, the offense lost about 48 seconds of the game because of there inability to hurry up. That’s allot of wasted time that could have been used to drive the ball down the Colts throat!

DAM it frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We lost the game last night because of a lack of PLAYMAKERS, plain and simple.

The defense was facing a Hall of Fame QB, there is no doubt. The defense was facing one of the best TEs in the game and a possible HOFer, no doubt. The defense was facing one the most productive WRs in the game, no doubt. The defense was facing a very good, cohesive O-Line last night, no doubt. They were going to give up big plays and anyone who thought that we were just going to bottle up Manning doesn't know anything about football.

Our offense faced a mediocre defense, who was missing one of theor best players in Sanders. We were able to grind out a lot of yards, but that will not work against the very good defenses that we have on the schedule.
In order to drive 80 yards for a TD, almost everything has to be perfect, how often does that happen? It is too easy for a RB to slpi or a pass to be tipped or a dropped pass, any number of things can happen and one slip up and you're punting.
You need to ability to have a quick strike, you need PLAYMAKERS. We needed one or two of those long drives that ended in a FG, to be a 2 minute drive that ended in a TD, but all we have is Ted(please don't hit me)Ginn.
If all we have is a running game, expect to keep on losing. Quick Strikes change the momentum of the game and can sometimes break the will of the opposite team. We need offensive PLAYMAKERS and that is not Ginn.

It is a sad day when the lowly Jets are passing us in a rocket ship! We will finish dead last in the division. This schedule will rip us a new Ahole. Tuna will leave at the end of the season and this "Trifecta" will be in ruins. WOW...any chance we can get Don Shula back! 27 points in less than 15 minutes!!


this one wasn´t on the players, this was is on the staff, on the coaches.
i´ve never seen a team with the game tied, with the oportunity to take the lead, facing 3&long (TWICE) and run the ball (TWICE) IN THE THIRD QUARTER!!.
And with 3+ in the fourth q., waste 1 t.o. and 1 min. in 2 RUNS with the urgency for a TD.
They were not playing for winning the game, they tried to prevent Manning win it. And they paid the price.
Shark land... si como no!!

NY Scott said:

"Since when are corner backs allowed to grab a receiver before the ball gets there? Didn't that used to be pass interference? I CHALLENGE ANYONE to watch the Ginn missed pass in the endzone again and tell me that's not interference and why. Ginn goes up for the catch and the cb basically stays on the ground but grabs Ginns right shoulder pad, WELL BEFORE THE BALL ARRIVES, and pushes forward making Ginns right arm and hand move as the ball gets there."

It was pretty damn close. Even my wife shouted "pass interference!" In fairness to the refs it wasn't blatant enough to throw the flag. Plus, it's a desperation throw. We always say "let them play, pocket the flags!" Gruden made the point they almost NEVER call offensive pass interference on hail marys, or final drive heaves. Ginn could have gotten away with a bit of a push off somewhere.

Even so, catchable. Chris Chambers would have made the catch. I know he isn't much in San Diego, but if Cameron had not traded him --and Welker-- Chambers, Ginn & Welker would be solid (or was it Saban who traded Chris?).

A team can win by running running running, short pass. Take your shots here and there. Did Phil Simms have a great arm? Could be wrong but I don't remember him being Marino (though he was great).

I know a lot of people hate Pennington. When he was a Jet I wanted him dead. But he led the most entertaining, inspiring Dolphins season since 2000. We were 2 CLOSE loses to home field in 2000, remember? That Jets comeback...ugh. But as mediocre as he turned out I can never hate Jay Fiedler because he was smart and he battled. And I can NEVER hate Pennington for giving me so much joy last year (especially after my Cubs did their typical choke job). If they continue to lose Henne will play. Chad has no contract after this year, I think. I hope Henne is good. But be careful what you wish for.

Again, hammering The Regime at this point is unfair, knee-jerk silliness. They have to clean-up after 3 straight inept staffs, years of horrid draft choices, and a lot of bad luck, too (Yatil Green? We'll never know. Cecil Collins. Could have been a stud if he hadn't been a burgler)And frankly, Jimmy Johnson did little or nothing for the offense. NEVER provided a running back or WR. Hired the wrong people. Built a great defense, but they couldn't close the deal too many times, or plain flopped. Then JJ poops his pants an leaves us with Wanny.

As for Pornstache, he did get us to the playoffs a few times. He did bring in Ricky. His teams were competative even if they weren't championship caliber. He made Lamar Smith a stud. He won a lot of games. Wanny will never be an NFL head coach again, and is not Super Bowl caliber. But he is a bit under appreciated.

Of course, he passed on Drew Brees for Jamar Fletcher. Or was that Spielman? I blame the guys choosing players over the last decade more than the coaches (aside from JJ & Saban who did both).

Get a grip, guys. We all want a championship after SO long. But The Regime is essentially rebuilding the Titanic.

And I swear, WHEN we have a #1 WR, Ginn will be Alvin Harper (like I already said). Single coverage, just f*****g run streaks, slants, etc...that's his role. Not his fault he's forced into the #1 spot. Saying he's worthless is stupid. We'd be worse without him. You know it and I do.

big question for ALL YOU FANS COMPLAINING........


every year we sign a bunch of back up/scrub/mediocre players and you MORONS are happy......


Sorry this one isn't Ginns fault. The man had 100+ yards. Dallas Clark dropped one too yesterday and hopefully his fans aren't stupid enough to discredit his day becauise of one drop.

Blame a defense that couldn't cover an oversized wide receiver or really even get too Peyton.

Hey Guys ~
don't take this so bad! Could have been worse. Besides, we needed this victory here in Indy. Truth be told, In Indy we enjoy reading the opposing newspaper's thoughts after a game. Here is my thought. If you don't like Ginn, send him here to Indy. We won't beat him up for at least trying! Holla

the fin fans are so dumb to blame the guy w/ 120 yards ted ginn and not blame the stinky DL wilson and mr coach who acted like he won the super bowl after any good play by his team yesterday .

1-fire the dl coach and hire cornell the ex dl coach of the pats
2-since HENNE is the future cut the crape and start him NOW and let him shine if he can like all these young QBS around the NFL.

3-start hartline
4- jt got to retire
5-cut wilson

ted ginn jr.
gibril wilson.

5 words

that's all it took for us to lose the game.

if we had any type of a no. 1 wr in place of ginn we win. plan and simple.

if we had a ed reed type of guy in place of wilson we win. plan and simple.

my point is that we have a great team and just need 1 more play maker to be elite. i still see us going 9-7.

if i was bill parcells i would've traded for an Anquan boldin or brandon marshall in the off season and he should still try now.

if we get a no. 1 WR we'll go 10-6 at least.

the atlanta game is completly out the door as that we just needed 1 more week to get in sync

GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we may be down but we're not out

simply a tough loss, an a reminder of the difference the schedule will be this year..i think the fins right the ship and start winning these games. the difference will be that its not against the league bottom feeders, but the elite -- San Diego and then when the Jets come to town are gonna be big. Gotta take care of business with the Bills

Terrible game

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