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Dolphins-Chargers tied to start 3rd Q

The Chargers are doing a great job of keeping the Dolphins in this one.

The team had five red zone trips last week and that resulted in four field goal and one giving up the ball on downs.

They have two red zone trips this week and have made a field goal and missed a field goal. They also fumbled inside the 20 yard to set up the Dolphins for Miami's lone score on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So we're tied at 3-3 and it was encouraging for Miami to see the San Diego fans boo the home team off the field at halftime.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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CP. Not going anywhere with him at helm.

It looked like both Pennington and Long were shaken up on that last sack.

In fact, henne is warming up.

Can Henne get in the game

Look at Jason Allen tackle! He could teach Gibril Wilson a thing or 2

why the hec are we not giving it to Ronnie, he only ran for 50 yards on first drive ffs

Why do we always come out of the half flat?

Penny is hurt...
Did I hear Henne?

Great kick coverage, but where did the wildcat go?

Damn, another JustinTV link bites the dust.

Anyone have a new one up?

is henne second qb or third?

If Henne comes in, no other QB can come back in.

good point Gareth. Mando, Is Ronnie Brown hurt or something? I really don't understand these coaching moves at all.

Henne Time!!! Puleeeeeeze.

We wanted it now we got it!

Only way Henne gets in is if something is broken.

lol sproles messed up fielding that punt and i believe jason allen is a better tackler than wilson or bell he should be covering the tightend

Don't cheer for ANYONE to get hurt... shameful on your part.

BTW, you will see just how good Chad Pennington is for this team IF he cannot go.

ive never been so excited to see a QB go down. BTW is White listed as no. 2 ?? I hope not.

Where's Ronnie Brown? Is he hurt?

BE Nice people. this is what happened to chad. He just threw his arm out. He didn't get hit at all and hitting the ground was nothing. I think he threw out his shoulder. Maybe that is what this has been all about. He has had shoulder problems this year and we didn't know

Put henne or white in. Keep cp out!!!

Miami has the dolphins......... Sing along.

Ok guys...you asked for...now we shall see.

No Henne can't come into game till fourth quarter, Pat White has to come in if Pennington can't go

Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne

If Henne plays that means pennington and pat white cannot come back into the game. I hope yall realize that

YES! Pennington is OUT!

What is up with Long, Mando?

if hes third and he comes in then the others cant come back in. hope penningtons ok. hate to see anyone get hurt.

Link anyone?

The greates football team...

I don't understand all the HEnne love, he showed nothing in the preseason. Don't expect Marino.

Did I say ......Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne

so you guys understand, the third QB can come in the game at any time. But if he comes in before the fourth quarter, you cannot switch him out for one of the other two guys -- Pennington, White.

Or Henne has to finish game

Thank god we have a pass rush today


was allen the one beat on that last play?

When did Penny start playing for SD?

On that last third down porter was on the sideline WTF?

just verified on tv it is penne's shoulder . he doesn't even looked shocked and no one is working on it.. Everyone knew this already people! Henne will be in and pat out for the game now

I don't care WHO it is as long as it's not Chad!

Bess looks like he is in quicksand.

What if Henne got hurt on one play Mando? What then?

Henne is in

All you Henne supporters are on hook now...Let's see what you got.

Go Henne


Ugly football. Ugly defeat. Boo hoo hoo.

Yall gotta think chad wasnt a huge part of our offense and i dont see sparano putting the game in these two youngsters hands in the second half of a game that could give us our first win......keep running it at the replacement nose and hit them with the play action out of nowhere

What if Henne comes in and gets injured? Does Ronnie run the wildcat the rest of the game?

Understood Mando

Btw hows chambers doing?

I think Henne is coming in .... I seen chad talking in his ear. by the way the safeties seems to be pretty goo blitzers

You guys happy about Penne getting hurt are either stupid or just sick. But that figures since your the same crybabies that yell to fire coaches and cut players if they make a mistake.

need a new link please!!

Finish the game in the wildcat

I feel like S#$t now. Chad P is not the answer but I never wanted anyone to get hurt. Hopefully Chad is alright but Henne sparks a fire and keeps the job.

lips, same boat, that link took a s any one got another live link? please!

I hope Henne takes the first play and lets it fly 40 yards downfield. That will get their attention

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