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Dolphins trail Falcons 10-0 going to 3rd Q

The Dolphins are losing 10-0 at halftime. The offense that suffered only 13 turnovers all of 2008 has two turnovers already this season.

And that offensive line that cost $156 million has plowed the Falcons aside to the tune of only 38 rushing yards.

Pat White participated in three spread offense plays -- one of which was an overthrow to a wide open Ted Ginn Jr.

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awful playcalling again. Is this for real?

Nice 3 and out

Need to get going on O here!

Jake Long got smoked again!!!!!!

I can see the Dolphins made some good adjustments at halftime.

Defense needs to make a stand, otherwise Atlanta can put the game away with a TD here.

Tuna must have got my email

Soiled :)

Block somebody. The team paid over $100 mill for this? Can't run or pass if you can't block up front.

ouch this could get ugly quick..uglier


Thanks for joining us here today- you and your family remains in our prayers and thoughts.

Looks like Mike Smith really deserved the AP Coach of Year Award last year over our Tony S. Very disappointing performance today.

Remember peeps this is year 2 of a 4 year rebuild

Soiled :)

without ronnie we are in trouble

Boy this sucks! the jets are up over Houston and our Fins look like poop on Offense.

Exactly what good adjustments are those Armando?

Welcome back to being the shame of the east Miami. 6 first downs, 100 yards, and two turnovers.

We look like crap, really...

Right no wthe Jets look waaaaaaay better than we do and they have a rookie at the helm.

ohhh sean!!!! that was an easy one

Sean smith needs to make that play!!! WTF!

Sean Smith has been beaten like a drum today. But zero completions deep have resulted from that.

Better to be lucky than good.

OK, when the QB has to tell the tailback and the fullback where to line up on third and one, it's a hint and a half that a play action pass is coming. And, maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't that have been a bit of a face guard on Sean Smith?

Will we see more of the spread O here with PW? We need to get something going!!!

come on guys! We can still do this! Somebody needs to step up to the plate. This is where the top players have to make the plays!

Yeah, we don't want any high-priced free agents! We're gonna build a winning team through the draft! 11-5 was a mirage. Trickery and gimmicks. Brees has 4 TD's...I bet Cutler has a fantastic year. This is a joke.

what is the word on ronnie brown?

anyone feel like another 3 and out?

I thought Hard liquor was supposed to ease the pain.

Soiled :)

With Smith looking back for the ball how can that be face guarding?

Okay you nattering nay-bobs of negativism- the tide is about to TURN!!!!!

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's not luck.


If we keep lining up in that single back formation, good luck!

Atlanta is intimidating Dolphins with hard hits..dolphins don't know what hit em...they need to man up--looking overmatched strength wise

Either Pennington is holding the ball too long or Miami's average receivers are not getting open fast enough.

I think more likely the WR are not getting the job done.

Ricky tripped and fell coming out of the backfield, so Chad lost his safety valve and had to take the sack.

O - line, any chance they will turn up today?

No down field stabs

painful to watch.....

we have the 2 yard offense, otherwise known as the worst offense in the league.

And 2 yard passes to a RB isn't going to solve things.

We have the greatest check-down passer ever! I loathe Penny

Long getting beat like a drum!

This is pathetic

we need to throw more than two yards downfield. ronnie is playing but shaking his leg. wow this line is a mess

Jake Long is now getting beat by average white dudes.

Jake Long is awful


Told y'all Long was friggin overrated......wish we had Ryan & an average tackle (like Jake Long?).

Another Sack!!!!!

anyone who missed that, long just got bitched again. great pick last year boys!!!

Jake Long as now allowed two sacks today. I believe he allowed 2 1/2 all last yr.

Where is the protection 2 day (4 sacks). They are going to get Chad killed out there!!!


Jake long is beat too many times

what in the world has happened to Jake? I dont think the coaches saw his decline coming so fast! We look defeated on the sidelines. We need an attitude adjustment! Jason care to adjust?

Jake Long gets beaten for a sack by Cory Bierman, who has now had the first multi-sack game of his career.



Can we get a refund on this $150 million line?

Pathetic. Another 3 & out. Sit your ass down Long. Give CP10 some time so he can underthrow some receivers.

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