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Gibril Wilson stays, other stuff [Updated]

You might have read I called for Gibril Wilson's benching in the previous post. It's not going to happen, according to a team source who thinks I'm a dork for suggesting it.

Alrightie then.

I guess the Dolphins will continue to watch hidden yardage pile up if Wilson continues to miss tackles. I assume Wilson has been told to try to tackle guys low rather than have bigger, better players plow him en route to the end zone.

One coach doing his best so that Wilson doesn't continue to struggle is his Pop Warner coach.

"My Pop Warner coach called me after the game," Wilson said. "When your Pop Warner coach calls you, you know you didn't tackle well."

The Dolphins worked this afternoon on their outdoor practice fields. the team did work on tackling, according to coach Tony Sparano.

I've been watching for indications of a hangover from the Monday night game throughout this week.

I'll be watching for frustration, for depression, for the team looking physically or emotionally spent. I'll report those to you as the week progresses. On the other hand, I'll also report if such things are not apparent.

One thing that stuck out during the portion of practice open to the media: During individual passing drills Chad Pennington threw a pass to Greg Camarillo that was too low and somewhat out of the receiver's reach.

Camarillo merely punched the ball to the ground and proceded to kick it in disgust. No big deal, but it seemed odd to me at such an early stage in practice.

Speaking of receivers, rookie Brian Hartline was walking around the locker room with a pronounced limp. Seemed something was wrong with one of his feet. We'll see if he's on the injury report later.

Receiver Ted Ginn continues to answer questions about his missed touchdown catches and he is making no excuses. I asked him if he was interfered with on the fourth-quarter pass from Chad Pennington.

"No, he didn't," Ginn told me. "I should have come down with the catch. Point blank. Point blank. He made a great play. I'm not going to say this or say that. I just got to come down with the catch."

Ginn said he's never had a similar moment when he had a game-winning pass in his hands and dropped it. 

"Never had one -- that's my first one," Ginn said. "It's just something I got to put to the side. I'm still going to remember it and try to work to be better."

In working to get better, Ginn is listening to advice from his family much the same way Wilson is hearing from his Pop Warner coach.

"I got a father," Ginn said. "He talks to me as well as coaches here. He said if you get that opportunity again, you just got to make the best for you and your team. Next time that comes up, I can't say I'm going to take a different approach, but I've learned."

By the way, Ginn did have two potential TD catches glance off his hands, the first in the first half. He said he misjudged the ball on the first potential TD pass he might have had.

"Misjudged," Ginn said. "Misjudged. I thought I was closer to the out of bounds. [I was] farther than what I was. A receiver wants to come out with every catch. That's two I missed."

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers was just on a conference call with the Miami media. He talked about the two years he spent on the pine while Drew Brees played ahead of him.

"It was tough," Rivers said. "I wanted to get out there and play from a competitive standpoint, but looking back on it now, I benefitted. But after two years, there was so much improvement I could make any more. I needed to play. I needed to get in games.

"After 25 games, I needed to play football again."

Obviously Chad Henne has sat for 18 games with the Dolphins so far.

Finally, offensive tackle Vernon Carey was limited in practice today, according to the injury report, with a knee injury.