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Dolphins-Colts tied 7-7 starting 2nd quarter

It got started inauspiciously as the Colts took a 7-0 lead on an 80-tard pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

The Dolphins fought back with a Wildcat powered tying TD drive on their first possession. ronnie and Ricky have 12 carries for 67 yards in the first quarter. The two combined for only 17 carries all last week.

And now we're starting the second quarter. And we're continuing the live blog in the comments below. See you there.


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Go for it!

There is Ricky finally

Hmmmm.. Interesting call!!

They should go for it!

Field goal from 2nd base

Miami has shut down Manning but for one play, are moving the ball w long drives, dominating time of poss and have over 100 rushing yards in first half. I'd say that's pretty good. Frustrating to play for a fg? Yes. But otherwise, so far so good.

go for it...we are running well tonite

We would post quicker but the bong is in the way

Go for it! Peyton apparantly can score 2 touchdowns in 42 seconds

Great camera work by ESPN on Jake Long vs. Dwight Freeney.

did you see long get knocked down 3 times...seems like all they have to do is push his chest and he goes down...

Too much time....

coaching for the field goal?

Po...why isn't it coming MY way? Feeling left out.

Mando, aren't u at game?? Or is it an interactive where u can watch espn inside the stadium?

Carpenter>money! And from the dirt! Why did evil refs put time on clock for Peyton---D MUST hold here!!

smh they was a little too excited over 3 points.

Still think we shoulda ticked more time off on 3rd down or have gone for it on 4th there. Can't give up points now!

Like I said... Thank God we have a kicker

Let's hope Long is learning some good things against these elite DE's.

I just don't get why they go entire series w Ronnie on the sideline. He's our best player!!!

its in the mail

to much time for payton


thanks Armando... Now I know for sure I will take you off my favorites and I will stay with the sentinel. good luck with the herald and these losers. I hit your part of the website three times a day for over a year now. well now that I know you are a smart ass I will take my business elsewhere. I just asked a simple question.. This was also my first time on one of your blogs and my last. Good luck.

I like the way they said long was playing well as they showed him on his butt twice, then they say he hasn't allowed freeney to make a play as freeney gets a sack. Sure, it was a coverage sack, but the highlights and annoucer were just a bit 'off' on that one

I admit I held my breath on that kickoff. I admit I hold my breath any time the Miami special teams is on the field.

Keep tem in the DIRT!

Yes, Pennington doesn't have a big arm... But, I think they still have a huge problem with no big play receiver... Ginn should at least be able to occasionally catch a 15 yd pass, make a move, and blaze?!

Any Cameron Wake news?

Umm holding?!?! WTF

Did we expect Peyton Manning to lay down? I don't think so.



Crowder in Coverage??? Ugh!

Told ya!


Payton Manning is so...Payton Manning.


smh open receivers running around free

We need a pick bad


Make up call!


Boy Bell really is an overratted safety

is cameron wake active?

Manning looks like he's got poopie on his helmet.

Clean your facemask




wake is inactive.

There's the pick

Yeh boy

Nice Wilson...you still have sucked tonite.

smith did a good job on that play .....even tho he didnt get the int

Gibril Wilson? Amazing. But it was Smith's play



Pick and a hold!

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