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Pennington: 'Not closing the book,' on career

Former starting quarterback Chad Pennington, now out for the season on injured reserve, is not closing the door on returning to the NFL, or the Dolphins for that matter, following what will be his third throwing shoulder surgery in the coming days.

Pennington, who does not discount that the injury could jeapardize his career, nonetheless plans to go through a rehabilitative process following the procedure. And if the process progresses successfully, Pennington is open to trying to resume his career.

"What I have to focus on is focus on preparing myself for surgery a third time," Pennington said. "And that's a battle in of itself. And then after the surgery, talk to with Dr. [James] Andrews and talk with our staff here to develop a plan to get back to get back to normal -- to be able to do everyday things, to be able to brush your teeth, brush your hair.

"And then after that, move into the athletic part of what I'm required to do as a professional athlete and professional quarterback. I'm going to take those steps ... and once I cross each bridge, I'll move on to the next one."

Pennington, unsigned beyond this season, is aware he might have played his final game for Miami. The Dolphins are moving on to youngster Chad Henne as their starter. But Pennington, who previously talked about staying with a team that gave him an opportunity to compete for a starting job, isn't closing the door on a return to Miami.

"I'm certainly not going to close the book," he said. "The book has been tried to be closed on me before and I kept it open. So I'm not going to close the book on myself. That would be doing a disservice to myself ... At the same time, as an athlete, you always feel like there's some unfinished business and you want to give yourself an opportunity to see what's going to happen.

"You guys have been around this league long enough to not put anyone out of a team's plans because you never know how things unfold," Pennington said. " We'll wait and see. I've enjoyed being here. I've enjoyed being around everyone in the organization."

Pennington said he will fly to Alabama Thursday and have surgery on his right shoulder. The surgery will be performed by Dr. James Andrews. He confirmed he suffered a dislocated his right shoulder. That caused damage to the anterior capsule.

It will be Pennington's third shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder.

As for new new starter Chad Henne, he is not lacking for confidence. He is convinced that making his first start against Buffalo on Sunday is an easier assignment than coming off the bench last week against San Diego.

"Oh, definitely," Henne said. "Anytime you get all the reps during practice, you prepare more, you're prepared as the starter. No doubt about it, you're going to be a lot better off during the week and more comfortable on Sunday."

The hope, some would say the expectation, is that because Henne has a stronger arm than Pennington, the Dolphins will be able to maximize Ted Ginn Jr. now on deep passes.

"We're just going to go after it like any other week," Henne responded to that idea. "If it presents itself out there, deep ball threat or they give us the coverage to attack it, we'll hook up a couple of times. But if it's not there, I have to be smart with the ball and realize it's covered and check the ball down.

"It's definitely out there and I think a lot of our receivers can go one on one with guys and get the ball out there."


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I'm still kickin.

Been real busy lately. I took Soiled Bottom's advice an enclosed my TV with bullet proof glass. However, the possibility of ricochets has got me at my wits end!
Do you know where I can get a Kevlar vest by Sunday?


i need quiet.i am watching steelers vs bengales

marc is hemroid of blog


Could you please pass on a request for me?

Ask Mr. Pasqualoney if he could just send Crowder and Wilson on blitzes EVERYTIME the Bills snap the ball?
Neither one seems to be able to cover/tackle a reciever or a RB, we might as well let them try getting a QB.

Just saying........

odinseye is the candy of this blog

I have a question for everybody to say what they thinking

Who you think to become Henne favorite receiver?


odinseye, if crowder or wilson never tackle or intercept or do any thing usefull so why we can't play in the nfl too ?while w are at i can fumble to .i also can be a head coach to cheer on the side line .

Aloco should switch meatball sub with chicken parm for one day and see how feels. Maybe chicken parm is Chad Henne to you lunchtime.

aloco, it is ok, You can call me devil or angel. I dont want to hate anyone, except for the opposing team. I would love to see TO get blasted.

Crowder may as well blitz on every play, whether or not "strategy" calls for it---at least he'd be heading in one direction (we hope) and focusing on one task, thereby limiting the damage he can do to the defense elsewhere.

And maybe he'd actually hurry or sack the qb, tho that may be asking way too much.

At Michigan Henne had recievers with skillsets similar to Ginn and Bess.
Coach Carr's approach to the passing game was simple, but effective. He would almost always send his speed guy deep. His no. 2 on a "drag" or comeback. The TE chip blocked/delayed ck down. With A RB wheeling to the middle or the flat.
With this formula, as Tony(Montana) would say, "You can't Loooozzee"!!!!

Why is eveyone hating on Channing? He is an amazing player. Everyone is playing shitty! If we were winning I'm sure you all wouldn't be talking so much smack!

Hating? Crowder? Not on your life! The way he checked that slob Rex Ryan, he's my kinda guy.
I just wish he could play ILB like HE talks smack!


Who I think to become Henne favorite receiver.

I think Bess is the best WR we got hands down.

Miami should have traded for Bowe not Pigpen!

Chad Pennington was always a good-but-not-great quarterback who relied on his smarts and football savvy to make up for his physical deficiencies. He is a tough, strong-willed, and determined guy who in my opinion, can one day become an outstanding football coach. His playing days may be numbered, if not over all together, but we will see Chad Pennington roaming the sidelines one day as a coach. He loves the game that much.

"The hope, some would say the expectation, is that because Henne has a stronger arm than Pennington, the Dolphins will be able to maximize Ted Ginn Jr. now on deep passes."

hope is the key word!! Ginn Jr. blows nutz.
Ginn will be Ginn no matter what. he will drop his passes, and complain about that he almost had it, or catch it run out of bounds or fall to the floor. Ginn needs to grow some balls and increase is yards after catch.

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