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Live Blog: Pat White the backup, Henne the 3rd QB

Good Sunday. If you haven't read Armando's eloquent salute to his mother in the previous post, please do so. Then, call your mother, father, aunt, grandparent, uncle or anyone who was significant in helping you be a better person growing up and let them how much you appreciate what they did. We rarely have the perspective or sense to realize their efforts when they're doing them, so we should at least tell them now.

Then, come back for the Live Blog that'll feature the game blog rookie backup, David J., trying to participate properly from the Georgia Dome and the starter, Armando Salguero, participating from his South Florida home.

Chad Henne has been designated the third quarterback. Pat White will be the backup today. Inactives are wide receiver Patrick Turner, linebacker Cameron Wake, safety Chris Clemons, tight end John Nalbone, offensive tackle Andrew Gardner, offensive guard Shawn Murphy and defensive end Lionel Dotson. Greg Camarillo will start instead of Davone Bess.

Atlanta's inactives are cornerback Tye Hill, safety William Moore, linebacker Spencer Adkins, offensive tackle William Svitek (sounds more like a Thrashers left wing), offensive tackle Garrett Reynolds and defensive tackle Trey Lewis. The Falcons third quarterback is John Parker Wilson. Also, the Falcons will start Brian Williams at cornerback instead of Brent Grimes, giving them more experience at the saggiest part of their defense. Williams has been a starter throughout his previous seven NFL seasons, with Minnesota then Jacksonville.

In the midst of researching this, but it appears Sean Smith will be the first Dolphins rookie cornerback opening day starter since fourth-round pick Gerald Small started the 1978 season opener. Small went on to start six seasons for the Dolphins.

I'll be diving into the comments section for the rest of this post. Got the Time to Kick (Tucchus) playlist going. With significant Dolphin fan representation in the Georgia Dome, Opening Game excitement and what should be a intriguing, scintillating game, this place should be bouncing for the next few hours.

"Just because you're not for real...why you want to hurt me now?..."


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Good luck & have a good blog, David. Glad to hear that Mando will be participating.

Bring on the dirty birds. Go fins!

Can't wait. Let's see the dolphins defense shut em down! Sean Smith pick one for me!

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the dolphins schedule? I'm ready to prove we belong!

David, Mando,

Who are the inactives for the game?


Good morning armando......hope you're doing well......we'll miss your press box perspective this week!

David, and Mando,

Who are the inactives for the game? Is Turner active?


Cannot Wait!

Can you guys imagine the firestorm if a player had erupted like Serena did last night (and btw, I like Serena and think her outburst should be forgiven & the foot-fault calls blew).....

but the point is, if as player did it, the Big O on the radio & a dozen columnits and hundreds of our fellow posters would be demanding that she be cut from the team and disciplined, and crying about 'what type of "Thug" example' she has set for our Yutes.

Will Ross dare criticize or apologize for her??

What a big day for Parcells and his work for this season. The team's decisions could very well be exposed on day one.

1. The lack of a playmaking WR will be seen.

2. Pumping two tons of money into THIS O-line

3. Signing 2 SS to start and underestimating the impact of little Renaldo Hill.

4. For some reasoning, signing LB Crowder back. Has he EVER made a a game changing let alone have one big play?

5. Remember that Parcells sold out Arthur Blank? Does the owner get revenge on the Tuna?

Could be a tough day for the "Dolfather"





Wish me luck guys, will be representing the MIA in ATL. Made the drive and will be sitting in a sea of red, white and black with my dolphins gear...LOL. This will be fun. GO DOLPHINS!!!!

I'm so ready for this game!

Mando, u the man!

Go Dolphins!!!!

My heart goes out to you regarding the loss of your mother, Armando.

the only thing good about the " outburst " last night was she was upset and for real for a wrong call but the bad thing is that this clip will be played as the ugliest 2 minutes of tennis hist passing Jhon MACEnroe RANT .



you are so stupid, how is an owner going to get revenge in a game?

go back to your jets blog, troll

What are you talking about SEER? John Mcenroe (whom I find totally hilarious for criticizing her) did that crap all the time. He had commercials made off of the fact that he was an ass on the court, totally berating judges anytime that he could. Thats all I really remember about that guy.

I LIKE to remind fin fans that last year started 0-3 so if you lose today don't attack your player like it's a feast b/c i think dolphins will lose today .

does anyone know if justin-tv will be showing the game? i'm out of the country, and i don't want to miss this! do i have to wait for game time to find out? it all seems to be EPL league stuff right now...



i recomend you listen to the serena's words before you commend .she used words like kill,f..king the ball down your throat .this is worst than jhon macenroe who made money of it .in her case she will not .

How does he get revenge? By winning the stupid game today. I think Atlanta exposes the shortcomings of the Trifecta's offseason...shortcomings that we will see most of the season.


we started 0-2, then won the next 2 games against pats and chargers


can you tell me what an owner can do on sunday to win a game? Nothing but sit in his owners box and cheer.

thank god we have soulj on this blog other wise people will think i know.

Hey Sark you afraid of actually being in a Jets or Houston blog instead of here? or you don't know how to find them? or I bet they kicked you out for stupidity and won't let you back in....

sark ,are you going to see the game to enjoy it as a fan or watching it as an accountant ?

I'm not commending her. I'm just saying you go back and watch his antics and tell me he never...EVER...threatened one of those guys, girls, whatever. She let her emotions get the best of her. We shouldn't be calling her a thug just like we didnt call him one. She should be punished accordingly and was DQ'd.

We need some links to watch the game online folks :-)


Huh, accountant? Houston Texans blog? I am lost...

Why don't you take up my constructive criticism of the team and debate as opposed to getting personal.

Example: tell me why Jibril Wilson is starting at FS when he cannot cover.
Example: why is Channing Crowder looked upon as a great player?
I am not a Jets fan, but a Fins fan...

Stop pilling on.

Miami wins today 17-14. Turner goes for under 100 yrds and Matt Ryan gets sacked twice atleast! I will be looking for the Texans to hand NJY their first lost and I will pray for the Bills to win tomorrow (probably not) and hand the Patriots their first loss!!!!! GO PHINS!!!!

I am so pumped, have the daughter and wife all ready in Aqua and orange and ready to rock.

@phinsfaninne: I so agree, so sick of it, hopefully the Phins prove all the "experts" wrong!

Armando take care bro, know the pain, lost my mother 14 years ago at 17 yrs old. Her spirit remains in you, just remember to do what she would want/expect from you and you'll be fine. Continue to make her proud as she obviously was of you based on your heartfelt blog.

I hope the OLine begins to put it together today......a big rushing attack today would be great.

is wilmer showing it on justin.tv???

We cannot let Mr. Turner have a big day. I hope Sean smith and Will allen have great games too.

Yes I believe Wilmer is showing it however, usually noyt up until about noon

Anyone have a live feed online for the game? Apparently not live in my area >:(


Hopefully this team which your mother loved so much - mainly to make your job easier, but loved nonetheless - brings you some joy today as you recover from your loss.

JJ I feel your pain man......this is my first day with nfl sunday ticket and directv so I'm pumped for every one of the dolphin games this year!!! Try stoogetv.com.

IT'S TIME TO ROCK 'N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or does ESPN like Brett Favre? ha ha ha


It's not piling on.
There's some validity in the points you make. Still you sound like your whinning, which in turn makes you sound somewhat like a fair weather fan.
It's showtime home boy. Get in line or get out. If you're really a fan get behind your team. These are the guys were going with, and were going to war!
Let's TORCH Atlanta!!!!

I WANT to torch Atlanta too. I just wished those holes were filled when a knit-wit like me knew about them back in February.

I think those holes could be exasperated today.

I am here folks. First, I want to thank you for the encouragement and support the last few days.

Still getting emails and I'm trying to answer all.

Meanwhile, I'm excited about today's game.

ESPN has reported the Dolphins traveled all 53 of their players to the game, which they do not normally do, as a precaution against a swine flu breakout among one or two players projected to play.

All hands on deck seems to be the theme today.

Maybe it just me or do Sark like for the Jets?

The WildPat begins today! Mark this post.


More Favre on ESPN...surprise.

I can't wait to see Jake Long on Abraham. Long has a chip on his shoulder because of all the "speed rusher" criticism.
Long's going to make believers out of the doubters. Unfortunately for Abraham, he's gonna have to pay.


Glad to see you're back. I'm excited for the game today too!


Whats up man, you got the dark rum ready???
I think if we stuff the run, we got a great chance of winning!!!

Fantasy Football question for anyone that wants to answer,

I'm really thin on defense, would you start the packers d against the bears tonight or the Dolphins d against the falcons? (i know neither is a good option, but its cool because I'm stacked at other positions)

Pat White the No. 2 QB while Henne No. 3. Obviously, the Dolphins will use White in the spread offense today.

Should be awesome!


Showtime bro. I'm pumped!

Turner will get some yardage, we just have to keep it in check.

I think our o-line will be key. We wear down their undersized D and kill them with Ronnie and Ricky in the 4th quarter.

Wow Mando, nice scoop, that is VERY interesting.... Can't wait to see the new wrinkles

Awesome reporting Armando!!!! I was going to ask.

Thank gawd my Chad Pennington blow-up doll is made of food grade PVC.

Sorry about your loss Armando. Heart goes out to you. If Chad can exploit Atlanta's suspect secondary, contain Turner from long gains (tackle him upon contact please)& force Ryan into key mistakes, victory is ours & it is the 1st step to hosting & playing in Super Bowl off South Beach. LETS GO FINS!!!

I have confidence in Henning knowing just when to put White out there.
Armando on point!

Great info Mando...I cannot wait who will steal that from you on ESPN...

Cameron Wake is on the inactive list...

They just reported on CBS that a team (maybe the Rams) could eventually move to London. Are you kidding? How would they pull that off? It is just plain stupid.

I am all for making money and expanding markets, but come on.

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