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Dolphins-Chargers tied to start 3rd Q

The Chargers are doing a great job of keeping the Dolphins in this one.

The team had five red zone trips last week and that resulted in four field goal and one giving up the ball on downs.

They have two red zone trips this week and have made a field goal and missed a field goal. They also fumbled inside the 20 yard to set up the Dolphins for Miami's lone score on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So we're tied at 3-3 and it was encouraging for Miami to see the San Diego fans boo the home team off the field at halftime.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Dolphins just signed Vinny Testeverde


thats what we are supposed to be doing

ridiculous. bell and allen???


Game over

Bobby, like I said before. 400 yds. Kiss kiss.

I can't watch this crap

Let's play it safe while were behind. Lord forbid we take a chance on a big play and turn nothing into something

Sparano needs to be held accountable

We suck!!!!!

These safeties stink

Down by six, we are still in...

oh we squeaked by

WoW i know this year would be a let down but not this bad. Henne SUCKS, the Def SUCKS the only thing working is the wildcat and now they cant use Pat White.

jets suck plain and simple come back when you win the division

We made a mistake passing on Matt Ryan. That will be clear in the coming weeks.

pat white can come in as the fullback

I wanna hear what fat as tony has to say this week....


damn it a oline are u kidding me

Give Henne a decent WR that gets open then we might get some success throwing the ball...

Give Henne a decent WR that gets open then we might get some success throwing the ball...

Jetset09 - what a bunch of mindless idiots all you Jet lovers are (obvious statement of fact we all know). How many years have you started out like gangbusters, and ended up choking at the end? Richard Todd days? Ken O'Brien days? Pennington days? Farve last year - remember how you felt this time last year? Then, like every other time you started out hot - J-E-T-S CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE. This year will be the same. Can't wait to see you choking on your own vomit as always.

oh they held them to 3pts what a win for the D. Now let Henne throw it downfiled

I dont like guys with moustache at HC...

Our future, huh

CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE that the sound a jets fan make sucking a phin ding dong

We all hate the jets but look they have a young qb who will be good for a decade. We have qbs who throw five yard outs.

Pat White can throw i promise. Watched him every week at VT. He needs to throw it next time instead of handing it off. He reminds me of Marino when he first came in and hard a hard time with the handoffs also. Chad needs to hook up with Camarillo more and somebody long. Camo will catch anything!

Hey Finfan23 im glad you watched Pat White play every game @ VT.......oh and you promise you know he can throw?????? That's great because he played at West Virginia not VT, so I don't know which Pat White you where looking at!!!! LOL loser!!!!!

Thank goodness for langford

I saw chad at least hitting our receivers.... I at least wanna see henne hit some... So far I've seen only one good pass

Moment of truth for Phins coaches. Let him chuck it and live with the consequences.

Let's put Ginn in on returns, at least there he Can be a possible playmaker

ginn suck wheres the stick'em

wow a droped pass from ginn

Hmmm..paper or plastic bag??

Wow did Ginn lay himself out?

Ginn sucks

And wepassed on vick

Yeah cause Ginn sure can't catch worth a ):&:)/&$/):&:/$/&

wow tow droped pass in a row just like the Canes yesterday

Our receivers needs to start receiving

Ted Ginn needs to figure out how to catch at least one pass. What a complete loser. More of a loser and he becomes a Jets fan.

Ginn just doesn't have a clutch bone in his body. Awful performance.

Ginn sucks...cut him tomorrow.

What a bonehead Henne sucks ass


this will happen every game. the secondary has been exposed.

trade ginn to the jets cause they both suck

Is that what an implosion sounds like?

Hmm, maybe Pennington wasn't supposed so bad after all...

Henne is gonna make mistakes, folks. We're not good enought to do anything this year anyway. Believe what your eyes are showing you!

Ladies and Gentlemen....Our 2009 Miami Dolphins.

come on wheres all the penninnton sucks guys. all the cheering when penny was hurt. you know who you are and it is YOU who suck.

ted gimp and his family can die in a plane crash.

Dang it. How bad can these dolphins be. Damn.

I blame Marc with his bad juju


When is Rivers going deep again? Should be soon...

Pennington still sucks.

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