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Dolphins-Colts tied 7-7 starting 2nd quarter

It got started inauspiciously as the Colts took a 7-0 lead on an 80-tard pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

The Dolphins fought back with a Wildcat powered tying TD drive on their first possession. ronnie and Ricky have 12 carries for 67 yards in the first quarter. The two combined for only 17 carries all last week.

And now we're starting the second quarter. And we're continuing the live blog in the comments below. See you there.


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Take manning out!

Go D?

Unbelievable. The half ends like it started--with the Colts doing exactly what we knew they were going to do--and we can't stop it.

Typical - my ulcer hurts

and now it's time for the halftime cry.

Back in 15. I can't take Tom Jacksona teeth in HD.

does CHANNING LOOKE LIKE "BUMBLE" from Rudolph the red nosed raindeei or what


Horrible situational fb by out D!! How do they allow that pass with 8 seconds left!!! Man that hurts our momentum!!

sorry robbyhenz! but you gotta admit, they would have brought it there!

Dropped TDs, Dropped Intercepts-----too many mistakes in a close game.

Too many opportunistic plays were not made.

What does the prevent defense do class? It prevents you from winning. I can't wait until we get a defensive coordinator who believes in bring pressure every down. I hate the Dolphins!

The whole stadium was in the bathrooms trying to beat the halftime rush during that kick. No noise!

Bostonfan: jajajajaja

Mando, you have to get on Sparano's case with time management for the rest of the season. I'm serious. Those end of half situations matter immensely. If you're gonna kick a FG on 4th and short then you milk the clock more!

Double cover Clark every play

Peezy looks like he was one step away at least 2 times. Peyton steps up every time...

what is everyones problem... we suck we suck, no we don't, that is manning out there and we are tied. good game.

no pressure on Manning at all this 1st half

Excellent point by Andrew H. Please read his comment.

And then take know the live blog goes to the new post.

Defense Sucks

LOL@BOSTONFINFAN. regarding jackson's teeth.

klndry, true true

Brown has to throw sometime soon from the WC. Good game.

Sorry Manodo & Andrew, but i don't think i can agree with the clock argument...if he was really playing for the FG (and killing the clock) he woulda had a much safer 3rd-down play just to get the clock right. Fins were going for 7, not 3...and they'd need the time for that.

Hey guys, just got home. Saw that Freeney has a sack. Long's fault or no?

Gibril Wilson is a downgrade over R. Hill. Not much pressure on PM and CP less effective than Rb @ QB.



Ginn sucks, sure TD and he alligator armed it, must be afraid of the paint on the end line.

You’re...... Had my shot!

Dolphins gotta come up out running it !!!!

Not to be cocky but i think i can cover miami's receivers and te's by myself.

suzie Kolber looks so nasty even a jet (namath) would not tap that.

WOW Ted caught the ball

Ted doesnt drop many catchable balls if any at all.......


wild cat is killing them tonight.....but the game plan is sound...run the ball and keep indy off the field.

I miss Marino

Ted Ginn is running some NICE routes!!

Every Sunday for 10 years


Not very polite

smh if you going to bring white in.......at least let him get jiggy.

Pennington can't find receivers down field!

smh the other check down was wide open for the first down... here we go with a field goal attempt again......and he missed.......

I miss Griese

The only chance we have is to just keep running the football and hope to wear them out.

I miss Strock

Pennington looks uncomfortable in the pocket. Ever since the Ravens game in the playoffs. He clearly doesn't trust his line.


He knows he doesn't have a good arm... so it is like he hesitates if someone is coming open 20-25 yards downfield?!

With him we may always be 10-6/ Wild Card team at best.

Could've had Ryan

sack finally...........

They look hot and tired (colts)


yeah the weather seems to be affecting the colts

Their line looks slow..

Oh... Drew Breeze... we could have had you with us... Thanks, Daunte C.


I miss Daunte

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