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Dolphins trail Atlanta 16-0 going into the final quarter

The Dolphins, who had 13 turnovers in 16 games, had 4 in the first three quarters Sunday and trailed Atlanta 16-0.

By the third quarter, the Dolphins base offense worked so anemically, they resorted to several gadget plays, including one that had Ted Ginn Jr. taking the handoff from Pat White on an end around option pass (Ginn kept the ball and ran). Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson caused a fumble that led to a field goal and had an interception that led to Tony Gonzalez's first touchdown catch as a Falcon. Gonzalez has now reached 11,000 receiving yards for his career.


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This six cmon Miami

If we get the ball back, HENNE PLEASE! That is, IF we get ball back OR after they score.

I agree Henne should be going in the game now for Miami's next possession.

But I'm sure the coaching staff is weighing doing that versus how the move would start a QB controversy after only one game.

Welcome back to the cellar JT. Just like old times!

We stink.... We look like the 1-15 Dolphins from 2 yrs ago. No defense.... And definitely no offense. Especially with 4 turnovers so far

D still has some pride.

Rattle the QB early and stats wise it works, nothing shocking there

So funny. Crowder just keeps trekking no matter what. Good for him

Did it last year in the 2nd game of the year.

Merling sure has been a bright spot today....too bad Armando talked the whole preseason like he was about to be cut.

some of you fans make me laugh. We have a bad game and you are calling everyone a bust. Bet you wasn't bitchin last year saying they were a bust. If you don't like the team then don't watch. And for all you so called scouts and coaches; if you so good why you here blogging like me? It's the first of 16. Either way this is a good lesson for this team. Didn't we loose the first two last year?

Good bye all... Mando looking forward to hear your thoughts on what we can take from the game. Besides the obvious Defense looked good especially stopping the run. Offense very very out of sync...then again Fasano fumbles killed us. Oline took the day off.

Atlanta fans booing Jason Elam...before he put the 50-yarder through.


I suspect you are right re qb contro..

BUT, if he comes in and plays well, from my point of view, F*** the controversy, let's get some good QB play!

That field goal pretty much seals the game for Atlanta. hard to imagine Dolphins putting up three touchdowns in 7 minutes.

We need a spark Mando.

0-4 here we come

This could possibly be the worst outing we could have had.

Saying that after all we have seen today.

We can only go up from here.

Soiled :)

0-4 here we come

Hard to imagine the fins scoring ONE TD at this point!

Deep breath is right. Offensive line very disappointing.

They are the HIGHEST paid group on the team. And they are getting their butts handed to them.

I love watching all the "could have been dolphins" quarterbacks win games... drew brees, matt ryan... etc

I'm with you Phil. NFC teams are usually not a pretty site for us anyway. We hardly ever ever win the first game either. If this continues another two weeks we have to worry. This is just a bad game. Defense hang tough and played really well. Offense will catch up

Yeah lost the first two and a lot in here were calling Parcells an idiot and wanted Sparano fired. Fans suck

... starting with Jake Long who is the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

Hope you are right Phil76.

Garbage game... Not impressive whatsoever

QB is not the issue. We moved the ball down field the issue was turnovers! That was a 16 point swing! Oline is the issue right now.

if you would have told me that the fins would hold the hawks under 20 points, i would have guaranteed a win....the d is solid, they are facing one of the toughest offenses they will all season. the offense uh uh uh um uh duh....i don't recognize this squad.

Nobody here getting their wish.

Pennington back in the game.

I also watched Andre Goodman and Reinaldo Hill break up passes for Denver while we gave up 3 3rd down conversions on passes in the first half.

The only good thing about this game is that we never had to hear the new fight song.

Well Miami wanted to pick up where they left off I guess in a sense they did. 5 turn overs in the Ravens game and 4 turnovers today.

CBS stats:

Pennington has been sacked 4 times. Hurried 13 times and knocked down 5 times.

Thanks OL.

Atleast Camarillo's catch should be on the Top Ten best on ESPN tonight

Barring some wackiness, this will go down as one of the worst opening games in Dolphins history. Right there with 1988 (Chicago, 34-7 loss) and 1986 (San Diego, at the end of the Fouts-Super Chargers era, puts up 50 on the Aqua)

Go Bess.

Can't watch the Dolphins game due to location but watching the Jets game just sucks cause they are doing awesome and our Dolphins not so good. It's only week 1. We'll make some adjustments and we'll be ready for primetime football!!!

yay!! throw it down the field! lol rip. you are right about that. Physical teams are a problem for us

Give him time he can connect! nice throw. Oline needs to give him time. Upgrade at Oline needed ASAP!

Just score some points please. Get some momentum and focus for next week.

Why hasn't anyone metioned Henning. 2 short passes in a row at the end of a game you're losing? Is he the one calling these plays or is Chad not executing the playbook properly?

no dreams of comeback

Touchdown here would be pretty bad honestly. I mean are we going to have the same too little too late dolphins? Six minutes left, what? 3 touchdowns? Plz

yeah our o-line sucks. But this is their first test since the playoff lose. Sometimes you can learn more from looseing then winning. Like some else said; if we are 0-4 then let the bust calling going. Till then just relax still early in the season. After 30 years of this team this is the same start for me.

come on Dolphins! At least score! Ronnie just killed two Falcons. He's a tough one!

What f*** are they doing out ther. 4 turnovers!!

this drive is padding stats but not doing any real damage to Atlanta's cause of winning the game.

Dolphins need a quick TD. And then another quick TD. And then another quick TD.

All this drive is doing is making a butt-whipping look not so bad from a stats standpoint.

Lou, it all he can do with the amount of time that Oline gives Chad!

I guiess it's not hennings fault if the o-line has been that putrid. What an embarrassment and those guys including Fasano should get up and apologize to the entire team tomorrow.

Let's put something together and build on it...at least for next week

Sorry but I don't blame players. They are selected and coached by coaches and front office types.

By the way---dont be fooled by the offense meoving the ball in these last few minutes (this drive). The Falcons are playing a soft (prevent) defense. If the linebackers were not retreating down field those passes would be broken up/INT.
I hope we put some points on the board...even a FG would be appreaciated.

it is time to change Qb

why are we running so much?

Activate Patrick turner also

It doesn't matter what the play design is. Chad is gonna hit the underneath running back 90% of the time. That's why his comp % is so high.

This offense is AT BEST THE SAME. Long looks worse. Camarillo obviously slower. Fasano overrated. Ginn - THE SAME. Center - THE SAME. Bess - THE SAME.

Sparano will fix the oline, he won't tolerate this.

miami offense sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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