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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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Dolphins now have no time outs left.

They beat the likes of KC, OAK, SEA, etc last year and everyone wanted to go and anoint them the next coming of NE. Fact is they got lucky on a lousy schedule. Fact is Fatcells is using Miami just like JJ did. This team is a joke and so is the press that covers them.

Great defense, just fall. Were shoes not in the budget this year for the defense? Guys lying all over the field

The party is over!!

Lions played the Deadskins today

If Chad Pennington is out for an extended period of time, Jeff Garcia will probably be available in a week or two when Donovan McNabb returns. However, the trifecta will probably use the time to develop Henne.

Gerbil misses another tackle...


bunch of loosers

defense was pathetic today, entire team sucked from top to bottom.



they fell for the screen, how embarrassing, peewee teams fall for that, we are clearly a bottom 5 team now.

lol i agree with the announcers the first drive was a bad omen in this game

we have a lot of key players hurt too. three off lineman hurt and porter

Most fans knew what was in store this year. But you have guys like Mando who are supposed to provide objective coverage but never get it right. Even after last week he couldn't see the truth.

Great game Will

ginn would make a great flyer on punt coverage

What's funny is all the unrealistic fans think that Henne should be showing the mindset of a season vet. News flash he is a 2nd year inexperienced quarterback. Of course he is going to look scared, throw INTs, make mistakes, miss throws, run around like a headless chicken. It happens, basically Henne is a 2nd year rookie and like most will have his ups and downs. Let him have his time and see what he does with it. But to seriously expect him to come in and throw for 300 yards and 4 TDs, in other words be a in his prime Marino is stupidly unrealistic. Just like thinking the Phins had enough talent to win the SB this year.

The Dolphins problems are much much deeper then a 2nd year inexperienced QB playing like one at the moment.

He grabbed the facemask to keep himself from falling down.

we cant stop then at all. our d is very dissapointing this season. they played better last year. now wil allen is falling apart too. just sloppy sloppy football.

That wasn't a horsecollar though, he grabbed his jersey, not the pad

This is why Fantasy Football was created..... Gives you reason to care about the NFL when your team sucks.

They make no big plays and do NOTHING special.

Make at least interesting.

Jaxphinfan= RIGHT!

Wow. Can't wait for the excuses they give after the game.

Anyone realize Jason Taylor is 1 and 19 as a Dolphin over the past 20 games. He has to be thinking, "I came out of retirement for this?"
You can bet Zach is happy the Dolphins had no interest in him.

who would u guys pick with the first pick in the draft?

I guess ill be playing madden more inspired now

i'm much more optimistic about this season if Henne is our Starter

yep better hope that Jeff Garcia gets cut in Philly.

stats for game are about even.

This is what we call a paper tiger in the politcal world!

Huizenga timed the sale well...Ross has to be fuming

The dolphins select S ERIC BERRY , Tenneessee

Joe gerstein..too compare Henne to Marino is ridiculous--the talent is simply not there for Henne...finfan23, name one thing henne has done in preseason or now that would make you say, wow--this guy has potential? I said it about Beck and I'll say about Henne, the swagger is not there and they don't have "it"? Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, have "it"...And, as much as it hurts to say, so does Mark Sanchez...I'll give Henne the benefit of the doubt because our WR's are hands down the worst in the league, but there's not much there

Of course Mando tries to see the positives - would you want to talk s a player to a journalist who constantly writes about how awful you are? Even if he is right, I would not goive hoim an interview. And that is what is job is.
Who wants to read columns everday from someone who constantly writes that this team is terrible - even if it is. What do you expect? If you were a car dealer and you only had GM, you would also telling people that they are great cars.

It's really hard to be a Dolphins fan right now. I want be good again. Sigh.

garcia is garbage i rather see what pat white and henne can do......forget about the record. And no they had better not be thinking about drafting the glorified full back tebow.




I'm tired of this Ginn hand of stone and his family... this guy really needs to go. We need a WR that can catch the though ones...

Dez Bryant
Michael Crabtree
Arnelious Benn
Jevan Snead
Sam Bradford
Eric Berry
Taylor Mays

One of these guys will be wearing a Dolphin jersey in April

Pennington is junk. At least now we will know if Henne is the future or not. I like him. He will be better. We don't need to draft any wr they will take more than a year most likely. We need to trade.

I want someone to ask the coaches this:

Why in the hell are we throwing passes to our receivers in front of the 1st down line when we are on 3rd and 10/9/or whatever? The same thing happens-nothing.

Why did we rush on 3rd and 5 from the 6? Did we think we going score? Thye know we arent going to throw?

Who's going to ask?

And read last weeks bs about 14 plays in 70 seconds- BULLCRAP! That was crap.

The team looks so un-inspired. Something is wrong on this team~!

tim tebow

Trade for safeties too. We have the worst in the league.

I hope Bill Parcells stays...lol.

The game was over in the 1st quarter when we fumbled. Twice inside the opponents 7 yd line and we get 3 points. Than we give up sevenm points with our offense. Just do not have the talent to overcome those things against this type of schedule.

I will be happy with a eric berry or taylor mays pick

Rejoice all ye Phins fans! The Future is here. It can no longer be put off.

Henne isnt much without Manningham. Looks like he needs another couple years of understudy.

When will they learn that you don't win games by kicking field goals every possession?

well i guess we wont even get the ball back. we have to let henne start the rest of the season. we're 0-3 henne needs the experience.



Did a jets fan just talk about firing coaches. WTF.

Stats may be even except the score which is most important stat

i want the first pick in the draft!
make it happen phins!

amen nitemare

wow our draft needs just keep adding up dont they???

Guys, last year was a look at what the future holds. This year we are going to finish 6-10 or 8-8 at best. We are missing playmakers, be realistic.

What is Parcells doing?

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