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Miami's curious offense? Dan Henning responds

If you read the headline and it doesn't make sense, that's probably because you haven't read the initial post on the topic, just below this one.

Please do that now. If you don't want to and just want the synopsis so you can get right into Dan Henning's response then here it is: I posted that it doesn't make sense to spread the ball around to eight or so guys on offense when only two or three -- Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington, Ricky Williams, Ted Ginn Jr. -- are truly dangerous playmakers.

I wrote the Dolphins should find a way to feed their best offensive players, even at the expense of other so-called weapons like Davone Bess and Anthony Fasano. I'm not saying shut down Bess and Fasano, but let's get our priorities straight.

And I wrote the Dolphins should be more stubborn in doing what they do well -- which hasn't been a lot from what we've seen the past two meaningful games vs. Baltimore and Atlanta. If you're going to lose, go down doing what you do best, not that thing you do third of fourth best.

Well, the timing of the post is good because on Thursdays the Dolphins coordinators speak to the media. So I and other reporters asked Henning about these issues.

On the subject of letting the defense dictate to his offense, more commonly known as taking what the defense gives you this is what Henning believes:

"I think anybody ... you better have a very, very good [offense] to think you're going to go out and impose your will on the opposition. People are too good in this league. There are too many resources with tape and video to be able to know what you're doing and how to stop it. If you have a great running game, they can stop a great running game. I mean, we stopped last week a very good running game in Atlanta. I don't know if they were No. 1 or No. 2 but we stopped them. We only gave them 68 yards.

"In the meantime Atlanta said, 'Well, if you're going to stop that, we'll take this.' And I think everybody has to have that package that way. If you don't, you're going to be stubborn and you're going to lose some games you should win. And you're going to win some games you should win automatically. I believe you have to have packages where you have certain plays you like based on your personnel and then you have counters to those plays -- whether they be reverses, counter traps, counter plays from the particular play your featuring. Then you see what they do and how they're trying to stop your featured players and build into them. What happens is sometimes those counter plays do better than your basic plays. That don't make any difference as somewhere along, you move the football. Because they're trying to take that away, they give you the big one. Last year, that's what happened to us a number of times with the Wildcat operation and even in some other areas where we would run some reverses with Teddy and so forth.

"Then all of the sudden, people say, 'Why don't you do that more? Why don't you make the trick play your base?' Well, the trick play don't work unless you got something to make them stop some strong part of your offense over here."

Salguero response: So your offense can only do one thing well? Why can't you run the ball with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and throw the ball well on a number of varied routes to Ginn?

On the subject of getting the ball more to Brown and Williams, the topic that really, really bugs me most:

"Now, you didn't include Pat Cobbs in there," Henning said. "We have those three backs. We have a tight end everyone wants to get the ball to and last year we had David Martin on top of that. Then we have Bess, and Camarillo and Teddy. And if you get 60 snaps a game and you're ahead in the game, let's say you're ahead in the game, the last 15 snaps will be runs, they're not going to be passes. So the first 45 have to split up between about eight guys. OK?

"You put eight into 45, what are we going to get here? How many carries are we going to get? If you're running the ball well and you're ahead, Ronnie and Ricky are going to get a lot of balls. If you get behind in the game -- like we only had 12 snaps with 22 minutes gone in the game -- you have to determine what do we want to do. We have a couple of things in the Wildcat. We have a couple of things with Pat White. We have a couple of things we haven't even explored yet with Chad Pennington. Well, my intentions are usually to try to leave the ball in the hands of Pennington and try and get the game back in synch and utilize Pat White and the Wildcat in the featured places we like to use them ...

"...That's the way the game's played. You feel fortunate, I feel fortunate, I've never been on a team with three backs as good as these three. Now I've been on a team with maybe a back -- I remember William Andrews when I had him with Atlanta and he's the best back I've ever coached and I was with John Riggins -- but three  guys that can do what these three guys can do, run, catch and block, we're fortunate to have them. At the end of the year if between the three of them we have 2,000 yards, I'll be happy. Now last year we had [1,623 yards rushing] with those guys. And we had 60-something catches between David and Fasano and that was a good blend. Then we had three receivers who caught almost 55 a piece -- Teddy, [Camarillo] and Bess. So we spread it around pretty good.

"So I'll say this to you and you asked my philosophy: If you've got a stud, I learned this from Hayden Fry 37 years ago. He gave a talk on the FTS offense. that was the heading for his talk. And I looked at it and said, 'What the hell is the FTS?' He said the FTS is Feed The Stud. He was at SMU, he had one good player. So he played him at quarterback, at receiver, he played him at running back ... If you have a stud, you better get him the ball."

Salguero response: Patrick Cobbs is a nice player, but please don't equate him with Brown and Williams. Don't insult us that way. Also, Miami studs are Ronnie and Ricky, are they not? So why are we talking about throwing to Bess or Fasano in the same sentence?

And does the stud change game to game?

"No, on this team I feel we have a blend of tremendous talent," Henning said. "Now stud, that's a word you go to when you say, 'I have this guy but I don't have a lot of other auxiliary pieces. So I'm going to feed this guy,' you know what I mean? There were times in Carolina we'd feed Steve Smith because he was the stud. In 2004 we got every one of our running backs hurt. Well Steve Smith was hurt also so we fed Muhsin Muhammad and that was the best year he ever had. We fed him because we didn't have a lot of other things going.

"Feed the stud is I got this outstanding talent and I have a blend of people around him and I don't have a lot of other auxiliary pieces. I'm getting the ball to that guy somehow in the course of the game. Right now I think they're all studs."

Salguero response: Cannot disagree more. They are not all studs. Dolphins don't have any studs if you define them the way Henning does. They have several supremely talented players, such as Brown and Williams. But everyone else is an auxiliary player. Why confuse the issue?

The Dolphins don't have eight players that scare a defense. They have Pennington, they have Williams, Brown, and they have Ginn. Get those guys the ball more. Don't ignore the other guys, but don't led Bess catch seven passes while Ginn gets only three.

Prioritize the ball distribution based on who your most talented and dangerous players are. Then feed them. Figure it out.

Your thoughts? 


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yo soy primera

My response, be a man and say it to Dan Hennings face and not a wuss and do it on your blog.

Mando, I usually defend you but in this case I can't... I thought your comments were very forward, borderline rude. When a guy like that opens up to the media and you question every single thing he says - that makes you sound/look like a tool. Hey, Im not flaming Im just being totally honest with you.

You're more than welcome to disagree with what Henning is saying, but to just flat out say "no your wrong" is ignorant at best.

In fact - I agree with Henning. I think Patrick Cobbs is a damn fine player and although he hasn't proved anything... what has Ronnie Brown proved? really? Apart from one 900 yard season and a pro-bowl (which - let's all face facts, there were better choices). What has Ricky done in the past 5 years? Cobbs is a play maker and a damn good one.

I could go on and on but I don't want this to look like a flame post, just my feeling on your conversation.

So Henning is now defining 'Stud' as the best player on a s#!t team?? That's B.S. If you have 3 guys who are capable of carrying a team, you feature those 3 guys. That doesn't mean every play/run/pass goes to those guys, but they should get enough chances that they can make a difference in the game.
After the ATL game people were bitching about Ronnie not hitting the hole, etc. He still averaged over 4 ypc. Yes, Ronnie was over 5, and that's great, but the bottom line is that both were productive. Regardless of which of those guys is 'hot' on a given day, they need 30+ carries between them, unless the team is behind and forced to pass. Period.
They gave up on the run long before they had to pass last week. ATL didn't stop the run, but they decided they wanted to throw 3 yard passes to Bess instead.

again its a nice way of saying "our offense isn't very good."

I agree with you mando.They need to create ways to get ginn the ball more (or their other playmakers). There is no reason why ginn shouldn't have 100 catches this year. Steve smith did. You need to find ways to feed him the ball. Last monday night NE found ways to get the ball to Moss. Even though the bills knew that's where the ball's going.

Fasano is waste of a roster spot. Stop throwing it to him. The main reason we lost last week was fasono. Instead of being 7-7 at the half we were down by 10.It changed the whole game and play calling from then on. Not sure why he's still on the roster. HE's a joke

God I wish we still had Scott Linehan as O.C. he was a terrible coach but man could he light up the scoarboard and ATTACK defenses.

JJ you asked, what has Ronnie Brown proved? Aside from the back 2 back pro bowl type seasons? Well..... It's kinda hard to get anything going as a RB when u avg. 3.3 carries per qtr. Against Atl he had 10 carries for like 45 yards. 6 of those carries came in the 4th Qtr. When by the way we should have been passing the ball since we were behind by 2 scores at that point. Ronnie & Ricky should be pounding defences, so by the 4th qtr the their defence is tired instead of ours. Plus this type of offence makes Chad more valuable with the play action passes. If we gave Ronnie 20 plus carries a game he would show u why he is such a playmaker. He even has great hands catching out of the backfield. Trust me, Ronnie is the solution here.

Twice in one day....I agree with Armando 100%.

Now I need a shower...

Salguero's Response: 'stuff I say in my head or on my blog but not to the coordinator's face, not even in the form of a question.'

First of all, I don't think Armando's response was an actual response he made to Coach Henning. I took it as his blog only "response" / counter to Coach Henning's philosophies, made exclusively here on the blog. Even if Armando made those comments directly to Henning in that "tone," that's his business. He's a big boy.

Next--Armando, couldn't be more right. We all know very little about X's and O's but Henning let ATL dictate the rhythm of the game way too much last weekend. Its one thing to Feed the Stud in manner / location of the field that the Defense is giving up and its another thing completely to ADS (Abandon the Stud [Hopefully not a new nick name for Henning's offense]).

Henning used to run a ton of short passes to get Steve Smith the ball; bubbles, slants, quick outs. Assuming Teddy had the toughness and heart Smith does (and sadly he doesn't seem to), Henning should look back at the tapes of Steve Smith during Panther's runs deep into the playoff's a few years back.

Ricky, Ronnie, and Ginn have to get a minimum of 40 touches a game. Obviously, if you are trailing big early, in the first quarter, that changes things....but that wasn't the case against the Falcons.

JJ, name one offense in the league that uses their best players less than Miami. Patrick Cobbs is a 'fine' player, but he's not a feature back. He'll be in the league for a long time because he's a heck of a sub. For all the talk about how much the staff likes him, he had a grand total of 0 carries and 0 receptions, and last year he averaged 0.75 and 1.18. We're fortunate to have him on the team and he's a very good complement, but we're also fortunate to have two other exceptional backs.

Correction Ronnie avg 2.5 carries per Qtr against the Falcons.

Its nothing to do with right/wrong - its about respect for a team official who doesn't even talk to the media all that much (and then you wonder why).

Listen... I don't disagree that Ronnie shouldn't get the ball 20 times a game. BUT - if Henning decides that it should only go there 15 times and another 5 to Patrick Cobbs to mix it up - Im pretty sure he's been doing it a hell of a lot longer than all of us combined. A lot of teams do this... look at the Giants. They have Jacobs who is a beast.. but they have Bradshaw back there too.

All Im saying is, don't let being a beat writer go to your head. Making comments like that to a senior staff official is disrespectful. That's my opinion, you're all welcome to agree/disagree as you wish. That's the beauty of it all ;)

JJ, I doubt Mando was disrespectful in any way. The questions were all legitimate questions, and I'm sure the 'Salguero response' was for the blog...he wasn't debating Henning during the presser.

Problem with getting Cobbs carries is that he's the #3. If you're getting the #3 carries, and the #2 carries, it means you're not getting enough for the #1. Giants had Jacobs, Ward, and Bradshaw. Jacobs got his carries, and Ward got most of the leftovers. When Bradshaw got hot, or the matchup was right, he got more carries...at Ward's expense, not at Jacobs'.

There's a reason that Armando is a beat writer for the Miami Dolphins and that Henning is a coach for the Miami Dolphins. Armando makes some decent points, but he's also on the outside looking in. He might have a bit more insight to the team than a fan, but he's not an insider. Let the coaches do their jobs. I think they earned a little bit of our trust last year with the big turn-around.

The only way Ted (opps)Ginn is a weapon is if he's carrying a side arm, which if iam wrong is a no-no in the NFL..(unless you play for the Giants....)

Armando, it's obvious that you're grieving a terrible loss. Your comments about "philosophy" after one poor game were so rude and ignorant, they can only be explained by the awful sense of loss you must be experiencing right now.
Dan Henning is crafting an offense with the players he's been given to work with. If he had Larry Fitzgerald as a WR or Adrian Petersen as a RB he would feature them much more, as other OC do. But he doesn't. He has a team of "nice" players on offense that can ONLY be called a "finesse" offense. They are not smash-mouth, they are not explosive. They are a misdirection here, dink and dunk there kind of team.
Henning doesn't DECIDE that, the team is what it is. Every play Henning calls has a man going deep. Whether or not that guy gets open and whether or not the QB can deliver the ball to that player is another matter. Henning isn't playing MADDEN 10 with these players, he's calling a play that has 4 or 5 options to it and hoping that the QB finds the best matchup within that play and delivers the ball accurately and on time. That's it.
You can TRY and run 25 times but how many runs of 12 yds or more did we have against Atlanta? If it isn't working, running because you're stubborn doesn't work. By the way, it's been done in Miami before by Jimmy Johnson. He would run Abdul-Jabbar for 3 quarters at 3 yds a carry and then FINALLY hand the ball to Marino in the 4th quarter saying go win us the game. Unfortunately, the Dolphins LOST most of those games because Marino would run out of time or commit a fatal, game ending mistake.
You don't try to impose your will on a defense when you're intelligent, you simply do the thing they're not ready to defend. OC's that "impose their will" are the stupid, unimaginative ones that really don't care what the other team is doing (see Kippy Brown). Those guys don't last long in this league. Henning has been around forever because he can adapt. However, he could not overcome the mistakes of his team on week one. Pennington's fumble, int and Fasano's 2 fumbles were the exact reason we lost. That was not the fault of Dan Henning or any philosophy he subscribes to. In the end, this offense's players (especially the offensive line) has to take full responsibility for coming out "flat" against a superior opponent. Now it's up to the coaches to inspire better performances next time. But blame Henning? Armando, you're dealing with loss and you're angry and your instinct is to attack. Don't do it against Henning. He's a bright spot on our team and will redeem himself this Monday, you'll see. You just need to chill out, my brother. Everything's gonna be ok, man. Take care, Willy ;-)

Or if you play for the Patriots which means anything goes....

Bottom line is, Our offense ain't getting it done! Same ol story since Dan the man left. All defense and a part-time offense.

Mando, I agree with you... If you look around the league potent offenses have studs and auxiliary players however, they still find multiple ways to feed there studs. Green Bay - Greg Jennings & Ryan Grant, Indy - Reggie Wayne & Joesph Addai and Atlanta - Tony Gonzalez & Michael Turner, I could go on and on! Maybe our team the Dolphins should take more time designing ways to get it to our studs rather than time developing trick plays for our auxiliary players. FOCUS ON THE PLAY MAKERS PLEASE!!!

Jay in Raleigh,

That's how I took it /shrug

In which case you could be right and if so I apologize. I understood that as "this is what I said to Henning"... not "this is my BLOG, this is how I feel about that"

As for offenses that don't use their feature back. I can name you a couple. San Diego uses Sproles when they have LT. The Giants use Bradshaw (and Ward last year) when they have Jacobs. The Cowboys use Felix Jones when they have Barber. The Saints use Mike Bell, Pierre Thomas AND Reggie Bush... the list goes on.

Exactly my point, and all I was trying to say.

One (1) thing is very clear reading your attempt at writing this blog. You're something less than a "stud" and in fact you could not make the practice squad. You should find a place of employment better suited to your talents and insight...how about ACORN.

Willy p, reat post, as my daddy would say "Your delt the cards you have and then you play-Em..)

Ginn is fast. That is a weapon in itself. Remember the great Cowboys teams with Aikman, Smith and Irvin? Alvin Harper was a weapon on that team. They would throw the ball deep to him several times a game. Whether or not he caught the ball, the defense had to respect his speed and the fact that the offense would attack with it. It made the offense better. Is that alone worth a #1 pick? No, but that's completely irrelevant to whether or not Ginn is/can be/should be a weapon.

Sounds like to me Henning is making excuses and hiding from the real questions..

I wish you would have ripped into him a bit like you did in this blog..

Someone needs to let him know that in order to improve from last year, somethings need to change - especially since they didn't go out and grad any additional "studs" or "auxiliary" weapons..

ugh - frustration beginning to build!

Armando is on fire but he is sure making alot of sense.

I guess our O line was built for the short passing game huh? That's genius

Armando is the Dan Synder of blogs....

Not feeling it. You should say it to his face for one, and two, no coach, NO COACH, is going to say 'we only have 1 or 2 studs' or 'we don't have any studs'. Its coach talk, you've been doing this for 20 years right? You should know that. Plus, whats your beef with Bess? HE led the team in receptions after Camarillo went down in the last month of last season, he had 7 receptions against Atlanta, how's he not one of the players you don't get the ball to? Did it ever occur to you that Bess was just doing a better job getting open then Ginn? Pennington usually hits the open guy right? Also, you're whole 'get Ronnie the ball at least 25 times, get ricky the ball at least 10 times, get ginn the ball at least 10 times' makes zero sense. You go with whatever works, whoever that may be. You can't go in saying 'we have to get so and so this many touches, period'. It handicaps the offense. I know you like to be critical, but think it a little more through next time.

Let's see - Anthony Fasano lead all receivers in touchdowns last year with 7. Only Ronnie Brown had more TDs than Fasano and they were all rushing. Ricky had 5 TDs - rushing and receiving - but Fasano was not a "playmaker"?

And Bess - who started just 6 games last year - had just 2 fewer receptions than Ginn and 1 less touchdown. If he had started all 16 games, he would have had more catches than Ginn and probably more scores. There is a reason that Bess caught 7 passes on Sunday, while Ginn only caught 2.

But neither of these guys are playmakers, while Ginn is?

Just your average Salguero reasoning.

I would like to see one game - just ONE - where Pennington targets Ginn 8-10 times. I don't think they've ever done that - if he's their homerun hitter, why not roll the dice?

Willy, I agree if it isn't working, you need to do something else. But, vs ATL, at least, it was working. If you're averaging 4 and a half yards a carry and stop running, it's not because the D is stuffing the run, it's because you've made a decision to go away from it.

JJ, yes, many teams use more than one back, but noone is clamoring for #3 to get more touches...they're 'two back systems'. Also, all of the teams you mention actually make a commitment to the run, which this team talks about, but abandons pretty quickly. Again, if the run isn't working, you should adapt, but if it is working, I don't see a reason not to stick with it...if that's what you're saying your philosophy is.

Danny,If he targets Ted(where's the sideline) ginn 10 times a game Ginn would catch 3 catches for 27 yds, fall down 3 times, and catch 2 balls for 10 yds and go straight out of bounds, of course he would drop 2, so there's your ted(i fall down) ginn on his 10 throw games...

Jon, there's a difference between 'going with what works' and not making any effort to get the ball to your most explosive players. Ricky and Ronnie were having success...and were abandoned.
Bess is better at getting open quickly, no question. And maybe he'd average more than 8 yards on his 7 catches if the safeties had to play deeper. Which, of course, would happen if they threw to Ginn once in a while.

Just how does Pennington scare the defense. Film shows just the other way around.. The defense scares him

The interesting thing with Ricky and Ronnie is that it becomes obvious fairly quickly in games who has the hot hand. Sometimes Ricky cant seem get out of the backfield and sometimes Ronnie dances too much, but its rare that both of them are having an off day.

The task of Henning is to identify who needs the majority of the carries on a given day and to feed him because a good RB needs his touches to be effective. Example, last Sunday Ricky was on his game. He needed 20+ carries and he would have handed out some punishment.

You're an idiot!!!

Menace, that's 5 catches for 101 yards. I'll take it.

"You go with whatever works, whoever that may be. You can't go in saying 'we have to get so and so this many touches, period'. It handicaps the offense" Really??? So we should just wing it on gameday huh? Lmao that's genius .Tell that to AP & the Vikes..... & all the other great backs before him.

No danny thats 3 CATCHES FOR 27yds bro,.....Teds not a guy to go to, though Bess and Camarrelo are though....

Cuban, u got Ginns ten passes perfect lmao

Sad but true...


You're a hit!

Though he is my whipping boy..........

Our defense is good which means we are going to give up 20-25 points per game average.
How the fu@k are we going to score 21-28 points a game that's what I want to know.
The wildcard is easy to defend if you know it's coming.
Every qb in the league, except ours, can throw frozen ropes to covered receivers to allow them to make some plays. That's the job description of an nfl qb and receiver: make plays that are hard to make.

Best Armando blog yet! Mando, you are the winner of 100 internets!

dolphins 21 colts 14

Hmmm, let's see...Dan Henning, 30 year+ o-coordinator in NFL, or know-nothing d-bag writer Armando Salugero (Mr. 10-6 record prediction in 2007)...who among these two should us Dolphin fans believe knows the most about offensive talent and how to use it, and how to use create an offensive scheme. I wonder...hey, let's get the ball to the OK but far from great running back (Brown), the 32 year old RB, the underachieving WR, tossed around by the weak-armed but savvy QB. Hey, dip-spit, the reason Henning spreads the ball around and keeps the scheme varied is that the Dolphins do not have top-flight playmakers yet. Uh, duh! Why do I come to your blog thinking I'll find interesting info on the team? I must be the real idiot here.

I couldn't agree with you more except for one thing. As much as I like Chad Pennington, and respect him for helping turn this franchise around, I don't consider him a "stud". He is a quality starter and nothing more. He doesn't scare defenses. I think everything else you said was spot on though.

Again....what does anyone see in Ted Ginn? He goes down when a defender looks at him. He curls up and falls to the ground in a strong wind. Agree...Ronnie and Ricky are the strengths and Chad to control the game...they need a big time receiver and tight end really bad.

We weren't complaing when we we're winning last year.

Start Henne, let CP look from the sidelines for a half.penny needs to feel the loss of his job. Shake em up alittle.I still believe in penny but if he has another bad game bring The Donald in to tell em Your Fired!!!!

Price Master, a Good defense only allows 17 pts per game, not sure if the fins can score more then 17 with what I've seen, What are your thoughts???

So funny how last year Henning was "brillant" and was an offensive genius.. Now after one game a want to be reporter/blogger knows offensive stategy better than a guy who as been doing it his whole life.

Here are the facts about the Atlanta game.

1. Dolphins were forced to be one dimensional by Atlantas pass rush.. They were both pass and run blitzing. This forced Penny into sacks or quick short throws.

2. Our WR's were not getting off the blocks quick enough due to the pass rush.

3. Atlanta dominated the first half time of possession and by mid third qtr we were in a position where we had to score quickly, thus taking away the run game.

This problem is fixed if the line gives Pennington the time. Play action pass was taken away because they knew we had to throw.. A good offense needs to keep the defense off balance for the entire game. They need to run when the opponent expects a throw and throw when the opponent expects a run.

Bottom line is Atlanta's defensive scheme and Miami's inablity to hold onto the ball and control some clock took us out of our game plan.. This happens in every game, and in most cases the team that dictates this wins.. Give Atlanta some credit here instead of drillig the phins. One good year raised your expectations way too much.

This team is better than last year and way better than 2007. This team has a much harder schedule. But by no means is this team ready to win the SB in wk one.. Hopefully by the end of the season we win this game, but Atlanta was the better team on Sunday - that is what was wrong with this offense.

I said it befor Ill say it again, 8 Turn-overs in there last 2 games... You cant win....

I say there is truth on both sides of the debate.With white being a dolphin we are exspanding our offense.That takes time like building a addition on to a house. Now if white would of thrown ginn a good pass instead of trying to throw it to he's mom in the stands.Everybody be saying,Look out for the dolphins this year.But, sense that didn't happen it's like what are we doing?No body will have big numbers in are offense.So get off the ginn thing most time he is called on he makes the play.Which is about three passes a game.But it's not his fault you want him to be marvin harrison When he get's the ball as much as a fullback does.


I love your work, especially the piece about your mom. Some of the best writing I have read in a very long time. And I very much appreciate your insight on the Dolphins. But there is a point where when you disagree with a coach your respective resumes come into question. I think Dan Henning's offensive resume and experience in coaching, vice watching, speaks for itself.

Your point is well taken, but the idea of 'taking what the defense gives you' is the fundamental philosophy of the modern passing game which began with Don Coryell and Bill Walsh (and therefore really Paul Brown). Henning is right. NFL Defenses are too good to be predictable and only play to your apparent strengths. If you want proof of this go watch film of the Dolphins under Wannstedt - a team with the best running back in the league and sack leader didn't make the playoffs. Wannstedt thought he could just hitch a ride to his studs but no matter how good players are, NFL defenses not named the Bengals and Lions can stop them if they know what is coming at them.

mando r u serious? wow i dont even know what to write a chump news paper guy questioning one of the great minds n the nfl, and u feel your smarter. people do we want a guy like this writing 4 our team i mean really?

Mando, I couldn't agree with you more! I truly believe that Brown, Williams, and Ginn are the offense weapons that Chad should be getting the ball to. A few weeks ago I posted my feelings about Dan Henning non-aggressive play calling. I believe that they should throw deep passes on first play from scrimmage. Many of the teams we will face this year don't expect the Dolphins to toss the ball deep, but if your a def coordinator and you see that deep pass on the first play that will make them more honest. IMO

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