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Dolphins-Colts tied 13-13 to start 3rd Q

It's a slugfest!

The Colts score a TD. The Dolphins answered.

The Dolphins got a go-ahead field goal to take a 13-10 lead. The Colts tied it as time ran out in the half.

Ronnie Brown already has 83 yards on 11 carries. He carried it all of 10 times vs. Atlanta.

the Dolphins have been outgained 198-186 at halftime. But the home team has 132 of its yards on the ground. Spectacular!


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run run ruuuuuun the game downnnnnn

What's the point of Pat White if all he's doing is playing one play and going out of the game?

I hope they are setting something up. I really do.

bogging down.....

bad playcall on 1st down. Now its 3rd and Long

Nice to see pennington tool the rod out of his neck and can move it around now.

Someone was open middle endzone!


who was that free guy running across the middle

way too many checkdowns.

Does anyone else notice the foghorn type noise that goes off right before the snap on TV? Is that in the stadium? What is it?

Your right mando. Pat White is a drive killer!

Jamie---I saw that too---who it was?

CheckDown Mania!

I am sick of Chad Pennington

That's a tough miss. Dolphins moved the ball well that drive.

stop em

i guess that guy wide open in the middle of the field was out of Penny's range

Gamepass has delay...not realy live... cant read the blog too much

Serves us right----chicken scratch Dave Wannstedt field-goal football. Grow a pair!

whjat a freaking waste of a drive. we have to score every time we are down there. the passing game stinks. it might be henne time soon.

Sparano is outcoaching himself.

Dolphinfor life: I'm glad ur real team from NY won! U r an f'n downer man!!!

Gruden was right about the long FG. manning with good field position.

White is slowing us down


They should not be doing simple handoff with Pat White. Either he should throw or he should option. Our WRs must really stink at getting open downfield

Here we go again

Chad needs to work on his accuracy!!!

That noise is Serina letting one go.

Pat White is a buzz kill

I blame the coaching for that. Why are they doing this Pat White thing. Ronnie Is kicking Ass heading the wildcat. Why do u mess with that? The Pat white thing is drive killers!

painful to watch no vertical threat at all.

I agree Mando. And I think gruden is wrong, they aren't testing the D. I think they're letting White decide what to do and he's too timid to take a chance downfield, and instead is handing it off and the oline isn't reacting to it quickly

Pat White - USELESS !!!!!!


Gotta be awake if you're playing on D for Miami.

The Colts are excellent at halftime adjustments on offense.

Pennington had Fasano WIDE OPEN but chose to checkdown again.

D needs a nice turnover to get the momentum back!

Penny needs to see the receivers open everywhere. Ridiculous. Freeney Is exhausted. Take advantage.

The middle of the field was open under the safeties, chad didn't see fasano and the safety was turned the other way and on 3rd down he had either cammy or hartline over the middle. if he would have led the reciever

they need to let pat white try to throw the football. all of these draws arent fooling anyone when the kid doesnt throw it

Pat White is slowing us down


thank u 55!

Dolphins sent six guys on that blitz.


porter is there

About time we hit PM

Take the hit #18

wtg Porter

Robby, if you put those roid in the middle of a football field, Ginn will never get to them.

Akin Adoyele doesn't look to sharp tonite. isn't he hurt?

Yay!!! More than 3 or 4 rushing passer---Revolutionary Football!!!

white made the right read, smiley whiffed on his block, then Pennington gets happy feet and misses Camarillo wide open over the middle on third down

Great Pressure!!!!! Wtg D

Great job D. Now keep White off the field you idiots.

thats what im talking about! bringing the pressure

D did it--and luv the lucha-mask guys!

Bess just took out Venus!!!!!

Ginn finally runs over someone!

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