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Dolphins-Colts tied 13-13 to start 3rd Q

It's a slugfest!

The Colts score a TD. The Dolphins answered.

The Dolphins got a go-ahead field goal to take a 13-10 lead. The Colts tied it as time ran out in the half.

Ronnie Brown already has 83 yards on 11 carries. He carried it all of 10 times vs. Atlanta.

the Dolphins have been outgained 198-186 at halftime. But the home team has 132 of its yards on the ground. Spectacular!


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8 seconds left on the clock and they need 20 yards... why not press??????????



why is this secondary so poor

I hate the fact that they discuss every other game other than the Dolphins game in the halftime show.

Thats because the dolphins are not woth talking about DFJ305

We gave them 10 easy points last half. We aren't as bad as last week showed. We can WIN!

Going to bed... i´ll watch the 2nd half tomorrow, its already 4.15 am here in spain.

Go phins!!!!!!

We are going to do this. Keep the faith!

The colts d will wear down in the 4rth.

What's with these guys? All that hard work in the first half for nothing. Do we have a DB that can make a play?

Everybody do a shot!

We're a much better squad than that first drive.

I'd really like to see Porter puts a hit on Manning, the guy's barely getting touched.

Sorry Mando & Andrew, but i don't think i can agree with the clock argument...if he was really playing for the FG (and killing the clock) he woulda had a much safer 3rd-down play just to get the clock right. Fins were going for 7, not 3...and they'd need the time for that.

Let's go phons

Let's go phins

If I may take a page from Coach Green. We are who we thought we were. The Detroit Pistons in the making. I should run this team. I could do a much better job.

Excellent observation Andrew H. Simply excellent.

C'mon andy, be a trooper . Stay up all night and go right to work. you call yourself a fan ? LOL

a miss interception by sorry wilson, a bad penalty by mcdaniels that gave 5 more yards, where is the intelligence and discipline, not to mention as well as they have been running the ball why not go for it on 4 and 1 at the colts 30. you think you are going to beat the colts kicking field goals all night. soprano is playing scared

3.15 here in the UK and loving the Fins - that last play was crazy thought. Why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot?!! At least we've controlled the clock, hopefully Indy D gets tired in 4th Quarter and Ronnie runs all over them!! GO FINS!!!

Armandito what did you think of Pennington in the first half?

The Dolphins are worth talking, if u don't believe that then your in the wrong blog.


NJ PHIN FAN, think your right...

We need inside linebackers on this team. Watch the game they are totally exploited. Thats why picking Pat White was not a luxery we could afford with all the holes we have on this team.

Gibril Wilson is a downgrade over R. Hill.

Not much pressure on PM, and CP less effective than RB @ QB.

Time for OLBs to make a play...

NJ Phin Fan - I'm a trooper - i'm going all the way through, tomorrow at work will be a long day so we'd better get a W!

7 On this 1st drive crucial to regain momentum.

At least we get the ball for the start of the 3rd.

London phin. that's what i'm talking about.

Back. Let's go phins!!!!!!!!!

Suzy needs stop going to supercuts. The humidity is killing her hair tonight.

Hey guys, just got home. Saw that Freeney has a sack. Long's fault or no?


this week please ask why no blitz/extra-pressure or even a five-man rush on last play of half.

The energy is totally been sapped from this place. It is super quiet.


nice move ted

Ginn failing (falling) forward fast.

Ted Gins Signature Move finally worked.

nice move by ginn. if only he could run patterns deeper than 10 yards

We need to find some cheap fast points somewhere

That annoying vibration is back.

terrible playcall

Bostonfinfan. you're a funny dude!

that is what you do. power run, hard counts

Armando, the crowd is still in line getting margaritas.

It's ALWAYS like that in 3rd quarter, Mando---

since JRS opened---people go out for 1/2 and are super-slow getting back & no enthusiasm at start of 3rd qtr. Sad but true since Fins moved north.

I'm kind of shocked the Colts are not run blitzing the wild cat. did they not see the Ravens and Falcons games?

Mando, fans r all gettn autographs from J Lo

I need a team that plays traditional foot ball

Can't throw a wideout screen high blows the hole thing up

anyone gonna complain about ginn running out of bounds on that one?

Once, just once, I'd love for Ginn to fight for that first down. Just once.

I hear it to it's sound like a conch!


Cmon pat!!!

we are wearing them down

oh of course. yeah mando... the 170lb wide receiver is really generating push...

really, White? really?

Get Pat White out of the game.

Mando, I'll get Ginn some roids so he gains 40 lbs or u'll never lay off him

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