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Live blog: Does Henne step up or step back?

Yes, there are a handful of topics on the margins that might interest viewers of tonight's preseason-finale in New Orleans. Will the Miami cornerbacks flourish or wilt in the face of the NFL's best passing attack? Will the special teams unit get its act together? Will John Nalbone or Joey Haynos win the electrifying competition for the third TE job?

You know the most important topic that must yield answers tonight?

How does Chad Henne respond to pressure? How does he handle adversity? Now that he basically stunk against Tampa Bay last week, and his coaches were on his case all week, and the media was writing he was struggling, and fans were asking why he's the heir apparent when he's proven nothing, Henne must respond.

He must step up.

Because if he doesn't respond in this particular forum -- against backup players in a game with little or no meaning -- how is he going to get it done in situations that demand courage and spirit and excellence? If he doesn't get it done here, why would the Dolphins believe he can some day take them to the playoffs?

That, to me, is the most important issue at play tonight. It transcends tonight. It addresses not just the coming days, but the coming years in Dolphinsland. If Henne reacts well to a tough outing, all is good and we move on to the next challenge.

But if he steps back, in so small a stage as this, then why should we believe he can step up on bigger stages?

The answer comes tonight starting at 8 p.m. (ET) from the Superdome. The live blog starts in the comments section below. I'll be here a few minutes earlier to give you any lineup changes and news.


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7 out there, 8PM here.

Henne is not the answer. The Dolphins made the biggest mistake in franchise history when electing to pass on Matt Ryan.

Mando---actually you had it right on the radio earlier---most important thing is Nalbone - Haynos battle for 3rd string tight end. All else is meaningless.

Chad played well last year. I could definitely see the future. So far in games this year no but I don't think he lost it. He just hasn't gotten a long enough look. He stands in the pocket undaunted by the big hit about to be applied and throws an awesome ball. To me that makes a quaterback. He is not easily rattled and throws well. Hmmm who does that remind us all of? There will never be another Marino but he can be as good as anyone else in the league.

I think the most important thing is how they come out of the gates. Are they electric & pumped, or in a half-coma as they were last week. For the starters, this may possibly be the most insignificant game they ever play, but I would still like to see some enthusiasm.

I'll be more interested in the first string o-line. Then Henne, then the secondary. I'm also wondering who will replace Roth on the roster. I'm looking for Moses to impress again. Is there a live feed anywhere?

I'd also like to see how the receivers do tonight and who emerges as the #2 receiver behind Ginn.

Get thru healthy. Nobody is going to give a hoot about these games come next Sunday unless someone gets hurt.

Next week will bring new stress of things we are not even thinking about. Next week will bring game planning and will make the team look better.


Finsfan23 I couldnt agree with you more. Everyone has a few bad days every now and again. I just remember the Arizona game last year when Pennington couldn't move the offense at all. Then Henne comes in and is making completions all over the field leading us to a score. So I don't want to hear it Henne will be just fine when his time comes.

Chad is still developing. I hate how impatient fans become when a player with such high expectations has. Look at what a few years studying the game and learning from a future hall of famer did for Aaron Rogers. I'm by no means saying that Chad Pennington is a Hall of Fame QB but Penny is as smart a QB as they come. Things will work out fine with patience and support.

How can any one pass on boston golden boy Matt Ryan for Henne ?

Anyone know a link to a P2P so I can see this up in Oviedo??

Hayden is right. Injuries, and hopefully the lack of them, is very important. I talked about that on the radio also.

And DaveyDave is right also -- Chad H is still developing. But tonight is an important step in that development.

Headed to the stadium now.

anyone know if the game will be on justintv tonight?


Thank you, Henne needs to step up or everyone on hes wagon needs to shut up! lets see what second year Qb of the future shows tonight and we will discuss later. so far this kid shows nothing! To be continue. good article

Brandon you're an idiot and I know because I run your life. I am your brain and I'm telling you to stop writing my thoughts on the computer for everyone to read because it's embarrassing for both of us. I was just thinking how I know the phins made the "biggest mistake in franchise history" (and laughed my ass off at how retarded the thought was)and then you go and write it down for the whole world to see. Now everyone knows how stupid we are! Don't ask me why I helped you post it, I guess I was too busy thinking up other moronic crap to flame the Dolphins about and wasn't paying attention to that side of myself. Tomorrow we will be walking to the docs for a procedure to remove the hands so we will no longer be able to type what I think. I can't keep an eye on you 24/7 as I am too busy thinking negative crap about the Dolphins so I think the hand removal is the best thing for everyone concerned, get some rest.

Armando, sanchez is starting,matt ryan took his team to the playoffs and HENNE still developing ?

the real reason the coach is scared to start him .it's better to start him soon and find out the verdict .

In Response to: "Henne is not the answer. The Dolphins made the biggest mistake in franchise history when electing to pass on Matt Ryan. ~ Brandon"

I think I can think of bigger Mistakes than Henne. Cecil Collins comes to mind and Yatil Green ARE the Biggest recent mistakes in franchise history. Or how about trading for Jay Feeley or even bringing in Nick Saban, NOT HENNE Idiot... What kind of Dolphin Fan are you? I've been a fan since the rotation of Don Strock and David Woodley. Henne is going to be the future starting 2010 and I'm okay with that. A four year starter at Michigan who won games and bowl games in front of 100,000 fans and you think he was a mistake! what!? He'll be fine it was one freaking pre-season game. AND SPARANO AND CO. DID NOT GAME PLAN FOR TAMPA, which showed last Thursday. Too many negative fans who are counting their chickens before they are hatched and to them the Henne egg is rotten before it hatches. Look, the coaching staff, upper management, and especially the culture is at its best in a very long time and all we get is negative thoughts from other Dolphin fans? Man, if you don't like it go root for the Jets Biatches, because that's all what Jets fans are... For me---"Win, Loose, or Tie, Dolphins till I Die!" Go Dolphins!!!


no tie in football.
you welcome

shut up about Matt Ryan anybody can play good with Michael Turner shoving the ball down your throat lots of teams have won the SB with average QBs the runing game dictates what will be. From Marino to Elway Running the football makes QBs look good or bad Chad will be fine this is not the old Dolphins 300 yards and digust because we lost have faith ye of so little

I thought there were ties in football.... end of overtime with same sames (score) thats a tie

Get over it. We didn't draft Ryan it's over. tell your brain to chill.

GOPATS what was the final record for the Philidelphia Eagles last season? 9-8-1? There can be ties in football knuckle head.

you know what else Henne will help is Long ..remember Long did protect his ass in college .... so they know each others tendecies ...plus I think Henne will get lots more playing time this year



Child Please! If the Dolphins drafted Matt Ryan last year he either wouldn't have started or he would have met the same fate as John Beck with no o-line.

Get over it, Miami chose Jake Long, he is here to stay, and he is a pro bowler with room to improve even more.

Correct me if I am wrong but didnt brady come from michigan as well as griese and several other good qb's I ll take my chances with Henne.

and besides all the we should of got M.Ryan they wouldnt be saying it if he had a bad year those same peeps would be saying see thats why we took Jake Long... its always easier to what miami should have done after we see a year of play out them ...Jake Long =pro bowl=winner in my book ....and what about the people clammering for Crabtree to trade up (i thought crabtree would be a good pick too)I am glad they didnt cause he would probally be pulling same crap of a hold out (Oh I am not a diva but I want paid more than him cause I think i deserve it ) give it up you get paid by where you get picked Diva...in point I am glad that miami stayed there and took Vontae Davis

miami 123456 , i am talking about tie in the game itself not a tie of the season record in the standings .



when I see Jake Long play I think of Richmond Webb with the ability too run block ...I see big things for Jake long.. maybe hes another Tony Boselli

i think you are talking to me mr or mrs go pats
games do tie example 9 wins 6 losses 1 tie
i do remember some nfl players saying they didnt know they could tie in the nfl

after one overtime period in football if both teams are still tied, the game is then declared a tie.

phili 9-6-1 nuff said go play on the pats board please ...and by the way sorry too here bout tedy retiring he was good player

people i am tired of hearing their who get paid millions and never show any one any thing and they get more ink than BP.

ted ginn
Ronnie B

Some of you guys need to chill. Until we see Henne play as a regular starter we will never know what he's cabable of. Relax....

MR ,miami 123456,

tell me and the rest when a tie in a football game can occur ?

Henne rules!!!

go too nfl.com look at the eagles record you think that nfl lies than ask them

the overtime rule after one period applies to the regular season.


got to go to watch and see how many interceptions we will see.
may be we will see a tie

Sitting in the Superdome.

Greg Camarillo is indeed slated to start at WR opposite Ted Ginn Jr.

Tired of this Matt Ryan crap...in five years Ryan will be a backup somewhere while Henne will be a star...Please Brandon, let a PROVEN expert Bill Parcells evaluate the talent and u continue to serve fries or whatever non-football job u do


so you are a donkey since you have no clue like me .

wait for soulj to tell us when he has time.

Does anyone know the Justintv link?


I never post on your blog, but read it all the time, and will be reading tonight during the game (I'm not coming to the dome this year). I hope you enjoy the game tonight, and that you have a chance to enjoy some of the best we have to offer here in New Orleans while you're here.

Hi Mando
take it easy on the food while you here in louisiana it is really good but mostly fried and thats not good for you ..... how long before you think will allen is unseated as the starter at his position by vontae davis?

Armando--i missed stuff last week. Like: i know my hero Kowalewski was "waived injured"...anybody know what happened? Was he hurt in game/practice/slipped in bathtub? Or was it something else?

Bob Griese came from Purdue.

I recall when everyone was complaining that passing on Brady Quinn was the biggest mistake in franchise history. Only time will tell, but I can think of a number of bigger mistakes than Henne.

Thank you NOLA! I love this city and am rooting for it to return to what it used to be, economically and so on.

The Jets are so stupid, who fights in a preseason game?

and to clarify, NOLA--Bob Griese was indeed a Boilermaker. BRIAN Griese came from Michigan (battled w/Brady for starting job & lost). Pity he was *nothing* like his old man when he was with us.

Yeah, I gotta be cool with the fried, sauted, buttered stuff.

Kowalewski was hurt during the game vs. Tampa Bay. Waived injured the next day.

Um, Vontae Davis is not quite ready to beat out his mentor Will Allen. Maybe by the end of the season he's getting solid playing time in the nickel package, and maybe next year he's competing for that starting job.

the Jets have gotten into a brawl? What happened?

players who let there emotions get the best of em ...better against another team than in the team scrimmages where i think there was a couple dolphins scuffles...nothing like beating up your own teammate..


Bart Scott was fighting with a O-lineman from Philly. They got into it pretty good... a couple of punches... penalty called on Scott that put the ball by the goal line and Philly scored a T.D.

yeah ..thank you for answering that i was thinking next year as well ..will allen pretty underrated db in the league i think

65 yards in penalties on one drive on the Jests


How long do you think it will take Rex Ryan to punch Brian Schottenheimer (sp)? I'm guessing the monday night game in Miami...

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