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Pennington out, Henne in, Dolphins trail 10-6

The Dolphins season has taken a drastic detour in the third quarter of this game.

Chad Pennington injured his right shoulder and is out for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

Chad Henne in for the remainder of the game and possibly longer.

And the defense gave up a TD that has the Dolphins trailing 10-3 to start the final stanza.

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Still one score.

Exactly Mando, out of reach for this O!


good blitz on third down......keeps up in the game

Game still in reach

they still have a chance only down by 7 common guys

Will Allen is weak. he plays off and gets beat deep

Held 'em to a field goal ....gotta be happy

Where's the NJ Cheerleader? Hope he hasn't done anything rash.

only down by 7. we can still do this. lets go henne.

I wanna see henne throw deep on the first play they have... they wont be expecting it...

come on fins...

Calm down people! Here we come

The TD made it 10-6...at least get the score right

Yeah Mando, but its us!

I have a bet going with my buddy.

Wide Receiver screen/flat pass or Running back screen/flat?

I have $10 on the Wide receiver. Come on Ted Ginn, caught it and fall down!

If Tuna splits, he's a quitter then.

i dont no what the hell our football team is doing its not how close you coming to winning it is winning! The dolphins need to open up the damn playbook and start throwing the ball down feel this is so depressing, we are not this bad...we are killing ourselves....Come on Phins i still have faith, but a little cause you guys dont even seem like you are trying!

i believe pennington's injury is legitimate because the last thing sporano and comp wanted to do was play henne

Sparano will need to get the pot 'o coffee and invent a Wildcat for his defense...b/c this group has actually gotten worse week to week.

Mando--noted about the 1 TD, but c'mon... look at this offense and these WR's...at least throw deep once even if its just to keep the defense honest!

I kin hazz pass pleys now?!?

To win today they can't play the don't lose game. Let's open it up. Come on fins. Risk is reward.

Somebody block this damn jets fan. He is on the wrong blog

Psaranoi needs to go back to last year play calling and go after them. Be aggressive

Anyone think they will let Henne actually throw the ball?

I think they will do the little 2-3 yard plays since they will become more conservative

Yes Mando, and we're gonna score a Td when we can't even advance the ball 10 yards..Sure amigo!

i never understood why we dismantled our dbs starting a few years back. We were great in coverage. Since then it only gets worse in who they put back there. Has to start with the coaching. We were better before and even Allen and Bell played better in past years. Maybe we need to look at the coaches and press them more into fixing the problem. We have to not lose this game for any fun at all this year!


If we do not attempt at least a few downfield throws Sparano and Henning need to go, this is just awful awful awful each week. Last week was conservative red zone calls, and bad clock management. This week the same bonehead conservative calls in teh red zone and absolutely no balls downfield or between Tonys legs. Oh and by the way obviously they did a piss poor job of getting Henne prepared for coming into a game if need be.

Almost whole 4th quarter to go, uh games not over at 13-6

With the first pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...

Miami offense = suck !

We have been exposed at every position this year except Running back special teams

We have a good return game.

How about finding someone who isn't timed with a sundial to return kicks?

Guys, it is so hard to win a game without your starting qb. Game within reach but it is going to take a lot from our play makers. Go Ronnie.

Yes Mando 1 TD from being tied and 12 minutes from being 0-3. Wake up or does that not fit with the column you are going to write about all not being lost. Come on it's time to stop drinking the punch. Thought you would have learned after Saban.

I can has TD now?

i cant believe stoyonovich missed that field goal!!!!


Seriously guys - call yourself supporters! Lets stay positive and stop the trash talk. Still in this game. Lets give Henne a bit of time

Henne has his chance Now!

Listen to you guys if this game was in Miami and you guys were there we would lose, no fan support, come on Lets Go Dolphins

Bobby, like I said before. 400 yds. Kiss kiss

Do we not have any routes longer than 5-10 yards?!?!?!?!

they better sign brown id hate to have to replace running back too!!

This game will define Henne; let's see what he's made out of. He should dump the play book and just zing it!

I wished we had kept Chris "It hit me in the head" Williams for return game/ (was that his name?)/

WTF? I can't believe no improvement to this secondary....And Henne? He looks like he's never taken a snap in practice. Again WTF?

dolphins select Tim Tebow!!
Even if Henne plays well we need Tebot. He just wins no matter what. Plus God is on his side. We could use that

How about finding someone who isn't timed with a sundial to return kicks?


Henne's looking at his wrist like there is any doubt what's coming. Please Dan Henning, call something that spreads the field and attacks the middle! Use 4 true WR's and STOP using Fasano in your spread set---

Henne lets go!

Stupid jets fan please leave our blog, if we dont win any games we are going to kick your butt!

Been a fan since the very first game ever played (old AFL).
Here we go again...UGH!!!!!!

Shula! Shula! Shula!

Tuna is dead!

Henne throws that one low.



Were down by 6 not 33. I mean the o sucks but yall are whining like its over! The d is doing good for the most part and im not ready to count the o out completely smh i thought this was diehard fans npt fairweathers!

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