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Dolphins trail Atlanta 16-0 going into the final quarter

The Dolphins, who had 13 turnovers in 16 games, had 4 in the first three quarters Sunday and trailed Atlanta 16-0.

By the third quarter, the Dolphins base offense worked so anemically, they resorted to several gadget plays, including one that had Ted Ginn Jr. taking the handoff from Pat White on an end around option pass (Ginn kept the ball and ran). Atlanta linebacker Mike Peterson caused a fumble that led to a field goal and had an interception that led to Tony Gonzalez's first touchdown catch as a Falcon. Gonzalez has now reached 11,000 receiving yards for his career.


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Not a coaching issue? Then please tell me who is responsible for getting this team ready to play?

O-line sucks badly. And we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to upgrade it this offseason. Epic fail.

Just to make a bad day complete...the Jets have crushed the Texans, in Houston.

Long & painful season coming....

What pocket? O-line didn't show up today.

The timing of wildcat plays, CP starts getting some timing, gets pulled for a no gain cat play, then CP back in and makes a mistake

jake long will be on espns "got jacked up"!!!

Miami offense was simply not ready to play.

Look, I understand the offense doesn't have star playmakers at wideout.

but the truly depressing thing is the offensive line is built. The team has the players it wants in place. The team paid $156 million for those players.

And they played terrible. That is terrrible.

With all the whining, ranting, handwringing, the one positive is.....it's Game 1 of the season. We can only hope the team specifically the offense doesn't look this bad next week.

But I feel it's going to be a looooong season so I think it's wise to not get our expectations up or any higher than they may be at this time.

Nothing here to build on for next week....no way we compete with colts or chargers.

at least we didn't lose like Bengals, I suppose.

things can start to go up for the fish or go lower......

OMG, Brandon Stokely catches a tipped pass and takes it 87 yards with 11 seconds to play to give Denver come-from-behind 12-7 lead and probable victory.

Mommy! I’m scared!!

Only one game people......relax!!!!! Long season. FINS will get it right!!!!

The Fins never win games like that...



heck, even the winless Lions showed up to play today!

Firts game of the season...first lost!!! It happens!! FINS will refocus and rebound. Some of your posts are pathetic!!! Already throwing in the towel after one game!! How about supporting the team for a change. Yeah, I agree they played horrible, but I will stay positive and stick with my FINS!!!! GOOOO FINS!!!!! Prove these wanna be fans wrong..scrubs!!!!!

Dolphins fan understand no one player is bigger than the team, but please get us stars on the field and not in the stands. The RBs where equal but Falcons are better at TE,WRs and QB. Our defense needs our offense to stay on the field longer. Stars come and go with the media but WINS last all seasons.

These guys arent playing ball...Most of the skilled positions are affraid of contact...Why dont they pull out of the nfl and try flag football...I cant stand seeing them look this bad...Been a fan since 1970 and if it wasnt for the weak schedule last year I would be even less hopeful....

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