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Dolphins trade for KC quarterback Tyler Thigpen

The Dolphins made an incredibly smart move just moments ago in acquiring a new No. 2 QB and that move could make Pat White obsolete.

The team has traded an undisclosed draft pick to Kansas City for backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen, the Chiefs announced today.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will announce in a couple of weeks that the regular-season has begun. (Actually, the Dolphins have since also announced the move.) They chuckled when I told them what I wrote.

The trade makes sense for several reasons:

1. The Dolphins have now placed injured Chad Pennington (shoulder) on the injured reserve list. So they need a backup to Chad Henne. Remember, Henne is the starter.

2. Rookie second-round pick Pat White is not ready to be a backup QB in the NFL.

3. Thigpen has experience, having started 11 games last season and thrown 18 TDs and 12 Ints for the Chiefs.

4. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel as their starter and Brodie Croyle is their backup so Thigpen was available.

4. The Miami-KC connection is at work again. Bill Parcells and son-in-law Scott Pioli have already made two other trades since the offseason began.

Thigpen is making $460,000 this season so the Dolphins pick up the prorated portion of his salary for the remainder of this season. Thigpen is also signed for 2010 at a scheduled $550,000 in base salary.

The irony of this trade is that it might make White obsolete. You see, the reason the Dolphins want to run the spread formation this year and, in part, picked White to do that, is because Thigpen carved them up running the spread formation last season.

Guess what?

Thigpen is better at running the spread than White has shown to be. Thigpen can run. He can even catch passes. Just check out the video below.

What I'm telling you is once he learns the offense, expect him to compete with White to be the spread package QB. And given his experience and, frankly, better arm, expect Thigpen not White to be the guy running the spread if it continues.


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That can agree with on that but he doesn't make us any better if he has to step in he's a cheap patch job we could have gotten Someone better that can challege for the starting job in stead of starter by default

Killer Dolphin

Your talking crazy. You running a little low on the Stratera?
Farve didn't win a Super Bowl his first year in Green Bay. Vinny had a decent run once he got out of Tampa.
How about Dilfer? How great was he before he got to Baltimore?
OK so Dilfer was never great, but he got a ring once he landed with the right team!
Who the F would you have signed oh wise one, oh wait, let me guess Jeff Garcia?



I bet Thigpen could catch more footballs than Ginn during the Bills game. How about it? Lets start Thigpen at wide receiver. Teach him three plays and run with it. OUr dolphins can run, maybe we just need a qb to play receiver and show Ginn up!


Bill Plashke on Around The Horn said Dolphins Biggest Disappointment of the Season; One of Worst teams in league.

Heed Him, earthlings!

Who knows what the starter by default can become? I remember Tom Brady(6th.rd.pick) stepping in for Bledsoe. I also remember Cassel(never started a game since high school) stepping in for Brady. Sometimes, a new system or coach can help. I'm not saying he will or even could, just thinking out loud. The fact is, he came to the team for free and you can't argue the fact someone with some game experience was essential.

odinseye please Vinny was always a great QB even in Tampa and farve had the it factor in college and in the pros to compare Thigpin to vinny and farve come on man get back on you meds


I just baked some butterfly cut porkchops. I stuffed them with stove top, wrapped them in bacon and lightly battered them.
Simmered up some greenbeans with onions, peppers and cheddar cheese to go along with em!

Those shroons must be good perspective do still belive in Santa and the tooth fairy too...Brady really wow

Sybil bored again


The point is you want to pull the plug on anyone not named Marino. I know it's tough but he's gone dude and he aint coming back.

If everyone was like you we would've never heard of Brett, Vinny, Kurt, or even Tommy Boy!!!!

Great move Miami... I hate to judge Henne but i think he needs to go. Thigpen will be for the wildcat.

line up pat white in the backfield and thigpen at WR with Henne at QB. Then you could toss it to wife or throw it out to thigpen and still have the pass as an option.


Is this amazing or what? Here we are, 0-3, trading for a backup quarterback and discussing it like we have the next Elway or is he a Marino? Henne is going to be the quarterback of the future. OK, I said it. Now in Cotexs blog, he is asking if Henne is the franchise quarterback. How can anyone even address this until the o-line is at its peak. Oh, and there is also the receiver situation. Not to mention special teams........field position. Sure could use Westhoff here. Will the defense ever show the pass rush needed to help the secondary? And we're discussing a back up quarterback.

thigpen is a great pick up...

Thigpen will be great for the wildcat !!

odinseye I'm just not lead by blind hope realist dont live in fantasy land thigpin is not our solution this guy won't start on any team in the NFL if not by default

let henne make his first start before you call him a bust.....jeeeezzzz.....thigpen is a great back-up


I've watched Henne his entire career at Michigan and Miami. With a good running game, he can't miss.
That's not to say he can catch his own passes, but he won't miss.

Those shroons must be good perspective do still belive in Santa and the tooth fairy too...Brady really wow

Posted by: KillerDolphins | September 29, 2009 at 10:24 PM

Killer, I do remember the shrooms days. Now that was a long time ago. Long befor Marino for that matter. They were fun times though.
All that aside, and not trying to be to much of a homer, the question remains......Why not us?


You just made my point, THANKS.

And by the way, Thigpen did start for an NFL team....last year.

Stick that in your crack pipe and suck it realist!!!!

By the way, no one should be surprised to see Parcells a little closer to the game in the near future. This team needs to have the excrement scared out of them. And it isn't happening as we speak here.

ODINSEYE , this is a good late dinner and nice fits for a princ .i wonder what the killer having for dinner ?any idea beside goat feets .


I'm just messing with you. Seriously though, Penny's out Henne's in. We have to have a back up, preferably before Sunday night. We can't go with White, so who do YOU sign?


And suck all year long didn't complete more than half of his passes and threw almost the same amount of ints as TDs with hall of famer catching or trying to catch his pass TE Gonzalez

Sybil... Scat!!


He talks a lot about Pigs, perfume and lipstick.

He's probably having hamhocks


These are the same guys that loved Ginn and Wilson oh so blind

I'm a principal in California's public schools, my teachers are now mocking me, because I have my office adorned with Miami Dolphin Garb....Should I just quit rooting for this team? It would save me some embarrassment. It seems like I take the losses more personal than the players..did anyone catch the big smiles some of our Dolphin players had on thier faces shaking hands with the opposing team, who by-the-way"throttled them??

We truly are pathetic, no? O-3, hurtling toward a sub-.500 finish, bereft of legitimate playmaking receivers (but love Bess), saddled with a stinking safety (GW) who should be charged with unarmed robbery while Reynaldo Hill was just fine, crossing our fingers over a Michigan QB who pales in comparison to those passed by (Ryan, Flacco), and we're blogging about ...........Tyler Effing Thigpen.

Sad, man, really sad.

Let's hope for the best! GO CHAD!


Come on it was his only real playing time. He was developing nicely. The guy has got a rifle arm. He throws with touch, can run and has some smarts.
You don't want to give the guy a chance, yet you keep avoiding the question. Who would you have signed?

Are you a closet Jeff Garcia fan? Come on Killer, you can tell us.

James that's idiotic, how can u guys see the o line sucking our receivers are jokes, and u are going to cut henne? Give him some
Starts and maybe a decent supporting cast jeez. Anyone against him already, how about u become
Jets and pats fans...WE DONT WANT U


And Crowder. Big Mouth, No Play Crowder. Let's not forget the Heir to the Morlon Greenwood - Jackie Shipp Chair of Middle Linebacking.

If the MADDOG likes Chad Henne! Then he good enough for me! M I C H I G A N!

Have you seen thigpin play he suck as a starter even with tony Gonzalez trying to catch his passes but if you most know I'd trade for Kolb, Vick, or Clements we have more of a chance of them challanging for the starting job than thigpin

MR GYBRIL WILSON HAS TO GO ! He can't tackle a midget !
Also Nate jones sucks also!

killer, when are you going to bed tonite?
i have enough of you .lol


I love MadDog, but he also loved Brian Griese.

He has an understandable blind spot when it comes to Meeechagan. I think he's overselling Henne.
Get ready for the pain.

I feel sorry for Jason Taylor! He has no support from DB's . Especially his safeties! Sean and Davis have a great future but are still having growing pains!

trade the fumble great FASANO

Dear Mr. principal

Your asking us true hardcore Dolfans if you should compromise your loyalty to save a little embarrasment?

Please do you wuss bag.

Strong arms Todd Marinovich Brook Berlin and many other Bust in NFL history with strong arms.

Some of the Armchair idiot's around here do not seem to understand Miami cannot go into the next 13 (yes there are 13 games left, the season just started) games with only 2 QB's in the stable. You just can't... dummies.... What if Henne get blasted out of his socks on the fist play against Buffalo??? (not a stretch by any reach of the imagination) What do ya do then?... toss Pat White and his saucer size eyes in the mix and watch him fold like a lawn chair??? Him ending up a drooling idiot like John Back was at the end of 07??? then who play's QB if White folds, Brown?... Come on Guys... if ya want to give the coaches hell... give it too them over a smart reason... like NOT drafting or FA fishing a Top shelf catch man... Don't act like the idiots I hope that Most Dolphin fans are not...HUH???? By the way... win 6 of 8 AFC East games and you win the division... we have not even played 1 yet... just a thought...idiots...

ALoco are the dolphins even your favorite Football team?

Great plan Killer!

One small problem though. Kolb, Vick, or Clemments aren't readily available you genius.
What would you be willing to give for any of them?

Derek In West Palm Beach

Good Point! I couldn't have said said it better myself? Ah...no wait....I think I did?
Oh well either way....LMFAO!!!!

culito from pullido- I couldn't agree more with your Crowder comment. I am so tired of this terd. Can anybody name a time this loser made an impact play??? Please tell me if it exists!!

odinseye you obviously don't know your ass from your head or are they the same in you case...2nd rounder at most and they are available

As Billy P scanned the NFL Classifieds searching for starting QB’s he reads: Vinny Testeverde will pay to play, Jeff Garcia trade for 4th round pick, and Trent Green some aspirin required. He threw the newspaper down and yelled to his assistant, “Get Scott Pioli General Manger of the Kansas City Chiefs on the phone”. “Mr. Pioli on the phone Mr. Parcells”, his assistant says. Billy P says, “Hi Scotty boy hows that daughter of mine”. Scott boy I need a favor for them O lineman I sent you this spring, Alleman and Ichygumy. Bill lays out the request to Scotty, “ Well that pick to named later Will be a pick to be named later to you now, and send me that Tiller Pigpen boy from Costal South Carolina remember we scouted him in 07 that them damn Vikings took in the 7th round before we could sign him as a undrafted free agent”. Scott Pioli reply’s, “Yes sir I’ll inform him he’s been traded, thanks again for them starting lineman”. He, He Parcells laughs to himself, can’t wait to see what Dan (HENNING) and David (LEE) do with this Quarterback.

The South Florida media didn’t even lead with this story. Still lamenting with the Chad and Chad trade of places at QB due to Pennington’s injury. Sort of like the Ricky Williams contract extension done with post it notes. Bill Parcells can simply a complicated business at times with swift sharp moves. The media picked up on the story much later. The Thigpen personnel acquisition is the snipe heart needed for the Henning and Lee witches brew. Thigpen’ arm may be an upgrade over Vick and White’s passing game. If you name wasn’t Pat White or Michael Vick the white boy in the spread WildCat was Tyler Thigpen. Last Year with KC, Thigpen had 2600 yards 21 tds 18 passing against 12 interceptions and 360 yds of running offense these number with the 3rd worst team in the NFL. What do you think he’s going think when he sees the Dolphins Offensive line? In 2007 Thigpen was buried in Minnesota and finally given a chance in Kansas City last year after two quarterback injuries, damn if the Athletic Spread Offensive QB didn’t perform and impress people one the most important named Bill Parcells. PREDICTION: the WildCat, WildPat, or the WildPen will average 18 plays a game from here out, not maximum but average 18 plays per game from here out. Stock down on notice TE: Fasano and WR: Camarillo. I can hear Parcells yelling for his assistant, “Get Rod Graves the General Manager of Arizona on the phone, and hold this gun on me, “Excuse me Mr. Parcells, “Shut up and hold the gun on me he’s going to want a 1st round pick and that Genius Ginn, I need to do it and the only way I part with a 1st round pick is if you hold a gun on me”. More in a series of the Billy P series.


If I was the athletic director for the University of Arkansas I still wouldn't bother to check on Vicks eligibility.
Clements? Again, put down the pipe and try to stay with me.
Kolb? I think the Eagles might want to keep him seeing how they just cut Garcia!

Armando didn't imply you didn't lead with the story but your competition didn't do as good as you. It's official Ginn and a #1 for a #1 WR. Billy P knows when to spend, when to ship, and when to trade. It's comming after game 6, when rebuilding starts. Thanks SteFin

SteFin LMAO very funny good job

And that's why you think with your ass


Killer , yo would give up a 2nd rounder for kolb, vick or clemmonts ? Are you f'n kidding me ? we 've been down this road before ( feely , culpepper , etc ) Thank god you're not the GM. LMAO ! :)

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