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Dolphins-Chargers tied to start 3rd Q

The Chargers are doing a great job of keeping the Dolphins in this one.

The team had five red zone trips last week and that resulted in four field goal and one giving up the ball on downs.

They have two red zone trips this week and have made a field goal and missed a field goal. They also fumbled inside the 20 yard to set up the Dolphins for Miami's lone score on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So we're tied at 3-3 and it was encouraging for Miami to see the San Diego fans boo the home team off the field at halftime.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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no dude, our coaches and play calling sucks. What is it about this you don't see? Every thing is done in reverse order. They cannot get anything right. WTF?

Coaches have no faith in Henne.

Uhhh, did we just run on 3rd and long?

Jetsforlife, my honeymoon involved ur girlfriend, how does it taste punk???

Offense of line needs block for henne, not looking

God this is ugly.

Play with pride and some guts Miami!!'!!!

Henne stinks

Pathetic ! 0-3

Why throw to polite when you hv brown, Ricky or even cobbs???? And WTF on 2&15????

Henne is tight, Henning is going to play it too safe, the Chargers are going to smell the fear coming off of both of them.

terrible coching

THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE!!!!BALL!!!!!!! WHEN THEIR IN THE RED ZONE!!!!!!!!!



ginn wasnt moving...
it was his whole family

come on let henne throw deep!!!

Henne not ready for prime time, coaches have no faith in him and he looks scared!

run on 2nd-15??

J-e-t-s, jets jets jets.

Evidently all pass plays....again ALL PASS PLAYS are drawn up for Penny NOT Henne...nothing more then 10 yds

Best radio line from early in game (1st half---when we settled for field goal):

Rose---"The Chargers' defense is acting like we're afraid to pass."

Mandich--"Well, we ARE afraid to pass!"

Henne looks lost....

Something big is missing with this team! Frustrating

FRAUD ALERT!!! ATTENTION FRAUD ALERT!!! TONY SPARANO, JEFF IRELAND, and BILL FATCELLS wanted for yet again fleecing the Miami Dolphins.

Start thinking draft folks! this season is in the toilet! we cant even beat the lions with this horrible playcalling and lack of talent...

thank heavens for false start here!

our o-line sucks


they aren't helping henne out there.

Ginn's consecutive game catch streak at 29 is at risk...

Now we know why coaches stuck w penny

3 and 15 wasnt long enough i guess.

I have a serious problem with the playcalling, Henne isnt even getting a chance to succeed. Penalties and runs for 2 yards arent cutting it. I wish we never would have made the playoffs last year, would make it easier to take the suckiness now. Brown bags here we come


Stupid play

terrible play calling

Wow. Can't watch.

everyone on offense's doing their part to make it tough for Henne

Everyone's been calling out Pennington for the past 2 loses, and want to see Chad Henne. Dolphans becareful what you wish for. Like i've always said Henne is a bust, he will never be good.

that was so predictable

At least I don't pay to go on some others team to be a no class ahole...and since I'm originally from NY and a Giants fan, we actually won something, I know what a piece of trash Jet fan is...get a life it worthless

Wildcat for the rest of the game, we have nothing to lose

smh we are going to lose this game

The line is not responding to Henne like they do with pennington. Maybe the count is off

Great draft picks Fatcells. Long, Henne, ya you are such a savior. Go set sail with JJ or just have a heart attack and get out.

WTF can we throw 10+yd's? I just don't get this play calling

dan henning is the worst!!!!!!!!!!

wow--I predict Bill Parcells will run out of here the day after the season ends--just like JJ did when he realized he couldn't get it done.

Anyone who thinks Henne is the answer has not watched his game play in preseason or the limited action. He is not the answer. The Lions will have a better record than us in about 45 minutes. SAD :o(

Sorry but that o line is not helping, they are sucking add

Henne looks scared...this guy is making me nervous

This reveals what I suspected this preseason---Chad Henne is a MYTH-----sometimes you gotta believe your eyes---he sucked in the preseason games.

It's obvious the coaches feel the same way.

I like thinking draft. Makes me very happy.

It is so frustrating to be a dolphins fan sometimes

Eli, the truth is that we are not going anywhere with Pennington, so I would rather see if we have something with Henne

The soul of Miami is crying and needs resesitation

Doesn't matter who the quarterback is - We do not have one professional wide receiver on the roster!!!

If we have to have Henne let's use his arm

henne has been in this offense for 2 years he should know it inside and out the coaches need to "cut him loose" and let him run it dont worry about the win. didnt sporano say you cant play scared of losing? come on!!

Ed how can you blame henne, oline sucks at the moment, no blocking are you blind

Do the dolphins have something against coaches with b___s?

Someone whip out a history book and remind Sparano about the legalization of the forward pass.

with Pennington, we look too much like the Wandstedt era but without the stellar defense

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