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Henne to become as good as Ryan, Flacco?

You might not remember what happened last Oct. 16 because it was a blip on the radar screen during a time the Dolphins were bombarding us with good news and a playoff run and a great turnaround season.

On that October day last year, Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked about the rookie QBs -- Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Joe Flacco in Baltimore -- making a sudden and surprising impact on the NFL.

And Henning said this: "We think Chad Henne can play just as well as [Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco] can. I'll tell you that right now. I think when he gets his opportunity he will play well. Every time we've given him an opportunity, he has played well. We also like Chad Pennington. So I think the quarterback situation here as it stands right now is better than it was Feb. 1st. I'll tell you that right now."

Well, Chad Pennington is out of the lineup for the Dolphins and so Henne's opportunity has come. So, by Henning's reckoning, we should expect the quarterback with all of 17 NFL completions to play well.

But who are we kidding?

Asking Henne to play as well as Ryan and Flacco did last year is plainly unfair and illogical because, well, a gun cannot fire unless it's loaded with bullets. And the Dolphins offense, particularly the passing game, is a popgun firing blanks.

Think about this for a second. Flacco last season could throw the ball to Derrick Mason, who has seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his career. He could throw the ball to Todd Heap, who is a perennial Pro Bowl-caliber tight end. And he could rely on a defense that not only erased a lot of his mistakes, but scored points to help him out.

Ryan? He could throw the ball to Roddy White, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Michael Jenkins, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Jerious Norwood, who caught 36 passes a season ago. And now he's got future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to, also!

And I didn't even mention the fact the Atlanta running game that supported Ryan during his rookie season was No. 2 in the NFL.

So while Flacco and Ryan were good and did improve as rookies, they had tons and tons and tons of help doing it.

What help is Henne likely to get?

Well, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are playing very well, as both are running downhill with confidence and desire and aggression. But that is where it stops for Miami's offense now.

Tight end Athony Fasano, a revelation in 2008, is MIA in 2009. He has three catches this season and that is good only because his catches outnumber his two lost fumbles after two of those catches.

Alleged No. 1 receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has been inconsistent, often ineffective, rarely dominant and never elite since being drafted No. 9 overall in 2007. He is coming off two games in which he dropped two touchdown potential touchdown passes versus Indianapolis, including the possible game-winner. And then he responded to that adversity by catching zero passes despite being targetted six times versus San Diego.

In that San Diego game, Henne misfired on several passes to Ginn. That was on Henne. But Ginn dropped two of those nonetheless catchable attempts. One hit him in the chest, the other on the hands. On another throw, Ginn ran the ugliest, most rounded off out-route I've seen in a long time by an NFL wide receiver. He just kind of looped off the route and, not surprisingly, he wasn't open when the ball came his way.

I know many fans believe Henne will bring out the best in Ginn because the new quarterback's arm can finally make use of Ginn's appreciable trait -- straight line speed.

But I would tell you that rare is the effective WR-QB combination where only one or the other player is playing to par. If you guys are hoping Ginn will suddenly start to light it up simply because Henne is in there, you are mistaken. Ginn has to get much, much, much better to begin being a viable consistent threat for Henne.

Ginn will not instantly get better because he's hitching a ride on Henne's coattails. He's got to do the work to get his job done.

Henne will, of course, have other options in the passing game. But those players are also limited to one degree or another.

Davone Bess is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes but also might never break one because he lacks break-away speed.

Greg Camarillo is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes also, but let's be frank, he wouldn't start on three-quarters of the NFL's teams.

Brian Hartline is a rookie and he's still learning. Patrick Turner is a rookie and he can't get active on Sundays.

So how, exactly, can we expect Henne to be as good as Flacco and Ryan if the players around him aren't in the same conversation with the players around Flacco and Ryan?

Tell me. I want to know. And yes, I will be asking this of Henning on Thursday.


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I am first and don't have a good thing to say.

Salguero says: "Ryan? He could throw the ball to Roddy White, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Michael Jenkins, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Jerious Norwood"

That is a fantastic stretch of facts to prove the point. Not one mentioned player on Atlanta roster did better than ours in the first two years. And in both 2007 and 2008 Atlanta had gameplan and a quarterback to throw it deep. Dolphins did not.

and then, "But I would tell you that rare is the effective WR-QB combination where only one or the other player is playing to par. If you guys are hoping Ginn will suddenly start to light it up simply because Henne is in there, you are mistaken."

So now you are assuming that Henne will play up to par, but the receivers or a receiver will not; namely Ginn.

Wow. Just Wow. If Henne's performance is as potent as your rhetoric, Dolphins are in trouble.

They should change the name of the stadium from LandShark to Landfill because the Dolphins is straight garbage.

First I would like to say how sad I am for Chad Pennington, he has led this team with class in the short time whilst he was here, I just hope the Dolphins find a place for him regardless either as a backup or in a coaching role as he has earned that at least.
Chad Henne I think will come good if we give him time and not jump on him straight away, as Armando has rightly said he has no weapons to throw to, Tedd Ginn needs benching from WR and putting back on kickoff returns. I'm all for keeping draft picks but I think the time is now to make a trade for a good WR that will catch the ball, make himself available and help our young starting QB out or at least look at Marvin Harrison if he can still play.
The answer is not on this team unless Patrick Turner developes one day but he cant even get on the field, how much worse than Ginn can he be.
Once again sorry for Penne, go Henne!!!

Are you married Mando? Because I just fell in love with you. LOL!!!! You been hitting home runs lately bro. There is no reason to keep Ginn listed as the #1 WR on this team. Personally, he might be better if the pressure is off him. I say make Bess the #1.

Also, isn't Ginn listed as 5'11" and 180 lbs soaken wet? I'm 5'11" and 194. I consider myself a pretty small dude. Ginn must be terrified playing against people 4 or 5 inches taller and 20 to 200 lbs heavier.

Well, this was expected but really unfortunate. To all the fans who wanted Henne beware what you wish for. Penne did well, the fins offense was eating clock and driving. Fumbles, miss and dropped passes is part of the problem. The other part of the problem is the play calling has been to conservative ( to many short passes, runs up the up the gut on third and five while not in the wildcat.) unless the coaching staff believes feild goals is enough to win. LET'S HOPE NOT! The offense seems to be able to score and move the ball when they play creativly( yes the wildcat. Face it, it's who they are and I love it!) and mix long, medium,short passes. GO Fins! And one more thing, start Clemons at
FS, let him gain experence for next year.

This team is not equipped like the others were.

Get ready for a long season, whether Henne plays well or not, he will be given an chance to play a full season next year with hopefully better quality receivers.

Although if you look, Flacco wasn't given the keys to the car (as Jimmy would say) until the tenth or eleventh week of the season. Also, Ryan had a ton of help from Turner to make sure he didn't carry the burden. Maybe our RB's can do that for the kid and help him move along. I think he is ready. Hell if the stinking Jets can do it with a rookie QB and BELOW AVERAGE receivers, I don't see why this kid can't play well.

Your points are right on. This is why we have to be patient and not run the poor guy out of town like some people want to already do.

Some refreshing honesty. Good article from Armando. That needed to be said.

And I gotta tell you, I feel bad for Pennington. He organized a team last year, squeaked out enough points each game to win, became the unquestioned leader in a leaderless team, and instead of rewarding him with talented tight ends and receivers THIS year, through FA and draft, we give him nothing. Nothing, and then tell him go beat Peyton Manning. Oh, and then we make him run off the field and ruin his rhythm by putting in Pat White for zero yardage. Nice.

I'm sorry, but you have to look back at the front office and coaches for this. It's unfair to set players up to lose and then blame them for not "executing."

I wouldn't count on Ginn getting better with a stronger armed QB to throw to him. Remember that Penny overthrew him in each of the last two games, and White did in another.

That said, I think this could be a good thing, in the long run. We get to see if we have our QB, or if we need to use our first round pick on one of the many top notch QB's that will be in this year's Draft (my vote would be for McCoy). While he might not have the personnel to throw to, the coaching staff should be able to assess his decisions, and his accuracy from film. If the problem is the receivers, it should be apparent.

I am really disappointed in Ted Ginn right now. I was one of those who were really happy that we got him, instead of Quinn (who's doing worse than Ginn, if you can believe it) I believe we passed on Bowe to pick him, didn't we? If so, imagine what could be. Maybe we can package him in a deal for a real number one.

I agree it is time to try out Clemmons. He is the future, and this is the time to let our young players to get some ojt. Hartline, Turner, and Davis as well. It's hard to imagine these players doing worse than the current starters are now. Besides, Allen is a bit small to cover Owens, or Evans, so let's start Smith, and Davis, and let Allen play the nickel back.

We need two receivers this off season or sooner. I say draft dez bryant and go after vincent jackson in free agency. Keep bess and hartline as our slot receivers.

Hartline , White & Turner paired with Bess and a reinvigorated Fasano will help he NEW Dolphins step forward and not back. Our fans feeling too much pain an they aren't crying as much in Tennessee or Pittsburgh this week.

Back in the cellar for the dolphins huh?? don't feel bad people,you guys will get a high draft pick look at it that way,and you'll screw that up iam sure, you'll probably pick another offensive lineman...hahahaha LOSERS.

at least you have the comfort to know that the next super bowl champ will come out of the afc east.

Completely agree with Jackie...Pennington got a raw deal.

If we draft a receiver, then he will need at least a year most likely, even if it is bryant. I think we need a new tight end. Jason whitten backup is one and done. We should trade or
Chad ochocinco after the year since his contract is up. Chad henne is the man. He has a gun, let's give him time. I agree get clemons in there. If we do get to draft a qb, it has to be Sam bradford if he's available. Mark my words, that kid is going to be another manning. Remember guys. Phillip rivers sucked, drew breeze, peyton manning, all sucked at first. Give henne time and be good fans to him. We should pick up Marvin Harrison, and that Jacksonville receiver Matt jones. Lol

I don't understand why Hartline doesn't get more opportunities. He seems to catch everything thrown his way.

Saying penne got a raw deal is an idiot. Pennington outlived his welcome because our conservative system allowed him to. He pad his stats on third down at least five times a game, threw to the running back on 80 percent f play actions, and he took away half the field with his lack of arm strength. And he is the last of this type of qb. Nowadays, you cannot survive with that weak an arm. Look at all the gunslingers in the NFL. Who has a weaker arm than pennington? Anyone in college that will make it pro? Even before the surgeries. He's a millionaire. Stop feeling sorry for him.

Hey Jackie,

I too am upset at the way things have worked out but you indicate that some in the Dolphins organazation are blaming Pennington for the three losses? You must be reading another newspaper about some other team because thats the first I have heard about it. I think we have been blaming the secondary and Ginn for the last three weeks!

Wake Up!

Not a time to look back! The future is now! Henne is the man and he can be as good as Ryan and Flaco. When he rifles that ball into the receivers chest (rather than a soft slow pass that arrives the same time the defender does) we'll complete more passes! Bench Ginn! Put Ginn on special teams. Henne is big, strong and has an arm! He's calm and takes control. Bring in Harrison for him...stay the heck away from some has been QB.....leave the team in Henne's hands all year, regardless....give him a chance to perform and grow in the position. Don't yank him after a couple of games for some 50 year old back up QB!!!!!!

C'mon Armando,

Everybody knows he won't be as good as the other two. Though it would be nice.

Personally, I'd settle for him being better than Jay Fiedler .....

Brian -- I think when the head coach comes out with a public statement that references "right play calling, but bad execution" the assertion is that the unit failed. who is the leader of that unit? None other than the QB...So yes, a bit unfair in my humble opinion.

Inimounts -- Yes, I do think the 2008 MVP runner up got a raw deal this year. The guy was the consummate professional in resurrecting a team that went from the basement to the penthouse in '08 and the coaching staff did not get him the tools or call the plays that would allow him to build on the previous year's success. If my views make me an idiot, then I'm an idiot. Or we can just agree to disagree...

I think Turner will be active now that there is an open roster spot. He may develope rather quickly if he is able to get into a few real games. I would also venture a guess that the playbook will open up a little now that Henne is in the game. I don't think he is experienced enough for the dink and dunk game so watch for a ton of running and the long ball. Its time to see if the receivers have been held back by Penny or if they are just not that good. Bess and Camirillo are both beast and Hartline looks as if he may have more talent than both of them. Turner was very good in college and should now be active to develope. If the D can pull their weight by covering someone the season may not be lost.

Penny may be the more solid QB but a change might bring the spark the team needs.

Armando -

Frankly, as much as I loved Pennington and what he did for the team... the Fins are a not looking like that team anymore. I think Henne does bring a new element with his youth and his arm that can help breed new life into a season where the Fins have had none. I'm not saying he'll be great - but he may open the field a bit more for some of the receivers to get open. It may also help Ronnie get to the second level because the DBs may not be able to play up close. This is all that I hope for - that and for Henne to get his mistakes out of the way this year so that next year (when the Fins finally take care of glaring needs) he will be able to have the arsenal Ryan and Flacco have. Us fans can only hope for that...

BTW Fasano is a very good TE as he proved last season. He has had a rough start this year but he will get back on his game.

I think you bench Ginn for a game maybe that I'll light a fire in him than just giving him the number one slot. If that doesn't work trade him. The season has turned into a rebuilding season now that henne is in

2 and 14 for the dolps, not sure what team they are capable of beating but even the lions won one game....hahahahahah

all fin players can come out and impress every one w/ big win and the WR'S can have TD'S and blame Chad.P for the past .

1- the team will get their confidence back.
2-ted ginn and the rest will fly moving forward .
3-the DL needs interceptions and blocking and mostly protect you QB.
4-Fasano needs to make the fans forget the fumbles .

Chad.H can become like sanchez and ryan by starting winning his first game and inject a new life in a good team .

PS...hope after hope the coach leave him in the game the whole 4Q not changing him every 5 minutes .

The dolps have been rebuilding now for what 6, 7 years now????hahahah

tool/////this the second year for BP .it's a pro football not your meat ball sub /

Another receiver to watch for coming out of college is AJ Green, from GA. Dude can ball. He may be GA's best player right now, and has been pretty impressive the past couple of years. I think he is a senior, but if he isn't, I could still see him coming out.

Can you finally get over the Cam Cameron bitterness and stop calling Ted Ginn a number one receiver even if it is 'allegedly'.

Alleged by who? You write this stuff over and over and frankly it just gets old. The truth is it is alleged by nobody and acknowledged by nobody. He was unamimously panned by draft experts and fans as a reach at 9 overall.
So who said he was a #1? Just curious. I guess if 1) you build him up then 2)you can cut him down. You're like a salesman on my doorstep trying to sell me item 2 and I'm not even buying item 1. Teds alright.

Does Henne have the same weapons to work with as Ryan n Flacci?? Clearly No...but if the Oline continues to gel and open up holes like they did against San Diego and they can score in the red zone, then that will open up some more passing lanes to take advantage of...the bigger concern is can our defense tap down the opposition...we cannot keep falling behind in games...we are not built as a "quick strike" team..

tool,,,read armando's post.it's very good and you learn how you compare the dolphins progress to the progress of another team WR'S wise .

also the last point armando made about henne if he's going to be as good as ryan even if he doesn't have good players around him as flacco and ryan.armando's writes really good when he's himself and bring points to help w/ the big picture .

There isn't a defense out there who is worried about the dolphins receivers when they game plan for the dolphins offense. I'd take Bess over 80% of the #3 receivers in the league, that's good. But we don't have a 1 or a 2 worthy of the name, that's kinda of a huge problem, regardless of who's playing QB. I think we should start talking about the offseason options with Ginn: trade, cut, salary cap implications, etc... the guy's had more than enough chances, he doesn't have what it takes. period.


All you so called wannabees on scouting and picking in the drafts are all meat heads.

JOE FLACCO was on the table for Miami and they could have done what all teams do to get players BUT, the big Tuna decided to take Long.

Yes, we needed to trump up out O line But at what expense???

JOE FLACCO... Watch and learn what we could have had, the future Hall of Fame and ranked among the best, JOE FLacco.

Henne is a BUST and so is Ginn.

We WILL continue to lose and I don't see anything worthy of a playoff spot until 2014.

HOPE AND PRAY for another 1 win season which will perhaps get us another opportunity for Parcells to pass on a QB... AGAIN...

Life long Dol Fan and I was THERE for the 72 fins.

I think what mandos saying aloco is dont bank on henne to have the season that flacco and ryan had year 1 cause miami just doesnt have the recievers that those two had, he might be as good as those two but like everything else in a TEAM sport, if you dont have a supporting cast you could be payton manning and fail with the wide-outs the dolps have...

Instead of drafting another QB in the 2nd round how about a WR?

Oh well you guys should be used to last in the afc-east, havnt you been there 5 out of the last 6 years??

Mando, just a simple question. Since you so diligently examine all facets of the Dolphins franchise, can you explain to me when, I mean, on which reception would Bess had been able to break a long run? I'll do my best to find the play, but it seems to me the passing game has been custom-tailored for dink and dunkery. Only the running backs, who after receiving the ball in the flat and with grass in front of them, have been able to break large runs after the catch. No receiver has been in a position to "take off" after the catch, and while some of that is because of poor route-running, the lack of explosiveness comes from an inability to get the ball effectively downfield. Be less angry fan and more conscientious observer.

I hope Henne pans out but from what little we've seen so far, I don't have a good feeling about him. He tends to stare down receivers and that's not good. Good indication he's not going through his reads. The O-line has to give him time or it's going to get worse.

Isn't it strange how at the start of the season we believed we had enough of the pieces to make a run, and now look at how far away we are. We are two years ago with no appreciable talent, no direction, and no plan. We won't be able to get enough help from the draft to make a difference, and no free agent in their right mind will come here. Draft busts in Long, White, Turner, Davis, Henne, oh ya, Ginn. The downward spiral has resumed. With or without Penny, we were forked. A big one, stuck right in our guts.

Armando got it right. I'm not too certain that we're going to have a clear verdict on Henne by the end of the season.

We simply don't have the playmakers in the passing game to stretch the field. Ginn is our best playmaker at WR, but he's only a #2 or 3 guy. As a #1, he tends to attract the most double coverages, thus hindering his ability to use his speed to spread out opposing D's. That, and his raw route running skills are a problem.

Some say "trade Ginn", but the cupboard is empty at the position! Doing this will be an essential admission that they're packing it in for the season. And all for a 3rd rounder? Not worth it.

At TE, Fasano tended to disappear for long stretches last season, but I think their troubles at the position are related to the loss of David Martin, who was a solid pass catching option for us. Not a good blocker, but in a team lacking viable receivers, he filled the role of safety valve admirably. We're REALLY feeling his loss, along with Renaldo Hill on defense, who's consistent play was underappreciated last year.

As for Henne, we might not know what we have with him until we get some playmakers in the passing game. We will likely have a top 10 pick in the draft next year, thus putting us in a good position to pick up a top ranked QB.

It would be nice if Henne shows something next year, as this is still a team with some deep flaws. I'd start with picking up a highly ranked ILB. This defense won't be elite until we shore up the middle.

While Henne obviously made some mistakes, it should be noted that, while Henne was in the game, the Dolphins scored 10 points, including their only touchdown drive of the day, and had their longest pass play of the season. That was with two bad drops by Ginn as well that killed drives. He made some good throws on 3rd down also. It might have been garbage time, but still. Also, his interception was not helped by Henning calling designed plays to Bess in the exact same spot (little wide receiver screens and shallow outs) a few times on that series. One of the reasons the safety was able to react on that ball so quickly.

Giarc, u know anything about football??? Draft busts Long??? Turner, Henne, White who have not played all of one regular season game...Draft picks are not expected to come in and take over day one...they are players that are developed to become pro's that can contribute down the road, backups who one day will take over...I guess Lawerence Tayloy who had one tackle and one sack was a draft bust in your eyes...it's so frustrating reading blogs from people who don't even know the "basics" about football...draft busts, what a stupid ignorant comment...

Armando, I watched the game again from Sunday. Both of Ginn's passes were catchable as was one out of the backfield to Polite. If those catches are made and the o_lne doesnt jump, his performance would be much different. He is a big guy that can shrug off tacklers better than Pennington does which can lead to big plays down the field.

Peyton Manning 3-13 in his rookie year..."DRAFT BUST"" Girac??

Big ups to Chad Pennington. He is a HUGE reason for last year's success and a big part of last year's historic moment. It seems like most fans and local media have been waiting for the change to happen sooner rather than later but becareful what you wish for.
Make no mistake about it, we have just switched our QB from a top leader with the consistency to give our Offense life for an overly hyped inexperienced QB...
Our ONLY way to compete for the rest of the year is to;
1.) Become a top 3 rushing team, meaning rushing the ball 30+ times per game. When it comes to RB depth, Miami is number 1 in the league - wake up and smell the daamn coffee and put that to use!!!
That will also open up the field in the passing game and allow Henne to use play action fakes rather than have him throw on 1st downs or on 3rd and 2 to "catch the Defense off guard" (that is a retarded game plan and play calling - thats what they did with the Chargers and the same result will continue if they don't make more obvious successful play calls). Run Run RUN!!!!
2.) SOMEHOW turn this under-acheiving Defensive effort around to become a top 10 or top 5 Defense and start CREATING TURNOVERS!!!!
3.) Allow Ginn to be successful - he's not a #1 WR he's proven that over and over so instead of complaining about the guy, lets give him the chance to succeed by putting him in a position to be productive. That means Returning Kicks, Returning Punts, setting up screens for him to run, reverses and deep throws (since all Henne has shown is a strong arm). Camarillo and Bess are dependable enough to fill the so called "#1 and #2 WR roles" you can also rotate Ginn in that mix or put him in the slot. You see were I'm going with this, in other words - lets stop expectng him to be Larry Fitzgerald and let him be Ted Ginn (a dynamic returner with speed, who can strecth the field in the pass game and run screens/reverses).

If they can do those three things we can stay in contention, we have yet to play our division. If we win out in our division, anything can happen people!!

I have always believed that Ginn was going to turn into a very good WR. After the last couple of weeks I have now given up that hope. I am very disappointed with his play. If he makes either one of the catches last week we have some momentum and maybe the Chargers aren't sitting back looking to jump a route and make the pick. He could have won the game the week before 2x. We made a mistake by not going after Boldin. Ginn would be fine playing opposite Boldin, he is not fine as a #1.

In regards to Henne, I liked him in college but he does have the bad habit of staring down WRs. I think he will struggle initially but get better as the year goes on. He needs the time on the field and he is going to get it now.

In regards to Pennington, I feel bad for him and truly appreciate what he did for the team last year. However, I never saw him (nor do I believe the trifecta did) as the long term answer to the QB position. He did bring stability and leadership and that is what the phins needed at the time. Now that still need that but they also need a playmaker and that is where Pennington is lacking.

In regards to our red zone issues: Why not give Patrick Turner a chance. A big physical presence and a stronger armed QB can make difference. Christ it can't be worst than what we have now.

Right on the money Armando. I can't believe Dolphin Fans excuse the receivers especially Ginn. The guy has bad hands, can't run a route, avoids the hit for extra yardage, runs out of bounds every chance he gets. I mean did you see Brady on the first half of the Falcons game on sunday. The receivers weren't open and were dropping passes or not runing correct routes. So if Brady is has trouble passing when his receivers are off what makes anybody think that with this scrubs Henne can work miracles. Guys, please be reasonable and think for a second. No Wideouts, no passing game. Why is it the Fans can see the problem and these experts cant? Put Turner in there, how much worse can he be than what is out there right now.

Marino made his receivers look better than they were...I'm hoping that Henne can do the same!!!

Henne has shown absolutley nothing in 8 preseason games. His demeanor is sullen, morose and scared. Jake Long is good, not great.

We will again suffer for years for a poor draft-day decision - - Long/Henne instead of Ryan or Flacco.

Expect Henne to self-destruct vs Bills, as he stares down receivers & makes poor decisions galore.

Expect the Tuna Lovers & apologists to blame everyone but Henne & the Trifecta.

Other beefs---I said at the time that we should have kept Reynaldo Hill.

I wonder if that 3 second buzzer that was so brilliant in training camps is hurting this team.

I was at the Indy game and counted off during pass plays. Penne got that ball out within 3s almost every play. The receivers going downfield needed 2-3 seconds just to get past the press into the 2nd level. They were just breaking open and Penne would be looking for the checkdown.

Furthermore, how can an oline learn to sustain blocks if they are being whistled off at 3s?

One thing I did like from Henne. He stood tall in that pocket and stepped into the heart of the line to pass. He didn't look timid to stand in there. The great passers all step forward into pockets and let it develop around them. I'm not saying he is or will be great, but at least he wasn't dancing and fumbling like Beck.

salguero, how can we get anquan boldin finally in a dolphins uniform? i see that as the only way to get henne the help he needs soon. otherwise, im not sure what he can do leading this popgun offense.

WR's have been droppig balls left and right this yr, Kenny Britt has had several drops a game this yr, Ginn is what he is, why are we trying to hold him up to the standard of a #1 just because some idiot drafted him 9th overall? Expect the coaches to have little confidence in the passing game and we will dink and dunk, ricky and ronnie will be the leading WR's and we will play close to the vest and kick FG's and be conservative instead of letting the young guys loose.

A great man once said" Those that don't embrace change are due to a lifetime of mediocrity" the same can be said about the current coaching staff, change the players, the seasons over boys...

Its not fair to compare Henne to Flacco or Ryan just yet, lets just hope he is not another Cleo Lemon or John Beck. Before everyone starts screaming that he has a better arm then Pennington you have to assume that Henning is going to change the play calling which he will not. Expect more of the same. We can only go up from here.

Ryan and Flacco, Flacco especially, have improved drastically from last yr!! I'm an optimist, but it is fair to say this season is done. I only hope Henne improves next season just like Flacco did so we can stop the QB carousel!!!!

Henne has all the tools needed to be a successful QB. He just does not have a reliable receiving group to finish the equation. When the Eagles release Jeff Garcia, and that will be soon, the Dolphins should go after him for security blanket. I also believe that despite the fact that this regime does not believe in giving up draft picks, they truly need to consider picking up a good receiver for Henne's sake. You dont want him to lose his confidence and never recover.

-Activate Turner
-Activate Wake
-Start Hartline over Camarillo
-Look for 9 defenders in the box, which they will see alot now
-Execute high % mid-range passes tobuild confidence and then go for the long ball.
-This will atleast attempt to keep the defense honest and help continue the success of the running game.

I hate to say it but we are looking at a 6 win season, possibly a 4 win and I will still be at the games.Go Phins!


Watch the poise, arm strength, and accuracy as Henne beats a very good Florida team.

andy i agree, at least having Ginn out there your taking the best corner off the rest of the WR's, thats what he's been basically is a decoy who just runs vertical to keep that #1 corner and safety deep to open up the underneath for Bess.

Fasano, even though he's partial to blame with his fumbles, has been open, but we dont have a serious threat at TE and have not used them in the redzone, what about that brilliant scrape play that worked in the preseason to Heynos?

Can u please just put Pat White out there, let him do anything just get him experiance, the guy is a playmaker, pretty please?

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