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Dolphins-Colts tied 7-7 starting 2nd quarter

It got started inauspiciously as the Colts took a 7-0 lead on an 80-tard pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

The Dolphins fought back with a Wildcat powered tying TD drive on their first possession. ronnie and Ricky have 12 carries for 67 yards in the first quarter. The two combined for only 17 carries all last week.

And now we're starting the second quarter. And we're continuing the live blog in the comments below. See you there.


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Casaaaaatchh that int!!! Geeze-a-mighty!!!


Why do our guys never catch those intercepts?? We needed a big play there!


msndo ...is pat turner a bad pick...he's not dressed...

That was retarded....dudes gotta catch that.

You guys are making me crazy!

Donald Thomas is the RG!

who is the new right guard and where is donald thomas?

Here comes some trickeration - I can feel it!

Hey Frank...they are just surprised to touch the ball catching it really takes a back seat.

Damn cable came back on. Now I have to suffer through a pitiful offensive display.

I think jake long is overrated i deserve #1 pick money.

who is the new right guard and where is donald thomas?

My god his head turned as the ball met his facemask. U guys are critique to hard, simmer down now

For crying out loud guys, get a fricking program and forget what MNF is saying...DT is DT is RG fo sho.

bring in Pat White! looks like Pennington got liqoured up before the game.

who is the new right guard and where is donald thomas?

Let's milk this clock so Indy doesn't get it back!

Lol @ Crabtree post

who is the new right guard and where is donald thomas?

Freeney is on the sideline. Interesting that Miami is in two minute O and Freeney is out.

Guys , lawson is just being a wisea$$

Did Gruden relly think "the Killer B's" is original? Sheesh!

Way to slow the pass rush

Dave Wannstedt-esqe take-a-knee football.

Get aggressive.

this is the most boring offense in the league.

Big 3rd down!! Take the lead into half time and we get the ball in the 2nd half!!! Let's go FINS!!!!

no im not. I really dont know who he is and last week it was donald thomas. I keep posting it because noone is answering it.

Lawson = drunk

Btw guys. Don't the boys in the booth look like they belon in the surrogattes trailer with all that makeup they're wearing? That's a lot of compound.....


Miami has a new RG in the game. His name is Mama. First name Your.

Bring in Pat White! are you kidding me. Pennington has no arm White has no accuracy. Thats like saying would you rather be shot in the head or blown up!

Indy's D will sucking wind in the 4rth quarter. That's where mimai wins the game.

Miamis playing a good game. Need to score, so the second half gets us more t.o.p and possible points

Duper has been wide open all game and they keep running Davenport

Po = Vodka

1st-down the Polite way!

Freeney back in the game.

The constant, often unmerited negativity here is why I prefer the Sun-Sentinel.

Let Ronnie throw a pass. And god Ricky looks so fast this year.

i rather see pat white running around in the backfield than chad pennington...i better not see that again.

Bess sighting! woo!

Smart run by bess

Boston----why do you know what "compound" is? (posted w/ a :>)

Bess sighting

Hear u Jules!!!!!!

My Mama is in the cheeze line

Good way to get away from a sack by Pennington.

But I still prefer my Mandito over the Sentinel

Chad Tarkington

lol how do you miss a sack on pennington

once more a blown play action by CP

Big 1 yard

drsamii--it's all about posting speed

smh they better score at least a field goal before haltime. they cant leave no points on the field with peyton manning on the other sideline

Pennington had a receiver wide open in the endzone.

Well, they're milking the clock, but they gotta get it downfield and maybe even score, huh?

Shoulda ticked a few more seconds off the clock after that 2nd down.

Guys- all kidding aside WE CANNOT throw the ball!

That TD stat can't be right. Is it?

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