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Henne to become as good as Ryan, Flacco?

You might not remember what happened last Oct. 16 because it was a blip on the radar screen during a time the Dolphins were bombarding us with good news and a playoff run and a great turnaround season.

On that October day last year, Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked about the rookie QBs -- Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Joe Flacco in Baltimore -- making a sudden and surprising impact on the NFL.

And Henning said this: "We think Chad Henne can play just as well as [Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco] can. I'll tell you that right now. I think when he gets his opportunity he will play well. Every time we've given him an opportunity, he has played well. We also like Chad Pennington. So I think the quarterback situation here as it stands right now is better than it was Feb. 1st. I'll tell you that right now."

Well, Chad Pennington is out of the lineup for the Dolphins and so Henne's opportunity has come. So, by Henning's reckoning, we should expect the quarterback with all of 17 NFL completions to play well.

But who are we kidding?

Asking Henne to play as well as Ryan and Flacco did last year is plainly unfair and illogical because, well, a gun cannot fire unless it's loaded with bullets. And the Dolphins offense, particularly the passing game, is a popgun firing blanks.

Think about this for a second. Flacco last season could throw the ball to Derrick Mason, who has seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his career. He could throw the ball to Todd Heap, who is a perennial Pro Bowl-caliber tight end. And he could rely on a defense that not only erased a lot of his mistakes, but scored points to help him out.

Ryan? He could throw the ball to Roddy White, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Michael Jenkins, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Jerious Norwood, who caught 36 passes a season ago. And now he's got future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to, also!

And I didn't even mention the fact the Atlanta running game that supported Ryan during his rookie season was No. 2 in the NFL.

So while Flacco and Ryan were good and did improve as rookies, they had tons and tons and tons of help doing it.

What help is Henne likely to get?

Well, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are playing very well, as both are running downhill with confidence and desire and aggression. But that is where it stops for Miami's offense now.

Tight end Athony Fasano, a revelation in 2008, is MIA in 2009. He has three catches this season and that is good only because his catches outnumber his two lost fumbles after two of those catches.

Alleged No. 1 receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has been inconsistent, often ineffective, rarely dominant and never elite since being drafted No. 9 overall in 2007. He is coming off two games in which he dropped two touchdown potential touchdown passes versus Indianapolis, including the possible game-winner. And then he responded to that adversity by catching zero passes despite being targetted six times versus San Diego.

In that San Diego game, Henne misfired on several passes to Ginn. That was on Henne. But Ginn dropped two of those nonetheless catchable attempts. One hit him in the chest, the other on the hands. On another throw, Ginn ran the ugliest, most rounded off out-route I've seen in a long time by an NFL wide receiver. He just kind of looped off the route and, not surprisingly, he wasn't open when the ball came his way.

I know many fans believe Henne will bring out the best in Ginn because the new quarterback's arm can finally make use of Ginn's appreciable trait -- straight line speed.

But I would tell you that rare is the effective WR-QB combination where only one or the other player is playing to par. If you guys are hoping Ginn will suddenly start to light it up simply because Henne is in there, you are mistaken. Ginn has to get much, much, much better to begin being a viable consistent threat for Henne.

Ginn will not instantly get better because he's hitching a ride on Henne's coattails. He's got to do the work to get his job done.

Henne will, of course, have other options in the passing game. But those players are also limited to one degree or another.

Davone Bess is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes but also might never break one because he lacks break-away speed.

Greg Camarillo is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes also, but let's be frank, he wouldn't start on three-quarters of the NFL's teams.

Brian Hartline is a rookie and he's still learning. Patrick Turner is a rookie and he can't get active on Sundays.

So how, exactly, can we expect Henne to be as good as Flacco and Ryan if the players around him aren't in the same conversation with the players around Flacco and Ryan?

Tell me. I want to know. And yes, I will be asking this of Henning on Thursday.


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One more thing, thanks again Nicollette Saban for going with Culpepper over Brees!! Can't let it go!! Just sayn...

as much as Saban was a turd, at least he gave us Ronnie Brown, that Brees one still stings though.

95% of the posters in this blog, day after day, are idiots. I'm sorry.

ANYONE who thought this was a championship team, much less a playoff team, this season is a moron. And that's how the majority of you guys are behaving. WHY did you think this? WHAT part of "rebuild" do you not understand????? We wone the division last season --barely-- only because Brady went down, and it evened out the entire division. NOT because we were so much better. As great as it was it was a mirage.

Most teams who do what Miami did last year end up taking a step back. It's natural. This wasn't "retooling." It's REBUILDING. You can't rebuild every unit in 1-2 off-seasons. There are, ya know, 31 other teams after players, too. They focused on the O-line in order to support the only offensive weapons we have: Brown and Williams. They drafted a CB in the first round because that was the greater need. And the corners have been good.

1st round QBs DON'T ALWAYS PAN OUT! I'd bet, on average, the over all success rate is low. It's rare to have a group like we have had recently. But good to great QBs can be found EVERYWHERE. Too many of you are mesmerized by the "1st Round" label. They flop, too.

STOP TALKING ABOUT TRADING GINN FOR A FIRST ROUND PICK!! IF WE SEE HE IS UNDERACHIEVING, THEN THE OTHER 31 TEAMS SEE IT, TOO. WHO WOULD MAKE SUCH A DUMB, DUMB TRADE??????? Besides, as crummy as he is we need him, at least, for the potential speed threat as well as position depth.

I just don't get who thought this was going to be such a great year. Or why. Or why those jackasses are "sick of rebuilding" but want to sack the whole outfit and START REBUILDING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! MOR--F*****G--ONS!

As for Tool & JetsFan....well, we crowed last year. Right now we have to deal with it. They have the right to boast. Personally, I don't yet believe in them. But right now they have the record to back them up. We don't.

Wow, Mando - That is depressing!!!! I haven't read the rest of the posts here yet, but I just had to tell you that you really brought me down with this one. I knew we were already going to have problems because of Pennington being out, and the fact the Henne has very little NFL experience, and the Trifecta doesn't really have much of a game plan for a Henne style offense, but to put the receiver corp in that prospective? Very depressing. It is going to be a looooong season looking at it like that!
Thanks, Mando!

Go Phins!!!???

Mando, your blogs are things that get people talking BUT let's get back to the basic premise here...everyone was thrilled when Parcells came here... The fact is Parcells has used the same strategy for sucess...Build a big, strong O line, big young defense and pound teams...remember Phil Simms, Morehead State, tough QB, average arm...the fact is he is not going to bring in those big name receivers or a big name QB..his methods have created great teams...fact is these Miami fans are just going to have patience and let him do what he does best...it's only year two of his program...We are going to have to live with what we got this year and let him do what he was paid to do...build a long term winning franchise under his terms

The Tool.com

Your a tool, ge a life and get off out site.

Well said Northern Illinois Dophin Fan


PS.how can your name be FLACCO and win ?
based on the name CHAD HENNE ,he got to win .

I say put Ginn back at returning kickoffs. Cobbs is just too big and bulky to be a real threat back there. do we ever start a drive past the 25-30 yd line form him!! Put Ginn back there and let him score some points with his speed or at least give us field position. Give Henne a chance. Still 14 game sto go...ya never know

Northern Illinois Dophin Fan, amen brother. Fin fans are so fickle, we win a couple of games in a row and they talk championship, lose a couple in a row and cut or trade everyone and prepare for the draft. Last year was a bonus but we have to focus on the big picture. As far as QB's go, everyone here wanted Brady Quinn and he did not pan out. How about Alex Smith or Jamarcus Russell? People say not drafting Ryan or Flacco sets us back a few years, drafting Quinn or another bad QB does the same thing. Look at Brees, Brady, Romo, K. Warner, Favre, etc. you can find franchise QB's in other rounds outside the first.

Mass Fish Fan 16 games minus 3 is 13, not 14. Must be the New England air that is making you retarded.


GATORS2DOLPHINS....your an idiot....Tebow won't be a first round pick so we can focus on winning.

HP in PA. Yeah, the snow we got up here already has made me lose how to count. Thanks for the refresher in addition/subtraction!!

I think the point Armando is hitting on is that Henne doesn't have a decent supporting cast of receivers to support his strong arm...Decent is being kind...

I think we need to get Hartline involved...He made plays on offense during pre-season. We are desperate...

Also, we should take advantage of this situation and let Pat White get significant reps as well. We should let him run spread type of stuff that he did so well in college. I believe he could be a weapon for us this year if we use him in that capacity.

HI in PA,


Armando forgot to mention both the Ravens and Falcons had better o-lines than the Dolphins did last year. Fins o-line is improved this year, but are still a work in progress. Protecting Henne will be huge. Blocking assignments can't be missed. The best thing this team can do to help Henne is trade for Boldin now. I know he's expensive. Aside from that, they'll have to stop the turnovers and penalties. Get back the discipline and intensity from last year.

percepective, why trade for a receiver like Bolden when our QB of the future is 23 and the receiver is going to be 30 soon.


I believe in Chad Henne! He can do it! We been waiting for this guy, why jump on him mad before he get chance? This could be next great dolphin qb. I support to Chad Henne and maybe next monday I come back and say I told you so like NJ, only I not talking about nobody Moses.

"A gun cannot fire unless it's loaded with bullets".

I could'nt of said it better myself Mando. I agree with everything you said. Ryan and Flacco do have better weapons so if everyone thinks that Henne will make Ginn a sudden Pro Bowl WR in the space of a week,it aint gonna happen. I just hope that however many mistakes Henne makes till the end of the season,he doesn't get too much criticism from Dolfans. Get Hartline involved more and draft a WR in next years draft...

Totally agree Northern Illinois Dophin Fan!
Question why are we not putting in Patrick Turner 6.5ht,220lbs,22. He cannot be worst than Ginn. Yes, keep Ginn in there if you (the organization) wants to keep the "speed" (useless to me if you can't run a route of have good hands) and put that beast on the other side. Ginn didn't have a catch on sunday. You're telling me this guy is not worthy of a shot, regardless of what happens in practice.

Hi fellow fans I got something for you to think about yes our WR can't catch and can't make plays but what have our coachs done to correct this issue what type of drills what training what personal ajustments have they done None!!!
So half of the blame should fall on the shoulders some coaching changes need to be made at WR at special teams and Defensive Co. We must be fair coaching should carry half of burden



I would try tuner anybody at this point to see who henne plays better with but during preseason turner couldn't catch a cold

I like to see the Fins sign Jeff Garcia as a backup if he gets cut when McNabb is back (he only signed a 2 week contract). Pat White is not reading and to think you can run the spread or WildPat the whole game is foolish. If Henne gets hurt the Fins are up the creek. Armando, any word on the Fins signing a backup?

I am SO TIRED of hearing about how great Flacco and Ryan are.They are a perfect fit for the Ravens and Falcons. It doesn't mean we would be 3-0 with them at the helm for us. Remember when we skipped over Brady Quinn in 07? All the media and some fans thought we were nuts.He was benched last week against the Ravens.The Browns are 0-3.Teams don't draft for brownie points,they pick the players needed at the time.Of course everyone loves Ryan and Flacco. They led their teams to the playoffs and are 3-0 or 2-1 this year.But they can easily struggle down the stretch.Anyway,it's too bad Penne has to undergo yet another surgery and miss the season.I hope it isn't career ending.The Fins better win against Buffalo and the running game will be key. The defense has to play better too.I hope we sign a QB this week...and maybe a reciever.Good Luck Fins.

Hey patty boy don't you have a new England blog to go to and talk about Brady and Giselle!!! Loser

I agree KillerDolphins. Dont get me wrong,i think Sparano is great for this franchise but he has to realise giving players like Ginn and Wilson 1 more game to see major improvement is silly. We all know Ginn is'nt gonna be an elite WR in this league and we all know Wilson is strugglin badly so why doesn't Sparano just make some changes? Take Ginn out and try Hartline. Put Chris Clemons in the starting lineup instead of Wilson. At 0-3,and losing our starting QB,we really have'nt got alot more to lose.

I don't care what bum dolphins sign for backup, this Henne time. If Dolphins sign backup they don't need somebody to come for playing time like garcia, Dolphins need to leave this one to young guns. Any backup coming in need to be number 3.

I really am looking forward to seeing Henne play after full weeks worth of reps. Gonna be hard to evaluate his abilities with a bunch of 4th string wide receivers out there though. I know this season is a wash and now becomes the Henne experiment but let's make a solid move for the future and get him a real wide receiver. I'm pretty sure u could offer San Fran a 2011 first rounder and get Crabtree. Heck you could probably rape the browns of Braylon Edwards for a 2nd, and I know he has issues but he is still young and can run routes and get open which we need right now. Basically if we don't do something at WR or if somebody doesn't step up we are screwed offensively with a rookie QB.

Coaching staff is supose to be the puppet masters and they aren't pulling any strings time for Change at some spots not all just three

And I don't want to hear any name like Cleo Lemon or Gus Ferotte. This 2009 people, we already know these guys know good. Give Henne chance.

henne should and will succeed. look at the eagles who do they have? in this league wide reiceivers are overated. all you need is a line that gives you time and any receiver can get open.

We might as well bring TO into Phins, we should have signed Vick but we didn't. So now let's hope Henne can make our Tight Ends and WR look good and hope they come to play

I think we should make a trade for Michael Vick. The Eagles have McNabb and Kolb has shown he is a capable backup. Being from the midwest I have seen alot of Henne. At his very best he will be a decent backup not a good starter. Pat White will go down as another bad early draft pick.

They calla henne a robot for a reason. He doesn't do anything particularly well. He is mechanical in the pocket and has no awareness

If the chance is given for a Kolb or Vick trade Id go for it

why you want to trade for Kolb after one good game? Chiefs trade for Cassel after one good season now he bad. Lets give Henne chance instead of trade and waste draft picks for bum

Vick has baggage but he is the MJ of football if given the chance Eagles already toke the load off with first move back to NFL if by bye Henne doesn't play well we should have somthing going behind close doors ready

Niether one is a bum brother come on man!

I wouldnt trade for Kolb. I would trade for Vick. I would bet you could get him without losing a number 1 pick.

Vick and brown in the wildcat!!!

killer dolphins you don't sound very smart

MJ 6 championship
vick 0 championship and prision

you never hear of kolb before 2 weeks and one good game and now you want to give up draft pick or good player for this nobody

I Feel for Penny, he gave us his all and was a great leader on the field. You may knock him for his arm strength but you can't take away what he's done for this team.

Henne will be okay. The coaching staff can now game plan to take shots down field. He will need help from Ricky and Ronnie to get the pressure off. Henne does need a Vet WR to help him though.

Ginn.. OMG! I had this guys back the last 2 years, but now i know he's not a no 1 WR. Call Harrison's agent and see if we can get a guy who'll catch balls thrown his way. Ginn to me has been a disappointment. Elite Receivers would make all catches that touches his hands, he couldn't bail Henne out at all in SD... We need a Vet to teach these guys how to be a good WR like Penny has done with our QB's. Call Harrison's agent, or find someone better than what we have. Maybe with a vet WR Patrick Turner will be able to step up with a Vets tutelage.

I hope Henne can at least get us to 9-7 or at least credible 8-8. But then again a top 10 draft choice would be nice too.

Go Dolphins!!!

You just might see Ginn flourish deep with Henne now throwing the ball...

not sure if he is our future QB, bout to find out!

Killer Dolphins,
stick w/ your job as a dry laundry boy and leave the talk about coaches for the grown up .and listen to carlito .

Aren't you one of those fans on Ginn jock strap till reality smacked u in the face child please!! learn some before you get some

Why are people wanting to trade for a quarterback, when we haven't seen what we have on the roster? Forget about it, won't happen. If Henne doesn't show signs of an NFL quarterback, they'll draft another one next year. White is being written off without having thrown a pass. I'm not sure why the grass is always greener. I do see them waiting for Garcia to get cut and snatch him up though. That makes more sense.

Patty Scat!!

Go check out if Brady has new highlights patty boy

As a huge dolphins fan up here in big 10 country (please save your big 10 jokes for a later time) Ive watched chad henne at the helm of michigan tear teams apart with good accuracy and a cannon for an arm. That is when hes had time to throw and no pressure on him. But when he was blitzed or pressured he folded like a cheap card table, and that wasnt just his sophmore or junior year. It was in his senior year up to his final game against ohio state, they pounded him and he choked. Hopefully the coaching staff has started to correct that problem but i doubt theyre capable of coaching a young qb and old habits die hard for henne.

Vick is the type of player that can take over the game to the point were everybody looks like there in slow motion or in high school

And for a 2nd rounder done deal

"MIchael Vick the MJ of football..."

And you tell me childs please?

This in top 10 stupidest thing ever said on this blog

don't make me for become latrell sprewell of this blog


Besides the sound of your voice

Patty I know you like wearing Giselle's cloths don't make give the dirt up on this blog

killerdolphin want to spend another 2nd rounder for qb for someone who don't play more than 5 plays in 2 years and don't make any money because nobody know if he still can play. We have 2 young qb who we need to see if can play before we spend more 2nd round draft pick on bums.

By the bye

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