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Dolphins might look at Sinorice Moss

NFL teams must cut to 53 players by Saturday and all over the league players that are on the outside looking in are sitting around saying, "Wa happen?"

Giants receiver Sinorice Moss is one of those. According to this article in today's New York Daily News, the 25-year-old Moss is no longer sure if he has a future with the Giants.

Can you see where I'm headed?

Look, Moss is not a star. He's not even a starter.

But he can return punts and kickoffs. And he's very similar to Davone Bess -- only with speed. Did I mention he's from Miami? Did I mention he played for Bill Parcells disciple Tom Coughlin the past three years?

I'm not saying the Dolphins should go get Moss. Heck, if he's cut he'll go through the waiver system first and someone might put in a claim on him.

But I am saying if he's cut and passes waivers, the Dolphins might look at him because he's much more polished, almost as fast, much more proven, and a better wide receiver than say Chris Williams -- a guy the Dolphins coaching staff was seriously considering for a roster spot before punts started bounding off his head.

Just saying...

[BLOG NOTE: I will post a preview to tonight's preseason-finale in a few hours and we will have a live blog of the game right here starting at 7 p.m. ET]


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Moss is not much of a kick returner, and he has not returned punts in the NFL.

Yamon Figurs though, makes some sense.

Mando...would be great if you could do an article about players who are on the buble accross the league that like Moss, you think would be of interest to the Phins.

Armando is a tool....If you the guy hasn't clear waivers or better yet hasn't even been cut from his team, why in the world are you talking about it. You are that desperate to put a story out there. Why don't you write about the dolphins getting hester also because he went to the Miami U. Come on man you can find something more pertinent than this crap you came up with.

It's no secret the the giants don't have a great WR corps and if they cut him what does that say about him? I think the dolphins pass.

Mando...would be great if you could do an article about players who are on the buble accross the league that like Moss, you think would be of interest to the Phins.


you are on to something here PERFECT FIT!!!!
Moss gets cut sign him asap, our return game sucks

chill with the misleading headlines... just cause you think they should doesnt mean they will.

Are you saying they might look at him as something that is possible (as in, anything is possible)? Or are you basing this on something other than hopeful speculation? Would be a nice pick-up

Howabout we give up Roth and a late-round pick for Marshall? Mando, make it so...

I understand what your saying and it makes sence to take a look. But if the guy can't cut it with a Bill Parcells disciple Tom Coughlin. What makes us think he will make it here.
I like youre idea of going after Denvers #1 WR Marshall. There is rumors the jets are looking to get him.

It is painfully obvious that we need a veteran receiver opposite ted ginn. There will be several available after the final cut saturday. We should not hesitate on signing good veteran deep threat. Remember, this is a history making year! So, we should go all out and make history.

first, I didn't say the Dolphins should go get Brandon Marshall.

Secondly, New York WR corps is better than Miami's.

Third, I think Moss would upgrade special teams.

Fourth, Terence you need somebody to love you.

That's right. Sign some other teams scrap players.

both moss brothers were awesome with the hurricanes. would make sense in that it would not expose a started to injuries on special team utilization.

if i remember correctly both brothers were from the track team before recruited to the football team. so speed to spare, much like hester (chicago) in size and speed.

ooopps... starter not started

I can't imagine Moss clearing waivers, so it won't matter if/when he does get cut. I am sure they'll be 10-15 guys we'd consider adding, but most that could contribute on our team won't make it to us in waivers. We'll only find a few players (at the most) that can compete for backup or specialist-type roles. What about Stefan Logan - a fast punt return guy that the Steelers signed from the CFL?

There is Rumor that the Bills might be cutting Roscoe Parrish. He is a much better returner than Moss.

lmao mando!

but I don't necessarily agree that the Giants have a better receiving core than the fins... Hixon, Smith, Manningham and Nicks aren't exactly scaring anyone...

mando your headline is decieving as if you have an actuall scoop. But this is only your opinion. I know it s a blog but you're still a journalist

I think the niners should trade Crabtree for Brandon Marshall straight up. We don't need either of those primadonnas.

So apparently one has to degrade Mando for him to offer insight with respect to a particular point--as opposed to just baseless punditry. Well done Terence!

Dear Mr. Terrence

"Armando is a tool"

I've looked at Home Depot and Lowes and other home improvement stores and can't seem to find this tool called Armando.

What trade is it used in ?

I like to think I am on the cutting edge of modern tools and this "Armando is a tool" thing has got me stumped.

Soiled :)

Dishpan, why would Denver give up a top-5 WR for Roth & a late round draft pick? Have you heard EVERY report stating equal value is a 1st round pick & a 3rd?

parrish & hester both are canes !!

and just who would babysit b marshall?

forget about him.....problem child


Bad scene...DUDE!

We all know it's pre-season, but it is game day.

My favorite Green Eyed Blonde could've came up with SOMETHING.....ANYTHING better than this. Armando she's just a ...a....she's a girl!

PS:Your by-line was very misleading. Shame, SHAME!

Mel Kiper's useful, I'll-admit-I-was-dead-wrong-later antics are always amusing. I have heard of that canon formula, but apparently you've never heard of wishful thinking. I suppose you also expect that I believe Armando can make that deal happen, which was the other part of what I wrote. Oh, and great expert analysis on drafting Sean Smith. Your douchery knows no bounds


i love Bess' hands and stability in fielding punts cleanly, but we might as well just fair catch it, cause he ain't takin it to the house, i would LOVE more of a threat as long as that person's hands and catching is equal to or greater than Bess'.

We should definately give Moss a look and a tryout.


I have to disagree with you about the Giants recieving corp. Neither Dixon nor Smith are as talented as Tedd Ginn. Both maybe better than Hartline but I am not even sure of that. Hicks and maybe even Barden have the potential to be real good but they are rookies. With the lack of talent the Giants have a WR I find it difficult to believe they will cut Moss. I agree that if he is cut he is worth looking at because he has potential to be an explosive player but I don't think this will come to pass.

I think finding the next Mel Gray...I mean Devin Hester would be great, duh!
We the fans want him, the coaches want him, everybody in the NFL is looking for THAT GUY.
However here in Miami it seems like that might be tantamount to taking a QB in the first round and having no one to block.
Our special teams have been the real story this pes-season. They've been horrific.
A great return man is definitely important. But the bigger problem has been the lack of blocking and tackling.

Dolphins might look at Calvin Johnson

Can you see where I am headed?

Not really but I think they should when he is a free agent in 2011.

Back from vacay and Armando is back at it again asking the Dolphins to court another primadonna. lol

Armando now your going after a 4th or fifth stringer...for kick offs and punt return. Moss has speed but has yet to return a kick off or punt for a TD. Davone Bess who's slower as you pointed out has more catches in one season than Moss has in his career.

Definitely not an acorn but, it is what it is and Armando good for you sticking to your guns. Nice article and hope you have more...insighful info.

NY Giants Rookie Hakeem Nicks is better than any Dolphins WR. Need Proof? Watch last weeks game.

If in fact he's a free agent in 2011.

Why not just send the giants one of our late picks next year for Moss to make sur we get him?

QUENTIN MOSES BABY ! Oh wait ! , this isn't the live blog yet .

Giants fan here. You guys want nothing to do with Moss. He's not a good player. Also, he cannot return punts or kicks (he never did it in College either) as he's too hesitant with the ball in his hands while returning. He's also injured a lot. Putting him in the same category as Davone is an insult to Mr. Bess. Bess is a million times better.

nj, is moess your boy friend ?

And we might take NJ seriously!

keep an eye on the eagles too,

1. Desean Jackson
2. Jeremy Maclin
3. Kevin Curtis
4. Jason Avant
5. Hank Baskett*
6. Reggie Brown*
7. Brandon Gibson (rookie)
The Jets and Ravens (john harbaugh) are keeping a close eye on the eagles and their abundance of WRS. The eagles are looking to trade "downtown" Reggie Brown (lol) and or Hank Baskett and for sure will be releasing Lorenzo Booker. Just to give a heads up to my fellow dolphins fans about rosters moves up here in philly.

"People, people, tell me people..."-J HENDRIX...Where is the game on the world-wide tonight?

Armando probably thinks Hank Baskett will catch the "fins interest because of his recent nuptials to the playboy playmate. This may fall in line with Ross's celebrity mentality.

I'd take a chance on Moss - but we have a lot of WR already on the roster. I'd be surprised if the Dolphins DO but I think Moss can be a decent player. He's always been buried in New York but I dont think he'd start here either over Ginn/Bess and Hartline/Cam

Should be interesting to see what happens come this Saturday.

Menace where you at?


Said it b4, I'll say it again. Mondo is a clown. He OBVIOUSLY has NEVER played or even been around organized football outside of his post as a journalist. He fails to mention Miami was 9th in league in passing in 2008. He fails to mention we have a ball control offense, and we have no real use for more marginal WRs. Maybe he'd like us to pull a Bills move and grab TO so we can go 4-12 like Buffalo will. Nice effort, but stick to the news b/c real football guys can smell your crap from a mile away.

Why waste time with Moss? If you want a real receiver...make a trade for Marshall or deal with your current crew.


I think Moss is a viable option. We only have 1 speed receiver, and his speed does not translate well in route running and getting by defenders quickly, where as Sinorice Moss' speed is similar to his big brother, and better than any of our current crop. I say, go get him.

When will people learn that asking a question in all caps makes people not to want to answer you


He may not be available. He just had 2 TD catches in the Giants final preseason game.

FOr what reason would we want moss? He's not a returner in this league, he's never even returned a punt as a pro. He's always injured and might not beat out Hagan for a spot on a horrible wr squad.. .And NO mando, they aren't better then ours. Wake up and learn personnel

if miami gets anyone it better be brandon marshall.

Brandon Marrshal, we don't need divas on this team.

Injured Matt Roth (and a late round pick) for B. Marshall (who John Clayton claimed the Broncos want no less than a 1st round pick for)? Put down the video games and get real.

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