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Gibril Wilson stays, other stuff [Updated]

You might have read I called for Gibril Wilson's benching in the previous post. It's not going to happen, according to a team source who thinks I'm a dork for suggesting it.

Alrightie then.

I guess the Dolphins will continue to watch hidden yardage pile up if Wilson continues to miss tackles. I assume Wilson has been told to try to tackle guys low rather than have bigger, better players plow him en route to the end zone.

One coach doing his best so that Wilson doesn't continue to struggle is his Pop Warner coach.

"My Pop Warner coach called me after the game," Wilson said. "When your Pop Warner coach calls you, you know you didn't tackle well."

The Dolphins worked this afternoon on their outdoor practice fields. the team did work on tackling, according to coach Tony Sparano.

I've been watching for indications of a hangover from the Monday night game throughout this week.

I'll be watching for frustration, for depression, for the team looking physically or emotionally spent. I'll report those to you as the week progresses. On the other hand, I'll also report if such things are not apparent.

One thing that stuck out during the portion of practice open to the media: During individual passing drills Chad Pennington threw a pass to Greg Camarillo that was too low and somewhat out of the receiver's reach.

Camarillo merely punched the ball to the ground and proceded to kick it in disgust. No big deal, but it seemed odd to me at such an early stage in practice.

Speaking of receivers, rookie Brian Hartline was walking around the locker room with a pronounced limp. Seemed something was wrong with one of his feet. We'll see if he's on the injury report later.

Receiver Ted Ginn continues to answer questions about his missed touchdown catches and he is making no excuses. I asked him if he was interfered with on the fourth-quarter pass from Chad Pennington.

"No, he didn't," Ginn told me. "I should have come down with the catch. Point blank. Point blank. He made a great play. I'm not going to say this or say that. I just got to come down with the catch."

Ginn said he's never had a similar moment when he had a game-winning pass in his hands and dropped it. 

"Never had one -- that's my first one," Ginn said. "It's just something I got to put to the side. I'm still going to remember it and try to work to be better."

In working to get better, Ginn is listening to advice from his family much the same way Wilson is hearing from his Pop Warner coach.

"I got a father," Ginn said. "He talks to me as well as coaches here. He said if you get that opportunity again, you just got to make the best for you and your team. Next time that comes up, I can't say I'm going to take a different approach, but I've learned."

By the way, Ginn did have two potential TD catches glance off his hands, the first in the first half. He said he misjudged the ball on the first potential TD pass he might have had.

"Misjudged," Ginn said. "Misjudged. I thought I was closer to the out of bounds. [I was] farther than what I was. A receiver wants to come out with every catch. That's two I missed."

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers was just on a conference call with the Miami media. He talked about the two years he spent on the pine while Drew Brees played ahead of him.

"It was tough," Rivers said. "I wanted to get out there and play from a competitive standpoint, but looking back on it now, I benefitted. But after two years, there was so much improvement I could make any more. I needed to play. I needed to get in games.

"After 25 games, I needed to play football again."

Obviously Chad Henne has sat for 18 games with the Dolphins so far.

Finally, offensive tackle Vernon Carey was limited in practice today, according to the injury report, with a knee injury.


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That was Camirillo being frustrated with pennington's arm.

Mando , Of course miami isn't going to bench wilson. It's still early in the season , makes to much money and this regime won't admit it made a mistake just yet. Also Clemons is a rookie who isn't ready yet . Culver ? Who knows. In other words , there's nobody else to replace wilson.

He should have instead punched him in the face!

A toad would be better than Wilson. Louis Oliver at 42 years old would be better. Culver would be fine and Clemons is an animal.

Whatever. Miami stuck with Wilford for so long because they had $$ in him and wouldn't admit a mistake. There is a reason the Raiders let this poop go. I thought he would be a good addition - an solid upgrade over Hill. I was very wrong.

They better figure out how to cover a TE because the ILBs ain't doing it.

Pennington needs to be juicing. He could get ten extra yards that way. Not looking like this is going to be an exciting year.

The offensive play Monday was fun to watch but as we saw, it won't be good enough to overcome the explosive offenses we'll be seeing this year. If Sparano is happy with what he's got, I'm very disappointed in him. I saw him as a straight up guy who demanded better than this and would stop at nothing to get things better.

I hope we re-sign David Martin. he is so much better than Fasano. That he is missed out there is obvious.



Please contact me with some good news as:

1) Crowder busts jaw on routine tackle, has to have wired shut. Out for 6 weeks
2) Gibril Wilson traded for a 7th round pick to Detroit
3) Pennington rubs some swagger old spice under his armpit and can now throw deep

Hm, it would seem the Gerbil keeps his starting role, I'd bet if the opponents were wearing dollar bill green uniforms he would tackle like Ronnie Lott...

GAYbrial Wilson Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Could not tackle a Pee Wee running back!!!He just might become a Man before his mother.Hill was better.

Gibril Wilson IS Chris Crocker....a veteran free agent with good expectations who stunk it up. It's amazing how a guy like Renaldo Hill can go under the radar. He's not flashy and doesn't make a ton of picks, but you sure miss him when he's not in the lineup.

If the Dolphins go to 0-3 or 0-4 and Wilson keeps playing like crap, you have to go with someone else. Hopefully Clemons is ready by then.

I hope they turn it around this week. Rivers will pick our D apart. They love the TE down the seam. The Raiders showed us that running on the SD D wont be a problem.


it also seemed from listening to the press conferences that Pennington and Sparano were trying to blame each other for that joke of a 2 minute drill.

Are they watching the same players that we are? Wilson should be benched immediately. It would send a signal to others that mediocre play will result in reduced/eliminated playing time. It can be argued (a ridiculous argument in my opinion) that you should coddle a starting QB in order to avoid a negative impact in their confidence. You don't coddle a Safety.
Poor play by one player/unit eventually breeds resentment and negativity from other players/units.
During Wannstedt's last year I recall him dismissing some fans' concerns as not mattering since we were just "fans". While I am not a professional football coach, I am a leader and smart enough to know when someone isn't pulling their own weight. I can clearly see #28 in a lot of negative plays from the Dolphins defense.

All kidding aside I think Jason Allen has been given one raw deal after another. When he has seen game time he wasn't HORRIBLE...He certainly has better speed and tackles well. So, he may not be the brightest guy. Have Bell make the calls. Renaldo Hill was a scrub...Don't regret losing him OR Goody...

Too bad...I actually thought you were right on the Wilson benching idea.....as long as you throw in Ginn and Pennington. Watch out Cam...they might bench you for getting pissed with your no arm QB. Maybe CP will get a hang nail and have to lay out a game....where's the old CP when we need him? injured all the time like when he was a JET....Heck who knows maybe he's still on NY's payroll! yeah that's it, a master plan in the works.LOL..START HENNE START HENNE START HENNE!!!!!!!!!!!


You're not a dork for suggesting the Dolphins bench Gibril Wilson. He's played poorly (to say the least) and deserves to ride the pine. That doesn't mean you're not a dork though.. J/K

PS. Jimmy Jam, Jarvis Williams and Louis Oliver are still my all time Favorite Dolphins Safety Combo. Man could they Hit....

I can't believe they didn't listen to you Armando?!?! LOL

I think they should put Clemmons in there too, but they won't listen to me either. Hopefully Wilson read your blog and is pissed off enough to make some plays this week.

i think its funny how people are still criticizing the offense after they possessed the ball for 45 minutes and converted 15 of 21 3rd downs...laughable...no, they weren't perfect...but the loss rests 100% on the D!!! g wilson had 2 TD's wrapped up and couldn't hold on...if the offense repeats that performance the rest of the year, they go 14 and 0 the rest of the way.

If we go 0-4, unleash Henne. Even if Pennington is the most accurate bla bla... who CAN'T make the big play on a consistent basis.
Make Wake and Torbor play. Try Turner on games.
Hell, hire Mark Whipple!

They are breaking Wilson's tackles because he is not wrapping up the tackle. This is something very fundamental that I am sure the coaching staff is aware of and have brought it to his attention. I think if he continues not to wrap and as a result mistackles keep happening, he wont see too much more playing time. My guess is that you will see him wrapping up tackles every chance he gets vs. SD.

gabril wilson is dud

another bad sign like
wilford and
crowter (hes awful, no ints or forced fumbles in career, plus he cant cover)

i agree
clemons or allen would be much better options at safety

thank you armando for sheddin light on an obvious deficiency.

if we really go in the toilet
2-14 ?
3-13 ?
should we trade henne and go after bradford ?

what cracks me up is that someone in the dolphins organization actually reads the local news paper blogs. shouldn't they be out there scouring the league for talent

You can't blame Chad Pennington for this loss. The responsibility rests squarely on the MLB and safety's inability to cover the tight end. Just one week after Tony Gonzalez had 5 receptions for 73 yards, Dallas Clark torched us for 7 receptions for 183 yards, and Miami had no answer. That has to end, especially with Antonio Gates next week.

dont forget the 3 pts gabril cost us by not hanging on to the INT sean smith created at the end of the 1st half

we are not good enough to allow a player on the field tat costs us this much !


"I'll be watching for frustration, for depression, for the team looking physically or emotionally spent. I'll report those to you as the week progresses. On the other hand, I'll also report if such things are not apparent."

Can't wait for that report! That's what I call "going in deep" in depth reporting.

Perhaps Camarillo saw you in attendance !

You can blame CP.....we need an arm in there and we need a secondary on defense.......if we had a passing game to go with the running game Monday night we would have had another 14 points on the board! I can't believe that Tony and Bill aren't writing these ideas down and running with all this great advice! Geez....you think we are out here typing this crap for our benefit! LOL

I'll reserve judgement until after week 3. Are the Jets that good, probably, but lets remember they are the Jets, is buffalo that good, maybe, that running back is a beast so far and are the Patriots that good, probably but they have got weaknesses too. Let take the next 3 and go into the bye at 3-2. Go Fins!!!


Jimmy would have fired Wilson by now but the cap complicates things along with giant ego's.Clemons drafted just for this possibility though..hey we all screw one or two things up and therefore the depth.. One week that we don't really need the pot stirred mando as this week becomes statistically Very significant.

If Rivers threw for over 430 yards against Baltimore, what do you think he is going to do to us? He could throw for 500 yards against this defense, with 250 going to Gates...

It is going to be a public execution on Sunday... I hate to say it as a Dolphin fan, but we are a 5 win team this year

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OR 3-13
OR 4-12

If Al Davis gave up on Wilson , why not Ross ?
I would rather see Clemons make some plays , Wilson is already toasted , and his plays is beyond well done !

Give the ball to Ronnie 30 times and Ricky 20-25... Hopefully we can keep SD off the field and hold Gates to 200 yards receiving


You really can't blame the Triplets for calling you a dork and not sending you a thank-you note for your published suggestions on how to run their team. We're just 2 games into a 16-game season and I think they know that they have some problems in the middle of the defensive backfield.

If you expect them follow your suggestions as a sportswriter on player personnel you are delusional. They will address the situation and fix what's wrong because that's what they are paid for. I would expect Culver and Clemmons and Torbor to be getting more reps even though this is a short practice week.

Wilson can take his guaranteed money to another team just like Wilford did. Guaranteed money doesn't mean a guaranteed job in this organization. Production is everything.

BTW I agree, you can't settle for field goals on fourth and 1 against good offenses like the Colts. Our offence played better defence than our defence did Monday night.

Wilson just missed another tackle.

Did anyone see the beauty of a catch that T.O. made for Buffalo on Sunday? Now THAT's what we're all talking about that we need in a WR!! He had a guy on him and he put his hands up there and came down with it! Sit Ginn on the bench and let him watch as others play. What's wrong with using Haynos, Hartline, Camarillo and Fasano more? Fasano is so much better than he's getting the time to play and show what he can do. Hartline's catch was a tough one and he caught it! No excuses for Ginn, he's not getting it done!

I dont understand why Pennington is getting bashed. He made the throws the other night. The receivers didnt catch. To put Henne in now is a stupid idea. Get a clue before you post.

wilson isn't a plumber nj phin.leave him alone plumber

salguero -- dork is not quite right. ur a whiner .. which is acceptable if ur a hot chick and i get something for putting up with. as for voluntarily reading your whiny columns ... i'll pass..

To WindyCityMikey and other REAL Phins Fans,

Why do some of those guys who post here accenuate the negative and, on Wednesday, still prefer to knock the Fins instead of looking for the positive things done Monday NIght. The running game was fantastic. We should do even better next Sunday. Look for Porter, Taylor, and Langford (yes, I said Langford) to get to the quarterback more often. Notice the improvement of Long. As for Ginn, he seems to catch the balls that are low AND the balls to the gut that Chambers never seemed to hold onto. Did you see Special Teams coverage on kickoffs and punts? How about Lex Hilliard? He can run and is a hard hitter.


Wilson absolutely should not be benched for a few reasons some of which have been pointed out by other posters. 1. Culver,Clemons, or Allen,,,,,,,,REALLY?! Are you seriously going to start one of these three over a veteran who has a superbowl ring because he failed to make a couple of tackles? I know he was bad but how bad do you think it would've been to use a career backup, a rookie, or Jason 'cant get on the field' Allen going against two of THE BEST qbs in the NFL? PLEASE. 2, What if you start Clemons against Rivers and he gets toasted the entire game? What does that do to his confidence going forward? Does he even know all of tyhe defensive calls yet? Because as we all know the safety is in charge of the DB'S. If he gets lit up early what do you do, put Wilson back in?! Are you kidding me?! How's he going to play after the coaches let him know they've lost complete confidence in his ability to turn it around? 3. Remember last season after week two? "Oh my god this Renaldo Hill sucks, please cut him, he can't cover anyone"! Yeah, how did that work out in the end? And Renaldo doesn't have the raw talent the Wilson has! Has everyone forgot that this is his first season in an entirely new defensive scheme? But yes, lets play Culver in only week 3. I really wish they would so everyone could see how much worse it could be. Maybe Wilsons not the answer at FS but know this, there is no one better suited for that position on the Dolphins roster as of today.

Chad Pennington is a good QB why are people ripping him? did you see him throw a 50 yard pass and hit ted ginn in the hands? that was ginns fault not chads. and before that he hit ted ginn in the hands again in the end zone and we may as well add in that fasano dropped a td. i thought chad had a great game and all the blame should be on ted ginn and gibril wilson who should be benched.

everyone needs to calm down. we were 0-2 last year and we came out find.


"I dont understand why Pennington is getting bashed. He made the throws the other night. The receivers didnt catch. To put Henne in now is a stupid idea. Get a clue before you post."

Posted by: jdw | September 23, 2009 at 03:59 PM

FINALLY someone agrees with me!

Actually I don't think Hill started at free safety in the beginning of last year but I can't remember right now. Either way the rest of my points are still valid :)


1) T.O? Did you see the pass he dropped during the same game? The guy is in "the dropped passes top 5" every year since 2000. Overrated.
2) Fasano? By my account, he was targeted (and missed the reception)only once Monday. That's not much for a guy who was CP's security blanket last season...Doesn't seem to be have a great role in our offensive game plans anymore.

@ Smaknstein
You have a very good point.
Speaking of Wilson, let's be patient. The Trifecta won't bench its biggest FA acquisition of the year after two games.
But by week 4 or 5 Culver will be the starter, because next Sunday, the Charger will beat us with screens to Sproles and a few deep shots to Gates that will once more expose Wilson's poor play.
we'll give the Chargers a fight (their run D is a mess), but I see Sproles, Gates & Jackson summing gaining at least 400 yards between them.

Dear jdw,
Neither Chad Pennington nor his family are allowed to post here.

Parcells obviously thinks we're stupid. They sign players for millions of dollars, they fall on their face and they act like nothing is wrong. Their thinking is, we'll let X amount of time go by and then, we'll trade or cut them. The fans? They won't remember how bad we screwed up.

Parcells does an average to slightly better than average job on drafts but really sucks on all other personnel moves.

A Parcells team has never even made it to the super bowl when Belicheck was not on the staff.

Dolphins did a great job this week, but I'm sorry I've waited three years for Ginn to show up and I can't wait any more, I was really excited for him for the last two years, and I have seen him dwindle away...he just can't handle the pressure when it matters.
The fins are right, They don't have any stars on the team, and that's fine, but they need wide receivers really bad..I don't know what they need to do now but they need to get some guys who can catch the fricken ball. and they need it NOW!
The Secondary SUCKS, they got beat on the long ball every time... That is skank football. just dumb. Otherwise the D was great except for the secondary on the long ball...

NYScott. I beg to differ. When our secondary was depleted and Jason Allen was put in he did a respectable job. I promise he wouldn't have gotten bulled over by that HB into the end zone. He learned that lesson in college trying to tackle Ronnie high...Google it

Yann, thanks for pointing out-no I didn't see the dropped pass, but my point is he's got what it takes to do it-don't see Ginn having that it...I get what you say about Fasano but give him more tries..Ginn's had way to many and others haven't. I'm hoping that Parcells went down to the practice field, put on his game face and talked these guys into earning their paychecks. Wouldn't you like to get paid big bucks and not get your work done? Hmmm.

Hello Armando from Denver, i've grew up in Miami and been a Dolphin fan for over 40 yrs. What i see out of Ted Ginn jr is sad he's afraid of gettin hit, he has no hands and i'm so frustrated with hin that i wish they would sit him down and give Patrick Turner a shot i know it's early in the season and Turner is raw, but let's face it Ginn is a Royal bust.

Brandon marshall , you're a crybaby and a cancer to a team. I don't want you near miami . By the way the DB on the ginn play even admitted the penny's pass FLOATED so long in the air , it gave him time to adjust and interfere or try to make a play on the ball. I didn't even mention the numerous time ginn and fasano were open down field.

CP threw it 50 yards? LOL Good one! Did you see how long it took to get a long throw to the receiver? When he throws anything over 30 yards he looks like he's throwing a hail mary pass....it's not exactly on a thread, a bullet!Put that aside for now. His contract is up this year, the staff says Henne will start next year....WHy WAIT! I don't get it! START HENNE! We need to know if he's going to be the man before the draft......not wait another year only to find out that he's not the man after Tebow, McCoy and Bradford are gone.....

Perhaps I am the only one with this opinion.
I saw Chad P. throw 5 passes that hit Miami receivers.
In both hands.
In the end zone.
None were caught.
Shouldn't NFL receivers catch those balls?
It looks to me like Chad is throwing baby catch, because he knows his receivers won't catch a difficult ball.
He threw two hard balls early near or into the end zone. They weren't reached for.
If any of those 7 throws were caught, Miami wins.
Did anyone count the number of balls caught either in traffic, or not on the numbers? Other than short balls to backs, I counted 2.
All the other balls thrown, were dropped or not reached for.
It seemed to me that if a defender could touch a Miami receiver on the back, the receiver would not catch the ball.
On the hail mary pass, did any Miami receiver look like they wanted the ball?

How is all this Chad's fault?

And given the play of the other two QB's, how can they help?

There is good news from Monday:
The O-Line play was much better.
Indy had no answer to the running game.
The D-Line play was good.
The secondary was not burned as bad as the first play suggested.
The game was in doubt on the last play.

I agree. Did you see the story Stephen Ross planted on nfl.com this morning.
He says, "...Parcells will stay because he's 68 and the weather is nice for old people in South Florida...".
Clearly the story was planted to get Parcells to quit.

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