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Monday Night Football Live Blog!

I'm already here and it's still two-and-half hours before kickoff. And I'm watching Jake Long, Justin Smiley and Jake Grove already on the field working on their pass protection stances. Donald Thomas just joined them although I doubt he's going to get much work done being as that he's still wearing sandals.

In case you're wondering, we do have a live blog going this evening. So please come back for the festivities.

The Dolphins will be wearing their aqua tops and white pants this evening, according to the team's crack media relations staff.

The inactives are: John Nalbone, Lionel Dotson, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Chad Henne is the No. 3 QB

Talked to Stephen Ross a few minutes ago and he's obviously excited. Asked how he'll measure success this year, he answered, "Winning the Super Bowl."

We'll see about that.

Check back for more updates. I'll be updating as stuff happens.


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O has it & D don't

is that a td ohhhhh yeeaaahhh


i said fins will win

Wildcat baby!!!!td brown

The tweak on the wildcat is, as I said, Now Brown has a lead blocker and sometimes two out of wildcat.

To do that, the Dolphins are bringing Pennington off the field.

Last year, you'll remember, he was at WR.

Mando, where's Donald Thomas and who's Devin????

Wild cat having a birthday


Screw all you Ronnie haters. You know who you are

Good work

Second play and Jake Long is again on the ground. Also, in the first series on 3rd down on the 20-something yard, he finishes on the ground. Come on Jake!! What is going on?

Mando, where's Donald Thomas and who's Devin???

I'm liking it

no sleepin on d now. lets git er done

the dolphin coach looks like he's selling meat ball subs the way he's dressed .

Standley23, sorry.

Ok now we have a restart to the game. 7-7 let's hope the D is ready this time

good to see they took our advice to run the ball more! i wanted to see 40 carries.
Jake has his hands full 2nite, man do i feel 4 him. he's hanging in there though LOL

I was waaaaaaaaaaaay of on my Jake Long Pancake predition. Judging by that series he will finish with 10 pancakes tonight. he is up to 3.


I forgive you po

Dolphins score!!!

Nice tackle Lex!

Raul I see the Jake stuff too...twice blown backwards on his ass...yikes...great drive nonetheless.


Is Long hurt or something? He was great last year, this year he looks terrible.


HOw can any of u ppl actually not like Ronnie?

How come Donald Thomas isn't playing?

I think Donald Thomas is in there!

It's worth it.

AT LEAst jake hasn't given up a sack yet.


I saw Donald Thomas out there.

Long is struggling with Freeney

Oh yeah our defense is sharp! Sarcasm.

So far Akin Ayodele is playing like he's in high school and everyone else is a Pro Bowl player.

Donald thomas is playing guys. It was a mistake by MNF. Devan is the colts guard,


Ronnie Brown baby!!!!!

Long looked to be tentative and without confidence. I know he is better than that, damnit.

Long is struggling.

Our defense is so weak

Indy going no huddle.

Man our secondary is scary bad

They need to get the D goin!!!!

Colts tried a double move on Will Allen.

Secondary getting eaten up!

Will Allen on the rookie

Finally some pressure

Pass Rush!


Sparano needs to stop being a cheerleader.

EXCELLENT coverage by rookie Sean Smith. He's done for the quarter as next 2 series will go to Vontae Davis.

nice pressure. Man, these guys need to stop be so scary.

Keep up the noise

This punter is almost as good as the Raiders Punter


Good bounce back for the D!

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