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Monday Night Football Live Blog!

I'm already here and it's still two-and-half hours before kickoff. And I'm watching Jake Long, Justin Smiley and Jake Grove already on the field working on their pass protection stances. Donald Thomas just joined them although I doubt he's going to get much work done being as that he's still wearing sandals.

In case you're wondering, we do have a live blog going this evening. So please come back for the festivities.

The Dolphins will be wearing their aqua tops and white pants this evening, according to the team's crack media relations staff.

The inactives are: John Nalbone, Lionel Dotson, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Chad Henne is the No. 3 QB

Talked to Stephen Ross a few minutes ago and he's obviously excited. Asked how he'll measure success this year, he answered, "Winning the Super Bowl."

We'll see about that.

Check back for more updates. I'll be updating as stuff happens.


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two missed oportunities = heartbreaking loss at the end of this game. What a pity.

nice fg

Two TD's blown. Ginn and Fasano.

Thank God we have a kicker

Feels so good to lead

nice long drive. D should be rested but we need 7 on that

Seriously, the blog and the bloggers are not here anymore. Go to the next post to continue the live blog.

why is pat turner ..not dressed

Whats with all the Eyore like pessimism. Fins look good. If they keep it up all 4 quarters they will Win.

Armando, there is no new post on the iPhone app.


I have an iPhone and the new post is up. check again.

They need to watch Reggie wayne!

Remember when pat surtain broke Paytons jaw. That why he still has that jaw protected helmet. Ha

Crowder's having a tough night so far.

They need to get some pressure on Manning.

Is it me or does it seem like Ricky has lost a step?

Yeah ever since he hasn't been I'm the spotlight cuz of weed

Lost a step my butt, ricky looks great. That was a cheap way from Manning of getting a 5-yd penalty. That tells you he's scared of our defense.

who is the rg? where is donald thomas? i just came from the sentinel their live chat is dead

Yeah ever since he stopped smokin weed lol

Come on Nate jones, nice stop d, now let's get a good drive before half

Playing for the field goal there... Too conervative.

Remember this; playing like this will come back to haunt us. This is Peyton Manning here, good God! We need all the points we can get. I'm telling you, this is not smart at all.

Am I the only one upset about the fact that they haven't played the dolphins theme song???

Am I te only one upset about the fact that they haven't played the dolphins theme song???

This is exactly what I meant, mark this post. We should have gone for it on 4th down or tried more aggressively to score a td or take time off the clock. We're not being aggressive enough on offense. I'm not happy with the coaching right now, sorry.

There's a big difference between going into the half tied and leading, even by a FG. We get the ball to start the 3rd; we could have been up 20-10 technically. Look how long it took them to score!

Where is everyone? Mando, where are you?

Com'on man! I can do what Pat White does...of course not, but I mean what is he doing? Really...

Camarillo was open on that 3rd and 8. Sparano is gonna lose this game for us with his stupid conservative play calling. I'm tired of this.

when the dolphins are able to stretch the field...the running game will flourish...

Can Ginn please return kicks or punts???

Ok, now we're talking...Thank you guys!

Man, are you guys watching the colts sideline? They look so helpless right now. I'm loving every moment of this.

Please don't tell me we're gonna settle for a FG here.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this was the perfect game plan. Keep Manning off the field! Go Dolphins!

Freakin' assignment sucks! You can have Clark matched up against Crowder man.

We're not getting enough pressure on Manning, this will destroy us. Here you go.

Defense's gotta come up with bigger plays.

Damn, I hope we don't give them the ball with so much time. Ginn looks very frail, he's like a sheet of paper.

Look at their defense, these guys look like they're dying. It's sad to see them like that.

This looks like OT to me.

Go back to what I said in the beginning, I'm afraid to say I was right. Crap...

What are we doing???????????????

Seems like I'm the only one here, good night losers!

well, folks, this was a quick season. over in 8 days. but tonight, awful, awful, awful game management. the third-down call before the FG was the kind of call a team that knows it's going to lose makes. the Dolphins never, ever played this game to win. not even close.

Ted Ginn Jr.

Cam Cameron, the gift that keeps on giving.

terrible play calling all the way. Terrible. They played not to lose instead of trying to win. With 3.49 time left the should be throwing a hale mary.

I'd this game was lost by defense and the play calling. Top 10 pick again next year. Damn they could have won

Again, this game was lost on that call on third down. how you settle for a field goal on third down with 4 minutes left and Peyton Manning on the other side shows that this coaching staff is a step behind the rest of the football world. a winnable game, but this staff has no balls. toothless pass defense tonight. fine, players didn't make plays, but i'm looking right at the staff. time to get kid warmed up. let's see what Chad 2.0 can do 'cause it does not work with CP when the schedule isn't littered with KC and St. Louis.

this game was on the coaches all the way. Terrible play calling both on offense and defense.

Lessons learned:

1)Franchise quarterback is worth more than franchise left tackle.

2)Ginn sucks

Not sure if it was the coaching, qb or both but that was a very sad display. We are running the ball with 2:30 minutes left to play and letting the clock run out. What are they thinking. Very upsetting to watch.

2 G. Wilson missed tackles= 14 points
Pennington 2:00 minute time mangement terrible.

I'm sure we're all grateful for the Ted Ginn, Jr. family.

Ginn sucks. I dont care, the guy simply cannot catch the ball, let alone catch it in the clutch when the game is on the line. I counted at least 3 times when his hands were on the ball and he failed to bring it in but the muff in the end zone proves he simply is not a prime time player.

I called this game a loss after the FG kick gave Manning over 4 minutes. He scored 7 in 30 seconds while the Fins took almost 9 minutes for a lousy field goal.

Game/clock management on the last drive was absolutely horrible. No urgency whatsoever with the team even though they arent built for a quick strike but with all the wasted time in the last 2 minutes they could have had an extra play or two (or three).

A game they had won they let slip away and yes, I believe the Dolphins are on the draft clock because there wont be any playoffs this year. They will be lucky to finish 3rd in the division. Worst to first to worst, Im too old for this $h!+

Defense cant stop anyone

Screw all of you that thinks it's our offense, Ginny, or penny, ITS NOT!!! It's our damn secondary! Two words: WRAP UP!!!

We had this game, all we had to do was stop Manning, but Pennington shot himself in the foot... Chad Henne,, up please... Im so disappointed tonight... Its gonna be a long season....Pennington is no Marino...... Wow look how he managed the last 2 minutes... Horrible...

I don't know how anyone could think this team could afford to use a second round pick on Pat White.

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