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Monday Night Football Live Blog!

I'm already here and it's still two-and-half hours before kickoff. And I'm watching Jake Long, Justin Smiley and Jake Grove already on the field working on their pass protection stances. Donald Thomas just joined them although I doubt he's going to get much work done being as that he's still wearing sandals.

In case you're wondering, we do have a live blog going this evening. So please come back for the festivities.

The Dolphins will be wearing their aqua tops and white pants this evening, according to the team's crack media relations staff.

The inactives are: John Nalbone, Lionel Dotson, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Chad Henne is the No. 3 QB

Talked to Stephen Ross a few minutes ago and he's obviously excited. Asked how he'll measure success this year, he answered, "Winning the Super Bowl."

We'll see about that.

Check back for more updates. I'll be updating as stuff happens.


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Super Bowl? Get real.

I think if the Ol' Alligator Gar doesn't step it up a notch tonight then it will be a rough night.

Cause we got phins to left, phins to the right and I know there's some snatch in town.

I love my Fins but damn that fins song from Jimmy buffet is terrible. I don't agree with everyone putting stupid fins in the air to the left or right.

I hear the Monday night game is a big one for Chad Pennington, who has to show the Dolphins he can do more than just manage the game. He must prove he can make big plays in the passing game. Pennington needs to show up or the Chad Henne era might be starting in Miami sooner than later."

CNN/SI Truth and Rumor

Dolphin loss tonight = Pennington's last start

I hope we see a good showing from them tonight...I need it.

Ready for a party and some MNF with the WNY phin phans here in Buffalo Bills (suck) territory. Get a lot of razzing, but don't care. We love the phins. Run the ball all night and for gods sack hang on to it. Go Dolphins!

Ol' Alligator Gar is out tonight with Hemorrhoidal pustules!

Ready for some football, some MNF. WNY phin phans here in Buffalo Bills territory. We take some razzing but we don't care. We love the Dolphins. Good luck Phin Phans.

its been long time for phins on MNF and I can't wait......
Hope J-lo shows her pretty as, ughm face.

Hey Wnyphinphan thats awesome, now how you feel...
I'm a dawgs fan in gainesville.


how is the weather for the game anybody there knows

No…. I’m out with a Hemorrhoidal furuncle.

Pennington has T-Rex arms when he throws the ball. He makes Fiedlers passes look like howitzers

Run the ball tonight. Commitment!

How about the defense take the ball away tonite?

Jimmy Buffet concert starts at 7:30. I think I'll pass.

Not sure Who i hate more Jeffery(hollywood)Ross or Wayne(be kind,rewind)Huzinga, What do you guys think???

Why does ESPN still roll out Hank Goldberg? Who cares what he says?

Mando, are they going to suit up one of the williams sisters????

What’s the difference between Peter North and Chad Pennington?

Peter North can sling it deep!

Great ont jetfan..

Vinatieri hitting 51 yard field goals with about three yards to spare.

Does anyone have win/loss stat for when team wears Aqua? I bet wins will dominate!

Win or loose, Miami needs to show they can compete in this game. Forget the wilcat, they needs to go back to basics.

Henne listed as #3, cant play unless Penny gets hurt

No Fat neck tonite???

I'm a Dolphins fan in the UK!
Tell me there's a place online I can watch the game!!!!

I have no doubt we will win this game. OL cannot play as bad!

Sohail atdhe.net streams the games.

The MIAMI in the end zone is left over the the University of Miami logo.

Big game tonight Miami has to win and get back on track



Watching espn, they have a interview with Joey(DUHH)Porter coming up, i wonder what the Mensa member has to say, Iam sure it will be embarrassing..

Finally home in the Aqua?! Am I mistaken or did they wear white on white at home every home game last season? (Mando, @wgober here, thanks for your replies on twitter.)

Big game tonight dolphins have to win

Mando any sight of our Puerto Rican sister ms. Lopez Yet???


What's up Armando? this is going to be an exciting game! keep the good work with the live blog and keeping us informed!

Dolphins have to win

Mando… What have you heard about Pennington’s job security if the Dolphins lose tonight? Is CNN/SI Right on this one?

What up Sammo?

Hey, folks the inactives are updated in the text of the blog. Everything the same as last week.

You know having Matt Millin on espn just makes there station weaker..

Getting ready for primetime i am! tho i'm unsure if i should wear my ronnie or porter orange jersey or my aqua marino throwback. GO DOLPHINS!

Dolphins Nation,

I have one question for you!
Good luck to our beloved Miami Dolphins!


Sorry about your scepticism regarding a Dolphins victory tonight. I will be rooting twice as hard to make up for it.
Well just got home and putting on my Dan Marino Jersey (aqua)fresh from the drycleaners, after that loss I thought we would start with a fresh jersey tonight, being first Monday primetime since, well it feels like forever!

Not Blogging tonight Armando, maybe later as I'm off to host the Home Kick Off of the Miami Dolphins Monday Football party I'm throwing. Enjoy the game Armando and all you Dolphins fans.

I know NJ PHin Fan is back in the house lets take it too them tonight!

Go Dolphins!


Sammydolphan go Georgia I hear ya

I can't listen to ESPN.....I'm listening to QAM online.

I'm not aware what CNN/SI said about Pennington's job security, but I would tell you if he doesn't play well and the Dolphins lose, he still starts vs. San Diego.

Thanks Mando! Your judgment is valued.

What's this talk about Parcels last season?

OK guys enjoy the game and Go air breathing Mammals....

Marlin Jackson not starting tonight for Indy. He will be replaced by Tito ... Kidding. He will be replaced by Tim Jennings.
Austin Collie starts for injured Anthony Gonzalez.

I think Parcells will stay few more year in Miami! Steven Ross will make sure of that, if he does leave, expect Mr. Ross will hire Carl Peterson to replace parcell. Let hope tuna stay with the phins

If Parcels goes this year and we don't get to a championship game, his rep will be damaged. IMHO.

Mort will be right on one of these reports.

I'll have to pass on the game.

Michael Irvin is on Dancing With the Stars!

With Tom Delay. And Donny Osmond.

Who can pass that up?

Carl Peterson? Dude?

Cris Carter, Right
Ditka Wrong!

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