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Dolphins-Chargers tied to start 3rd Q

The Chargers are doing a great job of keeping the Dolphins in this one.

The team had five red zone trips last week and that resulted in four field goal and one giving up the ball on downs.

They have two red zone trips this week and have made a field goal and missed a field goal. They also fumbled inside the 20 yard to set up the Dolphins for Miami's lone score on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So we're tied at 3-3 and it was encouraging for Miami to see the San Diego fans boo the home team off the field at halftime.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Don't be surprise we don't throw the ball, running is our best weapon offensive wise. We need to stick with what we excell in.

Jets4life you gotta pretty mouth!

henne need to calm down and take control. its his time. the oline needs to step it up though and give him some time.

Pennington!!!! Nooooooo!!!! Come on henne!

Weren't you all the same Donkeys that were screaming for John Beck, Henne is lucky that one was tipped.

Henne is scared to death guys and the coaches see it too.


Henne will have to connect one good pass to maintain SD respect and allow for continued rushing success.

I dont like the play calling the the red zone the score should be 21-3 right now if it was not for the fumble and bad calls!

Jason Allen ST tackle again

Thanks el coach. Saw Jim bleeding earlier...was that the injury?

Ball inside the 5 twice and they have 3 points to show for it.

Jetsforlife, listen u NY skumbag, your teams won nothing forever, even real NYers can't stand you...go back down on ur boyfriend u ignorant Jack off

smiley was the idiot. the guy with his hand up was picked up two days ago. Come on smiley. Now much do you make? The OL needs to step it up for Henne. Bad enough to come in for your first game without having ol in good shape. 3 are now playing hurt but they gotta do it.

Special teams playing good

So are you guys excited or do you dread the fact Henne is in the game?

Horrible offense

so tony didn't learn from last week about how only kicking FG's turns out....

You guys might need carrot top.

Mando , historic moment my azzzzzz !

anyone have a working link?


What a buch of whiners! Let the kid get into the game. doesn't help first pass play he gets smacked because Oline and full back whiff on blitzer!

So can Pat white still come in or only on Wildcat Mindo Salguero



watching this offense is like watching a corpse decompose.

The rule states that if a third quarterback is inserted before the fourth quarter, a team's first two quarterbacks cannot be used in the game at any position.

First REAL drive for Henne, not counting mop up time last year, and we got 3 points. I still say we need to utilize his ability to get the ball deep and threaten the secondary a lil. At least to keep the D honest.

actually test no knocking on henne i'm poking fun at evetyone whos been calling for him to replace CP all year

I dont dread the fact thats he's in the game but now that the opportunity has presented itself to to wha he can do, im excited.

henne makes our offense more explosive

Dolphins game on


Good feed

Soiled :)

Henne is gonna be a great qb. He will sit in the pocket and take the heat which is unusual for a young guy. He has a great arm and zip like Marino. He just needs experience. He will make mistakes and ocntinue to make great plays

Mando, BOTH! dread and Excited!


I wish we could do that.

our defense............

This is ugly football.

Way to go dfense. Remind us of what you are.

Great coverage great catch

Yeah, Sean Smith, hope all your peeps saw that!

On Sean Smith

Snakebit secondary.

Thats a play that no loser receiver on this team could ever make

WE gotta get to that pass

see we need Henne to throw like Rivers does. We can't win without a big throwing qb . Love Penne but this is the start

gabril is so terrible !

One play and sd back in business

Thanks Ron but Dick emberg stated that he can come in in the wild cat

Wife wants to go to target, I think I'll join her.....

come on D

Dread. Henne didn't show much in preseason, so we'll have to depend on the Wildcat and power running more than ever if Pennington is out for a significant time.

cant blame rook for that

smith and wilson get smoked!

Tweet that Sean

That was just a good play. SD showing Sparano how to be agressive on play calling!

Here's a question. How is it on a 47 yard pass down the middle of the field, that the receiver is behind the corner and BOTH are behind the free safety?

that was a good play by the chargers

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