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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Chargers about to kick off

The inactives for today's games are Erik Walden, Shawn Murphy, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, and Chris Clemons with Chad Henne designated as the third QB.

Cameron Wake is active for the first time this season, hopefully to be used as both a pass rusher and special teams player.

Today's game between the Dolphins and the Chargers is a referendum on what really is important in the NFL.

The Dolphins are a team built from the inside out. They are strong along the offensive line where they're spent $156 million to put together their starting unit. They are built along the defensive line where they have drafted three players, signed a free-agent, and traded for nose tackle Jason Ferguson and defensive end Tony McDaniel.

The line of scrimmage is where the Dolphins expect to dominate.

The skill players? Not so much. Not so great.

The Chargers, on the other hand, are a team replete with playmakers on offense and defense.

Antonio Gates is one of the best TEs in the NFL. Their running back corps is deep enough that losing LaDanian Tomlinson hurts, but doesn't kill their chances. Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and Legadu Naanee are the cornerstones of a pretty good receivers corps.

And defensively, CB Antonio Cromartie can be a premier playmaker.

The problem for the Chargers is they're not very strong up the gut right now.

Pro Bowl nose tackle Jamal Williams is out for the season. Center Hardwick is out for eight weeks. The players along their two lines are not their best players.

So what's more important? Being great in the interior, in the trenches? Or being great outside where the playmakers can make a difference?

We'll find out today. And we'll be doing it during the live blog that begins soon in the comments section. I'll be back when the inactives come out to relay those to you. 


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go phins!

Got to run the ball

mando, will the coaches be putting Jason Ferguson on Antonio Gates man to man? lol jk.

I expect Cameron wake to play today

Brady Quinn Benched, haha

I created a poll to see what you think if the dolphins will win today...

Lets hope they do!!!


Is the game going to be on Justin Tv today?

At least with all the fans complaints, one is not "we should have drafted Brady Quinn".

camy wake gon playi?

If we get well over 200 yds rushing and hold thier TOP to under say 15 mins we should win hands down. Dang it come on Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!! We have won last 7 aganist the bolts and Chad is
3-0 fins all the way!!!

Quinn removed from game "coaches decision" lol, wouldn't it be great now if Ginn goes out and has a career day 2day and sticks it to all the Quinn lover's

Brady Quinn=Joey Harrington

Remember all the Quinn love on draft day? Jut another lesson in there is no sure thing.

Let's go titans!

Ok gentlemen, I'm stuck with the Bengals/Steelers today...any suggestions on where to find the game online would be much appreciated...let's go Fins!

The inactive are up on the blog. No surprises.

Quinn has no touch and is very inaccurate. That combo never works in the NFL...

Our game plan should be the same as last week, but we got to tackle this time

Justin TV Should have the game.

Fins will win this game. Expect a heavy running game from Brown

Cameron Wake is active for the first time this season. Thank you!


Usually the website is Justin.tv/wilmer23. But for some reason today its saying "content removed" or does it always say that before broadcast begins???

We should've traded up and draft Maualuga instead of Pat White, but of course I'm only a fan

Miami needs to pass the ball more down field if they want to win. Teams are playing zone against Miami because they know that Pennington can't make the deep throw. We need to use Ginn more down field to open up the run.

Hope we get a LB in the game that can play today; Miss the good ole days when Zach was here. Crowder has been stinking so bad even the flies won't land on him.

aint camy waki playiing?

titans fumble a punt, ugh their making the jets look good., they r so overrated

Pennington will win this game for us today.

Keys to winning game
1. Bench Gibril "burn me" wilson
2. Surprise by not running wildcat
3. Run brown and Ricky, use a power game against weak front seven.
4. Pennington play fake will then work better,
5. Start Hartline ahead of camarillo

Thanks guys...I was a little disappointed we didn't pick up a LB as well Pablo...oh well, hindsight is 20/20


Who's inactive???
Come on man, get to it

Question: Does anyone want to bet on how many missed tackles Gibril Wilson will have today?
Will it be his last day starting?

Listening to the pregame on QAM...Omar Kelly ALWAYS picks the Fins. He even picked them to win big.

How can he say that. I wish media members were held responsible for their poor assessments and predictions.

Dolphins are AVG. 8.5 yds every wildcat play, thats almost a 1st down every run, why would they not want to run it?

Hey kids. Looking forward to a win here, let's roll over SD!!

Three playes to watch that the fish passed up in this year's draft. This players were available and instead the fish took David and P. White.
1. Kenny Britt or Hakkem Nicks
2. Clint Sintin

I am going to Tivo this game...too painful so far to watch it live... Last week, I was sooo frustrated that I seriously questioned why I am spending 3 hours of my precious live watching a bunch of millionaires play.. I have been a fan since 1966 so don't question my loyalty here... Football is entertainment...is a business... and if they keep playing like this, is not worth it for me to sit there..put up with commercials etc.. I hope that at some point they stick Henne in there if for nothing else...it will be entertaining.

Go Phins!

I'd like to see Chad open the game up with a bomb to ginn to make up for last weeks game. I'd also like to see Scarlett Johanssen serve me nachos and coors light at half time. Ya know, while I'm dreaming.

You guys see ESPN's countdown this morning?

Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter say it's time for you, as fans, to panic.

Mike Ditka said you can be patient because the team is coming back.

wilmer23 is down? oh no!

anyone have a link?


God, I just hope we dont let another TE have a career game against us.

Armando2, I hear ya bro. I dropped 2 grand back in 06 to follow them over the course of 3 weeks from Houston to NE, all 3 losses. I felt like. "what the fuck did I just do?". But, like a battered wife, we just keep coming back, huh?

Almost there Mando! Had to double up on the meds this morning.

The 3 ESPN pundits are right Armando. The rest of our division is decent this year and nothing is going our way regarding lucky breaks or momentum. It's going to be a LONG season :(

I do not understand that why when it is an obvious pass situation they do not put Sean Smith on him?

Should be fun watching Gates shed the middle of our D (and Crowder falling all over trying to keep up / Gaybril getting run over). JT & JP will be absent for yet another game. CP10 will muscle out some 10 yard darts. Ginn will drop a couple of passes. Sparano will settle for FG's instead of TD's and the Phins will be 0-3.

armando, nobody watches espn countdown unless they have to, that is the worst panel of football "experts" ever.

Chuck... Someone will show the game on Justintv, maybe last minute though...

This Sean Smith tweet BEFORE the game:

A few hours b4 kickoff...the stage is being set, I'm bout to put on a show! Plus my WHOLE fam is here so I really gotta show out Lol !!!


usually has the game.

who will be guarding Chris Chambers? i miss chambers even though he had his ups and downs, he made some spectacular catches

Dear Mr. Salguero

Shawn murphy is the son of Dale Murphy a former Atlanta braves player who never won a world series.

Does Chipper Jones who won a world series title with the braves have a son and will we draft him next season ?


Soiled :)

chuck, you're right. I have to. It's my job.

Jets look like they're going to win again. New England also looking like they'll win.


If Jones had a son, he'd be a block off the old Chip.

armando, lol, anyone who has to listen to advice from Keyshawn Johnson is truly tortured.

The Dolphins need to use the wildcat more aggressively. Maybe they should use it in the 2 minute drill because they run it with a simple set of personnel, and can create match-up problems. Use Pat White with Ronnie Brown taking the snap.

Hi guys!! im all pumped up!!

but now gamepass is working like crap...

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