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Gibril Wilson stays, other stuff [Updated]

You might have read I called for Gibril Wilson's benching in the previous post. It's not going to happen, according to a team source who thinks I'm a dork for suggesting it.

Alrightie then.

I guess the Dolphins will continue to watch hidden yardage pile up if Wilson continues to miss tackles. I assume Wilson has been told to try to tackle guys low rather than have bigger, better players plow him en route to the end zone.

One coach doing his best so that Wilson doesn't continue to struggle is his Pop Warner coach.

"My Pop Warner coach called me after the game," Wilson said. "When your Pop Warner coach calls you, you know you didn't tackle well."

The Dolphins worked this afternoon on their outdoor practice fields. the team did work on tackling, according to coach Tony Sparano.

I've been watching for indications of a hangover from the Monday night game throughout this week.

I'll be watching for frustration, for depression, for the team looking physically or emotionally spent. I'll report those to you as the week progresses. On the other hand, I'll also report if such things are not apparent.

One thing that stuck out during the portion of practice open to the media: During individual passing drills Chad Pennington threw a pass to Greg Camarillo that was too low and somewhat out of the receiver's reach.

Camarillo merely punched the ball to the ground and proceded to kick it in disgust. No big deal, but it seemed odd to me at such an early stage in practice.

Speaking of receivers, rookie Brian Hartline was walking around the locker room with a pronounced limp. Seemed something was wrong with one of his feet. We'll see if he's on the injury report later.

Receiver Ted Ginn continues to answer questions about his missed touchdown catches and he is making no excuses. I asked him if he was interfered with on the fourth-quarter pass from Chad Pennington.

"No, he didn't," Ginn told me. "I should have come down with the catch. Point blank. Point blank. He made a great play. I'm not going to say this or say that. I just got to come down with the catch."

Ginn said he's never had a similar moment when he had a game-winning pass in his hands and dropped it. 

"Never had one -- that's my first one," Ginn said. "It's just something I got to put to the side. I'm still going to remember it and try to work to be better."

In working to get better, Ginn is listening to advice from his family much the same way Wilson is hearing from his Pop Warner coach.

"I got a father," Ginn said. "He talks to me as well as coaches here. He said if you get that opportunity again, you just got to make the best for you and your team. Next time that comes up, I can't say I'm going to take a different approach, but I've learned."

By the way, Ginn did have two potential TD catches glance off his hands, the first in the first half. He said he misjudged the ball on the first potential TD pass he might have had.

"Misjudged," Ginn said. "Misjudged. I thought I was closer to the out of bounds. [I was] farther than what I was. A receiver wants to come out with every catch. That's two I missed."

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers was just on a conference call with the Miami media. He talked about the two years he spent on the pine while Drew Brees played ahead of him.

"It was tough," Rivers said. "I wanted to get out there and play from a competitive standpoint, but looking back on it now, I benefitted. But after two years, there was so much improvement I could make any more. I needed to play. I needed to get in games.

"After 25 games, I needed to play football again."

Obviously Chad Henne has sat for 18 games with the Dolphins so far.

Finally, offensive tackle Vernon Carey was limited in practice today, according to the injury report, with a knee injury.


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Thanx for showing a lilttle love NJ Phin Fan. I'm happy to be around some other real Dolphin fans.

I have to stick by my team...good times and bad(even if the bad make me drink) ha

I agree that the Dolphins missed some guys that could of made this team better in the off season.If you want the best you gotta pay for them.I also think we let some guys go that are making other teams better(Broncos).We gotta keep the players that make the Miami Dolphins franchise good from this year, and find the next players that will make us great.

instead of complaining about wilson you all should be complaining about Ginn who SUCKS!!! and is the biggest waste of a first round 9th pick ever

Downer 12,

You are right about the drinking part. I was drinking after our loss on Monday night. It was a win within our grasp.
I agree with the part you said about "if you want the best you should pay for it". Hey that's what the Yankees do, and unfortunately the Red Sox too. That's another story

Downer12. My Pleasure. Like i said welcome aboard and look forward to talking to you about the fins.

Ace ! Ace ! what's up my man ? Long time no speak. I was a little concerned about you and odinseye , after what happened on monday night. I was checking the news to see if there were any jumpers going off bridges. Thank god your ok. LMAO ! :}

Odinseye, are you ok ?


No bridges for me just yet. How was your should I say vacation? I spent the better half of last week house hunting in Tampa. Other than that same old same old.

Ace , thanks for asking. There was some business involved , but other than that it was relaxing and peaceful on the lake . I went to the ucla/tenn game and that was loud and wild. What a atmosphere. Reminded me of my college days ( playing football and partying ). Oh yeah ! and studying :) LOL !Good luck with the house hunting. Tampa is a nice area.


I am taking a job transfer back to Tampa. I have lived there for 16 years. Kinda hard being a Dolphin fan with so much Buccaneer stuff up my azzz and around. Boy I miss those college days.

Now the Defense, I blame some players but mostly coaching for the abortion that's going on that said of the ball as a former LB/DE I can tell you that our Starting LB are no match these elite TEs as in Gonzales, Clark, and coming up Gates each one presents unqiue challage but let's talk about the next one we face Gates this Guy is a big fast WR key word Fast we should use Porter or JT and JAM the shit out of him on the line and then let Smith or Davis pick him up in covrage this TE is fast and can jump so I would perfer Smith he's alot taller the coaching staff should of made this ajustment but have Failed they are in denial thinking our MLB,FS,SS can deal with it in the last two games and two no ajustments,

NJ I am checking out bro...it is too quiet in here. Hey notice aloco, gopats, carlito from golfito, and cuban menace not around this evening. Makes you go hmmmm????????

LOL@ACE, Yup ! What a coincidence. LMAO ! I'm out also.

There are 2 people in this post:me and I know all of the other personaliies are the same person; probably Armando; but the same person nonetheless.
Go Phins!

We need a big time receiver ASAP! The only way we're going to get one is by trading our first round draft pick.

Armando, the front office is correct in that characterization.
We don't need to bench anyone. Chad and Ted should play better together on long passes. Gibril, Will Allen, and Jones must play better. Pasqualoni must call better plays. Sparano must menage the last 3 minutes better. Those people just did not execute well.

And there are little green men

I felt that the offense did well. They had some drops and chad missed a couple of reads, but that is pretty typical for any NFL offense. (Really, with tall wide lineman in front of you parts of the field are blocked ... you never can see all the open receivers). And the third down conversions were incredible. Overall, the offense was great except for the two minute drill that, watching the game, I felt was the coach's fault. As far as the defense, it was pretty mixed. They had the nice 3 and out after Porter's sack on 1st down and two other nice series, but overall the pass rush was pretty weak and the playcalling for the most-part didn't seem to match what I would have expected based on the game situation. One example is that they kept giving Smith help on the outside when he didn't need it - they needed that help inside. (and i think enough people talked about not adjusting from the TE issue in the Falcons game enough that that horse is dead).
Overall the team should be decent this year with better coaching. I think they need to look for ILB help and maybe S depending on how people develop this year. Problem with ILB is it takes a few years to develop and there might not be someone better than Crowder in free agency. Jury out on receiver help based on how the season develops. No interest in new QB. I really liked what I saw from Chad P last year and last game (I missed the ATL game). He aired it out more than I expected this game. Agree that he had more hang-time than I put on my long throws, but it could be as some of you say that the receivers need that. (Warner sometimes puts it up like that since he know Fitzgerald always comes down with the "jump ball").

Last time we had a safety play this bad, Jimmy Johnson cut Gene Atkins the next day. I think Sparano should do the same with Wilson. Sparano really needs to grow a pair with his play calling.

Best safety duos.

#1 Marion and Walker.
#2 Oliver and Williams.

Not sure I have a third at least from my lifetime.

"You might have read I called for Gibril Wilson's benching in the previous post. It's not going to happen, according to a team source who thinks I'm a dork for suggesting it."

I agree.

Gibril wilson just isn't using proper technique, when he's making a tackle, he's not securing his hands around the defender first and THEN tackling after he wraps up, he's trying to tackle at full speed in one full motion and he's just bouncing of these TE's who are twice his size, he should watch tapes of guys like Ed Reed who are just as small but make sure to wrap up first and as terrible as his tackling has been, on the run play by Donald Brown, he did have him wrapped up but Crowder (who does this alot) missed Brown from behind and drilled Wilson and knocked him off the tackle, but his tackling has been too rushed and poor obviously.

Ginn was telling the truth, u could tell he misjudged where he was in the endzone, thinking he was at the line already, he slowed down and it ended up being off the fingertips, this will only fuel him more.

im nervous about how the coachees will decide to line up with Gates and Sproles this week, we can't put linebackers on gates and sproles, we don't have the personel, we might one to go with a soft zone, but i think the pressure should come from the outside, i want to see more nickle and corner blitzes from the backside if u play straight man and blitz the backers, any good QB will just fine the hot route and pick us apart, and Sean Smith, we luv ya!, but turn ur head around u had 2 INT's buzz right by your ear! (lol) can't blame him though he's so focused on not falling for the double move and getting caught peeking in the backfield.

if we have made the field goal earlier (but the f#%* kicker failed to come thru), we win

if we have made the field goal earlier (but the f#%* kicker failed to come thru), we win

if we have made the field goal earlier (but the f#%* kicker failed to come thru), we win

if we have made the field goal earlier (but the f#%* kicker failed to come thru), we win

if we have made the field goal earlier (but the f#%* kicker failed to come thru), we win

After this team goes 0-3 this week the sh!t is gonna hit the fan! Saprano will have NO credibility left...neither will Parcells. They are starting to watch this season slip away and yet they are doing nothing to salvage it. Monday night showed the Dolphins at their best! How sad. Our "best" is not " good enough"! Why are so many Dolphin fans happy with being mediocre? It reminds me of 2007. All these same people saying to "have patience" with Cameron. Most people know we had a stinker after week 2 that year. Here we are again and you people out of weak loyalty to Parcells are willing to overlook it again? HELLO!!!! We are looking at a 2-14 or 3-13 season if we continue down this path! Parcells is not getting paid 300 million dollars for this! This is pure extortion for a lousy product! Thanks Wayne H for your last parting shot to screw us! Parcells reputation is officially screwed! Fans better wake up! Stop sticking up for Parcells...he has so far not delivered! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

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