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Dolphins trail Atlanta 16-0 going into the final quarter

The Dolphins, who had 13 turnovers in 16 games, had 4 in the first three quarters Sunday and trailed Atlanta 16-0.

By the third quarter, the Dolphins base offense worked so anemically, they resorted to several gadget plays, including one that had Ted Ginn Jr. taking the handoff from Pat White on an end around option pass (Ginn kept the ball and ran). Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson caused a fumble that led to a field goal and had an interception that led to Tony Gonzalez's first touchdown catch as a Falcon. Gonzalez has now reached 11,000 receiving yards for his career.


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Send Fasano back to "Jersey". What a piece of sh*t.

Problem with the Fins is that our best offensive player s Ricky Williams. By the way, plese stop comparing Jake Long to MAtt Ryan. The guy was never even a Ryan Clady. Lets start comparing hm to Sam Baker for accuracy and what could have been the '08 draft.

Geez, whose swallowing the gravy, dierdorf or gumbel on Gonzalez.

PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC hope we can turn it around like last year...except we didn't look this bad opening day last year...put Henne in let him get some work. This one is over... Fasano twice! Pathetic Pathetic

It's a real joke, Miami have NO offense !!

This is brutal

I know you guys hate Dierdork spooging over Gonzalez, but he is just schooling the Miami safeties. Five receptions now.


Merling is a starter, no question.

Pathetic....time to churn the roster...some more on the Oline. WOW we suck upfront!

Merling is playing like a STUD. And he was our biggest concern on D.

merling is on fire! he should be starting!

One bright spot.

Bet Detroit wished they were playing us

Can merling play offence ?

Soiled :)

Mando...I am shocked that Gonzalez is killing our safeties. I thought after that great preseason they would be mint today.

Agree Merling is playing well

Hang this one on Fasano his first fumble was a ten point play.

Well, Let's see. Gonzales is one of the best TE's ever, and he's proving it. Don't get mad...We could have signed him too

4 and 12 here we come!

If not for the turnovers, the D would be fine.

alright defense! They haven't laid it down!

Elam and the occasional Ryan overthrow keeping this from being a giggle-worthy blowout...

hope jason's knee is ok. He came back but was gone awhile

Atlanta's kicker thinks he's on the Dolphins

Soiled :)

Last year: Parcells and Sparano are geniuses, Pennington is such a good game manager and Long is a young beast.

After only 3 qtrs: This team sucks, Jake Long is a bust, and Pennington blows.

I love the quick knee jerk reactions of "fan"atics.

When you consider that five Atlanta possessions started in Miami territory, 16 points is not bad yet.

There is still a small chance Miami can score 17. Don't give up!

The Falcons have failed time and again to shut the door on this game.

Can we go back to the pre-season

Im not getting the game where i am...is our o-line to blame for these problems?

Elam is brutal

4 sacks and 4 turnovers. It could be worse. Marino could still pull it out. Oh yea, nevermind

we'll be fine everybody stop your bitching. We're having an off week Long will be fine. Joe Thomas has a rough 2nd year last year too but he's still 1 of the best. If you just wanna jump on a team's bandwagon when they're winning then you're no better than Patriots fans. Right Hannibal? you schmuck. Still rebuilding give it another year oh and btw, it's week 1 and we are only down 2 possessions.

Is there still hope....not if Oline keeps playing like this. What happened to Long?

Oooh, sarcasm by Sark. Wow, that's surprising.

Yes Zack.

Elam should be playin for us

At least I don't have to hear people talk about Brady Quinn today has he blows chunks today.

Very disappointing offensive game "plan", did they really think by not showing cat in the preseason they could just show up and surprise again, let alone execute!!!

Watch, next week Atl will get lit up on D.

Spread it out and chuck and duck the rest of the game.

thanks heaven ginn tipped it away.

Mando! Awsome! Love your positive vibe!

I believe in Miracles!

Volley ball

I hate Penny....look at the happy feet


Can't believe Pennington is still in.

I'll say one thing....I have training for this hurt from the 2007 season.....I just have to get over the the good feeling I had from last year (who am I kidding....it's gone).

What was that? Pennington is completely rattled in the pcoket.

I was more worried about the defense today and they played awesome. All those turnovers could have been worse. They started shaky and calmed it down. Come on Penny two yards wont help! Please put in Henne and give us a chance for a bomb to Ginn!

Just like the Baltimore game. This team is a sham and the biggest fraud is CP10. Gutsy performance by the D, but this team will not win with that douche bag under center. Sorry there are no Oakland, Seattle, etc to stage miracle comebacks against.

The Oline isn't just not "jelling" it is getting beat every play. did not expect that.

Ronnie Brown is peeved. He went in motion and was wide open on the right side if Pennington had looked that way on third down. After the play, he snatched his chin strap off, then appeared to exchange snappy comments with an assistant...looks like the Kiss Cam busted two somebodies who weren't supposed to be at the Georgia Dome together.

WTF?! Cmon fasano! 4 turnovers?! WTF?!

CUT FASUCKO!!!!!! can't hold on to the ball!!!

The Fins are starting to look like a Gator team! That Gimmick O works in College (for now) but it doesn't in the NFL! Throw the ball down field, O wait, we only have Ohio ST receivers!

Mark Sanchez has put up more points today, this is disgusting.

Chad will come back and be Chad again. But for this game we need Henne. We can't give up with 11 minutes left. The defense will give up too if we can't get offense going. Why not Henne? He needs some game action anyway and Chads game is not getting us 16 points.

The Dolphins do nothing exciting

They did pick up where they left off last year with the loss to Ravens...turnovers on offense, defense did all it could do to keep us in game.

Are we going to get shutout on opening day???

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