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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Chargers about to kick off

The inactives for today's games are Erik Walden, Shawn Murphy, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, and Chris Clemons with Chad Henne designated as the third QB.

Cameron Wake is active for the first time this season, hopefully to be used as both a pass rusher and special teams player.

Today's game between the Dolphins and the Chargers is a referendum on what really is important in the NFL.

The Dolphins are a team built from the inside out. They are strong along the offensive line where they're spent $156 million to put together their starting unit. They are built along the defensive line where they have drafted three players, signed a free-agent, and traded for nose tackle Jason Ferguson and defensive end Tony McDaniel.

The line of scrimmage is where the Dolphins expect to dominate.

The skill players? Not so much. Not so great.

The Chargers, on the other hand, are a team replete with playmakers on offense and defense.

Antonio Gates is one of the best TEs in the NFL. Their running back corps is deep enough that losing LaDanian Tomlinson hurts, but doesn't kill their chances. Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and Legadu Naanee are the cornerstones of a pretty good receivers corps.

And defensively, CB Antonio Cromartie can be a premier playmaker.

The problem for the Chargers is they're not very strong up the gut right now.

Pro Bowl nose tackle Jamal Williams is out for the season. Center Hardwick is out for eight weeks. The players along their two lines are not their best players.

So what's more important? Being great in the interior, in the trenches? Or being great outside where the playmakers can make a difference?

We'll find out today. And we'll be doing it during the live blog that begins soon in the comments section. I'll be back when the inactives come out to relay those to you. 


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Thanks Soiled.

finally !

wildcat !

pls take fasano out !

brilliant !

oline in embarassing !

trying not to lose!!! down there twice and cant score a td! were dead!

horrible play calling just now

coachin staff doesnt learn

indy taught us nothing !

is patrick turner active ?

What the f....., can we score touchdowns?

We need some better redzone playcalling

Same old conservative play at 4 yard line. Try passing the ball or wild cat or something other then Romie straight ahead.

coaching sucks; dont we have red zone 3rd down calls? something besides a run up the middle.

The wildcat might good against this defense, we need to try that in the redzone

they don't throw to the endzone, how many years have we suffered thru this

channing is a big play facilitator !

week 1 defense plays big offense blows
week 2 offense catches fire defense falls out
week 3 defense sets up O O stumbles wtf
Can we ever put a full game together?

wilson finally found a player he can hit high........sproles

playcalling and coaching stinks. we cant make a red zone play; just like preseason!!!

Oh no, Chad looked like his wrist was limp. I hope he didn't break it.......

Is Henne active?

The henne erra starts?

Throw the damn ball deep!!!!

Unleash the deep ball already

Fire dan henning!!! I can call better plays.

henne is terrible; coach is worse!

tuna = myth

Man WTF is up with Ginn?

They need a spark, use Ginn on KR

This is another bad team. Loses turnover battle. Gives up big plays, can't make big plays in the passing game. Get your draft boards ready for a top 10 pick.

What happen. We had them. I'll mad. 0an 3. No one made the playoff. With a 0 an 3. Dammm long. Long season. I live in NJ. Dealing. With. Jet fan. At work. At. The. Bar in da gym. I can go to work.

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