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Dolphins-Chargers tied to start 3rd Q

The Chargers are doing a great job of keeping the Dolphins in this one.

The team had five red zone trips last week and that resulted in four field goal and one giving up the ball on downs.

They have two red zone trips this week and have made a field goal and missed a field goal. They also fumbled inside the 20 yard to set up the Dolphins for Miami's lone score on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So we're tied at 3-3 and it was encouraging for Miami to see the San Diego fans boo the home team off the field at halftime.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Yea, smells just like ur mother jetsdouche..

Chowder sucks!!!

Crowder sucks!!! Rivers scored because crowder was not watching rivers!!!

why oh why did we re sign crowder, his performance last year against Pats, laughin and jokin as he got ejected should have been enough to get him fired, let alone his lousy play

This team is quite dissaponting, guess it will be one of those setback seasons.

Henne can take the starting job NOW!

and of course the great catch. would be nice to see a Dolphin make a great catch one day...

Interception soon.

bombs away

Chad Pennington's major goal this year was to stay injury-free. That goal gets blown up.

Is ted gin in the game?

thats my rickey. loves the fourth quarter

Just an observation but did Henne put on Penny's play book wrist band? Are all pass plays designed for Penny? The longest pass Henne has thrown is 6 yds.
Mike W

Damn...how many times are we going to let a QB run up the middle for a TD inside the 10yd line?

That's right, keep running it Sparana. Don't take any chances, you're pathetic.

ok lets see how hennes arm is im tired of loosing

The future is now for Henne

Jets will collapse like always, like they do year after year after year, and that's what Jets fans deserve

Crowder was distracted by something shiny.

Posted by: scurrilous

That's LOL-plus!

Whets the play action!

throw the damn ball

run rickey run
run ronnie run
i still say pass henne. How exactly are we getting running yards when we never have a passing game. bizarre

Couldn't be happier to see CP10 on the sideline. Now we will see Henne EPIC FAIL.

Take a shot downfield, will ya??!!

all jets fans can suck my dolphin dick you fing loosers

ginn you moron

thanks for not helping us ted ginn.

useless as usual

Like a well oiled machine.

Penalties on 1st and 10 are just pathetic

wow we are falling apart

Ginn was played sooo well until then!

Ted Ginn. How can a WR false start. What an idiot.

Quick slant to ginn! Just like D. Jackson gets with the eagles.

wr offsides ?

really ?

Penne -> IR

Go Henne!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I'm about ready to open the gun cabinate and the liquor cabinate things dont look good for my TV

Soiled :)

Another false start by the wide receiver? Hartline is a rookie. What's Ginn's excuse?

False start. Bobby sounds like your honeymoon. He mustve been disappointed.

No reason to not stop running, no te to panic

Nice work Ted you DOUCHE. Maybe call you dad this week and he will tell you not to go offside like he told you to catch the ball. He should be our HC he has so much insight into the NFL.

Henne sucks


Ginn gets his number called!

Rose & Mandich on radio---"no excuse for wide receiver ever to get motion penalty"

henne = bust = tuna myth

k if we are gonna throw it, why throw it to him? he doesn't catch the ball

Undisciplined play all around.

why cant the expensive oline block?

Don't do it Soiledbottom!!!

Let him throw deep!

You guys are brutal.

Playcalling certainly not helping henne.

Checkdown on first down. Run on second and 15. Yuck!

Henne scares to chuck it.

We are in deep do do.. its gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg season!

It seems like the OC and HC wont let henee use his arm to throw anything more than 5 yards down field...


Rogperu. Kinda early?

2&15 run. Take off your dress Sparano. Open up your purse and find some plays

Joel= right

henne's fav receivers are bess and cam use them!

Omg ... Yes pleasse let him throw the ball!

Whats with the conservative play calling? Henne actually has an arm. Throw down field!!!!

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