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Dolphins-Colts tied 7-7 starting 2nd quarter

It got started inauspiciously as the Colts took a 7-0 lead on an 80-tard pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

The Dolphins fought back with a Wildcat powered tying TD drive on their first possession. ronnie and Ricky have 12 carries for 67 yards in the first quarter. The two combined for only 17 carries all last week.

And now we're starting the second quarter. And we're continuing the live blog in the comments below. See you there.


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Gibril Wilson is officially starting to bug me. He's always seemingly a step late.

the dolphins starting safeties suck......bring in clemons

Both the Fasano and Ginn throws came off Chad's hand poorly. You could tell they were high on the release.

Watch the tape; he was held

What was crowder doing there?

Our defense is crap this week! why can't we ever put a complete team on the field?

Fasano's miss was more inexcusable than Ginn's. Ginn was rightly concerned with the end line, and his pass was more difficult to catch.

Fasano should have caught his pass. His miss will haunt us at the end of this game. Shame on him.

Overrunning the play

Mando, is your stepson at safety close to starting?

Mando , i've telling everybody about wilson for weeks and weeks.


Is it too early to play Chris Clemons? Man, Wilson Blows!!!

There is Jason but too many men on the field

Crowder scares me going against manning in the mental game

Our safeties truly blow.

You sly dog, Peyton!

Dolphins get caught with 12 men on the field.

The Colts snapped it quickly to do just that. That Manning dude is pretty good.

Time to lay a few hits on Manning. Chicken crap


Crowder scares me going against manning in the mental game

Posted by: FrankieD

Using the phrase "mental game" in the same sentence as "Channing Crowder" scares the pizz out of me!

This is a big 3rd down

Robby, if Wilson keeps playing like this, my stepson will be in the lineup by Week 6.

he's still working to learn the calls -- unfortunately.

dallas clark doesnt score if clemons was in the game .....he would have at least ran him down and the tackle. It's embarassing to let dallas clark score on an 80 yard td pass

Colts could easily go for it on 4th down here if they fail on 3rd.

Manning vs. Crowder in mental game?

Crowder was national honor society.

Too early

I can run a 12.6 40. Maybe I could play safety!

dang...why couldn't Crowder have levelled Wilson?

smh @ crowder hitting his own players and not the colts player.....man he sucks in coverage

Nathan Jones took a Crowder knee to the head.


Peyton does it too

The seam of the Miami defense seems to have a sign that says "Passing Zone."

When is Channing Crowder going to hit someone he is actually aiming for... open your eyes when you hit!!! Basic Football.

Crowder, do that to Manning

Now....can we please have a big play on 3rd & long....please!!!

Good tackling by Y. Bell. And now we have a FG try.

A safety made a big tackle?!? Will wonders never cease?

bend but don't...well, "don't succeed" is about it

Wide right

Will Allen played that perfectly!

Vinatieri good from 43 yards. We're tied.

It's not going to be easy for anybody folks.

Outstanding back to back tackles by Will Allen and Y. Bell.

Bend but don't break

BTW, we are going on 6 quarters and we have not got a turnover yet...

All even. Let's go phins. Score 7 coming out this series

good stop.. pass rush is getting closer and closer to manning.. and the outside contain is keeping the runners from getting outside.

hopefully they continue to tweak and get better as they settle into the game. Maybe they were over hyped by playing on Monday night.

great work and nice tackles

Po...gotta type faster

4 1/4s

Ronnie and Ricky!

What are you guys talking about the RG?

Donald Thomas is playing RG like he always does.

Long is quick out of his stance

MIAinBFLO here in Lakewood. Let's go phins

Espn put some dude named Devin as RG mando

how did longnot get flagged for motion there?

Great move by long

You guys notice Jake Long getting help with Freeney?

Didn't need it that last play, tho.

Bill Parcells brought the wildcat?! That was a Joe theisman comment.

long is getting out of his stance pretty quick.....especially on passing downs.

Oh no

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