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No drama but plenty of surprises this preseason

As I wrote earlier this training camp, this has been a drama-free preseason for the Dolphins. Not much that was out of the ordinary happened.

Some players stepped up. Some stepped back. No one of consequence has gotten hurt.

But there have been some surprises. And most of the surprises are pleasant so far.

I would categorize strong side linebacker Quentin Moses as a pleasant surprise. His chances of making the team when camp began seemed bleak. He was deep on the depth chart and with Matt Roth and Jason Taylor ahead of him, his prospects didn't look to bright.

But then Moses batted a pass here, registered a sack there, defended pretty well against the run over there, and batted another pass over there. And now, Moses looks like he's about to secure a roster spot on the team, particularly as Roth seems headed to the physically unable to perform list.

“I think Quentin’s progressed nicely," Tony Sparano said Monday. "I think that he’s doing a good job, to me, at the point of attack. I’ve seen, I’ve seen just a lot of improvement out of Quentin since the time that we’ve started now, you know, with him this year. Particularly starting in OTA’s, I seen a lot of improvement out of him. So, stronger player, better knowledge of the position, one of those things."

More surprises?

Look no further than rookie Sean Smith. Drafted in the second round, he is on the verge of locking up a starting job for the regular-season opener. He's tall and big, he's physical, he has excellent ball skills and the coaches love the fact he doesn't back down from opponents. He fights back and battles as he did against Tampa Bay when they started picking on him a little bit. Smith also has the secondary's only interception of the preseason.

Paul Soliai has been something of a pleasant surprise. He was overweight this offseason. The microscope was on him because he had this reputation as not being a good professional. Well, he lost the weight and is playing with great motor of late.

He has locked up the No. 2 nose job behind Jason Ferguson. He has begun to earn the respect of people high up in the organization.

Brian Hartline has surprised folks. Few rookie receivers are good enough to challenge for a starting job right away, particularly ones drafted in the fourth round. And yet, Hartline is on the verge of earning that job if he produces against New Orleans as he did last week against Tampa Bay.

Hartline is today leading the team with 107 receiving yards and a 21.4 yard per catch average.

Randy Starks hasn't really been a surprise, but he's opened eyes with his ability to earn a starting job. That starting job at right defensive end had Phillip Merling's name all over it. Merling had the starting job at the start of training camp. But Starks has been better in practice and mostly better in games, particularly on early pass downs, when he provided some solid pressure.

It has been surprising the Dolphins haven't really gotten their tight ends involved as much as one might expect during this preseason. Anthony Fasano has one catch for 2 yards. David Martin has two catches for 12 yards. John Nalbone has one catch for 3 yards and Joey Haynos has not caught any passes in the preseason.

There are other mild surprises, I know. But if I outlined them all for you, you'd have nothing to do in the comments section. Well?

Add more suprises. 


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Eric Green could no even cover highschool wr from Miami Nw or St. Thomas Aquinas

What surprises me is quickly fans forget what a horrible offense we had last year and this summer without an effective wildcard.
It was not effective against ravens either time we played them, when we had to depend on Pennington to actually make a difficult play he threw 4 picks. When we kept it on the sidelines against TB last week the offense failed to get a first down until we ran the 2 minute against thier 2nd team defense.

But that's what makes it fun to be a fan; every thing we want can come true...next week!

Child, please....

Ronnie Brown is going to run all over Atl's lackluster defense...

I'm sick of all this gloom and doom, sky is falling stuff... Go Dolphins!


ravens d-line, mainly the middle against satale, allerman & nuduche (sp)had pressure on chad all day. before that chad only threw 3 ints the whole year, prior to that playoff against the ravens.

our line is intact with great addition of grove, smiley & thomas returning and v carey'c contract extended.

I agree we have a powerful line on both sides of the ball. That will keep us in every game. My concern is when we trail by more than 7 and have to start throwing ropes to receivers in coverage to give the receivers a chance to make a play.
But I'm not gonna let that spoil my good time, i hope you enjoy the season.


i share that concern, but hope we can run the ball better than what i have seen in preseason, and not get more than 7-10 behind.

safety position with wilson, i am not convinced.


-Jason Taylor looking like old 'Phin self.
-Miami not getting true #1 WR.
-Pat White not good enough for Wildcat (yet).
-Tedd Ginn STILL hasn't been injured.
-No good returner emerged.
-S-Teams Coverage units still stink.
-Ricky looking MUCH older since last season.

I believe Hartline is going to be a stud.....and Ginn will start performing at a higher level. Receivers that come from Ohio State never put up huge numbers at the school. Their offense never dictates that they should, but the Buckeyes always get high character guys with exceptional work ethic and skills.....except Maurice Clarett. Then they usually go on to have good NFL careers....hopefully great in these two guys case.

I think we have something brewing and I am excited to see the possibilities. Go Dolphins !!!

Looks like SOULJA , has been watching to much hard knocks and ocho cinco ! CHILD PLEASE !



there's any other cases similar to HENNE being on the side line learning for 3 years and come out blazing ?thank you .
brady doesn't count.

Like i said before , JUSTIN AN IDIOT ' S stupidity never and i mean never ceases to amaze me. LMFAO ! WOW ! What a imbecile ! LOL !

Good job Mando,

And a welcomed change of pace!

Ken , my man crush for vontae davis was draft related and also aimed at you and marcus over out debate over davis/darius butler. that's who i wanted in the draft . i like Mose after his junior year when he was rated to 10 in the draft. I was eyeing him for the dolphins all senior year , but he dropped off. He's picked up the olb position in the 3-4 and is really showing his skills. SHHHHH Don't tell them about each other . LOL !

Fake GM , moses is going to see alot of playing time , spelling taylor at olb. Especially if roth goes on the P.U.P

why does everyone keep saying Henne has been around for 3 yrs. It's his second and he is basically a rookie since he didn't really get to play last year in the regular season. Give the guy a break!

Hey Gopats:

In answer to your question to NJ Phin Fan(please don't mind if I take a stab at this) I can think of at least 2 qbs that have: Phillip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers. Rivers may have waited only 2 years, Rodgers was definitely 3.

Biggest surprise(s)

*Worst than terrible performance against TB Zero offense, zero defense. We were outplayed by backups...forget the win/loss, it means nothing. What does mean something is, the progress or in this case the lack of.

*Greenhorn rookie TB QB looked much better than Henne. This is the future?

*The coaching or lack of it.

vinny, this sound like name of typical Jet Fan

thank you ken , it seems that the fans here are very quick to be very negative about Chad Henne and forgetting that the new group of coaches been here for just 12 month.the negative comments are result of living under very bad coaches for the past 10 years.

PS..in 12 month the fins turned from trash to recycled gold.

Hey Gopats:

To further confirm what you are saying a lot of people were very negative about Rodgers after his 2nd year pre-season. There was a lot of talk of how Rodgers was a bust. He turned out just fine. Have patience everyone, Parcells &Co. know talent and they see something in Henne.

in hockey the average turn around for a lousy team is around 5-7 years and in basketball about 5-7 years, just ask the nicks .in football 4-7 years and just ask the lions ,


gopats what is the turn around in baseball?

ace, you only come to cause trouble or kiss nj's behind or you are nj phin himself.PICK ONE .

gopats what is wrong with people on this blog? How am I causing trouble? I asked you a question and this is what I get. I am not picking "one" as you say. Why don't you pick one for me. What is you f'n problem?

gopats, you should be more kind to Ace. He is honest dolphin fan who trust in tuna and sparano and Pennington.

ACE, let's rewinde last two posts of ours and pretend .
i don't know about baseball since i don't consider it a sport .

Q for you ace ,

do you think nick saban and the other coach before him affected the psycho of the dolphin's fans ?

Carlito's words to me as blood on a sword to king to another'


Gopats, I thought you knew about baseball?
I believe the failures of Saban and the other one did affect the psyche of some fin fans. Fans remember and have resentment because of the setbacks the fins have endured. I dont care for Saban and appreciate what we got now. We are on the right path, but have to display a little patience.

gopats i think you mean psyche. some dolphins fans got used to miami almost being in the playoffs yearly. so when miami got bad due to poor drafts and free agent signings by coaches now gone the fans didn't know how to respond to constant losing. so now they second guess everymove miami's staff makes.

"Bush NO longer worst now that Obama has become our first militant communist fascist President hell bent on destroying this country

Posted by: miadolph1"

I deem you unworthy of your lone brain cell. Please send it back, and stop trying to think.

to my standards my english is improving and thanks to people like sammo .

psycho ...the movie
psyche.....as a state of mind .talking about movies , FARGO is one funny movie.

Gopats is similar to Goats nuts. Are they the same?

someone have a salt for me to put on snail finger?

miadolph1 = NJ

nj=so many names we can't keep up w/him.

why nj insult good man justin with his hate

Greg Camarillo line up for starting receiver today in practice. Lex Hilliard backups fb.

gopats I see you like Fargo. Very good movie. I love the part where the big Indian guy beats the sh*t out of the whimpy guy with his belt. The whimpy guy is screaming and flipping around on the floor. I like that.

Kendall Langford is our best player on defense right now. That would be a surprise to most. Before everybody yells Joey Porter. Langford looks great getting pressure on the QB takes up 2 blockers and stuffs the run. Porter is purely a pass rusher and that is all even though an excellent 1. Porter and the rest of the linebacking group are nothing without the 3 linemen taking up blockers. I am now officially glad we took him over Dan Connor.

Carlito, you're an idiot. Vinny Shin Blind = venetian blind....it's a joke.

not very good one

Vinny next in long list of names for NJ

Man some of these posters are imbeciles..and no I am not NJ I live in Ohio. That was in case some of you morons claim I am someone I'm not.

Ceed I think you have a good point about Langford, he is playing strong.

I am wondering what is up with our veteran secondary like Y. Bell and W.Allen-tey didn't look so hot against TB.

Chad showed me something new in a couple of throws against the Bucs. He had excellent footwork and athleticism, and put great zip on his long throws. Fins need to shore up the running game though, defensively and offensively.

That's cus yeremiah isn't that good period, I dint know why we kept him. I am surprised Donald Thomas has Been such a strong right guard and is back the way he is. Our offensive line is starting to look like a real weapon, and it all starts there boys

Camirillo's knee has been a pleasant surprise, he looks pretty good!

On NFL.com Pat Kirwan raks all teams for qb depth.
The dolphins rank 14th.
I cut and pasted it:

Comment: Pennington doesn't excite the average fan but he is accurate, rarely makes mistakes and led the Dolphins to a division title last year. Henne is a fast-rising star and White brings a special dimension to the Wildcat.

3-0 in preseason is a suprise.Even though it's only preseason

I think a big surprise is ...


Bet you never thought you'd see that name mentioned huh....... Surprise!!!! :P

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