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Dolphins-Colts tied 13-13 to start 3rd Q

It's a slugfest!

The Colts score a TD. The Dolphins answered.

The Dolphins got a go-ahead field goal to take a 13-10 lead. The Colts tied it as time ran out in the half.

Ronnie Brown already has 83 yards on 11 carries. He carried it all of 10 times vs. Atlanta.

the Dolphins have been outgained 198-186 at halftime. But the home team has 132 of its yards on the ground. Spectacular!


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Where the hell is the defense !!!!

Crowder was responsible for the 3 points at the end of the half and now you can thank him for this. Thank God we resigned him.

that was too easy

well they dont need the ball to much i guess

Cut Wilson tomorrow


That is tough to take... Have to keep running the football!

defense needs to come up with at lest one turnover this season

guess the only good thing it that their d hasn't rested much

I think the d is cold. If you can believe that. But now we have their d on the field again. Time for another work out. Burn 15 minutes off the clock in one drive.

These are the kind of games that give me a bad feeling - when you grind it out for 7-8 minutes for a score and watch are defense give it all back when they need a statement 3 and out

Well, the good thing is their defense didn't get much rest. Maybe we'll be the last to have the ball and the last to score.

Well if they have a 11 minute drive to finish the game and dont let Peyton or Crowder back on the field it will be ok.

The defense has to hold water after the O has put Peyton on the sideline the entire game.

i hope we dont play to many m,ore teams with good tight ends.

time to throw

just sad..... nothing on defense from the players or coaches

no blitz, no jamming clark at the line, make somebody NOT NAMED CLARK beat you!

and I agree - wilson is a girl back there tackling

hope we dont play to many m,ore teams with good tight ends.

Posted by: dave | September 21, 2009 at 10:58 PM

Yeah - next week @ SD, where we won't have the crowd on our side

Can we get anymore commercials please?

Ginn is not a player.

whose D is pumped now

Thats right Dolphins. Pack it in. Why they come out and throw on 1 & 10 after that last drive is beyond me.

We have a game boys and girls

they threw to catch the d off guard was a good call ginn just dropped it


Ginn good catch... But, man... he must weigh 120.

hey he didn't go out of bounds WTF Ginn LOL

f the fg

wtf 3 and 6 and they run up the middle. i guess they figure peyton cant do anything else against the D.

D better get it together fast!

Did I just see us settle for 3 points with Peyton on the other sideline???????????????????????????????????????????????

Time for the defense to make an F'n play.

we must be the only team that abuses our kicker

3 TD drives...
1 play
5 plays
3 plays

te blitz is fine, but why give it away to manning 5 seconds before the snap and why allow a total mismatch on the outside? You've got to at least keep numbers, they had 2 covering 3

What are they doing

Could it get any worse? Time to go to Henne. Pennington is overmatched.

It's gonna be a long year. Henne time.

Taken a LB OVER Pat white

Offense A, played well enough to win and had enough on the last drive for a FG but the piss-poor defense made them need a TD
Defense F-, 360+ yards allowed on 34 plays WTF!!!! Clark had 180 yards receiving on 7 catches
Special Teams C-, great coverage, the Carpenter miss meant we needed a TD and not a FG at the end.
Coaching - I have to give two grades, Offense would get an A but I lower it to a B for really bad clock management at the end. It took them 2 minutes to run the first 3 plays.... Defense coaching gets a F- just like the defense players.

Gibril Wilson is a bust, cut him and start Culver. Ginn played a great game until he let a 3rd team CB beat him on what should have been a TD at the end, Ronnie Brown was GOLDEN, Ricky played hard, Porter was a factor on two plays, Taylor could have not suited up and wouldn't have been missed (no plays) and where was Vontae? Why not just line up Vontae or Smith over Clark?

This was about the worst (most frustrating) loss in many years. They totally outplayed the Colts and got whipped in the end anyway.

Great analysis

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