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Dolphins trade for KC quarterback Tyler Thigpen

The Dolphins made an incredibly smart move just moments ago in acquiring a new No. 2 QB and that move could make Pat White obsolete.

The team has traded an undisclosed draft pick to Kansas City for backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen, the Chiefs announced today.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will announce in a couple of weeks that the regular-season has begun. (Actually, the Dolphins have since also announced the move.) They chuckled when I told them what I wrote.

The trade makes sense for several reasons:

1. The Dolphins have now placed injured Chad Pennington (shoulder) on the injured reserve list. So they need a backup to Chad Henne. Remember, Henne is the starter.

2. Rookie second-round pick Pat White is not ready to be a backup QB in the NFL.

3. Thigpen has experience, having started 11 games last season and thrown 18 TDs and 12 Ints for the Chiefs.

4. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel as their starter and Brodie Croyle is their backup so Thigpen was available.

4. The Miami-KC connection is at work again. Bill Parcells and son-in-law Scott Pioli have already made two other trades since the offseason began.

Thigpen is making $460,000 this season so the Dolphins pick up the prorated portion of his salary for the remainder of this season. Thigpen is also signed for 2010 at a scheduled $550,000 in base salary.

The irony of this trade is that it might make White obsolete. You see, the reason the Dolphins want to run the spread formation this year and, in part, picked White to do that, is because Thigpen carved them up running the spread formation last season.

Guess what?

Thigpen is better at running the spread than White has shown to be. Thigpen can run. He can even catch passes. Just check out the video below.

What I'm telling you is once he learns the offense, expect him to compete with White to be the spread package QB. And given his experience and, frankly, better arm, expect Thigpen not White to be the guy running the spread if it continues.


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Why do we keep kidding ourselves? Henne was not meant to be the Marino caliber quarter; he is still a project. It's not often you draft a starting caliber qb in the 2nd round... I think we're asking for tooo much from the trifecta.. HOwever, I still love our last year's first three picks over Atlanta's... any day...

NJ PHIN FAN that's right And any of those QBs will start and be a better acquisition than Wilson or Green were


I may not know my head from my arse. But I do know a goof when I hear one, and you sir are a goof!
Clements? For a second rounder? The Jets don't even want Clements. You know why you goof? Cause he sucks, just like you.
Vick? He's a washed up ex-con. Besides that, he was never really that great of a QB. White will be better than Vick in short order.
Kolb? I haven't talked to Andy lately, but I don't think he's on the market you dolt.
On second thought Killer, do us all a favor. Sell your girlfriends computer and buy yourself some more of that stuff your smoking.

And if Vick would have had the legal issues he'd be a franchise QB

NJ PHIN FAN that's right And any of those QBs will start and be a better acquisition than Wilson or Green were

Posted by: KillerDolphins | September 29, 2009 at 11:36 PM

Slow down Killer.

I think Vicks too dumb to play safety. Clements is too slow. And Kolb? Kolb likes the job he has!

Killer . like i said , thank god you're not the gm.

And if Vick would have had the legal issues he'd be a franchise QB

Posted by: KillerDolphins | September 29, 2009 at 11:40 PM

AGAIN! Slow down killer.
I'm not sure I understand this one. Is this a question? A statement? WTF?

odinsassh*** I can see why you don't get any were in life you got s*** for brains but I'm done I gotta give you wife's her computer back see I don't own one why would I, I got her's gotta go she has to kiss the baby before she go's

Vick was NEVER a franchise qb and what makes anybody think he would be now ? He's done. Clemonts sucks and kolb has as many questions as henne . aloco/carlito is right . When are going to bed ? LOL ! :)

NJ PHIN FAN you really sound like you WTF your talking about cause of people like you this franchise is in the state it's in

As a lifelong Dolphins fan living in Missouri for more than a decade, I watch a lot of Chiefs football, and I love Thigpen. He was a solid and exciting QB to watch last year. I think the Chiefs were nuts to go spend all that money on Cassell and Croyle is questionable. Thigpen is solid, and I'm thrilled we got him. Now he did have Dwayne Bowe. We need our own Bowe.

You jersy guys are dumb as dog s*** why even bother with you aren't you supose to root for the Jets or something


I just heard a nasty rumor. Apparently it's your fault were 0-3!
What do you have to say for yourself?

LMFAO in the great white north!

Killer , supose ? . jersy ? and you're calling me dumb ? LMFAO !. Go to bed idiot. By the way say hello to the menace.

Odinseye , I know . what can i say ? it's my fault. LOL. Lets go get vick , clemonts or kolb. That should do it ! :)


I know playing Moses at ILB sounds crazy. I know he's a true OLB.
However with Ayodele, Crowder and Torbor playing as bad as they have, wouldn't it make sense? Moses seems better suited than Wake or Anderson.
Bryan Cox started out at OLB. He transitioned to MLB. What do you think?

By the way check you facts Vick was franchise QB 2003-2006

Dumb and dumber

Odinseye . Moses was a DE in college. He's just learning the olb position in the 3-4. Now , you want him to learn a new position at ILB ? :) He's not suited for ilb. His strength is pass rushing and not run stopping.


Thanks for the update on your status.

You started out dumb, and you just keep getting dumber! DOH!!!!

Killer , Like i said , vick was NEVER a franchise qb . How's the menace ? Dumbazzzzzz !

Dumb as Dog S*** how do you even survive in the world when you so full of s***


I'll buy that. I didn't know anything about his history/collegiate career. I was just going on a hope and a prayer.
As you said earlier sounds like were basically "locked in" at ILB. At least for this year.

odins ass and NJ POOP nice pair of fudge packers you make

Odinsass I was just going on a hope and a prayer that definitely sounds like the why you process things


Get a grip dude!

You sound like one of the kids that used too get his lunch money TAKEN!

It'll be OK. When your broke and half sober in the morning you can always change your blog name.

Now get get too bed Billy!

Lmao loser

NJ PooP what you think about moses you got you head so far up his as it's said.... odinsass

Tom Brady
Kurt Warner
Matt Hasselbeck
Tony Romo
Drew Brees
Matt Schaub
Jake Delhome

All pro bowl quality starters who were not first round picks. Let's not judge Henne until the season is over and he has at least 10 games under his belt.

all of you are horrible fans and people in general. you to arwomando.

Bottom line mike
Vick is a joke of qb he has never competed more than 57 percent of passes in a season

Some of you are jumping the gun we haven't even seen what Henne can do the trifecta didn't want to start Henne because they wanted to groom him and let him learn. He hasn't been taking a ton of snaps with the first team, let's see what he can do now that he is taking the majority of the snaps in practice. He has learned from the best on how to study film and he will begin to learn how to read defenses he's got the tools he just needs to play. Once the game slows down he will be solid.

"The Dolphins made an incredibly smart move just moments ago in acquiring a new No. 2 QB"

No sh*t. They had only 2 quarterbacks on the roster. A true statement is: The Dolphins made a necessary acquisition just moments ago. The "incredibly smart" just does not belong in that context.

pat white 6'0 190
drew brees 6'0 209

so if white gains 15 lbs then he will be big enough to be an NFL QB?? funny that at 190 he ran for more yards than any QB in college but now he is too small. i only got to see the preseason, which he got very little PT. but in the first game all but 1 of hi passes were in the hand of his receiver. 5 were dropped. he ran for 3 1st downs, including one that sealed a win.

some of you have drunk the mando kool-aid!! mando is a crap reporter in general and he got a real bug in his butt about white. he shows you one thigpen play and mando acts like he is the second coming of marino. he is a crap QB that couldn't beat croyle for a back-up job?? no, sorry he is crap and a waste addition. with 2 inexprienced QB's you'd think they would sign a vet. check henne and thigpen vs white. wins, bcs wins, completion %, td to int. i think you'll find white above in most. throw in his mobility and rushing yards and you'll see why some of us are so high on him. check the senior bowl too. he was mvp.

i just look at the big games white played in, 4 bowls 2 bsc bowls.
4-0 in those knocking off higher ranked teams in 3 of them.
56-80 passes 759 yards 70% 8 td's 1 int 8.9 ypa 87 rushes 427 yards 4.9 ypa 1 td.

now you have some prejudiced reporter calling him a wasted pick and inaccurate. 70% in 4 bowl games. he is 0 for 1 on a long pass so far i hope no one else listens to this idiot mando.

104 td's 23 int's


Thanks for the common sence

dolphins can say good bye to the playoff this year..no chad no wins..an get rid of fasano an ginn

Armando, they should have waited for Jeff Garcia to come available....Would have saved a draft pick.....

I have to laugh at all the Fasano haters. Fasano was a stud last year and during his college career. He has had a couple of bad plays and now he is nothing!!! I also find it funny that everyone want Marshall when he has done even less than Ginn this year, or Bolden who is having a hard time staying on the field. Boldin (if he is not too broken down) is a great receiver but what good is he if he can not get healthy? Marshall is a young TO in his attitude. Ginn has better stats after 2 years than did many elite receivers including those like one Steve Smith. I am not sold on Ginn as he does need to toughen up but it is also too early to deam him a bust.

Thigpen was well above average last season. His team had on real receiver (Bowe), on great TE, a poor line and no running back support.

You know what is the deal with Armando's hatred for Pat White. I noted it and commented on it like a month ago. Armando is childish, don't know how he still has a job. I am sure his hatred for JT will rear it's ugly head soon.

This is nuts

Henne will make a good QB watch as long as he dont try to bring the same thing pennington bring he will be fine .....Cuz pennington could only be pennington, and in the game VS charges he tried 2 b pennington by being efficent but he is a gun slinger...all henne needs 2 keep in mind IS 2 BE YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sparano said it all in the interview ..i have faith in HENNE

Maybe the fins should just trade Ginn to KC and call it even. Who out there can tell me what he has done that he should have been choosen as a #1 pick.

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