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Pennington: 'Not closing the book,' on career

Former starting quarterback Chad Pennington, now out for the season on injured reserve, is not closing the door on returning to the NFL, or the Dolphins for that matter, following what will be his third throwing shoulder surgery in the coming days.

Pennington, who does not discount that the injury could jeapardize his career, nonetheless plans to go through a rehabilitative process following the procedure. And if the process progresses successfully, Pennington is open to trying to resume his career.

"What I have to focus on is focus on preparing myself for surgery a third time," Pennington said. "And that's a battle in of itself. And then after the surgery, talk to with Dr. [James] Andrews and talk with our staff here to develop a plan to get back to get back to normal -- to be able to do everyday things, to be able to brush your teeth, brush your hair.

"And then after that, move into the athletic part of what I'm required to do as a professional athlete and professional quarterback. I'm going to take those steps ... and once I cross each bridge, I'll move on to the next one."

Pennington, unsigned beyond this season, is aware he might have played his final game for Miami. The Dolphins are moving on to youngster Chad Henne as their starter. But Pennington, who previously talked about staying with a team that gave him an opportunity to compete for a starting job, isn't closing the door on a return to Miami.

"I'm certainly not going to close the book," he said. "The book has been tried to be closed on me before and I kept it open. So I'm not going to close the book on myself. That would be doing a disservice to myself ... At the same time, as an athlete, you always feel like there's some unfinished business and you want to give yourself an opportunity to see what's going to happen.

"You guys have been around this league long enough to not put anyone out of a team's plans because you never know how things unfold," Pennington said. " We'll wait and see. I've enjoyed being here. I've enjoyed being around everyone in the organization."

Pennington said he will fly to Alabama Thursday and have surgery on his right shoulder. The surgery will be performed by Dr. James Andrews. He confirmed he suffered a dislocated his right shoulder. That caused damage to the anterior capsule.

It will be Pennington's third shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder.

As for new new starter Chad Henne, he is not lacking for confidence. He is convinced that making his first start against Buffalo on Sunday is an easier assignment than coming off the bench last week against San Diego.

"Oh, definitely," Henne said. "Anytime you get all the reps during practice, you prepare more, you're prepared as the starter. No doubt about it, you're going to be a lot better off during the week and more comfortable on Sunday."

The hope, some would say the expectation, is that because Henne has a stronger arm than Pennington, the Dolphins will be able to maximize Ted Ginn Jr. now on deep passes.

"We're just going to go after it like any other week," Henne responded to that idea. "If it presents itself out there, deep ball threat or they give us the coverage to attack it, we'll hook up a couple of times. But if it's not there, I have to be smart with the ball and realize it's covered and check the ball down.

"It's definitely out there and I think a lot of our receivers can go one on one with guys and get the ball out there."


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Boo Hoo :)

Sex offenders only have a 3.5 repeat offender percentage. Its the people who have never been arrested that you have to worry about.

Good luck, Chad. We are pulling for you to make it back..."Comeback #3" Please just don't go back to the Jets. Cheers!

Chester - I would bet that the other 96.5% of sex offenders just haven't been caught (again) for their improper actions. I would be worried about them, without a doubt.

Chad's the man. He may be captain checkdown but he took us to the playoffs last year. You have to respect that dude.

You guys are all parrots...Geez...He, like our team last year is fradulent! Good Riddens!

I would like to see Pennington as a backup for one or two years for us then move on to be our QB coach. He was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship, the guy is smart and a class act. I wish him good luck in whatever he does, but I hope that something is in the Dolphins organization.

Chad Henne's balls haven't even dropped yet. I am a grizzled vet. Look at me.

Great Job Chad, you have always been a class act throughout your career. I hope you rehab goes well and you get to compete again here next year, whether as the starter, backup, or QB coach - best luck always!

Chad, Chad, Chad....
Blood on your face, big disgrace.

The lack of class on this blog can be astounding. Even if you are a Jets fan, Pennington does a lot of good for a lot of people and not just in football. Not to mention he has had some great years in the NFL.
Last year was one of those great years and he took a lot of sting out of the 1-15 season.
Now the guy is hurt, his career is over and you make fun???

Good luck, Chad. Best wishes. You did the best you could with having a terrible number 1 receiver in Ted Ginn.

Marc, I bet you get your ass kicked a lot don't you? Or is the Internet the only place you have the balls to speak. Horribly at that. The word you are looking for is riddance. Moron.

I for one want to thank Penny for all he did for us.You other morons are classless,and Karma has a way of taking care of tools like you!

CP's arm will be dead after a third operation.
He won't be able to play QB anymore.
But perhaps he can come back as a TE (impossible to do worse than the 3 catches combined in 3 games for Fasano & Haynos)?

I saw Chad at mini camp this year and what I saw was a true professional at work. His work ethic was outstanding it seemed to me he was all about business. If Henne paid any attention we will be fine.

How does anyone not like Chad Pennington, forget what you think about him as a QB. He is everything a player should be, all accounts put him as one of the hardest workers on the team and just the quotes yesterday tell you the leader he was.

Mikegut, I'm a bad a$%, try me...Chad sucks, so do you...I've been on here a while now...I'm not hiding from anyone...

Dolphins being Dolphins,...

Once you start losing interest in the Dolphins,... then BAM something happens to drag you back in. Well with Pennington this team wasn't going to win 6 games. I doubt we'll do any better with Henne, but I honestly don't know. Its nice to have a reason to watch again this week.

Correction: I mentioned in an earlier post NOT to be excited about aquiring Thigpen, because he is the 3rd string QB of the most inept passing offense in the league. Well they're not. St. Louis is,... and the Dolphins are second.

A Tribute to CHAD
The year is 2008. August 8 to be exact. After yet another tumultuous season which left Armando Salguero reaching for Pepto Bismol time and again, pondering his fate, wondering if his lot in life was to be cast into the black hole of sports in the otherwise sunny disposition of Miami. He looked in the mirror seeing for a moment a hideous Edwin Pope staring back at him from the future.

Would he, Armando, ever sniff playoff tickets in this town? Or was his destiny in some cold northern town with a a couple of buffoons on a radio show called Mad Dog Bozo and Firecraker Petes morning Zoo... ughhh.. he grunted and reached for the tp for his bungholio... err cornholio.

Enter one James Chadwick "Chad" Pennington.
A man castoff like a jilted lover by a dame gone bad. She was swell he thought and she had nice gams but dat was then and this is now. Yeah, thats the ticket... I'll hook up wit dat Tony in Miami and we'll pull a a caper ...

Fast forward to SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2008.....
Dateline NYC:
The stage is set.
As grey traces of dawn tinge the eastern sky,
the travelers, men of Miami,
emerge from the forest shadow.
Fording the River East, they turn south, journeying
into the dark and forbidding lands
Even now the intensity of dread can be felt,
weakening the body and saddening his heart
Ultimately they will become empty, mindless spectres...stripped of will and soul, only
Chadwicks thirst for freedom gives hunger for vengeance...

Silence shrouds the forest
As the birds announce the dawn
The travelers leave the hotel
And southward journey on
The road is lined with peril
The air is charged with fear
The shadow of Chads nearness
Weighs like iron tears

His nemesis is waiting at the gate.
Prince Chadwick stands unflinching, coal-black eyes shimmering with hate.
Square for battle, let the fray begin...

A most fiersome smack-down took place. Those that saw it shall not forget. The victors rejoice to this day, but the vanquished speak in humble reverent tones of the one known only as Chadwick and the fury he unleashed upon them.

Enter the Champion
Prince Chadwick appears to battle for freedom from chains of long years
The spell has been broken...the Dark Lands are bright.
The wraith of the JETS soars
away in the night.

Oh ya Marc you have been "here" for a while in "plain site" huh? It's the Internet you idiot. God you are stupid.

Pennington, thanks for last season!!! You made the difference...

This season it seemed like you were calling running plays on 3rd & long that kept coming up short late in the games...U lost your edge of daring to be great at some point before you were injured...

Best wishes and hope you have a fast and full recovery even if you don't play for Miami in the future.

Hope Henne can back it up...Good luck.

I've posted all my contact info, and can again if you'd like...Don't attempt a battle of wits, you're ill equiped...I may come of as cold, callous, and cruel...Guess what, I don't care. Do you think the orginization won't hesistate in droppin' his rear-end? He stinks...That's the bottom line. I'm excited that we have the POTENTIAL to have a QB with a decent arm! It would also be nice to know if ANY of the prospects we have will be the answer BEFORE his contract expires...Blessing in disguise. Even if he stayed and we won 9 games where would we be next year? All that is summed up more with much more brevity by simply saying "Good Riddens"...Thanks, Have a great day (not really)

Marc is a wortless punk. Go play in traffic jerk!

Whatever lack of arm strength Chad had, he made up for with preparation and intelligence! I HATED Chad wit a passion when he was wit da idiots in green, but I have a new found respect in him as a person and player!! Best of wished Chadwick!! PS: don't go back wit Jets or I may hate u again..

Pennington was just what we needed and served a purpose but he should know it's over.

Henne? To use a Parcells analogy, "if they don't bite as pups.......".

Thank you Chad for good 08 and crappy 09 so far. Wish you luck for get better and maybe come back as good back up.

Chad Henne sound confident and excited for smash weak Bills D into pieces and make T.O. cry. I can hear it now Miami...

"That was my defense man, ... my defense..."

Chad Pennington.....Thank you for the miracle season last year. You have been a true class act with everything that was thrown at you.

Chad Henne....... Good luck. We all hope you not only have a strong arm, but also an accurate one with perfect touch. Good vision and decisions also.

Carlito, don't you think it's time to work on your communication skills?

Maybe even learn about what we call in this country, "football".

Dear Mr. Pennington

If I was a kid in the tunnel leading to the locker room I would give you my Coca Cola.

And if you gave me your Jersey in return I would look up and say "Thanks Mean Joe"

Anyhoo that commercial sums up how I feel about you.

Big Fan of yours as a Quarterback and as a person.

Soiled :)

nice work, bobo mofo.


don't you think it time to clean your trailer of cigarette butt, busch beer can, old nascar poster, and bologna packages? To live clean is to live good. Or you just stuck in rockledge drink moonshine and does meth?

I forgot more about dolphin football than you ever to know.


What Chad Henne need to do for become Hero to you like Pennington and Mean Joe?

cocoajoe, what more imortant to you the haters who give a bad name to a football blog by attacking Chad.P or Carlito who has calss more thaln all of them put together ?

ps...can we have your foto attached to you post so we see if like your hair cut .

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

"What Chad Henne need to do for become Hero to you like Pennington and Mean Joe?"

Stop me from shooting my TV's on sundays would be a good start.

Soiled :)


Don't worry about cacajoe I will get best revenge at Dolphin Stadium sunday to watch Chad Henne shred Bills defense like wet papers and I thinking "I knew it". Then I come here monday to say "I tell all of you"

yo c penn you be back. You know Y HEART....HEART.... thats all u need.

one more thing cocojoe,

the TUN'S qoute you used to apply it to Chad.p isn't wright for his case .you should know better .you should work on your brain skills.lol

Henne will suprize...remember him in the AZ game last year? anyone? not a shabby pre-season either, hell, i'm pulling for the guy.

Chad P we luv ya man !!! What a Class Act, if ya can't play, stay and Coach. Sure Tony would love to have ya working with the young guys. Hell, thats your job man....Coaching, a noble profession.



Who will impress more in Dolphin Stadium this weekend to bring team back from tough loss Jarcory Harris or Chad Henne?

Do you think T.O. cry this week?

Carlito my friend,

T.O. gets smacked around by my boy Sean "The NEW Man" Smith and cries afterwards.

Jacory has a comeback game behind more protection (told my son to wear dat thing) & we have those two DE's back this weekend plus a healthy secondary this week.

Carlito, they both win as I see it. Canes have to run against that Oklahoma D and Chad H has to rip it up behind a nice game from Brown & Williams & Company.

Be cool my brother


You a good fan. Go Henne! Go Canes! Go Dolphins 10-6!

soiled bottom,
very funny post at 4;48pm

Yep, we are in that same secret Club-Miami Dolphins/Miami Hurricanes Football Club.

Lifelong members no matter what !!

Carlito-Mando is the Grand Master of the Club this year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

With the begining of the Henne era now at hand what kind of offensive stradigy do you think the Dolphins will employ this sunday ?

Will it be an all out arial assault with long strikes hitting receivers in stride ?

Or are we gonna stay with dink and dunk and run run run ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

P.S. I just realized that was football talk. Oh well its off to Dr. Yo Gee to refill my prescription of Medical herbs.

Soiled -
What receivers are you hoping will catch the long strikes you speak of?
The only one fast enough to get behind the db's is Ginn, and we all know he can't catch! LOL
Perhaps we have a great QB in Henne (only time will tell), but we still don't have a great receiving unit.
Therefore we are going to have to resort to the dink and dunk and run, run, run.
Even if we had THE top rated QB in the league, we would still be in the same situation. This may very well "fix" the QB situation in time, and possibly a franchise QB at that, but without a group of great receivers or one "elite" receiver, it may have to be dink and dunk. Good thing we can run, run, run!

Go Phins!!!

Marc sounds like that hemorphidite,pink pants wearing little man that we had on here last year, here M@@c i just mentioned your name and your mom just wagged her tail, Any ways gotta go now and put some water in marcs mommas bowl, glad to have you back lil m@@c.....

Not to get into a battle of wits with anyone..
But its "Good Riddance" not "Good Riddens"
Thank you CP for bringing respectability back to Miami while you were here.. good luck on your rehab....

I really hope Chad P stays with the team. Use to hate him when he was with the Pets, I mean Jets, but he has shown to be a class act football player, and person. He will make a great coach and mentor.

Dear Mr. NMDolphan

I look at it this way, if Payton Manning is our QB are we better even with the receivers we have ?

If we have Drew Brees as our QB even with the same receivers are we better ?

You see where I'm going here ?

One man can change an offence a team a culture.
Is Henne that guy ? Dont know myself but I hope so :)

Soiled :)

Sandman,(by the way your song rocks)to get in a battle of wits with marc, you'd have to regress back to the time you were 11 or 12 because thats where marc is mentally...

Mr Soiled,

"If" Henne reads & releases he will do fine. as he said himself, "when you get all of the reps in practice", he will be more prepared.

hope they give him protection then we will see as Coach says, "where we are" & what we need to move forward. protection will show us if its QB or WR's.

Soiled -
IMO, we would not be a better team simply by adding a QB such as Manning or Brees. If you don't have someone to catch the deep ball, why throw it? Maybe that is why you haven't seen CP throw as many deep balls as everyone would like. I realize CP can't make a lot of those throws, but I have seen him do it before, so I know it is in him to do so. But, again, I ask, if there isn't anyone to catch it, why throw it? That is why I believe the passing game isn't going ot change much. Again resorting to the dinks and dunks and the MIGHTY running machines of Ronnie and Ricky. Good thing we have those two!!

On another note, how long before we extend Brown's contract? Lock him up now? Although I am torn in that situation, because his stock is going through the roof right now and would be a great trade offering.
And what ever happened to the new TE we signed, Sperry? Think he will make the roster anytime soon? We haven't utilized the TE position enough. Were the two Fasano fumbles enough to call it quits on that guy, or what?
Also, I would love to see Hartline starting. And I love the new dbs we have in Smith and Davis. I believe these guys are going to make a difference in the long run.

Go Phins!!!

Soiled -
I figure out that Bills expect a ground attack, because in that way they were defeated by the saints, is the first game for Hene, and Miami played in that way for the last 3 games, so the bill are prepared to stop the run, let´s attack by air first, and in the most of the first downs.

Dear Mr. NMDolphan

" If you don't have someone to catch the deep ball, why throw it?"

I think people like Manning and Brees and Brady see the throws that others dont and the other QBs dont see it or hesitate and fail.

Soiled :)

I think people like Manning and Brees and Brady see the throws that others dont and the other QBs dont see it or hesitate and fail.

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom

That may be true, but they also have better receivers to look for in those types of throws. Again, IMO, our "deep threat" receiver isn't a threat at all, and his lack of toughness to get the YAC, not to mention his lack of catching skills, have been exposed over and over this year.
Don't get me wrong, I am keeping the faith in the Phins and wish only the best for them, but this is a major concern for the future of our passing game. I think Henne can be a great QB, but not with these WR's - unless they can turn it around this year. But judging from the first 3 games, I can't help but wonder.

Go Phins!!!

Henne will do great once he gets reps in practice and plays on sundays!!, just give him some time........oh and Gin don't drop any passes!!!..... Dolphins should keep Pennington as QB coach... !!

All of these people saying Henne wont succeed because he have a bad receivers need to look and see Jay Cutler making all the bum receiver in Chicago look like superstar

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