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Dolphins trail Falcons 10-0 going to 3rd Q

The Dolphins are losing 10-0 at halftime. The offense that suffered only 13 turnovers all of 2008 has two turnovers already this season.

And that offensive line that cost $156 million has plowed the Falcons aside to the tune of only 38 rushing yards.

Pat White participated in three spread offense plays -- one of which was an overthrow to a wide open Ted Ginn Jr.

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wildman merling!!

Patr 3 of the rebuild the offense !!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that Dan Dierdorck is having an affair with Tony Gonzalez. WTF?

there is still hope....

Go Elam!!

This is our chance, let's go guys, all we need is 2 td's and 2 conversions. I know it's unlikely but let's pray!!!!!

wow one thing i can say is the defense has played better this half, but like i said earlier the offense is not helping at all...

Merling is the only guy on d-fense playing w/urgency

Meh, just one game against a solid team. Not the end of the world. Like some are saying, we are still a work in progress, and the playoffs this year are a longshot. We are behind NE, Pitts, Tenn, Bal, Indy, SD, possibly NY and Houston, too. But it would be nice to see a bit more urgency on offense before the score or play clock determine we have to. Can't just dink and dunk and depend on the WC for big plays.

wow. either the falcons D is that good, or the dolphins Offense sucks a lot!!!!!

What's pennington doing in the game?

Omg ginn saves an interception. Cant even get decent completion.

Elam cost them 7 pts. and Ryan missed wide open White = 30 to zip.

AGAIN, SAME team. Mistakes generally cannot be overcome.

Minus-1-yard passes on third down are not going to get it done for the Fins. They have shown no ability to get the ball downfield against cornerbacks that were waived two weeks ago.

Re: Jets vs Texans, that says more about the Texans than the Jets.

Meanwhile, the Fish today look like the 1-15 team a year removed. Blech!!!!

Third and 5. Completed pass for no gain? Doesn't show a lot of trust in your playmakers.

I agree Henne should be in the game if you're only considering this game.

But if sparano puts Henne in, it creates a QB controversy. And you don't want that after one game.

So who thinks we'll at least get a score today?

The Fins sure did start off how they finished last yr.

Mando, why are you putting it so lightly? There are way more issues today than 3rd downs, don't you see? We look like a deer in headlights. Nothing we have done looks good, nothing.


It's going to be a loooong season for this team. Looks like my 907 prediction was right on target...no, actually it was generous. I can't watch the game but from what I gather, the "O" is stinking up the joint. The "D" can only the Falcons so long; the offense needs to step it up!

What don't some of you understand? This is grind it out, no mistake, gimmicky offense - that's Henning for 30 years. They can't win games like this and will likely be 0-3 unless they make changes.

I can't watch this ***t anymore...disgusting effort on part of this OL and WR's--don't blame pennington....he's got no support on OL and the WR are average at best...Dolphins did nothing to address the pressing need of game breaking WR and it is showing

At the rate we are going. No way we will score.

Anyone have any doubts about who we should have drafted last year? Ryan or LOng???

at the risk of jumping off the bandwagon after one game.....here I rant: Get rid of Henning! Start Henne! Fire Sparano!!! Bill Parcells doesn't know what the #$@% he's doing!
Sound familiar folks???!!!

We simply got our butts kicked today wow!!!! Go back to Miami and regroup quickly because next weeek its not getting any easier....

They sucked royally today-let's hope they show up Monday!!!!

Has the wildcat run its course in sunny miami?

Same offense as 08 - except Camarillo is slower and Long has gone backwards. Oh and they miss David Martin.

This score could be worse . We overlooked upgrading our offense in the off season and it shows!!! I miss Dan Marino he could win without a running game and a defense..

its not that we got our butts kicked, its that we were physically outmanned on offense and special teams (are kickoff returns rarely went past the 15)...it was just sad! this is not a good omen for this season

Great timing on the Wildcat commercial.

I miss a decent offense. Miami hasn't had that in years!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you get overconfident and think you can out play and out gimmick other teams. This is the NFL.

Too little to late

Too little too late

They deserve a whipping for their play calling. A draw when you're down this much? Excuse me!

Penalty on a touchdown. Just icing on the crap cake of our day.

I have never seen an uglier game in my life!

I don't know. Marino's last game was pretty stellar too!

why did we not go for 2 instead of the pat ?

Yeah!!! A TD

I'm very curious to see what Sparano will have to say about their stellar performance. Everyone should take the blame for this, and I mean everyone.

Maybe if we get more stars to buy into the team, we can win a few more wins. I know it's too early to panic, but this was not a performance to write home about. It was laughable.

Back to the drawing board. Need to be better prepared for Indy @ home next Mon. It is what it is. 0-1 for now.

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