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Dolphins-Colts tied 7-7 starting 2nd quarter

It got started inauspiciously as the Colts took a 7-0 lead on an 80-tard pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

The Dolphins fought back with a Wildcat powered tying TD drive on their first possession. ronnie and Ricky have 12 carries for 67 yards in the first quarter. The two combined for only 17 carries all last week.

And now we're starting the second quarter. And we're continuing the live blog in the comments below. See you there.


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Am feeling good about this so far.

On with the game!

Great work by Miami offensive line so far! 19 yards for Brown. Already has gained more yardage than all last week.

why wasn't that a personal foul.. wth was that dive tackle out of bounds?

Colts clearly miss Bob Sanders.


Can fasano do anything!!??!

Definitely late hit!!!

Shudda been foul on brown tackle

LETS ROCK & ROLL Dolpins and DOLFANS!!!!!

You catch the Fnnn Ball!!!

Ginn...but no tonic

Wide open!!!

Ginn inexplicably slowed up around the goal line.

I do not understand that.

Big kick

Ginn should have caught that...

I am still not impressed. Pennington blowing the passing game.

he probably didnt think pennington could get it that far......thats two missed td's

Ginn needs to catch that ball next time.

Mando, one of the Colts guys had a quick arm on Ginn that play. Refs not willing to throw flags on Colts D yet.

On the Dirt!

Ginn and no juice

Looked like he was afraid of running through the endzone... then have a few feet to spare when he came up inches short.


Like they said, great players make those plays.

Overthrown- he would have hone out o bounds if he kept goin

He didn't slow up mando... He was held

Two missed opportunities will = a heartbreaking loss at the end of this game. Pity.

Did no one else see the CB tug on Ginn's Jersey?

CB grabbed him as he was going by him

FrankieD Right

Fasano and Ginn making Pennington look bad. Those both should have been TD catches.

Ginn also slowed up that last because he saw he was close to the sideline in the end zone; if he had been sprinting there he probably would have caught ball and gotten one foot out of bounds.

Pennington in NOT blowing the passing game. His receivers are!

the pass was overthrown....thats ted ginn not andre johnson. But it seems like the dolphins have been visiting the hurricanes pr.atice

We need to work on our Ginn-dependence

So far kick coverage is decent.

Ginn was held

Keep bring the run!!!!!

I was just about to write the Miami special teams is doing good work and then the offsides.

Oh well. Erik Walden offsides.

why is pat turner not dressed

pratice* and yes ginn was held should have been a flag

Peyton is impressive! Dan Marino's replacement!

Special teams markedly improved so far!!!

Fasano needs to catch a ball, hold it and not fumble. It's in his head.

Special teams

Gruden: great players make that catch!

Keep bringing the run!!!

Where Chad falls short Ted needs to step up and viceversa.

sorry pennington overthrew both those players...

Mando, the white thing across the back of endzone is out-of-bounds... That's y Ginn slowed down..

Balls hit you in the hands you get paid to catch it!

Where's J Lo?

Havent seen the hold, but that should of been a TD

C'mon the ball was floating. Very tough to judge where exactly it is going to come down.

by the way, they have turned the audio waaaay up in the stadium. I never used to hear it in the press box. And now it booms!

i bet no colt player misses those catches.... ugh..

"great players" were held

Oh, take it back they were off sides!!!!

Short arm Ginn jez manup , layout


Alligator arms

Anybody feelin the Jaws theme?

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