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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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98 YARDS. Can Henne throw it that far?

Love the dolphins but we suck! Those damn jets and pats will race for first.

Hey Big I, I remember when scott mitchell outplayed Marino in the preseason and Marino and people were calling for Scott (what a joke), Marino went on to have a good season as usual

Bring on the Bills!

Until then....

hey pittsburgh is 1-2 ...they might be hope for us yet lol

Jaxphinfan...there are rookies making plays all over the league, both this year and last year. A pick6 is not a common occurence, and that throw on a 5 yard out is inexcusable, especially when there was a guy wide open 10 yards behind him...

OK guys, the final post is up. Go there and talk amongst yoursleves while I head to the locker room.


well for all of you idiots who were saying henne needs to play now...there you go and look what happened, pennington is the best QB on this team

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!!! ????

# $$$$
+ - + Dolphins

2 scores, 32 seconds. Go {PHINS!!!!

Rejoice Rejoice! Henne steps up or we draft a QB with the top 5 pick we get this year.

We are the new Bengals/Lions. I bet you one of those two teams wins a SB before the Phins do.

dayum, that was close....

Great way to end a game:

2-3-MIA 9 (:24) P.Cobbs up the middle to MIA 12 for 3 yards (S.Phillips).

Although there was no chance, that play there just makes me feel like they don't care.

Its not that they loose its how they loose. Just like our 1-15 season all over again.

go giants!

i love the blind fin fans, cant you see the trifecta has done a pathetic job drafting??? they drafted two corners and a quater back slash, bench riding project reciever (pat white) when we needed an inside line backer and a corner, and upgrade at tight end

Henne showed with the right game plan for his strengths he will do fine. Take your beer, negative induced eyeglasses off and we can see we are where we should be, a good team that still has some missing parts but being built correctly. we are 5 - 3 at worst 4- 4 by end of New England game

All you morons were saying 2 years ago just wait and see, Ginn will be better. You are saying the same thing about Henne. The truth is you can give them 10 years to develop, but they are what they are. Flaco, Ryan, even Sanchez have proven they do not 3 to 5 years to develop. Ginn has no heart, and Henne's knock coming out of college was he was eratic, made bad decisions more often then not. He was surrounde by talent that would erase aloy of his mistakes. No such luck with the Dolphins.

The funny thing is if we just stop shooting ourselves in the foot we could just as easily be 3-0 as we are 0-3. The league is that tight. The great thing about this schedule is it is exposing everyone on the team and totally pointing out what needs to be improved. Big time WR, scat back with game breaking ability to compliment Brown, and a few better players on defense.

Joe--you are right about that..and the Marino painting still hangs in my office. I was not one of those people asking for Mitchell...he played well in a good offensive system (with some talented players). And, off he went to the Lions who were the suckers who got him..

Hill and Goodman had interceptions each today. Nuff said

Im cant believe that people think Henne needs time what time does he need he has been in this system for 2 yrs thats the same amount as Pennington and why havent we turned over anystones yet in our WR corps and our DBs .......I love the Phins but we really need some help I hope that we can try to get this together....at least Ricky is running good...oh yeah please stop thinking that Parcells is the answer he hasnt won anything since the 80s......yeah he comes in with history but its the 2000s

90 percent of our passes are 2-10 yards. time to open it up. our running game will take off like crazy. just showed flacco throwing a 70 yard pass but the pass was a floater, and the receiver goes up and gets it. When is the last time our receiver went up and got a pass? When do we ever fight off defenders

Wow! We suck 0-3-against an anemiac team like SD.

So, let me understand this:
We got Ginn, Camarillo, Bess, drafted HArtline and Turner and we still have no noumber 1 and no kick returner-WHAT? Chicago drafted a 5th rounder Knox and he is kicking ass WTF

We bring back JT, Chowder, Roth is hurt(?) and we still cant get a sack- WTF

Wilson and the safeties are imbeciles

Bright spot: Rickie and Ronnie, Davis and Smith, henne might play and be better or we get a 1st qb and stop messing aroung

Wow- we have so many holes- and the coaches are so conservative and scared to do anything. I knew they werent going to throw in the redzone and if i know i am the other coaches know- Coaches not good playcallers- no playmakers -NO defense

I want a scathing report and answers!

coaches need to huddle in that plane again and start it over

For those who think we have the 1st pick next year - forget it. No way the Raiders will be better than us. THX Al Davis! Let him draft Tebow

get off the site you morons rogperu you didn't watch Michigan football or would not have made that ass--- coment he's a kid fighting something I want to see how many number 1 can't miss QBs are down the drain losing bad enough the crap on this blog is shameful

It takes 5 years to turn things around, bottom line we are more talented now than we were two years ago. They still need a few more drafts. Look at Pitt, Giants, Pats, Colts, thats how they all did it in the beginning. Juts be patient they know what they are doing.

Guys it was a Penneington game plan. Lets see what he does next week if he starts and they game plan around what he does well. My concern is that Ginn has now proven he is not a good receiver no matter where the ball is thrown at him deep or short.

JAMES--fantastic post, you are exactly right. This past draft was puzzling--corners were good picks, but Pat White is just puzzling when we needed a game breaking WR. Pat Turner? Anyone remember James "Do it" Pruitt? He is a replica of that guy and Hartline will prove to be good until we trade him for a sack of potatoes to the Patriots where he will become a pro bowl receiver...I'm gonna go drink

time to make bess our go to guy, ronnie needs to catch more balls, and we need to throw the ball consistently 20 plus yards down the field. whatever happens happens but we have now proved that even with an amazing run game we can't win. How in the world we have an amazing run game is beyond any football theory because it shouldn't happen without a passing threat beyond 5-10 yards

yes god forbid a journalist write the truth. They are supposed to be PR guys for the teams they cover. Give me a break.


Posted by: Jetset09 | September 27, 2009 at 07:10 PM

Jetset09....you suck left-hind teat, that being that fat-ass Ryan. wot the hell r u doing on this board??? I sure as hell go trolling on the J-E-T-S S-U-C-K board. get a life.

dirty sanchez >>>> henne

How do we get nothing in that draft except smith and davis?

I saw knox (chi) and britt and countless others playing better than our rookies and vets.

I really don't like the playcalling...too many bad calls...so predicatble.

bess 7 catches 54 yards
ginn hold on i'm looking


wait for it

still looking

must be here somewhere

was he playing

zero for zero

mudfish? thats not even clever. Doesn't even make sense. But what do you expect from ny fans. They have to name their teams the same thing that rhymes so they can spell it

Nitemare , And jocary harris sucks too.

jason taylor jinks continues 0-19 in two seasons.just call the secondary wheat,white,or better yet melba.they are just toast.

Any good players for the 2010 Draft?

Could be worse.. could be the Redskins

You have stupid idiosyncrasies like not drafting a WR in the first round, you have results like last Monday and today. Charger WR's catching 50 yarders in tight coverage when the game was on the line and Ted Ginn (who everyone in Miami except the GM and coaches know isn't a #1 WR)wishing his family could be on the field to pick him up high enough and help him catch a long one thrown his way. How did Kenny Brit and Percy Harvin do today?

Serena, Venus, Jimmy,and Gloria could cover better than our middle lb's and safety's. Bring on the Ross investors.

Nick Saban set us back 10 years. Bree's bree's bree's. And the hard head parcells regieme is not always right. Beck is better than henne.

YIkes, Henne is going to need to toughen up to deal with this offensive line. I would like to see Henne yelling and calling out his offensive line next week.

I've been a Dolphin fan forever but kept my mouth shut, till now. Someone on defense is slow to respond the the middle of the field being open. Bell needs to not bite on the ru fakes, maybe he wouldn't have to if the line and linebackers did a better job on there own.

And lastly, trade Ginn, take a fifth round pick for him, something, anything. he is officially a bust in my book!!!!!!!1

This is obviously not a playoff season, which I know everyone agrees. The one good thing to take away from Pennington being out for the season is this will give you a real look at the type of qb Henne is. If Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco can come out and perform the way they have, then it shows it can be done. If Henne looks like he can't do it then the fins should look at Sam Bradford or somebody like that with their top five pick they get next year. This is going to be a long season either way.

Season over? To early to claim No. 1 pick? I can't see winning more than 3 games.

phins needs to fire dan henne a.s.a.p does it take a rocket scientist 2 see that the wildcat its over just bury it just air it out an the d is garbage with guys like crowder ayodele allen should i name more none is suitable 4 there positions need real skilled players at there positions mlb olb db an safety man my team needs to just upgrade the team an there identity an change there name plese please personal read this an feel my pain we are through oh an get rid of the college defensive coodernater please.....uweeee heat

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