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Dolphins trade for KC quarterback Tyler Thigpen

The Dolphins made an incredibly smart move just moments ago in acquiring a new No. 2 QB and that move could make Pat White obsolete.

The team has traded an undisclosed draft pick to Kansas City for backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen, the Chiefs announced today.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will announce in a couple of weeks that the regular-season has begun. (Actually, the Dolphins have since also announced the move.) They chuckled when I told them what I wrote.

The trade makes sense for several reasons:

1. The Dolphins have now placed injured Chad Pennington (shoulder) on the injured reserve list. So they need a backup to Chad Henne. Remember, Henne is the starter.

2. Rookie second-round pick Pat White is not ready to be a backup QB in the NFL.

3. Thigpen has experience, having started 11 games last season and thrown 18 TDs and 12 Ints for the Chiefs.

4. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel as their starter and Brodie Croyle is their backup so Thigpen was available.

4. The Miami-KC connection is at work again. Bill Parcells and son-in-law Scott Pioli have already made two other trades since the offseason began.

Thigpen is making $460,000 this season so the Dolphins pick up the prorated portion of his salary for the remainder of this season. Thigpen is also signed for 2010 at a scheduled $550,000 in base salary.

The irony of this trade is that it might make White obsolete. You see, the reason the Dolphins want to run the spread formation this year and, in part, picked White to do that, is because Thigpen carved them up running the spread formation last season.

Guess what?

Thigpen is better at running the spread than White has shown to be. Thigpen can run. He can even catch passes. Just check out the video below.

What I'm telling you is once he learns the offense, expect him to compete with White to be the spread package QB. And given his experience and, frankly, better arm, expect Thigpen not White to be the guy running the spread if it continues.


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I'm not convinced on Henne yet. He really hasn't showed up yet. But I'm happy to see plan B in progress and I'm pulling for Henne. Now Thigpen has what it takes so were good.

mando did pat white have sex with your wife??
you are the only reporter that i've seen in florida or in the national media who has shown this level if hatred towards him. he has done it all while tat WVU. he's the first, and only, QB in the NCAA to win 4 BCs bowl games, he has more wins than any NCAA QB, he has the record for rushing yards, 66% completions. he is a winner. sorry that he did something bad to you, but maybe you should be more of a reporter and less of a blogger spouting crap!!

"Ted Ginn may go down as one of the worse first round picks by the Dolphins in recent history"

How about one of the worst first round picks, by any team, in the history of the NFL Draft?

Thigpen is not plan b.

only if b stand for back up.

give Henne chance before you tear him down. Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Breeze, many of best qb in league not good right away.

i surprisingly like the trade as long as its only a 6th or 7th round pick. i have know idea why but i think this was a good trade and even got a bit excited to read it. now we have the QBs lets get some more talent at WR and DB. look at the name i post under and you'll see who i want.

Thigpen is not plan b.

only if b stand for back up.

give Henne chance before you tear him down. Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Breeze, many of best qb in league not good right away.

Posted by: carlito from golfito | September 29, 2009 at 05:13 PM
Good point carlito. There is also a guy named Favre, that was traded from Atlanta to Green Bay. He seems to have turned out ok.

i want marshall too! we need help a cb too.qb situation is handled good with thigpen.i lik our chances but ginn you have top step up

Who is Kansas Caty's 3rd.string now that they gave us Thigpen?

dont know and dont care because to me thigpen shold of been starting in kc.my family are chief fans and i watched alot of him.very talented

I like the Thigpen pickup. It's not some geriatric dolt like Vinny or clear-cut bust like Booty or Brohm or Grossman or etc. It's someone who has won some games on really bad teams. And he came cheap. If God forbid Henne gets hurt, I think you can trust him to play well. Not a long term answer, but here's to hoping Henne is.

OK is's like this folks; we can reach 3-3 mark at the bye week if we can defeat buffalo, the jets and new the saints; this is very possible. If henne bombs against the buffalo bills, then thigpen will be the starter after the bye week and henne will be on his way out of miami by season's end. The dolphins can still win the afc east and make the playoffs because the bills will be 4-4 at the half point. The jets, patriots and dolphins, will all be 5-3 at the half point mark. Stay tuned folks!

Matt Gutierrez is KC's #3.

There's girac, spreading more nonsense...do the names Brian Bosworth, Heath Shuler, lawerene Phillips, Todd Marinivich ring any bells???? Ginn is certaintly not a draft bust....maybe not a number one receiver but the biggest Draft Bust in NFL history ?? Ridiculous comment again

i can't wait to see white get a full drive and take it all the way to the end zone. i hope he saves the TD ball and jams it down your throat mando. you are a complete moron with your biased assessment! he hasn't shown you much? he's only had 25? plays so far and nearly half of his passes were dropped by cut or inactive receivers. not only is he good, he is better than the 2 other QB's on this team. until he actually gets to play, shut your mouth about him.

we can go 3-3 we jus got to play consistent..i believe in my boys we can finish strong before our bye week.

giarc, Is Guiterez the one the patriots cut?

we can 2-3 then our bye then come out strong..GO DOLPHINS!!!!

bobbyd12. Read my post again...it says ONE of the worst. Not THE worst. Good that you can read, now learn to comprehend what you read.

Yep. Gutierrez was cut by the Pats.

Odinseye , good to have you back but your moses at ilb is way off base. LOL ! Nice try. :)

You can pick up whatever backup qb you want but if you don't have guys who can catch the ball it's not gonna help! What's Teddy gonna do if he has a new qb zipping the ball in there if he can't even catch light passes let alone zipped ones?

What's with the lame crap song...was that really necessary?

B. Marshall is the H1N1 virus !

Henne is plan B. But if he fails thigpen is the Man. Future Prediction: Henne won't be the man but it will take us about 4 games to decide to put thigpen in, by then our season is doomed.but we have discovered our future QB by the end of the season. Don't get me wrong, I hope I'm wrong and Henne is the man.

You Pat White fans must have missed seeing him in camp this off season. His throws were so wildly inacurate, they were regularly ending up in the 3rd row. He even hit Parcells cart one time. Add to that, he can't play under center.

Sorry but he's not ready to be a QB at this level.

While I see and understand everyone saying they need receivers, the real answer to this problem is in the o-line. If they don't pass protect, you could have Larry Fitzgerald out there and it won't matter if the quarterback doesn't have time to find him.

People have underestimated Pat since high school. Keep underestimating him so you can eat your words later. I will be around to remind you in a few years.

this is what i think we need to be a great team:
(they are listed from most needed to least needed)

-2 more starting caliber DBs (probably 1 saefty and 1 CB)
-1 more WR that has great hands an is a big target
-1 more inside lineback to work with crowder
-1 young NT that can wait a year and learn from Ferguson

I think Henne will do fine with a powerful running game that needs to keep it up. the WR doesn't need to be a big name but should be a veteran that can start right away.

if anyone actually took the time and read this whole thing you should have 1 team in your mind that we would look like: THE RAVENS

think about it:
-no great WR but a solid veteran in Mason
-A powerful punishing run game (which we already have)
-a young QB
-a solid defense.

i think were most behind them on D so thats why i put the DBs first

Grirac, he's not even CLOSE to one of the worst, and your comment earlier about Henne, Long, Turner, White. Davis ALL being draft busts was the STUPIDIST comment since this blog started...at least learn football 101 before writing comments like that

The irony of your irony on this trade Armando is that it sounds like you figured all this out in about 5 mins. If it makes as much sense as you say, and I sure hope it does, why didn't the brain trust figure this out with an entire off season! Why the more costly gamble on White?

In fact Girac, read ESPNs 100 biggest draft busts NFL..maybe u will learn what a draft bust is, cause obviously it clueless...

3 full pages of posts from fans about a trade for Tyler Thigpen?, now thats when u know ur team stinks. lol

Can we wait to see one start for Henne and Pat White before we feed them to the lions.

I want B. marshall . You' re correct about 2 starting caliber DB's but incorrect on 1 of them being a CB . MIAMI just drafted 2 starting cb's and DON'T tell me davis isn't one . They need 2 starting safties ( unless clemons shines of course )

Henne can beat Buffalo! Stating Safety Whitner and starting cb Mckelvin are out for game. This defense not too good any way. This is Henne time to shine. The star have aligned. Now is time for all Dolphin fans to watch and hope for futute qb.

Chuck , I like some of your posts but Are you F'n cluless ? The blog IS ABOUT THE TRADE OF TYLER THIGPEN ! Hence the title of the blog : DOLPHINS TRADE FOR KC QUARTERBACK TYLER THIGPEN .

SHUT UP ISREALZION or else bobbyd12 will wish you were dead. IDIOT

NJ is the godfather of insults, freaking fo

NJ PHIN FAN is insulted 3 people so far in 10 minutes. why can't you be a nice guy like dolphins4life or carlito .

OR THE CUBAN MENCE WHO i never seen him comes after a blogger comments and call him names and insults .w/ the houses you have , you have no tiny little bit of calss even for a blog .

NJ no nice guy mean bully dumb too henne smells

lol, NJ u seem testy 2day. Is the wife not given it up?, i could talk 2 her for ya.

Whatever we do, FLUSH GINN! That jerk can't catch a critical pass,,,third won drops last week, a critical drop in the endzone against Indy...junk, total junk. He looks like UM's Graham did against VT,except he does it every week. We need 2 dynamic receivers, a secondary that doesn't play like retarded garden gnomes and a QB with a cannon arm. Instead we got Ginn & Camarillo (mediocre at best), three QB that are most likely only backup quality and I can't even talk about the CB & safties without throwing up in my mouth...

Jacko, I only wished death on one obnoxious Jet fan...I want the rest to live and wallow in their miserable lives and watch their team and mobile home to collapse year after year. Jeez :)

If we are this excited about Tyler Thigpen, we got issues.

I have never seen so many knee jerk opinions in one place at one time. Henne hasn't practiced with the starters a day yet. The dolphins had to get a backup QB. Pat White wasn't ready and that doesn't make him a bust either. Ted Ginn has a confidence problem right now and a long reception or two may be all that's needed to fix that. Good or bad, Henne will force a defence to now play outside the numbers and more than 25 yards deep. Fasano will be able to catch the ball in a little space for a change and there will actually be some room to run crossing and drag routes for some yards after catch. How about we wait until the BYE WEEK before mailing it in? Some of you people need to get laid once in a while so you don't have to come to this blog and spew your negativity and sarcasm.

LOL@Chuck, i had to say it !

I have to say after finding out a bit about Thigpen, I'm kind of intrigued with the whole thing.

It's too bad Miami doesn't have receivers that can do all those things like the Chiefs' receivers in the video (like catching the ball).

Bobbyd12 , EXACTLY !


Well Said BLAH!

Just want to say Cheers...Us Fin fans need a drink!

We just lost the heart and soul of the Miami Dolphins...Chad P will be missed not only as our QB, but as our leader. Chad P always played with heart and effort.It didn't matter to him if he busted his nose or arm...the guy put it all out on the field every game.As a Miami Fan that's all I could ask for.Thanks for the great season last year Chad P...we couldn't of done it without you.You will always be a Miami Dolphin.I will hang the number 10 Chad P. jersey up with some of the other real Miami greats.I wish nothing but the best to Chad P.

I don't know how Henne is going to do...I really have my doubts.The kid has never done anyhthing to show us he's ready to be a great QB...look at his INT for a TD!!!However, I still want to give him a chance to show us that he deserves to wear that Miami Jersey.

Tyler seems like he could have some upside, but we still don't have that WR that will catch it.

NJ Phin Fan...I like what you said about clemons. We should give him a shot...he couldn't be much worse the Wilson and Bell.I thought Wilson would of been a lot better.We really need some safety help.

We need a WR so bad...I would give anything for Andre Johnson ha The best in the league.I know it won't ever happen, but it's ok to dream right? ha

Man what a sad week...much love to all my fellow fin fans.

Pat White has done nothing. Henne has done nothing. Ginn is a wuss!, afraid of his own shadow. Thigpen was #3 at KC. We as Dolphin fans should pray this for this season to end quickly so we can get excited about next year, before reality sets in once AGAIN!

Frank in Boynton,

Thanks you. You have given me hope for blogger and dolphin fan everywhere with you well thought, intelligent post. Go Dolphins! Go Henne!





Can the Pat White experiment please end already? The guy is small, doesn't have a very accurate arm, and is never going to be a dominant NFL QB. Move him to receiver - that's where we need his speed and smarts since Ginn obviously doesn't know how to run a route or catch a ball.

If you look at college tape of Henne vs White white has more Accurate passes than Henne has more power then White in games I toke a look at

White's just not ready to make the challange for starter spot yet

We need to put Gimp as our return man for punts and kicks activate Patrick turner and see wha he can do he's 6'5 Henne completed a few good passes to him during pre season

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