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Live Blog: Pat White the backup, Henne the 3rd QB

Good Sunday. If you haven't read Armando's eloquent salute to his mother in the previous post, please do so. Then, call your mother, father, aunt, grandparent, uncle or anyone who was significant in helping you be a better person growing up and let them how much you appreciate what they did. We rarely have the perspective or sense to realize their efforts when they're doing them, so we should at least tell them now.

Then, come back for the Live Blog that'll feature the game blog rookie backup, David J., trying to participate properly from the Georgia Dome and the starter, Armando Salguero, participating from his South Florida home.

Chad Henne has been designated the third quarterback. Pat White will be the backup today. Inactives are wide receiver Patrick Turner, linebacker Cameron Wake, safety Chris Clemons, tight end John Nalbone, offensive tackle Andrew Gardner, offensive guard Shawn Murphy and defensive end Lionel Dotson. Greg Camarillo will start instead of Davone Bess.

Atlanta's inactives are cornerback Tye Hill, safety William Moore, linebacker Spencer Adkins, offensive tackle William Svitek (sounds more like a Thrashers left wing), offensive tackle Garrett Reynolds and defensive tackle Trey Lewis. The Falcons third quarterback is John Parker Wilson. Also, the Falcons will start Brian Williams at cornerback instead of Brent Grimes, giving them more experience at the saggiest part of their defense. Williams has been a starter throughout his previous seven NFL seasons, with Minnesota then Jacksonville.

In the midst of researching this, but it appears Sean Smith will be the first Dolphins rookie cornerback opening day starter since fourth-round pick Gerald Small started the 1978 season opener. Small went on to start six seasons for the Dolphins.

I'll be diving into the comments section for the rest of this post. Got the Time to Kick (Tucchus) playlist going. With significant Dolphin fan representation in the Georgia Dome, Opening Game excitement and what should be a intriguing, scintillating game, this place should be bouncing for the next few hours.

"Just because you're not for real...why you want to hurt me now?..."