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Monday Night Football Live Blog!

I'm already here and it's still two-and-half hours before kickoff. And I'm watching Jake Long, Justin Smiley and Jake Grove already on the field working on their pass protection stances. Donald Thomas just joined them although I doubt he's going to get much work done being as that he's still wearing sandals.

In case you're wondering, we do have a live blog going this evening. So please come back for the festivities.

The Dolphins will be wearing their aqua tops and white pants this evening, according to the team's crack media relations staff.

The inactives are: John Nalbone, Lionel Dotson, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Chad Henne is the No. 3 QB

Talked to Stephen Ross a few minutes ago and he's obviously excited. Asked how he'll measure success this year, he answered, "Winning the Super Bowl."

We'll see about that.

Check back for more updates. I'll be updating as stuff happens.


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Why are we already talking about Parcells leaving?let the year play out.There's still alot of football left

Less concerned about Patriots
Not concerned about the Jets

cris carter has some disturbing eye brows.

They'll get it turned around starting tonight

I want to see 20-25 carries from Ronnie, 10-15 for Ricky and 5 wildcat plays from #23 as well. Do that and we win. If not, the "experts" are right, we were a one yr fluke that benefited from a light schedule in '08 and we'll be lucky to win 5 games this year.

Lips, True True

We gotta throw deep, pull the Safeties back and hand it to Ricky

Why are we refusing to activate Pat Turner. Enough with the damn Hartline experiment. Let's get our big bodied receiver in the game or is that not why he was drafted?

Hey Wnyphinphan

Ex-pat Western NY'er here from Elmira. I know how it goes to be a Fins fan in Bills country but WTF, we own them anyways.

Go Fins!


Steady dose of ronnie/ricky and NO TURNOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the O line be ready for tonight? Will Jake Long wake up tonight!!!!

Ricky is runnin Harder than Ronnie...

Thanks JohnW. Let's go Miami. Prime time at that.

Hey Mando - great stuff...any idea if Cobbs gets more touches tonight...3 headed run attack (4 if you count Polite) could wear that DL down...
Go Fins...

Can I come work for the dolphins???

Cuban Menace- Just watched The Porter interview, man can this nitwit be any dumber.


Don't you think it's kinda sad that the ESPN Monday Night show couldn't find enough Fins "star" players to do their stupid puff pieces on, and went to Dwayne Wade- a basketball player- to fill time?!?

The dolphins need to tell pat white to change numbers so we can list him at wide out instead of 2nd string QB that just tells the opponent we are going to run the wildcat against them and puts us in a bad spot if Chad P was to get hurt.

Need fins to win tonite for them to get confidence and to silence some family of mine and coworkers from Indiana. I live in Lexington ky. If you are going to the game be sure and keep crowd pumped up the whole time.
GO FINS!!!!!

Wildcat offense: future or fad? ESPN qoute.


Troll Alert!!
Troll Alert!!

The wildcat was never meant to change the game only add more preperation for the next opponent.

E manuel kant or whoever he is for the day ( not you menace ) , once again shows what a chickenshyt is is by hiding under different names talking about me. Grow up my man ! The jealousy/envy is getting the best of you. LMFAO! That OL CAN'T play any worse. got That !

It does not matter what number Pat White has...the NFL determines ahead of time who the QB's are so teams cannot mess with the emergency QB rule.

That is what makes Brad Smith so tough...

Start playing White at WR or RB...then you have something.

go phins. O needs to step up bigtime. D needs turnovers

Yeah it does make a difference on his number right now wearing numbe 6 he can't be listed or even play at recover or running back

Let's see if we can improve and win this one without any mistakes/ turnovers.... Go Phins!!!!

Name one recover or running back with single digit number

Goal to goal here we go. Love the aqua.


I know the Dolphins want to give Cobbs more work. At the same time, that means they have to extend drives

If possessions don't go long enough, Cobbs package goes out the window.

Cris Carter is Loyal!

sounds like the crowd is there in force

The Game Begin!!!

dolphins4life. got ya ! here we go, lets see what we got !

I can feel it in my bones, something special is about to happen tonight, someone is gonna define our team tonight

Go Phins



I was just told that coach sparano coached the moutain man jake long himself this week on the offensive line. He should be getting pancaked 4 times instead of 2 times tonight then.

Oh man I wish we there. Looks like a great party.

Gruden is pretty good.

I miss prime time Dolphins football.

I have got the shivers.

Yo this is crazy can't wait I've waited a whole week time to win

Stealth Bomber just flew overhead. Pretty cool.

Let's go dolphins!

Let's the party started! Monday night Dolphins record game again just like the bears game.


And away we go! Go Phins

omg I wish I was at that game. One of these years, am going to fly in for a monday night game in Miami.

colts win the toss and receive.

Can't they just kick the friggin ball?

Here goes a butt whopping!

Ahh this is awsome go dolphins

Hopefully Chad Pennington Will be the Stealth Bomber!

nice kick-off

Well, we know Dan Carpenter is fired up.

Were pumped

Let's kick some ponies!!!!

Sparano looks like "The Waterboy" on the sideline right now. Like he wants to smash somebody's medulla oblongata.

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