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Monday Night Football Live Blog!

I'm already here and it's still two-and-half hours before kickoff. And I'm watching Jake Long, Justin Smiley and Jake Grove already on the field working on their pass protection stances. Donald Thomas just joined them although I doubt he's going to get much work done being as that he's still wearing sandals.

In case you're wondering, we do have a live blog going this evening. So please come back for the festivities.

The Dolphins will be wearing their aqua tops and white pants this evening, according to the team's crack media relations staff.

The inactives are: John Nalbone, Lionel Dotson, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Chad Henne is the No. 3 QB

Talked to Stephen Ross a few minutes ago and he's obviously excited. Asked how he'll measure success this year, he answered, "Winning the Super Bowl."

We'll see about that.

Check back for more updates. I'll be updating as stuff happens.


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Chad pennington is terrible. Its time for Chad Henne. Wasted 2 minutes and lost the game!

Our corner backs actually look good. It is our safety (GWIL) who is killing us. Sean Smith shut down Wayne for the most part.

The coaching staff sucks. How do you have over 200 yards rushing, dominate the time of possession, and still lose the game? I said it earlier, the way Sparano & Co. are calling the game, we're gonna lose it. Do they even freakin' know who they're playig against?
Another thing that killed us is dropped balls. Ginn should have caught that ball in the end zone.
Also, why the hell do we give them the ball back with 50 secs right before halftime. Because we went freakin' conservative with 3 consecutive runs.
Conclusion, Sparano and his staff should be fired!

Sparano....how long will it take you to realize Ginn is a bust, and Pennington throws like a girl?????

Let Henne play and see if he has any worth before next year's draft.

Oh and a minor detail...we need receivers who can catch the ball.

"Conclusion, Sparano and his staff should be fired!"

Are you serious? You're an idiot, plain and simple.

Give me a break Bill P. Do you call that coaching? I agree that Ginn should have caught that ball, but if you put him in a different system, he'll flourish. He needs someone to throw him the ball deep, Penny is not the guy.

I'm a long time fan and will watch this team lose, painful as it is. Please don't make me watch Ginn and Fasano miss any more passes. Give someone else a chance.

Different system my ass! Ted Ginn would not flourish anywhere. Catching the ball has nothing to do with systems, it is basic fundamentals! Admit it, Ginn sucks! Gah I hate that we picked him, damn it!

I watched the entire second half and it was pitaful. How do you hild the ball for 48 mins in the game and lose? Easy answer, NO HEART when it matters the most. Throw the ball to Ginn in the endzone for a clutch catch, please, not in this lifetime. 2-14 is looking very possible this year.

Ginn is a loser and will miss the ball in crucial situations, no matter how deep he is.

Ginn has to catch that ball but Lacey's got his hands in his shoulder pads without so much as an illegal contact call.

I don't know what was more insulting. The lack of courage to throw the ball on 3rd and 7 with a chance to run out the clock or get a TD or the absolute incompetence of the offense in running a two minute drill.

I'm sorry Bill P. I didn't understand your post initially. I thought you were saying that Sparano is not to blame. You're right.

I thought Ginn played well tonite. Sure, that drop was HUGE, but he's not a great receiver. You can't expect him to make that play. For the caliber of receiver that he is, he played well. It's not his fault he was drafted 9th overall. His skill set is what it is.

Indianapolis had the ball for only 14:53, the lowest time of possession for a winning team in the NFL since 1977.

This falls on the defense...

Miami Offense did what they had to do....

No panic... just on to week 3.

Lousy, lousy, coaching. The decisions made by the coaches were horrible. However, it was G Wilson who lost the game for the Dolphins.

Miami has a great shot at 0-5 going into the bye week

The dolphins D went to sleep in the second half.

Question: Had the roles been reversed, and Peyton Manning had 2:30, do you think they would have scored a TD? I think so. Why? Because of clock management and play calling. You don't call a run from your own 20 when you're trying to run the 2 min. drill.
This really hurst guys, we had it in the bad, but Sparano lost it. I like the guy but he really lost it because of his play calling and lack of aggressiveness.

Bench Pennington Bench Pennington, Play Henne and open the the game. The play calling was horrible at the end. Running the ball? What was that? Very conservative play calling cost them the game and oh yeah, Pennington needs to be benched! How many rookie QB's do we have to watch Sanchez, Stafford, last year: Ryan & Flacco. Let henne play

Offense scored 20 points. Could have been 14 more without blown catches. They also kept the ball for over 45 minutes. Defense deserves plenty of the blame here.

Steve Young is saying exactly what I've been saying, you cannot beat Peyton Manning by kicking FG's.
Pennington was not the problem, he actually managed the game really well. Did he need to throw bombs? NO. And when he needed to, he threw it on the money but Ginn couldn't make the catch. We need a big play player, where is he? I say trade for a big time receiver like Anquan Boldin.

I feel for Ronnie, Ricky and the 0-Line, but the Defense(What pass pressure...what tackling?!!!!), Ted Ginns Drops and Pennington's piss poor arm strength.

Time to start Henne...NOW!!!! And trade our #1 pick next year for Brandon Marshall, why? because Ginn sucks! Let Henne get his experience this year.

BTW...that was the worst clock management I've seen in awhile...again Pennington's problem!!!

Thank God for the Canes this year!!!

Marco, Pennington was just executing the plays being called from the sideline. He didn't miss any throws, as a matter of fact he was accurate. I'm surprised at how well our offensive line played, ironic isn't it?
But like you said, we need to trade for an explosive, sure handed WR now. We're not winning many games with the ones we have. We need a go to receiver. As far as Henne, I do think we should let him play because i don't think we have a chance this year. Not with the schedule we have coming up.

I am a long time Dolphins fan who since 02 has been in and out of following th team regularly. I even started following the Jags in addition, big mistake. But I love the Dolphins always will. That said, every fan in that stadium tonight should demand a full refund. I have never seen anything like that in my life. If you had just tuned in you would have thought it was the end of the 3rd quarter instead of the end of the game.
Waste about 40 seconds off the clock, then call a timeout, check. Operate with the antithesis of urgency check. PLAY ACTION PASSES IN A 2 MINUTE DRILL!!! Are you fing kidding me? QB sneak with no timeouts on 3rd and 1 with 50 seconds left? UNTHINKABLE. Ginn's inabiltity to make a great catch was the icing. I still like Sporano but WOW, A LOT to answer for after this. And of course the Defense was horrific. GO PHINS. Maybe this was a ruse to start Henne at SD? I don't know but that was absurd. As soon as they settled for 3 to make it 23-20 I knew we were screwed. Awful.

So let him play. Everyone thought it was to early for Mat Ryan. How dud that turn out. And the jets QB looked aweful in the preseason, not to bad now.

Can someone go back and count all the miss tackles the Defense had tonight?...it was disgusting..and if you all haven't figured it out yet...Clam Chowder is a douche bag!!! What an overrated pile of dung this fool is. I'd rather see Zach out there in his old age...at least he had a brain and let his play on the field talk for him. Will Allen played like a moron too...way to get caught up on that final TD to a ROOKIE! Did they say Taylor's name ONCE????? WTF Sparano, people get fired for games like this, who you cutting this week?!?!?!?!

Defensive adjustments were nil. I actually thought Sean Smith did pretty good job on Wayne but the Colts had Clark iso'd on Crowder all night which totally killed us. Why did they not have Bell on Clark? Inexplicable.

Bell was burned by Clark as well. Waste of money on Wilson. He was out of position all night and his tackling is horrendous.

In addition to all of that, if this isn't demoralizing I don't know what is. You execute your game plan the way you're supposed to and still lose. The reason we lost is absurdly clear...poor play calling, i.e coaching and dropped balls when it counted. Pick your shots!
Sparano better come out tomorrow and take full blame for this loss. No one and I mean no one deserves the blame more than him.

The state of our Dolphins, a few words:

To Defense:
Missed tackles, and pathetic!

To Defensive coaching staff (and players):
Pathetic, and shame on you!

To Offense:
Great job, running, but horrible catching – not only missed first-downs, or missed touchdowns, but missed winning touchdowns!

To Offensive coaches:
Horrible play calling, under-utilized quarterback (who is accurate and reliable) and over-utilized not-so perfect/productive running game (the wildcat)

To Statisticians:
Who cares about the time of possession?

To the entire coaching staff:
Time of possession advantage only proves that your offense is slow on pace – it is retarded (because it is unbalanced due to your inappropriate play callings.) It only proves that the other offense needed three quarter of a less time than your offense needed, in order to score more points than your offense did - to win. So go suck on that time of possession, while you scheme up more wild-cat offenses, and stack up more losses.

To Bill Parcel:

What the f—ck is your coach staff thinking?


Well put, I think that Sparano should get a serious bell ringing from Parcells. If he keeps coaching this way, he and ass-istants should be canned. And I really liked the guy until now.

This isn't like last year. Start 0-2 this year and you're screwed. I don't see us making the playoffs this year. We have a huge hill to climb.

I just love setting a new league record for being the only team to lose a game after controlling the clock over 45 min. WOW! Way to go fools!

I lost count on all the big play the defense gave up....they all sucked tonight, every single last one of them!!!! Add Ginn for his drops, Pennington for his HORRIBLE clock management, and Sparano for settling for field goal attempts instead of the TD's....CHOKERS ALL!!!

Players that should be demoted...

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