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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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We'll be lucky if we win 5 games this year. Hate to say it, but it's True.

He cannot even get the team out of the huddle and insync on the snap

Mando Dolphins trail 10 6 !

oline = over payed , overated

Awful, just awful.

Throw the ball down field ONCE

Well a lot of people were asking for Henne. You've got him, who do you call for now?

You cannot hate a screen call on third and 19. But the execution has gone to hell right now.

Give Henne a break, he needs to get settled in. He'll do!!

its like watching a corpse decompose.

nice special teams tackle by Reggie Torbor, probably saving a punt return TD by Darren Sproles.

WTF is the deal with all the 2 yard screen passes? This stinks!!!

So at halftime, their adjustment was to only call screens for the rest of the game, brilliant.

need defense or special teams to win the game for us. yep ok we are in big trouble

Henne finally getting his shot. They need to open up the playbook and let him air it out!!! And where is Ginn?

I would have thought Henne was more developed than this. He is brutal. The Fins will not win a game this year, maybe. It is not even October and we are doneski.

On the side line coaches need to get in the Olines face and they need to step up with new QB in game.! Coaches need to let it fly and show confidence in Henne, nothing to lose at this point.

This reveals what I suspected this preseason---Chad Henne is a MYTH-----sometimes you gotta believe your eyes---he sucked in the preseason games.

It's obvious the coaches feel the same way.


Armando, please stop defending them, it's not right. What about the previous calls? How do you justify all those stupid calls?

Game is over...so is the season.

miami is basically surrendering on offense if they think that henne can just throw screens. i'm sorry, but no defense can just hold rivers to fg's all day. now they're afraid to make mistakes. look what that got them in the red zone. they have to just run the offense and let it rip. if henne throws interceptions what else can they do? all runs is going to lose anyways. very dispirited by the coaching staff the last couple games.



Good night folks

This season is an abortion.




cut that useless secondary now

They figured out how to beat Miami... throw it longgggg

blow out city people. look out

This just sucks

I thought the SD offensive line was beat up?

Thats right SParano take your fist pumping raw raw raw and shove it straight up your over-rated conservative ass.

Rivers and San Diego found our weakness, any plays downfield. HAHAHAHAHA, 4-12 Im calling it now

I hope they go 0-16, they deserve it. Really!



bring on the bills

Does Tuna stay to the end of season, or does he split & Ross brings in Peterson to further foul things up?

Turn out the lights...

No pass rush once again and our DB's are getting toasted!!! This will be a very long 1 and 15 season... START THINKING ABOUT THE 2010 DRAFT!!!

Armando what did I tell you about Will Allen!

Our safeties continue to be exploited. This time it's Yeremiah Bell. Why do they continue to cheat upwards and get caught flat-footed?

The Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

ugh oh san diego smells blood and how come the receivers are getting behind the safeties

this reminds me of the later shula, johnson, and wandstadt years. gutless when it matters.

The Dolphins have a quarterback with a bad shoulder and a defense with a lame secondary.

well i guess henne will get to pass now. he'll have to

good job d!

d sucks

nice job defensive line

did randy mueller and cam camoron take over once again?

The defense just saved the game for now, almost over

Man I am so glad I didn't buy any Dolphin Merchandise this year. Well except this app.

More talent than last year but not the execution of last year.

time for clemons and allen to play the safety positions

Um, doomsayers, this game is one Miami TD from being tied.

Let's get the two rookies in there at CB...Being a fan of this team since 1985 (10 years old), I feel like I'm in purgatory

Will Allen thought he was gonna have safety help......not on this team.. Gotta get this fixed


so can we throw now?????

Anybody have a pass defense for sale?

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