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Dolphins need to nurture momentum

Momentum is an amazing thing in football. It neither wears a uniform nor schemes strategy, but it definitely plays a prominent role in helping to determine the outcome to NFL games.

The Dolphins are familiar with Big Mo. He was a friend last year, as one improbable win at New England snowballed and grew into a dramatic season-long turnaround.

Big Mo was not quite so friendly to the Dolphins during the Atlanta game Sunday. He felt more like Moe of the Three Stooges. And, as a result, this team must do some soul-searching in the coming days and weeks, particularly as it pertains to the offense.

On defense, the Dolphins handled potentially disastrous momentum with great equanimity and composure. Four times the Miami defense was forced to take the field in its own end and stop the Falcons from taking advantage of a turnover.

The Dolphins call that situation their "sudden change defense."

"I thought our sudden change defense was very good, which got tested pretty well during the course [of the game]," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think there was four times during the game that they had to go out there and a few times they had to work on a short field."

The Falcons got the ball on the Miami 37 yard line after a Chad Pennington fumble in the first quarter. Miami's sudden change defense forced a punt.

The Falcons got the ball at the Miami 31 yard line after an Anthony Fasano fumble in the second quarter, and the Dolphins held the Falcons to a field goal.

The Falcons got the ball at the Miami 20 yard line after a Pennington interception in the third quarter. The Miami defense apparently didn't have enough fingers to plug the dam's leaks this time as the Falcons cashed in a TD.

The Falcons got the ball back at the 38 yard line the same period after another Fasano fumble. This time the Miami defense held and the Falcons missed a field goal.

"You know, now sometimes the sudden change thing, you can look at those like they’re turnovers, you know, when you win on sudden change," Sparano said. "You stop ‘em after a turnover and they miss a field goal, you feel like that’s a win. But, the problem is you’re not gaining any yards doing it."

The victory feels particularly empty when the momentum the team gains from stopping the opponent on defense is, well, wasted by the offense.

The Dolphins offense has a ton of issues right now. And you can count how it handles momentum as one of them.

I'm not saying the offensive play-calling was bad here. But it was questionable and it did hurt Miami's momentum. Case in point:

Pennington was running for his life and rushed often. He didn't get much of a chance to find a rhythm. So what happens when Pennington throws his best pass of the game, a 16-yard rope to Ted Ginn Jr. in the second quarter, giving the Dolphins a first-and-10 at the Miami 34 yard line?

The Dolphins take the ball out of the suddenly lukewarm quarterback's hands.

Miami goes into its Wildcat package on first and second down. On first down, Ronnie Brown gains four yards. On second down, Pat White runs for zero yards.

And that leaves Pennington with a third-and-6 situation when the ball reverts to him. He does not convert.

On Miami's next possession, the offensive line is seemingly starting to create some creases in the Atlanta defense as Ricky Williams gains 7 yards on a first-down run. Well, the Dolphins follow that successful base offense play by heading back into the spread formation for White.

White fakes a handoff, and throws a pass deep downfield and harmlessly over the head of a WIDE OPEN Ginn. It was as if White just threw the ball as far as he could, hoping for something good to happen. The percentage of success on such faithful prayers is typically not good.

And now that the first-down run momentum is wasted, the Dolphins have to continue passing the ball even as the two-minute mark hits. They ultimately fail when Fasano fumbles. Momentum wasted.

The one that really bugged me, however, came in the third quarter. Down, 10-0, the Dolphins move from their own 20 with a nice mix of run and pass. Ronnie Brown gains 6 yards. Pennington passes to Davone Bess for 14. Ricky Williams gains 4 and then 8 yards rushing.

The Dolphins have the Falcons in retreat with a first down at the Atlanta 38 yard line. And then offensive coordinator Dan Henning gets cute, calling a pass-run option for Ginn. Yeah, the base offense is working, the starting quarterback just completed a 14-yard pass, so let's ask our best receiver to throw the next pass.

Sparano said the play was a nightmare. Well, he didn't say it was a nightmare, but did say no one was open and the offensive line "had leakage inside," meaning somebody wasn't blocking. So Ginn salvaged the broken play with a 1 yard run.

And that sound heard around the Georgia Dome? That was Miami's momentum balloon deflating.

The Dolphins suffered a penalty on the next play and Pennington's interception after that.

So what's the point?

Simply that while the Dolphins seem married to the spread with White and the Wildcat package, perhaps considering time away from the spouse now and then is a good thing.

When the spread asks your third-best QB to throw the football, that cannot be smart -- especially considering your starter completed 67 percent of his passes last year. When your gimmick calls for your deep threat receiver to throw the ball, that's not maximizing your chances to succeed, either.

And when the base running game is on a relative roll, why go away from it all of a sudden? Why not pound the opponent until he proves he can stop you?

All last year I heard grumblings from the offensive line how they like running out of the base offense and proving they can be good at doing that. I'm getting the feeling Pennington cannot be thrilled about having the ball taken out of his hands to let an unproven rookie take shots down the field.

"Wildcat is part of what we do," Pennington said after the game. "As a quarterback, you have to be able to adjust to that. And I don't really have an opinion one way or the other."


One more thing: I'd rather have a bigger, stronger, faster Ronnie Brown running the ball out of Wildcat than having Brown lead a sweep with White running the ball. Just saying.

I'm not saying the Dolphins should put Wildcat on the shelf. I'm not saying they shouldn't try to explore the possibility that White can indeed add a dimension to the offense. But the leash has to be short. If the kid isn't ready to make plays, that will become evident very quickly -- next game, even.

And if the wild and gimmicky side of the offensive play-calling is killing the momentum for the base set, that's not good either. That's just outsmarting yourself. 

Hey, thanks for all the kind comments and e-mails you have sent in recent days following my mom's passing. You have warmed my heart. All of you.

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Welcome back Armando!

Exactly what I saw, trying to get cute with the offense killed all momentum and led to a fatal turnover that ended any chance of a comeback.

When you have two top backs and a dandy third-stringer in Cobbs, why are you not using them? Running backs need touches to be effective, and they did not get enough touches against Atlanta.

Speaking of Cobbs, why is he not running back kickoffs and being used like Sproels with the Chargers? I think he has such a tremendous upside if only they design plays for him.

Completely agreed on the play calling. Ronnie and Ricky were averaging over 4 yards a carry on only 17 carries. That average should only go up the deeper you get into the game and the more the defense wears down. They got away from the run way too early. I think this line can maul people, they just have to get a chance.

Great, detailed analysis/commentary Armando! I totally agree with your theme and premise. No other paper/blog I've read has bothered to go this far.

Most lazily regurgitate the Dolphin's spin (some with paragraphs of quotes):

When the Wildcat works it is popular when it doesn't it isn't. Well...yeah...the same could be said about the offense in general. It is nonsensical -- and Pennington, ironically (b/c he was clearly PO'ed on the sideline) said it first. Sparano had Nooooo problem with the play-calling in his Media PC -- privately, I doubt it.

Funny! When Wandstat was running Ricky up the gut on every play we lacked imagination. Last year The OC was a genius. If White hits Ginn we are not pondering this? I thought the team could have run more as well, (Ricky looks awesome and he is finishing his runs like a punisher), (I can't figure Brown out too much dancing). The truth of the matter is that they lacked execution in all phases except defense. No team on the road is going to overcome 4 turnovers.

I agree with Ken, The strength of the offensive line is run blocking, the most dynamic players on the offense is its running backs, and the passing game is one that would compliment the run. The problem is when ever Miami falls down by a touchdown than Sparano and Henning are quick to abandon the run and go too the passing game or too the wildcat. Thats what other teams want Miami too do. IMO Miami should be ramming the ball down defenses throats, control the time, make them commit 8 players to the box to set up a efficient passing game which is Pennington's strength, tire them out and make the big plays later in the game.

Did you see team perfect win last nite, BRADY IS BACK BABY.......................

Hey tool! The perfect team my ass. They were 2 minutes from a loss. Rookie dummy didn't go down and let the ball get exposed. they ain't gonna get that many lives.

You are 100 percent right Mando. When the simple plan works, stick with it. They could have ran all game long. the wildcat is designed to be a surprise. I don't think that Atlanta was surprised.

It was pretty surprising to hear from Sparano that they actually ran some "feel" plays which is basically an admission that you wasted plays. This offense can not afford to do this. Every play counts and should contribute to the strategy/identity you employ. Really sad to hear that...

You know what I'm tired of this people always knocking on Ronnie(not specifically on here), but really what can you achieve when as the starting RB you get 10 carries the entire game, he needs 25-30 touches while Ricky gets about 10-15. Ronnie proved in the past if he's given the ball he can be a dominant force, unfortunately all this ridiculous plays take away from the running game.

Run the ball 20-25 times a game this will always help Pennigton and the passing game. I never looked at the wildcat as a big play type of offense, use it to get those first downs and to keep us out of long yardage downs. If we break a big play out of the wildcat, great! But let's use it to keep the defense guessing. I just hate when I hear football fans say " it dos not work" because it didn't go for 6, but we just got 8 yards on the play and now it's 3rd and 2 or we just moved the chains! The wildcat works well when mixed into the right situations. I am not ready to see it go just yet.

It only took an extra day for writers and other fans to acknowledge what I posted yesterday. Play calling was a huge problem yesterday and other than the turnovers was a key part of our failure to compete against Atlanta. We ruined drives all by ourselves by getting too cute too often. Ronnie runs with hesitation and does his best work late in the game. I do believe running backs and quarterbacks find a rhythm with reps. Everybody's jacked at the start of the game and running lanes are not always open at the start while lineman feel out their opponents. That's why you need a downhill runner to start the game. Make sure you get 3-4 yards per carry. That's what Ricky excels at. Wouldn't mind seeing Hilliard getting a couple of carries either. Then after a couple of long drives give opponents the power of Ronnie. If Ricky and Ronnie haven't split 30-40 carries per game then the play calling has failed.

IN the the movie " COMING TO AMERICA " A.Murphy said , i came to find LOVE .that's what new england found when they signed the best player in our team ....WES WELKER .last night the bills were better team than us but we got lucky . still that was a FOOTBALL game and we saw another young bill QB who shined .

TOM BRADY IS ONE CLASS BY HIMSELF ..after the game he said , we won b/c our defense not me or the offense ...he didn't say i am an ELITE PLAYER .LOL

Spot-on analysis. Exactly what I felt watching the game. Miami only outsmarted itself this time and Atlanta said "Thank You!"

This article begs the question; When is the best time to run the wildcat offence.

1. When the opposing defence is on its heels.
2. When the base offence isn't working.
3. Randomly, as an element of surprise.

Hell, I don't know. I work on computets for a living. All I do know is that its great when it works and that it sucks when it don't.

I totally agree Armando… The wildcat worked last year (particularly early) because it was a surprise. Pennington remained in the game and the defense had no idea what was going on when Ronnie lined up behind center. Now when White enters the game the element of surprise is lost and the opponent can use a prepared defensive plan including substitutions. The whole offensive game plan stunk of a team without direction and no faith in its base offense. Sitting Henne on the bench as a 3rd emergency option goes against what Sparano has preached from day one. The best 53 dress for the game. Well if Sparano thinks White is better than Henne, at this point, then we have bigger problems then game planning. We have no real back-up QB or future option.

But it’s the message that concerns me and I think it may concern Pennington and the entire offense as well. If a coach lives and garners respect by the credo of the best players taking the field and then reverses direction to force a player on the field to run a gimmick offense, then the message is more than lost it is no longer believed. Sparano is walking a fine line here because one player who definitely is not happy is Chad Henne and if the other players think Henne is better than White, at this point, then they have to begin looking over their own shoulders when hard work is no longer valued above gadgetry. Team chemistry is a fragile thing and it is so important, one need only look back at the Cameron regime to see what happens when it is lost.

What a load of RUBBISH.
The Wildcat was used a total of, get this, three times (3), total and for you or anyone to say that running a trick play caused Pennington to throw an interception is ridiculous.
Did the Widcat or Trick play, poke Pennington in the eye and make him throw bad passes? Did the Wildcat or Trick Play twist Fasanos arm and make him cough up the ball?

The truth is, no one fears our passing game, so they stack the line and the O-Line could not handle the pressure. There were a few holes, but not that many. If you never throw the ball downfield, the safteys will always play up and you cannot establish the run, that's basic football. Put the blame where it belongs, Pennington and Fasano.

As for Pat White and his pass, it was his first in the NFL and it was off, it happens, nerves got the better of him.

Yup, the Wildcat/w/ Pat killed our momentum. It was as if it was scripted and they had to do it. It would have been better to get Penny in a groove and try to work it in later. I say put it on the shelf. Get zricky running and let Chad do his dink and dump stuff. It will work, and with Ricky looking for someone to hit after 6 yrtds, it will be fun to watch. The base offense may be a good way to get some wins.

BTW, I can not stand Duffdorf. That is not something new, but he rteally adds to the hurt, when the Phins are losing. It was over the top when he called the team "the fish". I will need to mute the next game he covers.

No more Pat White crap please. He is a rookie and he sucked in preseason and he sucks now. Forget the damn spread formation and get your base offense back on track.

spot on message Armando ... hope the powers to be hear it loud and clear ... Ricky was primed for a big game ... and they should have gone with the hot hand until it was stopped ...

that said ... the hot hand will be different each game and is Dan's responsibility to identify it and exploit it ..

Armando sorry for your loss and thank you for that nice eulogy for your mother. And way to come back with good analysis of one of the Fins many problems on Sunday.

Who really knows what goes on behing closed doors? I would like to think Sparano and Parcells evaluates every part of the game including decisions made or not made. In other words, what we, the coaches did wrong.

I cannot understand many of the decisions made Sunday. Ginns pass play and not ready for prime time Pat White stands out.

I really hope we don't abandon the cat but it has to be used at the right time and by the right people.

why the dolphins is the only team is confused about their QB ?
3 QB'S in the mix like we are playing BASKETBALL.

no one knows what play will be called , who's the QB who will be playing next 5 minutes , no one is secure in their job .

First of all sorry for your lost Armando Secord I totally agree our D was great but we have to get better on passing downs and that's something that was a problem last year the wildcat was most def a mo killa and the turnovers I hope we get it together because Peyton Manning loves to pass the ball

Armondo Sorry for you lose. I enjoy reading your blog, but I do have to say you tend to stir up controversy. Perhaps this is one of your goals. I do agree with you about momentun and timing of using wildcat (spread, patcat, etc.). But, your comment, "It was as if White just threw the ball as far as he could, hoping for something good to happen" is absurd. White made a nice fake running the ball stepped back and made a decent throw. A little to far I admit. But, if the throw is not completed he should error on overthrowing rather than underthrowing, wouldn't you agree? Its not like we have receivers that will battle and take the ball away from the defender, at least not on a consistant basis. White's first pass as a pro (in an official game) and you are calling it a prayer, please. He threw that ball with little effort and I am sure he can throw the ball farther. It was not like he tried to throw it as far as he can. Did you ever watch the highlight film of White in college? He completed a similar pass several times in his career. Payton Manning, Tom Brady or Dan Marino never overthrew anyboy?

The pats got lucky. THey should have lost that game. Bills are losers. Once a loser always a loser. Teams have figured out the pats. Their OLines is suspect and their defense was leaky as hell. They got lucky to beat a bills team that had scored 0 point on offense all preseason. Go ahead and give them their rings now.

THANK YOU! Finally someone points out Hennings wacky play call selection. It was driving me nuts and what was worse was no one recognizing it. Great job Mando.

Welcome back big man! But that sucks for us. Please don't hurt us.

Spot on analysis.

The defense did good work in difficult circumstances caused by the offense. That was obvious.

The offense was disjointed and had no play-calling cohesion. That was also obvious to me. Didn't say anything until now because I figured you'd see it eventually, Mando. And you didn't let me down.

PS Like many others, more than glad to see you back.

Yes, yes, yes. Exactly, Armando. The playcalling was terrible, and contributed every bit to the loss as the four turnovers.

It's funny how Pennington almost new exactly what Armando was going to say and preemptively countered with something along the lines of "when the wildcat works people praise you for it, but when it doesn't they criticize you"

He's right though, no one was criticizing the wildcat against the patriots or texans last year and all we wanted to see was a new "wrinkle" each time they ran it. Now that they try adding Pat White, one of the most accomplished college qb's at running the spread, the offensive coordinator is to blame b/c the kid missed on one throw

Second yr qb Matt Ryan missed on 2 or 3 sure td passes and yet you don't hear the Atlanta fans ripping into him...the difference is that he won the game and when you win, even the most fickle fans praise you

I watched the game here in WV and as much as I like Pat White I did not agree with placing him into the game at those times. It stopped any momentum we had when these plays did not work. I want to see us move the football down the field without using the Wild Cat (Pat) or whatever we call it. When this team can do that on a normal basis then the wildcat would become more productive as a change of pace play. On another matter I'm flying down for the Monday night game (I live in WV but born and raised in Florida) and I have never been to the stadium before. Any recommendations on what time to get there or what time to start driving to the stadium would be welcome. I would also love to come by and talk football with anyone tailgating before the game.

Mando, except for New Orleans and the Vikes, it seems like alot of offenses struggled this weekend...takes the offenses a little bit more to get into sync then the defenses who don't have to be as sharp...New England certainly didn't look like the runaway division winner last nite and I think Brady is very vulnerable with that knee, one good shot away from being a mediocre team

Stephen Ross will fire one of the coaches after he is humiliated in front of his new show biz partners on Monday.
One thing that became abundantly clear is that Pennington will turn his back on team in order to protect his qb rating.
How can the offense be so horrible and Penny have a rating of 87?
I counted 3 times when Penny snapped the ball and then grounded it without trying to make a play.
I predict Dan Henning is unemployed next Tuesday.

Another on point blog Armando great stuff. BTW Carlito from Golfito! I head out to Costa Rica this Friday, first matter of buisness when i get there is to locate this "All American" Sports bar and grill by San Pedro mall. Any other info would be greatly appreciated as i MUST see my dolphins beat the Colts on monday night!!

I´m a fan from Mexico, i didn't see the hole game, just highlights, and comments, I don't have an opinion from myself, please 2 things:
Why in your opinion the offensive line played so bad if there are the same talent people?.
I hope sincerely, the dolphins read this blog, Your opinions make much sense on me. congratulations.

I agree with you totally Armando. there were several times last year that they would have a good drive going and then they would use the wildcat and that would kill it. If this continues, Miami will be a single digit win team and I think that Dan Henning needs to get the ax. I didn't agree with the pat white pick at all and I am a little worried that Sparano will be married to the wildcat and if that is the case we will be getting another head coach in a year or too. What happened to us being a hard-nosed football team?

Armando, been reding your blogs for a while and this is by far the best. The rerson you ask. You are not climbing off the bus or bandwagon as some media already have. Because as I was watching the game I actuually felt good about how the team was playing save for the turnovers. As you have outlined in this piece they really did do some good things. Maybe there is a method to Hennings madness? Have teams coming up on the Dolphins schedule have to prepare for the gimmicks even more and have us exploit them with our base offense amaybe. No matter you have made some EXCELLENT points and it makes me believe that we can stay with ANYONE in this league. The Pats didn't look great. The Bills gift wrapped that one. How much could we poay for Bobby April to come dowm to South Florida. now THERE is a special tams coach. Bonamego has to GO! I know he's one of Sporano's guys but Really?? Enough already.

Good points Armando, the only thing is the long White pass over Ginn did kinda work, it just didn't connect. I mean the play was there if it isn't overthrown. May your mother rest in peace.

Who ever said Henning will be fired next tues. is out of their mind. Henning is one of Tuna's best friends and you think he will get canned after 2 games. Tuna list of friends is very short!!

Armando, Wow. That's great great great analysis. Agreed on everything you said. Another subtle point. I think Vernon Carey is fat,slow, weak and very ineffective at right tackle. Everybody is making a big deal out of Long giving up two sacks. But I thought Carey was actually worse. He seemed to be getting pushed back on every pass rush. The only reason he didn't give up a ton of sacks is because Pennington can see it coming unlike Long's side. Seems like Carey may be enjoying the fruits of his big contract a little to much and resting on his laurels.

Y arent we using Hilliard in the return game? When will Ginn grow some _ALLS, and stop falling down or looking for the side lines? Ginn had his best game last year against Buffalo, after he took a HUGE hit over the middle and found out it didnt hurt. Pennington needs to get over the Baltimore loss of last year, he looked like he was spooked or something in this game against Atlanta. CP sent Sparano a text after the loss to Baltimore stating that, 'that will never happen again, not on my watch'. I still have faith in CP, but he cant live off of a 'High Compltetion' rate. WE NEED TD's, what good is 300 yards passing if you dont score? Throw the D ball. If we r going to use the wildcat, which I like, Start off with the wild cat, that flee flicker to Cobbs seems to work good everytime. That should be the VERY 1st play from scrimage on Monday Night!! Go for IT!! I just want to thank the D for keeping us close after all the offenses mistakes. This game could've been a LOT WORSE!!! Now go out and dominate Manning, and score some points to help our offense. Can anyone say 'pick 6'? Go Dolphins, I have been pulling for this team for over 36 years!!! NCFINFAN

i disagree about the wildcat. i don't think it was the problem at all. is was turnover and lack of production overall by the offense.

you got some chip about pat white. i think he is a game changer. sue he missed the pass, but the play worked. it wouldn't work with penny of henne. he fake a hand off, the a run, then threw the ball. no one else is fast enough. it will work. pat is a real talent!!

I want to see maybe 1 trick play a game, perfectly timed, of course. i think having penny on the field during the wildcat is a better option right now.


its one thing to struggle but no team in the NFL this weekend looked as inept as the miami offense.....worse than the Lions and thats bad........ the defense played very well considering they where out there for most of the game and allowed very few points after 4 turnovers.....
They need to bring in at least one great receiver..... before the trade deadline....

Excellent points, Mando. Sorry about your mom, but I liked that she liked Fiedler, I always did too for the exact same reasons. I got teary eyed for him when the crowd chanted his name in a Monday Night game against the Redskins, when Brian Griese was playing terribly, and we were wearing those hideously awesome orange jersey's... Fiedler came in and replaced him, and won us the game. I actually think Bruce Smith got his 200th sack that night, funny enough.

Anyway, good article this morning, glad to have you back... The other guy covering for you was even more negative than you can be. Haha!

...I meant negative about the Dolphins. Otherwise you are always quite positive.

The reason the Baltimore playoff game looks so similar to yesterday's game is because defenses have figured us out. it is not hard, load the box, the line of scrimmage, with 6 players, 7 players, maybe 8 players with no concern for the deep ball. The 6-8 players in the box are stuffing the holes and anything short. the defense is NOT WORRIED about the deep ball. BECAUSE Penny does not have a deep ball, or fails to use it or the coaching staff doesn't want to call it. Either way it is not happenning and our running game and receivers AND defense are suffering because of it. simply that. we do not have a QB that can utilize the weapons we already have. Running game and defense win championships but I seem to remember they also had a superbowl caliber QB...Roethlisberger, E Manning, Brady, P Manning, and the list goes on. Penny is not a superbowl caliber QB. If we want to win or play for a superbowl in 3 years or 5 years, it would seem like we better start looking for a new QB ASAP!

Henne as with other great QB's would of shown us something by now if he was the guy. this is not like Rodgers and Favre, where we are having to sit a stud QB because he is behind another stud QB. Henne has not done anything to win the job and recently has not shown anything to win the job. AND he plays BEHIND Pennington...

9/11 was an inside job

WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos.

Jaison said it best. And I think we need more wildcat. We cannot survive without it. It will never be effective unless we run it twenty percent f the plays. Just try it one game. They still can't stop the plays we did last year! So use them. If we lose to Indy, I think it's time to bring in Chad henne. If he works, great, he's our future (like I think he is), if not, we know before a great qb draft. And pat white will get better guys. For those of u that want to abandon the wildcat, go home. We run it better than anyone else,

Playcalling was not bad I think they were playing to the fact that in the first half they had two turnovers to overcome and two more in the second half. They were playing catch up the whole time. The plays with White I agree with but like Sparano said they were trying to get a look on how the defense was lining up. What if Pat White completes that pass then is it a bad call? Ginn was open guys. He's a rookie and they drafted him for a reason first pass in the NFL I think all of this blog would be nervous too.

Joey watts, it's not the receiver that's our problem, it's the qb. I love Chad pennington, but he cannot complete a third and 7 or longer, never has been able to, and I've been to many games, and it's not that out receivers aren't open downfield, it's that he won't throw to them because it's a lower percentage than a dumpoff. We have te only qb that looks for the dumpoff first.

get the browns EX COACK CORNELL to help TS .



PS, why i get the feeling when dolphins uses white i am watching a high school game w/ dumb tricks and phony game plan.

ps, armando is right on .on his points about the QB changes.

Agree alot with todays blog regarding momentum and the fins ability to kill it. Gimmick offense definately needs a timeout because it was really really bad on sunday. Love Pennington and i also agree that the O line played pretty poorly but have got to admit that while Chad P is our starting QB we are going to see 8 in the box weekly. Safeties can creep a step or two closer to the line of scrimmage on every down which really hinders our dink and dunk offense to make its way downfield. Chads inability to even look downfield let alone throw the ball deep puts the Fins at a huge disadvantage playcalling wise. We have guys open deep all the time but he cant get the ball there and White obviously just throws prayers around. Ginn has All Pro speed at WR and we have Junior High arm strength at QB. Somethings gotta give because we obviously arent going to win games the way we did last year. Atlanta doesnt exactly have the best defense we are going to face this year and we made them look like the Ravens. Perhaps thats because they watched the playoff game from last season and used Rex Ryans gameplan to a T. Chad P is a great guy who had a great season last year and who can hopefully rub off positively on a guy like Henne, but lets face it he can only have a worse season this year and i really dont see him playing next year for us anyways. I for one would really like to know what we have in Chad Henne. Yes its week 2 and not time to hit the panic button on the year but I forsee every defense copying Baltimore and Atlantas gameplan and most likely having similar success. We need to get the ball deep (at least try) 3-5 times a game, something Chad didnt even try ONCE last week.

Ziggy, EXACTLY! 150%

It is not about the Wildcat, it is not about the playcalling...the reason why we have the Wildcat, the reason why we try gimmick plays...BECAUSE the defenses are not afraid of Pennington. there is no fear of our passing game. that is why we have the wildcat, to generate offense. another way to generate offense = FIND A QB!

This blog is funny.....and meaningless.

A new dawn has come, a new star appears on the Horizon.

That dawn is the Jets Era, that star is Sanchez.

Nothing else matters.

NFL qb's get paid a lot of money to throw frozen ropes to covered receivers in a manner that allows the receiver to make a play.
NFL receivers get paid a lot of money to make plays when thier covered (see Matt Ryan throwing to gonzalez at goal line with 2 defenders there).
Stephen Ross is not paying millions for a qb that will only throw to a receiver that is wide open because the defender fell down or will ground the ball to protect his qb rating. Any boss that staffs with personnel that cannot complete the mission that they're getting paid millions to do needs to be fired.
That is why Dan Henning will be unemployed next Tuesday. He is starting a qb that is physically unable and therefore unable to yield the required return on investment.

kudous to the Jets getting Sanchez...love the Jets - Dolphins rivalry. one of the best. still remember A.J. Duhe running back the pick 6 in the mud to win the AFC!

just hope the phins can be brave enough to do what is needed to find us a stud QB...

Dear Stephen Ross,
Why are you paying an employee $5million (pennington) to do a job that he physically cannot do? You have a 0% chance of success at that position.
Why are you also paying $1.5 million each to 2 employees (Henne & White)that can physically fulfill the position requirements but not letting them work? These 2 have a greater than 0% chance of success at that position.
i know you are a better business man that that.

My condolences to you and your family...I'm sure she was an AWESOME mom and person...

Welcome back Armando!!!

Pennington also needs to be assertive throwing down field when we are playing from behind. But I am not too concerned with that as much as the play of Jake Long this pre-season and the Falcon opener.

JetsUtopia, your blog is funny...and meaningless...No one here cares about the Jets this is a MIAMI blog...and Sanchez isn't that good

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