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Dolphins trail Atlanta 16-0 going into the final quarter

The Dolphins, who had 13 turnovers in 16 games, had 4 in the first three quarters Sunday and trailed Atlanta 16-0.

By the third quarter, the Dolphins base offense worked so anemically, they resorted to several gadget plays, including one that had Ted Ginn Jr. taking the handoff from Pat White on an end around option pass (Ginn kept the ball and ran). Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson caused a fumble that led to a field goal and had an interception that led to Tony Gonzalez's first touchdown catch as a Falcon. Gonzalez has now reached 11,000 receiving yards for his career.


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Mando the but whipping was only on OLINE. and Fasano not being able to hold on. Really when you look at it it is ALL on the Oline.

i won't be fooled by the yardage gained but it will help the stats . good grief!

Go Vern!

He was across the los anyhow.

Give him time we can execute....Guys who is out there that we can possibly pick up on OLINE

What a shock, offensive line play costs Miami a TD.

I hope Jake watches this game tape &learns from it. He should be embarrassed

My Sphincter was tight before the game started but after this total violation I'm not so tight anymore.

Soiled :)

Holding on Carey!
It would not have mattered he was pass the line.

Why are we throwing to Fassino again????

Just like last year in here. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We don't need new bodies, just need these guys to get their heads out of their a****!

this drive has eaten up nearly four minutes. It may be a scoring drive. but it is also a loser drive.

what in the world chad!

Vernon getting beaten twice in one play by Kroy Biermann, who the Dolphins are making look like Bruce Smith.

What was that?

we need too come together and change QB's chan henne is our person send him back 2 NEW YORK SORRY MORTHER FUC

wooohooo! hartline!!

Do they realize their down by 19 and not 7 or less?

chad has no fight in him, he is gutless

At this point, miami only trying to avoid being shut out in an opener for the first time since 1983.

What the he'll was that ...wasted 3rd down play

can you say dink and dunk?

onside kick

THAT was a beautiful play! Yay!

We are who I thought we were.

U still suck Stinkington.

A score, Ricky has played Okay today.

WOW!! That last play on 3rd down says it all.

Maybe a sack on 4th down??????? No, its hartline an OSU receiver (I have got to find a way to like this guy cause I hate OSU!!!)

Finally! Thank GOD--you answered my prayers! TD We are on the board!

Yay td.

Shoulda gone for 2 there; very stupid. You have nothing to lose by doing it.

Sparano has had a year to "fix" th O-line.

Why would you not go for 2?

This game is completely diff if Pat White hits Ginn.

offense still looks preseason ready

yes takes time for oline to gel, we all know that, you suggesting someone gets cut from this? coaches chose these guys, no injury forced decisions here

WHY DIDNT WE GO FOR TWO??? Only possible way to win! We would have needed touchdown and field goal in 3:21 left. You never know if someone is going to fumble etc. OR we recover kick. That's ridiculous

We'll get better...sloppy mistake filled game for the 'Phins offense...

This is not a coaching issue. The players on this team are either too old, too young, or just plain SUCK.

WTG RW but why not go for 2? 2 td's + 2 two pointers + FG = 19. Yeah seems kinda unlikely, give the extra point unit the work instead.

Shutout avoided, And Pre-Season means crap!

tough to win in this league when your offense is a dink and dunk non vertical threat. you have to play perfect mistake free football and that's a stretch at best.

Defense has been strong today....we cannot turn the ball over and expect to be in games with our offense...that's all the analysis you need..

Wow. Same ol offence zzzzzzzzz. We desperately need a playmaker on offence. Can't watch this mess anymore.

Atlanta is treating us like Red headed step children

Soiled :)

ok so, without the turnovers(like last year) the fins win this game. they won't be turning it over like this often. this isn't doomsday....pull yourself together man

And the nyj won how ironic

As hootie and the blowfish once said "the dolphins make me cry."

Who would you rather have now? Jake Long or Matt Ryan? Jake should only cash 10% of his pay check.

Have fun watching these douche bags get stomped at home next week. Should be fun though seeing all the stars on the red carpet bc that's what every football fan cares about.

Phinatic give it a rest. The pick happened, deal with it.

freeney will own long next week

We have playmakers! We need a QB that can get them the ball. Watch and see how many times Ginn is open DEEP. You know, that area of the field our QB doesn't even look. I miss Marino :(

the reason we win not be a great team one name.Hudson Houck.He did more with a less talent 2 and 3 years ago.

So wildcat/spread offense production today was 4 yards on three plays.

The stink from the playoff game still remains w/ the offense.

Wow. Glad thats over.

Mia just go an ass whooping

It is over....OLINE needs work or it will be a very long season.

Way to start the year guys. Oh, did I mention I want to punch Pennington in the face? At least HBO has good shows on tonight...Piece!

Interesting how the "O" line really played bad...didn't Sparano fire the OL from last year and hired someone else who he thought was better?

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