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Henne to become as good as Ryan, Flacco?

You might not remember what happened last Oct. 16 because it was a blip on the radar screen during a time the Dolphins were bombarding us with good news and a playoff run and a great turnaround season.

On that October day last year, Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked about the rookie QBs -- Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Joe Flacco in Baltimore -- making a sudden and surprising impact on the NFL.

And Henning said this: "We think Chad Henne can play just as well as [Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco] can. I'll tell you that right now. I think when he gets his opportunity he will play well. Every time we've given him an opportunity, he has played well. We also like Chad Pennington. So I think the quarterback situation here as it stands right now is better than it was Feb. 1st. I'll tell you that right now."

Well, Chad Pennington is out of the lineup for the Dolphins and so Henne's opportunity has come. So, by Henning's reckoning, we should expect the quarterback with all of 17 NFL completions to play well.

But who are we kidding?

Asking Henne to play as well as Ryan and Flacco did last year is plainly unfair and illogical because, well, a gun cannot fire unless it's loaded with bullets. And the Dolphins offense, particularly the passing game, is a popgun firing blanks.

Think about this for a second. Flacco last season could throw the ball to Derrick Mason, who has seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his career. He could throw the ball to Todd Heap, who is a perennial Pro Bowl-caliber tight end. And he could rely on a defense that not only erased a lot of his mistakes, but scored points to help him out.

Ryan? He could throw the ball to Roddy White, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Michael Jenkins, who is better than any receiver on Miami's roster. He could throw the ball to Jerious Norwood, who caught 36 passes a season ago. And now he's got future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to, also!

And I didn't even mention the fact the Atlanta running game that supported Ryan during his rookie season was No. 2 in the NFL.

So while Flacco and Ryan were good and did improve as rookies, they had tons and tons and tons of help doing it.

What help is Henne likely to get?

Well, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are playing very well, as both are running downhill with confidence and desire and aggression. But that is where it stops for Miami's offense now.

Tight end Athony Fasano, a revelation in 2008, is MIA in 2009. He has three catches this season and that is good only because his catches outnumber his two lost fumbles after two of those catches.

Alleged No. 1 receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has been inconsistent, often ineffective, rarely dominant and never elite since being drafted No. 9 overall in 2007. He is coming off two games in which he dropped two touchdown potential touchdown passes versus Indianapolis, including the possible game-winner. And then he responded to that adversity by catching zero passes despite being targetted six times versus San Diego.

In that San Diego game, Henne misfired on several passes to Ginn. That was on Henne. But Ginn dropped two of those nonetheless catchable attempts. One hit him in the chest, the other on the hands. On another throw, Ginn ran the ugliest, most rounded off out-route I've seen in a long time by an NFL wide receiver. He just kind of looped off the route and, not surprisingly, he wasn't open when the ball came his way.

I know many fans believe Henne will bring out the best in Ginn because the new quarterback's arm can finally make use of Ginn's appreciable trait -- straight line speed.

But I would tell you that rare is the effective WR-QB combination where only one or the other player is playing to par. If you guys are hoping Ginn will suddenly start to light it up simply because Henne is in there, you are mistaken. Ginn has to get much, much, much better to begin being a viable consistent threat for Henne.

Ginn will not instantly get better because he's hitching a ride on Henne's coattails. He's got to do the work to get his job done.

Henne will, of course, have other options in the passing game. But those players are also limited to one degree or another.

Davone Bess is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes but also might never break one because he lacks break-away speed.

Greg Camarillo is a solid complementary player who might catch a ton of passes also, but let's be frank, he wouldn't start on three-quarters of the NFL's teams.

Brian Hartline is a rookie and he's still learning. Patrick Turner is a rookie and he can't get active on Sundays.

So how, exactly, can we expect Henne to be as good as Flacco and Ryan if the players around him aren't in the same conversation with the players around Flacco and Ryan?

Tell me. I want to know. And yes, I will be asking this of Henning on Thursday.


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carlito, killer dolphins is a joker trying to rile every one up

Give Henne a chance to be a starting QB. Watch out for Jeff Garcia to come to Miami when the Eagles release him by the end of the week to make room for McNabb.

You are right! Henne does not have the weapons. Ginn is a overpaid joke. Unfortunately, this coaching staff got stuck with a poor draft selection from Cam. In his 3rd year Ginn has showed no signs of being an elite receiver and Henne is not going to change that because his arm can throw a little deeper than Penny. Nobody is scared of Ginn. His routes suck and now he can't even catch a pass.

They should stop forcing Ginn in the lineup. Right now Henne needs smart, sure handed receivers to eliminate all potenial mistakes. I'm not saying to deactivate Ginn but start Greg, Hartline and Bess in the slot. Bring Ginn in for certain situations to see if he will start to work harder, run better routes, fight for yards instead of falling down and see if he can catch a ball with his hands.

Better coaching

I agree with Drbullis, we know Ginn sucks. We know when you hit his hands with the ball he drops the pass 50% or more of the time. Try the rookies maybe one of them can do a better job.
Living in Indiana, I am sick of hearing how great Manning is. If Pennington had the receiving corps of Indianapolis we would have won that game. Pennington was a great pickup, hopefully Parcells can get us another QB.

Would Miami trade for Mike Vick?

Would Miami trade for Mike Vick?

Posted by: JaxFinFax | September 29, 2009 at 12:36 PM

Michael Vick ? and the stupidity on here continues ..... :)

Northern Illinois dolphin fan , EXCELLENT POST !

So you think Pat White is an option? We need another QB. If you want Vick, the price will probably never be lower than what it is now. I think there is more upside in Vick than waiting for Garcia or another has been.

Please, stop with Vick rants. He is not on their radar. Waiting for Garcia to get cut makes more sense and is far less costly.

With Penny out I look for this offense to really open up. Bess, Hartline and Cam are good enough to air it out, the phins just need to open up the play book and start attacking down field.

Henne has the physical tools Chad Pennington lacked. Now, the question becomes whether Henne lacks Chad Pennington's football savvy. Granted, it would be unfair to Henne for fans to expect an offensive explosion just because he has a strong arm, because there's so much more to being a good quarterback than simply having a good arm... just ask Jeff George! If Henne can progress throughout the year and show consistent improvement from week-to-week, and the Dolphins add in some playmakers in the offseason through the draft or free agency (draft Dez Bryant and sign Chad Ochocinco), then the sky's the limit. Imagine having a poised strong-armed quarterback who learned from his first-year starter mistakes, a receiving trio of Dez Bryant (playmaker), Chad Ochocinco (playmaker), and Ted Ginn being used simply as a third wide receiver deep threat where he can focus on doing the only thing he actually does well, running really fast in a straight line. Plus, you'd still have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, and a decent offensive line when it plays hard, anyways. That would be a vastly improved offense compared to what the Dolphins have got going on right now.

Just because someone isn't on their radar doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do. Example: Ginn was on their radar, how has that worked out?

The eagles are not getting rid of michael vick, i don't want him anyway, but he is andy reid's new toy. They will hold onto him thru the off-season building his value up as high as they can and hope to get a 1 or 2 probably a 2 around draft time.

Hate to admit your right. I think Henne will be great, but our recievers suck. Why is Ginn still here? Just drop him and his 1st round pick status. What a bust! I hope now they change their offensive attack. I'm sure we'll see something new. If I see Ginn starting Sunday I'm gonna smash my TV. This jerkoff should be cleaning porta-potties, not starting in the NFL. Somewhere, someplace Scam Cameron is smirking...Hope he burns in hell!

"the phins just need to open up the play book and start attacking down field."

clayton, thats the 64 thousand dollar question, i don't see this coaching staff doing it but i hope so.

Ginn reminds me a little of Randall Hill. The guy had blazing speed but thats about it. he was lanky like Ginn too.

I can't believe all the Michael Vick posts. What has the guy ever done to warrant this? Furthermore he is not being traded so lets move on, the job is Henne's right now for the remainder of the season and if he doesn't pan out that is going to be one of the primary goals of the off season draft or FA moves. Like Michael Vick is going to save our season or team - child please!

COLT McCoy ? Child Please !

They actually pay you to write this BS Salguero?!... Instead of constantly bashing Ginn why don't you ever acknowledge the missed opportunities Dolphins quarterbacks have overthrown Ginn on potential touchdowns?! Atlanta game, Ginn is wide open and overthrown by White for a potential touchdown. Colts game, Ginn beats double coverage and is overthrown by Pennington in the back of the endzone for a potential touchdown. San Diego game, first play of the game Ginn beats the coverage and is overthrown by Pennington for a potential 95 yard touchdown! That's 3 potential touchdowns! Sounds to me like you need to be more accurate in your assesment of players!....Armando

Hey Cecil Collins:

Enough with defending Ginn. I used to but it is beyond that now. That "overthrow" in the end zone in the Colt game was on Ginn, he slowed up and was unaware that he still had a step in the end zone where could have and should have made the catch. Yeah there were a couple of overthrows but there have been plenty of drops, game killing drops. Enough with Ginn, he is not a #1 WR.

cecil, gin didn't make that catch in the back of the endzone against the colts because he thought he had run out of endzone, but there WAS still room. it was a perfect pass, watch the replay. he was overthrown a couple of times, yes, but he blew the ones that hit him on the hands!!!!!

I honestly think the coaching staff needs to open up the playbook more and utilize Ginn, J. Bess, Camarillo and Fasano better!

What about running some screens?

Again....the playbook needs to open up for Henne to be successful....and for the running game to continue to be productive.


Sincerely during the game againt San Diego I could not avoid feeling frustration against Pennington so when he got hurt I said finally we will see if Chad is any good, and I can only say he did a mistake but felt that the guy overall did the best he could with the time given... I really don´t feel sorry for Pennington I feel he has been holding us back since the start of the season...
Finally we will be able to see what Chad is about and hopefully what he can do, I do concur with you about the rest of offense in that besaides Ricky and Ronnie and some of the offensive line eveything else is changeable I really saw a very poor effort from Ginn the last game, and to me the can trade him right now.

i am officially done standing up for ginn.

NJ Phin,

You see this joker Killerdolphins say that Michael Vick is MJ of football???

Michael Vick MJ of stupid decisions

Hey NJ:

Not McCoy, Jake Locker, he is a little raw but he has talent.

Ken , I said CHILD PLEASE to some poster who wants McCOY.

ken and nj talking talent as the case w/ mosses and fasano the fumble boy .

All you Pat White lackeys need to shut up! You keep talking like the QB postion is all about skill! Its about studying and knowing the plays, the defenses etc. etc. Historically black QB's lack this. They think the position can be played with Micheal Jordan finesse. Case in point: Jamarcus Russell. What a dorky, big bird, overweight excuse for a QB is that? Why is everyone trying to push black QB's just because they're black. If you look at the black head coaches they ain't no dummies...they got they're smart whiteboys playing the position! Untill I see a truly great black QB in my lifetime I don't believe they can play the position. I'd need to see a black Tiger Woods at QB before I would believe it. Pat White ain't the one. SORRY!!!

california, heard of donovan mcnabb. or warren moon?

Good luck Chad Pennington on your future endeavors, you uplifted this City’s spirits in 08, and you showed us class at the QB position something we lacked since Danny Boy. We as ans hope you stay in Miami Aqua as a back up or QB coach; these young QB’s (White & Henne both second round picks by the way) need you the Most. You’re a cool Cat

Henne: Henne you have one year to prove your worth our attention and the starting postion.

Tuna/Sparano: You netter be right about this Cat Henne or you better draft a QB in next years Draft we do not want another fuc-king excuse and give the back up another year to start. Henne either sink or swim just like the Pro's Do it. So now do it

first off tiger woods isn't black, second McNabb is a great QB, if the Pats didn't cheat, he would have a ring.

bobbyd12 calling out someone for making "a stupid ignorant comment"

The hypocrisy is off the charts. Absolutely hillarious. This guy's one sharp tool.

Don't dissapoint me this weekend on my annual trip to landshark from NC mr. Henne! Go Phins!

california rocker racist kkk scum leave here with your venom.

California rocker: your comment is how can I put it nicely, Ignorant. Irrelevant, racist, & based not on facts (warren Moon, Mcnabb, even Vick are better QB’s than plenty of white QB's in the league) Unfounded.

in old movies you see a racist guy in the south sitting on the porch on a ROCKING CHAIR , this guy calling himself Calfornia ROCKER picked the word ROCKER TOADD TO HIS NAME .FUNNY .

Lets leave race out of this conversation. Its stupid to even say something like that. Everyone needs to back off ted ginn, bad coaching will make anyone look bad. If let ted ginn go like some of you football geniuses say to do he'll end up in new england or with the jets and we'll get to see him light up the scoreboard against us twice a year. They have qbs that can get him the ball and coaches who know how to coach. You guys say hes had 3 years to prove it? His rookie year was a wash because we had that idiot cam as a coach, and last year we barely threw the ball deep and this coaching staff doesnt believe in quick slant routes. I loved what Pennington brought to the table in the form of leadership and poise, but its going take more than that to win a championship. I hope henne will be that guy but i really have my doubts.

and exactlty how many super bowls have THEY won ? :)

Second Round picks currently on Miami's Roster:
1) Pat white: who has looked poised while in games
2) Chad Henne who has a strong Arm or so says everyone and their mother keeps saying.

We better have a starting QB among them or we basically threw away two 2nd round picks

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

If I were the offensive coordinator, I'd come out throwing the ball early to put the Bills beatup secondary on it's heels.

This is probaly against what the Bills think we will do and it will also instill confidence in Henne... First play of the game will be a straight fly pattern to Ginn.. Hopefully he catches it, or Henne doesn't overthrow him

Carlito tengo Pan con salchicha y se acavo el pan

Let patty boy know I got some for him two

killer loves salchicha in his azzzzzzzz

white QB's are labled as "pocket passers"

double standard?

Go Out There and get Boldin for a 2nd , with these wide receivers This kid Henne is gonna get kill, Help Him Out Somehow , I hope he plays good , next year that will be one less worry the QB position, One Thing The Dolphins need to fix next year Is safeties and middle linebackers, I hope they can snatch Wilfork from the patriots next Year , That will make us much better up front, That will be a stud defensive line with the addition of a young pass rusher like George Selvie,WELL DREAMS WON'T COST YOU A THING

Fins have traded with KC for Tyler Thigpen. That says something about the faith they have in Henne. Let Henne prove if he is the future or not.

Tyler Thigpen!

dolphins had 10 white QB last 10 years and all sucked ,it doesn't mean any thing .

Brees; Ryan; Flacco.

I am sick to my stomach thinking about the QBs we have passed on. And w/ the No.1 pick we select a good but not great LT. Sickening.

And btw, I will accept your apologies when Henne stinks up the filed Sunday. Watch him stare down 1st option receivers and fail to scan the field, etc. A real stiff.

What was involved in trade?

Surprising enough, I don't think Ginn is gonna attract that much attention. They are gonna be throwing the sink at Henne to see how he reacts. Hopefully he can burn a few guys, get his confidence up.
To be considered among Flacco and Ryan, the coaching staff is gonna have to be creative with protection and receivers so Henne feels confident to get the ball to the guy he is supposed. It will only take one or two good throws and opposing defenses will settle down. If he can't make those throws it is gonna be a very long season.

I have seen the future and its name is Thigpen!

Let the Thigpen Era begin!!

yes, the trade was there

trading for thigpen does not mean they don't have confidence in henne. it means they didn't have a back-up QB....and they got a good one in thigpen.....

If you haven't read the post below from Northern Illinois Dophin Fan.....READ IT PEOPLE!!! Best post I've seen. Everyone FN relax!

Posted by: Northern Illinois Dophin Fan | September 29, 2009 at 10:17 AM

and please don't say ...what about white?

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