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Dolphins-Colts tied 13-13 to start 3rd Q

It's a slugfest!

The Colts score a TD. The Dolphins answered.

The Dolphins got a go-ahead field goal to take a 13-10 lead. The Colts tied it as time ran out in the half.

Ronnie Brown already has 83 yards on 11 carries. He carried it all of 10 times vs. Atlanta.

the Dolphins have been outgained 198-186 at halftime. But the home team has 132 of its yards on the ground. Spectacular!


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Bess...help that lady up man!!!lol

3 &out

Mando--that roid comment was cruel. And so true!

we are killing them on Time OF Possession. We need a score this drive!

Bess; sorry

Am loving this smith kid. He is playing a solid game. As this kid gets more reps, he is going to make more and more plays.

The puppet master

Damn he knocked that girl out

chad playing a VERY GOOD GAME, but we cant get complacent, the seams r there and how about a reverse? keep running that football though, the colts d is gassed, one will break open. i promise u.

The puppet master

i agree stop the wildcat just pound the ball

The puppet master

Andrew--i ain't picking on you. But who needs time of possession when you can score in seconds?

Funny how bringing pressure on Peyton led to a sack & a hurried incompletion.....wish they'd thought of that at end of 1st half, but let's hope they've learned the lesson.

Mando: he'd blaze by them!! And next year when Henne launches it 40-50 yards, u'll remeber Marvin Harrison never, not once, took a hit.

Does no good to play solid defense all were going to get is 3 this looks just like preseason. Im sorry but we need 7points.We never take anyshots beyond 20yds.

Punt white # 6 in the game

Still no turnovers to speak of by the defense.

give ronnie the rock! hes a monster and the defense is ready for the plane

Wildcat has been working decently without a QB taking the snap.

Gotta stay with what's working. Run!

Keep it on the ground.


Agreed, Ronnie needs to throw the hammer down.

why the heck do they still let the marlins play at "DOLPHINS STADIUM"? i mean its kinda hard to run on dirt

Dink and dunk

why do the dolphins never go with any HB screens?

keep fassno blocking

keep running i agree i want 40+ carries

nice catch

This is going to be a heart stopper to the very end

Typical Jets tampering with another teams player

Bess is always $

wildcat! wildcat!

It's working.

Ronnie is an animal!!!

Smash mouth football. Hitting the Colts in the and making them bleed.

finally--some trickeration on the Wildcat

smiley move your butt!

There's that reverse

Boom! Goes the dynamite!

play for a TD, not a long FG !


And they said the wild cat would not surprise anyone this season

Ok now lets put in White while things are going well.

maybe their waiting for the safety to come down and let white throw one deep over the top?!

Wildcat plays this quarter: 15, 14 and 19 yards.

Pound the shyt out of them

that white stat says it all

ricky, please look right, there a big baba joint waiting for you!

protect that ball!

Indy is getting tired

Puppet master

Just hang on to the ball, boys!

Why does Ginn go down as soon as he catches it?

Sorry mando, he shoulda turned against that defender and knocked the snot out if him while gaining another 1/2 yard

That-a-boy Chad way to gun that 6 yard out.

the beauty of wildcat is they don't turn the ball over. It's awesome!

indy really does looked tired

riicky! riicky!

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