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Dolphins trade for KC quarterback Tyler Thigpen

The Dolphins made an incredibly smart move just moments ago in acquiring a new No. 2 QB and that move could make Pat White obsolete.

The team has traded an undisclosed draft pick to Kansas City for backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen, the Chiefs announced today.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will announce in a couple of weeks that the regular-season has begun. (Actually, the Dolphins have since also announced the move.) They chuckled when I told them what I wrote.

The trade makes sense for several reasons:

1. The Dolphins have now placed injured Chad Pennington (shoulder) on the injured reserve list. So they need a backup to Chad Henne. Remember, Henne is the starter.

2. Rookie second-round pick Pat White is not ready to be a backup QB in the NFL.

3. Thigpen has experience, having started 11 games last season and thrown 18 TDs and 12 Ints for the Chiefs.

4. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel as their starter and Brodie Croyle is their backup so Thigpen was available.

4. The Miami-KC connection is at work again. Bill Parcells and son-in-law Scott Pioli have already made two other trades since the offseason began.

Thigpen is making $460,000 this season so the Dolphins pick up the prorated portion of his salary for the remainder of this season. Thigpen is also signed for 2010 at a scheduled $550,000 in base salary.

The irony of this trade is that it might make White obsolete. You see, the reason the Dolphins want to run the spread formation this year and, in part, picked White to do that, is because Thigpen carved them up running the spread formation last season.

Guess what?

Thigpen is better at running the spread than White has shown to be. Thigpen can run. He can even catch passes. Just check out the video below.

What I'm telling you is once he learns the offense, expect him to compete with White to be the spread package QB. And given his experience and, frankly, better arm, expect Thigpen not White to be the guy running the spread if it continues.


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Hmm.... Thigpen huh.

Cool, so now we have two 2nd string QB's...

Final Record:5-11


You are late Phinsider broke the news before you...imagine that! a free website...

Experienced back up. Nice trade.

Yo, i think Henne will get a little better within the next few games, he will get reps with the first team full time now. I am not saying he will be like Peyton Manning or anything like that, but i believe he is smart enough for to beat Buffalo this coming week. I am just afraid of our defense. We had a better def last year with matt roth rushing in. I just feel like he is stronger to create more pressure than Taylor at this point of his career.

Can someone please tell me why we let Renaldo Hill and Goodman go?

We could of addressed Dline position with the first pick, Pat White was a waste, i like Sean Smith though. Looks like this regime is making some crucial mistakes, they are getting caught up in all the Wildcat hype.

thigpen.............mmmmmmmmmmm. He is not as bad as he looks ... Check his permormance last season..... He can do the job.

Salguero...what the hellicopter is this:

" The Dolphins, meanwhile, will announce that the regular-season has begun in a couple of weeks " ????????????????

A typo ...I hope!!!

Second Round picks currently on Miami's Roster:
1) Pat white: who has looked poised while in games
2) Chad Henne who has a strong Arm or so says everyone and their mother.

We better have a starting QB among them or we basically threw away two 2nd round picks

Posted by: israelzion

This trade reminds me of Jay Fielder and Ray Lucas. Both of them were average QBs who played great against the Dolphins. Thigpen isn't very good, but he played very well against the Dolphins last year.

Why waste a draft pick on a back up qb for a team that has no proven #1 or #2 type of receivers???

We need to have Henne and White play as much as possible and get them ready for next year...WHY GIVE UP A DRAFT PICK FOR YET ANOTHER QB???


Good move by the Fins !!

Thigpen look very good last year with KC.

I'm satisfied with the trade. Good job on Tuna and son in law at KC.

I have to say I like this Trade! Thigpen is definitely a worthwhile pickup thru Trade. He played for Coastal Carolina University which is my Alma Mater's interstate and Conference Rival of Charleston Southern University. And besides Thigpen gave Miami a big headache when they played each other last December. I think Thigpen will be great for the Phins.

I hate that Pennington is hurt...he was always and ever the TRUE SPORTSMEN and TEAM PLAYER! For Pennington there was no I in TEAM! Pennington always addressed questions regarding himself as WE meaning the Team the Offense. God Speed, Chad "Coach" Pennington! Henne and Thigpen and White will still Benefit from Pennington being in Miami. Even thou he'll be on IR, he can still talk to these young men and help them when they need it! I hope that Parcells and Ireland find a way to keep Pennington in Miami as maybe an Asst QB Coach.


You make the comment about 2nd round picks wasted on QB's. You forgot to mention the year prior was a 2nd round pick spend on John Beck. Can we get a do over on 2nd round picks. That seems to be a horrible round for us year in and year out. 3 straight years we spent a 2nd rounder on a QB. Well at least we can escape that jinx and select one at a top 5 pick in this years draft. Although that is probably a mistake as well. Frustration setting in among us all.

Thigpen is another qb that plays like a man.

Second Round picks currently on Miami's Roster:

so now we throw away another draft pick on a back up QB! what the hel- have we become??????
more back up QB's

1) Pat white: who has looked poised while in games
2) Chad Henne who has a strong Arm or so says everyone and their mother .

We better have a starting QB among them or we basically threw away two 2nd round picks

Posted by: israelzion

Love this trade!!! I never understood why Thigpen wasn't even considered a #2 in KC ... He played very well last year. Good job guys!!! Finally some good news!!

Did we ever determine what the compensation was for Ndukwe and Alleman? Maybe they'll just call it an even swap.

The Dolphins got him for free. The Chiefs already owed Miami a 7th. and an undisclosed draft pick.

This is a great move- Ireland and Parcells love bringing in competition at each position. Pat White too inexperienced to compete with Henne. This will only help us see if Henne really is the future or not in Miami.

The stench of failure surrounds this move, and all the other moves, too.

I thought KC should have left Thigpen in when he was playing last year. He had alot to improve on, but he definitely has some potential. I still think it would be outstanding if Chad P. can be a part of this orginization in the capacity of coach, or consultant or something!! I think he deserves an opportunity to continue to benefit this orginization....just sayin'!

Pigpen was that guy on Peanuts that always had that scribbled in cloud of dust over him when he walked. I thought that was kind of cool.

This us good news but how about a friggin receiver!!!!! It baffles the he'll outta me how this regime whom many regard as intelligent, has failed to get us an AVERAGE NFL receiver. So we will part with draft picks for the Tyler Thigpens of the world but not for proven studs like Boldin, or Marshall. Doesn't matter if Dan Marino was under center, these guys couldn't catch a cold and they all suck at running routes.

Get rid of Fasano and Ginn... They couldn't catch a cold

Ziggy your missing something. KC already owed us a 7th rounder and an undisclosed pick from offseason trades. Thigpen basically filled the undisclosed pick they owed us. It's a wash. We didn't give up anything for him.

The first thing this team needs to do on offense is start throwing deep to the sideline receivers 6-8 times a game just like all of the other teams do.
That's it.
just throw the freakin ball.
That will make the line hold thier blocks an extra second and it will make the receivers run out thier routes.
That moves the safties back to NFL depth. Maybe someone will catch one someday and maybe they won't but at least we don't have to be ashamed anymore!

and fasano has good hands. He's having a bad start to the year. Look at his history. Has he had problems with drops or fumbles at either Dallas or Notre Dame. The answer is no. He'll come around.

Tyler Thigpen. The first name sounds dignified, upper crust .. I dare say royalty. The surname sounds a little, well ... oh dear, shall we say boorish & bourgeois. Sort of like naming a chap Reginald Dungheap.

" why waste a draft pick for a backup qb on a team that has no proven #1 or #2 wr's " . And the stupidity continues....... Lmao !

1)John Beck:2006 Second round pick QB
2)Chad the future? Henne Second round pick QB
3)Pat White sharp looking kid but young second round pick QB
4) Now thigpen 7th round pick

If i was a mathematician and you asked me what the odds were that one of these QB's was our next starting QB i would say 25% chance but i am not a mathematician and i hope one of them sticks or at least thats what the Tuna is thinking.

I like the trade. We need a backup right now and I don't trust White from what I've seen. I still really hate that pick....but the past is the past. Now, I don't want a challenger for Henne. I don't want Henne to feel challenged. What I want is for him to win the job outright because he is prepared and ready. I want Thigpen to stay a backup for a couple of years and either move on or stick around as a backup.

I'd love a receiver too folks, but it isn't going to happen. They are not going to give picks and money to Boldin or Marshall or anyone else. I wish it was possible, but alas, it's not.

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what Henne can do and hoping this team rallies with the new starter.


You can keep your "Thigpen is another qb that plays like a man."

Give me a man that plays like a quarterback.

1)John Beck:2006 Second round pick QB
2)Chad the future? Henne Second round pick QB
3)Pat White sharp looking kid but young second round pick QB
4) Now thigpen 7th round pick

If i was a mathematician and you asked me what the odds were that one of these QB's was our next starting QB i would say 25% chance but i am not a mathematician and i hope one of them sticks or at least thats what the Tuna is thinking..

Isrealzion , ENOUGH ! We get it !

I like the trade for Thigpen. I didn't like it when the FO took Pat White in the draft and to date White has done less than zero to justify going that high.

What is it about this team that they place so little value on 2nd round picks? Pat White, John Beck, AJ Feeley, Chad Henne.... oops!

the KC GM IS BP brother in law .it's a very good trade .

the KC GM IS BP brother in law .it's a very good trade .

Finfanrod/rob :} . Exactly ! on your post

HOLY CRAP!! I actually made the right prediction!!

isrealzon......please spare us w/you 200 posts saying same thing

Great video, Mando---wonder if Ginn would have caught the pass that Thigpen did inthe end zone.

israelzion---don't be bullied from expressing your distrust of the lousy qb moves made by this franchise!

Like this move or not, it's nothing more than sensible business. No one is looking for Marino in this deal. just a little free security..........this is a no brainer. get it? no brainer?

Great pick, someone that played good last year and has enough experience, great work team, Go Dolphins,

nj fan,
they made the trde so they are save in case .you should know that .what do you recommend ?

Hey Armando,

A move to WR/RB for Pat White perhaps ?

I hate posters who go from blog to blog, using multiple names -

Thigpen Uber Henne! After the bye week.

Wanna bet.

ARMANDO, I like what the dolphins are trying to do. BUT, I still have a hard time understanding your hatred toward Pat White. From day 1 you have never given him time to learn how to be an NFL QB in the situation that the Dolphins drafted him for. Has he done something to your personally? Did he kick your dog or cat. Did he call your children ugly??? Give the guy a shot.

My god who makes these You Tube videos of mediocre players, their high school coaches or moms? I had the sound turned down at work (where I often work overtime and weekends) , but I can guess the soundtrack was probably 'the eye of the tiger' or some energetic lame tune to get me frothing at the mouth and sell that his $*** doesn't stink. We got him for an undisclosed pick off of the trash heap of the league right now, KC. Just leave out the CCCP video propaganda, comradski. For what its worth theres a Ted Ginn compilation out there too- all OSU though.

That said - good pickup.

Off for tea & crumpets. Toodles, darlings.

Seroiusly, I love you Mando man....You are the best thats just the beer talkin... Now back to my flight controller console. Hey anyone see my hash pipe?

I am just saying enough with the second round pick QB's already, how about a first round QB and receivers with the second round just a thought.

Bill prolly called Scott and said I'm gonna make up some dirt on you and tell my daughter unless you give me thigpen.

Whatever Dude:
Your probably right!! LMAO

No... Pioli owed Bill because he hadn't returned his Ted Nugent album.

I understand the move but I am not a huge fan of it. The move smacks of desperation but then again these are desperate times. I just wish they would list White as a WR so they don't have to play games with the roster. It is obvious they have no plans to play him at QB.

Desparate time call for desparate measures. Bill Parcells is like a wounded, cornered grizzly bear.

And when he is most dangerous.

Not sure about this so far...

The video basically shows his receivers making some pretty good catches against some bad teams, Mia, TB, and Oakland.

I'm not sure Im supposed to be impressed with that video. And since we have no playmakers (or no reciever who can do what those receivers did)- not sure.

And what pick did we give up?

Accoring to Mando, he's gonna the spread, so did we waste a pick on White? Another draft pick on this guy-better not be higher than 5th round. And now we bring this guy in: Is Henne gonna get time to practice and play or we are gonna focus on getting this guy reps, which means less practice and paly time for Henne?

Not sure yet...but i have questions.

Go ahead try and take away a pork chop from that grizzly bear. I dare you.

Yea. I didn't think so.

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